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19 Sep. 2009
Franken-Blecch, Room for Four
Voltar is convinced there is buried treasure under the lair, and Doomageddon is the only one who can dig it up. Doomie however is feeling blue and is in no mood to help. Enter Dr. Frogg, who cooks up a Franken-playmate in hopes of cheering him up. / A bubble bath mishap has LOSE in need of a new place to stay, so they check themselves into the Metrotown Hotel. Voltar sees this as a perfect opportunity for evil. His plan? Capture every miniature bottle of shampoo in the hotel!
17 Oct. 2009
Past Due/Degrees of Evil
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13 Nov. 2009
Vollossus/No Good Deed
After a dry-cleaning mixup, LOSE ends up with the robotic battle body of Skullossus (he's a brain in a jar). Voltar decides to try it on for size and ends up rampaging out of control. An angry head of Skullossus drafts the remainder of LOSE into stopping Voltar and getting his body back. / LOSE are accused of the unthinkable - being good Samaritans! Now to re-tarnish their cleaned-up reputation, they embark on a campaign of dastardly deeds. But each plan backfires, making them even greater heroes in the eyes of the city.
14 Nov. 2009
20,000 Crunchies Under the Sea/Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
In an effort to foil Commodore Crunchwell's Crispy Cracks always crunchy guarantee, LOSE accidentally floods the entire city. They succeed in soggy-ing the chip, but cashing in on the guarantee becomes a serious challenge as Dipper the Army Commando Dolphin is now patrolling the streets. / Red's been collecting hair for years - hoping to finally have the closet full necessary to summon the Hair Fairy, who will exchange it for treasure. Frogg is not a believer, and in discovering the hair decides to destroy it... right before the tell tale signs of the Hair Fairy's ...
14 Nov. 2009
Red Menacing/Dr. Strong Frogg
It is Henchman Appreciation Day, and that means Red Menace is in charge. And when a super secret military weapon falls into the hands of LOSE, Red feels duty-bound to make sure it gets back to the proper owner. / Frogg has finally had enough of being the weak link on the team, so he creates a machine that turns his extra brains into brawn. Frogg likes being the strong guy so much, he maxes out on the muscle. That also means his IQ takes a nosedive, just when the team needs a scientific genius to get them out of a bind.
21 Nov. 2009
Party Pooper/A Lose/Lose Situation
Voltar is the only one on the team not invited to a neighbourhood birthday party. When his repeated attempts to crash the party are thwarted, he decides to ruin it for everyone. Much to Voltar's frustration, his efforts only make the party better! / The eerily similar Legion of Supreme Evil moves in across the street, pitting Voltar and rival leader Bolkar against each other in a battle for neighbourhood supremacy.
5 Dec. 2009
Dial E for Evil/Voltar Squared
Voltar's random prank call has drawn the wrath of an alien warlord who travels to Earth demanding an apology. Voltar's refusal could mean the end of the world! / Alien warlord Humungo intends to take over the universe by stealing the world's supply of Black Licorice Twisty Blobs, which as it turns out are concentrated dark matter of unspeakable power. As the cosmos hangs in the balance, all Voltar cares about is getting his stolen helmet back.
23 Oct. 2010
Vote Voltar/L.O.S.E the M.O.V.I.E
Voltar is fed up with the 'rules' and 'regulations' the so called 'mayor' of Metrotown insists his citizens follow. So Voltar 'borrows' the mayor's all-powerful golden sash to abolish all rules! But Voltar quickly discovers that rules are good... as long as he's the only one who doesn't have to obey them... / Incensed that every man, dog, hero and average joe has their own movie, Voltar sets out to make the greatest movie about the greatest villain ever - Himself. Lights! Camera! OUCH!
6 Nov. 2010
Doomababay/Back to the Coupons
While on an afternoon of doomhound mayhem Doomageddon gets captured by the city dog catcher and is quickly adopted by the one person who can foil him, Glory Guy's super powered son - Junior! LOSE will have their work cut out for them as they try to rescue Doomageddon from their greatest foe ever - an infant with super powers. / Voltar has found gold - a book of expired coupons! A lesser villain might not be able to see the benefits of said gold unless said villain had a brilliant plan! And Voltar has it! He'll simply travel back in time so that he can use his coupons ...
13 Nov. 2010
Changemorpher/Force Fighters
Changemorphers, little toy robots that transform into everyday items like a potted plant, are the hottest selling toys, and Voltar wants one. But not the toy. Frogg transforms the V-Mobile into a fully functional Changemorpher, V-Mobilus Magnification! Unfortunately V-Mobilus Magnification starts to become pain, seeing EVERY appliance in the lair as an enemy spy that must be destroyed. Will LOSE manage to get rid of their would-be robotic savior before he destroys the lair? / Red Menace is forced to get a part-time job with the Force Fighters in order to help Voltar ...
14 Nov. 2010
The Cookoff/My BFF Destrucktor
The Great Voltar sets his evil sights on the Burning Bum - the hilariously hilarious bum-shaped trophy awarded to the spiciest chilli of the Metrotown Cookfair. But Dr. Frogg's earth melting 98 alarm chilli catches the eye of the mighty Skullossus. A knock-out drag down battle over the chilli ensues, pitting Voltar against Skullossus with the earth (and the Burning Bum) hanging in the balance! / When Voltar's evil idol Destruktor the Destroyer moves in next door, the League of Super Evil is thrilled. But to Frogg and Voltar's horror, Destruktor's given up on the '...
15 Nov. 2010
All You Can Eat/Golden Claw
LOSE is determined to exploit the Force Fighter V's new 'all you can eat' sushi policy by truly having all they can eat! But Voltar's plan to do it has unforeseen turning him into a giant acid wasabi spewing Sushi-zilla!!! / Dr. Frogg discovers a secret talent - he's incredibly good at getting toys out of novelty plush toy fetching crane games for Voltar. But Frogg's crane game wizardry also catches the eye of Metrotown super thief the Cougar who just happens to have a nefarious need for Frogg's 'golden claws...'
