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7 Mar. 2009
Lightning Liz/The Bank Job
'Lightning Liz' - The League of Super Evil's latest scheme is to have a lavish backyard BBQ party... and NOT invite any of the neighbors. Unfortunately, General Sergeant's spoiled teen daughter, Lightning Liz, has just been gifted the XGL Prototype Battle Armor from daddy, and has plans to crash the party! 'The Bank Job' - The First National Bank of Villainy is offering a free Atomic Toaster to everyone who opens an account, and L.O.S.E. wants one badly. In order to scrape up enough for the $5 minimum deposit, Voltar gets them jobs as bank security guards so they can ...
7 Mar. 2009
Justice Gene/Table for Four
Justice Gene: - L.O.S.E. must fight to keep the title of "most annoying neighbors on the block" by thwarting Justice Gene, a gung-ho suburban by-law officer. Gene's ticketing frenzy-for everything from yawning without covering you mouth to letting the lawn grow 1/6 of an inch too long-is terrorizing the neighborhood. Table for Four: - L.O.S.E. plots the "mission impossible" of getting their names in the guest book at the hottest Villain restaurant in town, Villaynes. But Jules, the stoic host, is never going to let that happen.
14 Mar. 2009
Escape from Skullossus/10
Escape from Skullosus: It's the hottest day of summer and L.O.S.E.'s air conditioner is on the fritz again. Voltar decides to borrow a Quantum Weather Generator, invented by a kid genius at the local high school science fair. Unfortunately for L.O.S.E., both the military and a powerful super villain known as Skullossus are after the same thing... 10: L.O.S.E. is determined to get a free pizza from Pronto Pizza (where pizzas are delivered in 10 minutes or less or you get it for free) by making the delivery guy run their gauntlet once again. But this is time they're ...
28 Mar. 2009
Slam Dunked/Evil-est in Show
'Slam Dunked' - After being denied entry to the neighborhood slam-dunk competition for being too short, Voltar returns in a giant Super S Atomic Shuriken Typhoon Robot to win the competition. Meanwhile, when the army finds out a giant Shuriken Robot is terrorizing a suburban playground, they call in the super enthusiastic Force Fighters V for an epic super-robot battle to the finish. 'Evil-est In Show' - When Voltar finds out about a neighborhood pet contest, he's desperate to get his tiny hands on the shiny trophy, and enters Dommageddon. They assume the ...
11 Apr. 2009
Lose vs Lair/Swimming with Sharks
'L.O.S.E. vs LAIR' - When Voltar gets a sweet new evil BMX bike, he's determined that no one in the neighborhood will ever get their grubby paws on it. Frogg upgrades the Lair security system, but now the Lair has a mind of its own. 'Swimming with Sharks' - L.O.S.E. gets a new pool, but when it's taken over by neighbor kids, Voltar schemes to steal a shark from the local aquarium in order to scare them away. They grab a military-trained dolphin by mistake - and now L.O.S.E. is the prey.
18 Apr. 2009
Rock-A-Bye Voltar/iDestruct
'Rock-a-Bye Voltar' - The League is quickly whipped into shape when governess extraordinaire Nanny Boo Boo floats in on the west wind, and moves in to the League HQ. Red and Frogg decide they love being taken care of, but Voltar knows the League will be finished if he can't find a way to stop her evil niceness. 'iDestruct' - Every Super villain in town is camped out in line for the all new iDestruct, and L.O.S.E. is no exception. It's a death ray, it's a mind controller and it's an electric garage door opener all in one! But with the Linemaster and his evil linebots ...
2 May 2009
One Zillion/Bite at the Museum
One Zillion - To impress the neighbor kids, Voltar boasts they have "one zillion" TV channels. Now they have exactly one day to prove it. Bite at the Museum - The League wants to steal a dinosaur bone so they can clone a t-rex and take over the neighborhood. They manage to sneak in after hours, but soon learn they'll have to get past their old nemesis Justice Gene, who was forced to get a job as a security guard at the museum after L.O.S.E. had him fired.
9 May 2009
Full Throttle/Happy Birthday Dear Doctor
Full Throttle - When the League loses a drag race to Doom Driver, a ghostly vigilante racer who takes the rides of his victims, Voltar is insulted that he doesn't seem to want the lame V-mobile. Time for Dr. Frogg to soup it up into a ride worth stealing. Happy Birthday Dear Docktor - Doktor Frogg's birthday celebration turns into a disaster when Voltar and Red resurrect Frogg's very first childhood experiment: The extremely enthusiastic Chuckles the robotic birthday clown, a relentless party machine.
