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Season 2

31 May 2010
Episode #2.1
Rotten Romans - a very unpleasant Roman banquet. Terrible Tudors - Shakespeare's invented words. Incredible Incas - an Incan shampoo advert. Vile Victorians - inventing Badminton. Stupid Deaths - Bobby Leach. Slimy Stuarts - Gunpowder plot. Woeful Second World War - Durham Home Guard accidents. Vicious Vikings - The Viking Song.
1 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.2
Putrid Pirates - Basil Hood steals a cow. Historical Hospital - Pirate Doctor. Woeful Second World War - World War 2 Art show. Groovy Greeks - Evil-Spirit-Prevention-Door-Frame-Jar. Stupid Deaths - Heraclitus. Slimy Stuarts - Oliver Cromwell bans Christmas and Charles II:King of Bling song. Awful Egyptians - Cleopatra's love life. Gorgeous Georgians - Boxing and school pupil rebellions.
2 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.3
Rotten Romans - Christians and Ave! magazine. Measley Middle Ages - Roadside Accident. Scary stories: The Children of Woolpit. Groovy Greeks - Spartan High School Musical song. Terrible Tudors - Henry VIII and Jester. Stupid Deaths - Tudor Entertainer. Savage Stone Age - Hunting Trip & Caveman Workout. Awesome USA - the Telegraph & Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid.
3 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.4
Gorgeous Georgians - Admiral Nelson is seasick; Public execution of Jack Sheppard. Measly Middle Ages - European versus Arab medicine. Stupid Deaths - Humphrey De Bohun. Incredible Incas - Shopping Channel: Inca Hour; Llama Farmer advert. Vile Victorians - Scary Stories: The Cabinet of Mystery; Tapeworm traps and Victorian beer. Groovy Greeks - Paris versus Achilles; Dodgy War Machines - Elephants. Woeful Second World War - Churchill's D-Day Plan; World War Two Girls song.
4 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.5
Putrid Pirates - Unusual Treasure; Shopping Channel: Pirate Hour. Incredible Incas - Live Like an Incan song; Incan Child's Birthday. Awful Egyptians - Tomb Raider game; Scary Stories: The Curse of Tutankhamun. Gorgeous Georgians - George IV hears bad/good news; George IV: Couldn't Stand my Wife song. Measly Middle Ages - Bob Hale's Crusades Report; Crusader Crones. Awesome USA - Agent Moses. Rotten Romans - Door-to-door Poo Salesman; Roman Dinner Party Etiquete.
8 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.6
The Ug and Ugio families go head to head on Stone Age Family Fortunes, mad King George III's doctors are even madder than he is, and Emperor Elagabalus launches his pranktastic Roman lottery.
15 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.7
Joan of Arc gets a visit from a confused angel, a pirate captain tries to make his crew dress like ladies, and Mrs Celt enjoys being a Roman on Historical Wife Swap.
22 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.8
Some Vikings attack a monastery but can't remember why, a peasant gets a posh makeover on Georgian Fashion Fix, Crimewatch BC tries to solve the murder of Julius Caesar, and prepare to be confused by the Egyptian Hieroglyphics song.
29 Jun. 2010
Episode #2.9
The Stuarts are confused by the newly-discovered drink of tea, a Viking funeral ends in a massive fight, a child evacuated in the Blitz thinks farm animals are monsters, and some cowboys sing about life in the Wild West.
6 Jul. 2010
Episode #2.10
King Charles I sends someone else to get married for him, a new recruit regrets joining the Georgian Army, and Queen Cleopatra reveals her weird beauty secrets.
13 Jul. 2010
Episode #2.11
Barmy Roman emperor Caligula fails to invade Britain so collects seashells instead, King Henry VIII plays tennis while Anne Boleyn is executed, and some naughty Saxon monks throw a funky party.
20 Jul. 2010
Episode #2.12
Ug and Grunt demonstrate how to paint like a caveman, some silly World War Two codebreakers forget their own code, and Henry VIII challenges the King of France to a wrestlemania-style smackdown!
27 Jul. 2010
Episode #2.13
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17 Dec. 2010
Episode #2.14
The Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas Special.

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