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Satella Harvenheit: [Satella and Florette are fighting] Please Florette, stop this!

Florette 'Fiore' Harvenheit: I'm not Florette, your sister died ten years ago. I am the fleeting rage that Florette left behind in this world. I am a doll fashioned by Aion from her lifeless body. My heart is a cold hardened jewel, not a thing of weak flesh.

Satella Harvenheit: It can't be...

Florette 'Fiore' Harvenheit: As long as I have it I can endure forever. I will always be Lord Joshua's sister.

Satella Harvenheit: That's a lie! Strong emotions can overcome everything, destiny or even a person's death. Isn't that what you said, then where did my big sister go? Her past, her smile, everything has been lost, leaving only her memories. Give me back my big sister!

[Satella and Fiore resume combat]

Satella Harvenheit: [Voice over] My beloved Florette, who was always so kind. She's been...

Florette 'Fiore' Harvenheit: These efforts are useless, I am only a shadow of what was.

Satella Harvenheit: [voice over] Consumed by a devil!

[Satella fights but is subdued]

Florette 'Fiore' Harvenheit: So, do you need me tothis?

Satella Harvenheit: It's not over yet. If-if you can't ever come back...

[Satella embraces Fiore]

Satella Harvenheit: let us go together... Pierce us... Unedlic schutze...

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Azmaria Hendric: [singing] Lo! he comes with clouds descending, Once for favored sinners slain. A thousand saints attending, Swell the triumph oh His train. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! God appears on Earth to reign! God appears on Earth to reign.

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