16 May 2009
Injustice Gene/Send in the Clones
'Injustice Gene' - After being fired from multiple jobs (no thanks to the League) and hoping to try his hand as a villain, Justice Gene comes to live with L.O.S.E. But the evil apprenticeship is soon put to the test when the League is forced to take on undefeated super hero Glory Guy. 'Send in the Clones' - To get out of picking up Doomageddon's radioactive messes, Dr. Frogg creates clones of the League to do the dirty work. Unfortunately the clones are far superior versions, and instead of picking up poop, almost succeed in taking over the world.
21 Mar. 2009
Ice Creamed/The Split
'Ice Creamed' - Voltar and Doom are tired of the ice cream man always being sold out of their favorite Fugdey Yummy Fudge bars. Frogg invents a mind control device in order to convince the world that disgusting Tofu Pops are actually tasty, leaving all the Fudgey Yummy Fudge bars untouched. Trouble is, the chime works a little too well. 'The Split' - Voltar quits the team, leaving Frogg in charge! Without Voltar "holding him back" he concocts an evil scheme that may actually work. But now that he's thrust into the spotlight, will Frogg crack under the pressure?
23 May 2009
School Daze/Bad-O-Meter
School Daze - Defeated by an electronic trivia game, Voltar decides to get even with the kids who laughed at him by posing as a substitute teacher. Once in control of the classroom Voltar will be able to teach them all the wrong answers to the game, ensuring his victory! Bad-O-Meter - To teach Red Menace to be more evil, Frogg puts a "bad-o-meter" on his head; it rewards him for being bad, and punishes him with electric shocks for being good. But when the device starts to go a bit haywire, it also starts to derail Voltar's big plan - to disrupt the concert of a gothic...
30 May 2009
Suzie Scouts/At the Movies
Suzie Scouts - Absent-minded Voltar unknowingly refuses to buy cookies from the sweet little Suzie Scout that comes to the door... and NO ONE ever says "NO" to the Suzie Scouts! The neighbors, who are tired of being extorted by the scouts once a year, are calling him a hero! But the top brass of the Suzie Scouts empire have taken note of the refusal, and they'll stop at nothing to make a sale. At the Movies - On a rare day off from Evil, LOSE go to the movies. But even on their day off, Voltar proves that no one is as Evil as The League of Super Evil!
1 Jun. 2009
Not Accordion to Plan/The Henchbot Elites
Not Accordion to Plan - When Red Menace discovers he's an accordion savant, Voltar uses this annoying skill to his advantage. But when Red is nearly catapulted to Polka stardom, he's forced to choose between his art and his family. Henchbot Elites - Tired of their hencbots always breaking down, LOSE trade them in for fancy new Henchbot Elites, the very latest from Rotten Core Technologies. They quickly learn that newer isn't always better.
5 Sep. 2009
Mr. and Mrs. Bandango/Driver's Evil Ed
Voltar's plan to fool the town with fake footage of Frogg dressed as a Bandango (a mythical Bigfooot-like creature) is foiled when Frogg is kidnapped by an actual Bandango. Unfortunately for Frogg, she's looking for love in all the wrong places. / A minor traffic infraction results in the V-Mobile getting impounded. LOSE now is forced to get their Villain Team Drivers License to get it back.
4 Jun. 2009
The Night Before Chaos-Mas/Counting on Victory
LOSE run afoul of Kinder Kreep, an evil holiday elf when they attempt to impersonate the imp. / Voltar is determined to win a "mystery prize" at the Mall-o-Mart by guessing the correct number of gumballs in a giant gumball dispenser. To get the exact number, they sneak themselves into the store at night. Getting an exact count turns out to be much harder than they expected.
4 Jun. 2009
Fortune's Fools/World Wreckers
No matter how many orders of Chinese food LOSE has delivered to the lair, Voltar gets the same lame fortune every time - "banana." His effort to get decent fortune leads them to the factory itself where they discover all the fortunes are written by a hungry, prescient monkey. / Voltar is determined to get himself listed in the "Genius Book of World Wreckers" a villainous record book. After every attempt fails horribly, they finally find a record he's sure to beat - pogo stick jumping. That hope is dashed when the current record-holder returns to protect his challenge.
8 Jun. 2009
Lose Tooth/Underwhere?
