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Season 6

Aug. 2013
Venus and Mars Collide
Tough Love is back and this season comes with a twist, Boot camp has gone Co-Ed! Steve Ward, with his sister Monica, takes his in-your-face boot camp to the City of Angels, where he'll transform eight dating misfits into relationship-ready men and women.
Sep. 2013
Sister Act
It's Girls and Guys night out! The men and women go wild hitting a hot LA nightclub, but little do they know Steve's spying on their every drunken move - along with his sister Monica!
18 Sep. 2013
Going Once, Going Twice
This week, it's all about verbal skills as our boot campers are put to the test using voice modulators to communicate with their feisty first dates, who will only hear their voices as robotic.
Oct. 2013
Secrets and Skirmishes
When Steve gives his boot campers free rein to snoop in each other's rooms, the women raid the men's rooms like a pack of bloodhounds while the guys stumble upon items they wish they hadn't.
9 Oct. 2013
Family Issues
Break out the tissue for an emotionally wrenching family edition of Tough Love! When Steve has the house write and then read a letter to their parents, the floodgates burst. Before the tears dry, the boot campers are stunned to see their loved ones arrive to confront these issues! Later, Steve turns up the heat on everyone's dates, stressing them to the limit by inviting their date's family along, and injecting each date with organized chaos: wild sprinklers, broken elevators, LA traffic!
23 Oct. 2013
Hometown Advantage
Pack your bags, it's trippin' time! Our guys and gals are bringing their dates back home to take in the sights and meet the folks. The housemates scatter across the country from San Francisco to Atlanta for romantic rendezvous and home-cooked meals courtesy of mom & dad. They embark upon the ultimate test as we see if their budding relationships will flourish with family bonds or wilt with wavering emotions.

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