17 Nov. 2010
Journey to the Enter of Evil/Canned
LOSE decide to beat the winter cold and go on vacation to the hottest place in the world - the center of the earth! But to their surprise, the center of the earth IS a vacation hotspot - the Shangri-lava Hotel and Resort. The only way they can stay? Become staff members and cater to the resort's demanding super villain guests. / Voltar's evil plan to steal every single roll of toilet paper in the city backfires when Dr. Bodlington Von Pantaloon III (his rival from super villain Kiddie College) steals Voltar's stolen stash! Stranded on the can with nary a square to ...
20 Nov. 2010
U.O. Me/Wubby
Voltar gets busted by Justice Gene at a concert for sugary sweet pop star sensation Prima Dana. Not wanting the rest of the world to discover his horrible secret fan crush, VOLTAR is forced to do Gene's bidding, including doing Gene's laundry, letting him foil L.O.S.E.'S plans and calling Justice Gene the coolest foe ever. It will be up to Frogg, Red and Doomageddon to save Voltar from a fate worse than any evil known to man...being Justice Gene's best friend. / Voltar is unable to sleep when his sleepy-time blanket, Mister Wubby, is accidentally sold by Red Menace at...
27 Nov. 2010
Friendship Day/Snugglebum
It's here! It's here! The WORST day of the year, according to Voltar. And that day is - Friendship Day. The one day of the year where old foes (cats and dogs, villains and heroes, Doomageddon and Frogg) put asside their differences and have fun...with each other! Voltar is sickened by this day and embarks on a crusade to ruin Friendship day for everyone. But Voltar will have his work cut out for him. Friendship it seems, is quite the cunning foe... / Voltar finally gets to live the life of a superstar when he discovers that he bears a striking resemblance to the ...
30 Nov. 2010
Hardo Boiled/Etched in Stone
The Great Voltar sets his sights on destroying the beloved early morning meal of Breakfast! But Voltar's plan to use an Invinci-ray to make eggs un-crackable backfires (literally) making Voltar completely impervious to damage! Can Glory Guy defeat invincible Voltar and save the day? Or will Metrotownians everywhere have to say goodnight to breakfast? / When The Great Voltar doodles his name in wet cement, the leader of the League of Super Evil figures he's left his permanent evil mark on history! It's up to Justice Gene, now a probationary member of the Legion of ...
4 Dec. 2010
Doomhound in Love/Hot Can-tato
It's evil puppy love when Doomageddon falls for Precious, Lighting Liz's pet poodle. Voltar and Liz do NOT want their pets mingling with each other. Liz thinks Doomageddon is too gross for her Precious and Voltar thinks Precious isn't gross enough for his Doomageddon. But when the pair run off to Doomageddon's personal dimension - Doomworld, villains and heroes will have to work together to bring their pets back. Can polar opposites Voltar and Lightining Liz cooperate long enough to find their pets? / All pretence of evil friendship is lost when the L.O.S.E. members ...
28 Feb. 2011
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15 Mar. 2012
In Your Dreams
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19 Mar. 2012
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21 Mar. 2012
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24 Apr. 2012
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30 Apr. 2012
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2 May 2012
The Skulloshow
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4 May 2012
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8 May 2012
Lose Weight
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11 Jun. 2012
Voltopia/Kickin Boot
When Voltar and Dr. Frogg wind up at the city dump after taking a ride in the Lair's emergency escape pod, the two super villains assume they've accidentally destroyed the entire planet! Amidst the garbage and junk, they set out to rebuild the world in their image while Red and Doomageddon scour the city for their missing (and slightly delusional) teammates. / Voltar gets his evil little hands on a pair of discarded platform boots. The extra inches! The pooooower! But Frogg can't help but notice something strange about the boots... they're girls' boots, grant Voltar ...
16 Jun. 2012
Space Bugs!/Buy 2 Get None Free
Voltar has done it! He has finally managed to claim Skullossus's space station as his own by having LOSE pose as exterminators. With Skullossus staying at the Metrotown plaza hotel while his station is 'fumigated' for 'space bugs', Voltar hopes to use the station's mighty mightiness to... pester Steve! / In an attempt to get rid of Lair clutter, Voltar decides to start selling Frogg's useless inventions. And after watching an advert for Rotten Core's latest "Buy 2 Get None Free" offer, decides that the best way to do it is with infomercials! So Voltar and the gang ...
23 Jun. 2012
Mama Menace, Change for the Worse
When Red Menace gets sick, LOSE call in the big guns to put an end to his super sneezing. Parachuting in from the Olde Country, Mama Menace comes to save the day! But Mama Menace's sweet doting on her son has Voltar feeling a tad jealous. So the mighty leader of the League of Super Evil hatches his most devious scheme ever - make himself sick so Mama Menace can take care of him! But things go awry when he resorts to letting Doomageddon's pan-demensional germs make him ill. / Voltar thinks he's found a free limitless supply of change for the arcades when he discovers ...
30 Aug. 2012
Voltar's Parade/Just Us Genes
It's time for the annual Super Villain Parade of Doom! And this year, Voltar has his sights set on having his League of Super Evil float lead the parade. A herculean task considering that the mighty Skullossus float has lead float privileges... Also, unknown to the villains, their parade is heading for a trap set up by the Legion of Glory. / In a misguided attempt to spread justice across the city, LOSE's arch nemesis Justice Gene 'borrows' the evil Belt of Multiplicity from the Halls of Glory's hall of confiscated villain loot. And before you can say 'Just Us Genes',...

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