Doomageddon has a bad tooth. The Vet won't go near him, so it's up to LOSE to play dentist. / Voltar's lucky underwear has gone missing. The hunt for his beloved drawers leads them deep underground to an old pre-school rival with a sinister plan - to secretly modify and return every pair of underwear in town then give the city one simultaneous remote-controlled wedgie.
9 Jun. 2009
Lose Junior/The League of Super Hockey
Red is secretly mentoring a "Cool Buddy" in an after-school program. When Voltar finds out, he decides to take the little guy under LOSE's wing and teach him the ways of evil. The team gets more than they bargained for when the strange, mute boy turns out to be far more evil than any of them. / To own control of the street outside the lair, LOSE challenges the neighbor kids to a street hockey game. After a crushing defeat, Voltar decides to go double or nothing - but this time bringing in some ringers - every villain in town...
24 Oct. 2009
Evil Never Sleeps/Glory Hog
This year, LOSE will actually stay up to watch the all-night-monster-movie-marathon on TV, thanks to a anti-sleep ray developed by Frogg. It works marvels, and Voltar decides to use it every night - just think of how much evil they can do! Meanwhile, Red is haunted by one of the movies he saw where an entire city is put to sleep, especially when that exact thing happens in Metrotown. That's thanks to an escaped villain who chats her victims to sleep. / The team gets mail-order diplomas and now fancies themselves experts in all manor of arcane and unusual fields. This ...
19 Sep. 2009
Franken-Blecch, Room for Four
Voltar is convinced there is buried treasure under the lair, and Doomageddon is the only one who can dig it up. Doomie however is feeling blue and is in no mood to help. Enter Dr. Frogg, who cooks up a Franken-playmate in hopes of cheering him up. / A bubble bath mishap has LOSE in need of a new place to stay, so they check themselves into the Metrotown Hotel. Voltar sees this as a perfect opportunity for evil. His plan? Capture every miniature bottle of shampoo in the hotel!
13 Nov. 2009
Vollossus/No Good Deed
After a dry-cleaning mixup, LOSE ends up with the robotic battle body of Skullossus (he's a brain in a jar). Voltar decides to try it on for size and ends up rampaging out of control. An angry head of Skullossus drafts the remainder of LOSE into stopping Voltar and getting his body back. / LOSE are accused of the unthinkable - being good Samaritans! Now to re-tarnish their cleaned-up reputation, they embark on a campaign of dastardly deeds. But each plan backfires, making them even greater heroes in the eyes of the city.
14 Nov. 2009
20,000 Crunchies Under the Sea/Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
In an effort to foil Commodore Crunchwell's Crispy Cracks always crunchy guarantee, LOSE accidentally floods the entire city. They succeed in soggy-ing the chip, but cashing in on the guarantee becomes a serious challenge as Dipper the Army Commando Dolphin is now patrolling the streets. / Red's been collecting hair for years - hoping to finally have the closet full necessary to summon the Hair Fairy, who will exchange it for treasure. Frogg is not a believer, and in discovering the hair decides to destroy it... right before the tell tale signs of the Hair Fairy's ...
14 Nov. 2009
Red Menacing/Dr. Strong Frogg
It is Henchman Appreciation Day, and that means Red Menace is in charge. And when a super secret military weapon falls into the hands of LOSE, Red feels duty-bound to make sure it gets back to the proper owner. / Frogg has finally had enough of being the weak link on the team, so he creates a machine that turns his extra brains into brawn. Frogg likes being the strong guy so much, he maxes out on the muscle. That also means his IQ takes a nosedive, just when the team needs a scientific genius to get them out of a bind.
21 Nov. 2009
Party Pooper/A Lose/Lose Situation
Voltar is the only one on the team not invited to a neighbourhood birthday party. When his repeated attempts to crash the party are thwarted, he decides to ruin it for everyone. Much to Voltar's frustration, his efforts only make the party better! / The eerily similar Legion of Supreme Evil moves in across the street, pitting Voltar and rival leader Bolkar against each other in a battle for neighbourhood supremacy.
5 Dec. 2009
Dial E for Evil/Voltar Squared
Voltar's random prank call has drawn the wrath of an alien warlord who travels to Earth demanding an apology. Voltar's refusal could mean the end of the world! / Alien warlord Humungo intends to take over the universe by stealing the world's supply of Black Licorice Twisty Blobs, which as it turns out are concentrated dark matter of unspeakable power. As the cosmos hangs in the balance, all Voltar cares about is getting his stolen helmet back.

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