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Plot Summary

  • Jack and Sayid proceed with their plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb to destroy the island, as well as the Dharma Initiative, hoping to change the future. Meanwhile, Juliet convinces Sawyer that they must return to the island to prevent the destruction which could change their future. In the future, Locke tells Ben that he must kill Jacob, as they and Sun trek with the Richard and the Others into the jungle to look for the mysterious Jacob. Elsewhere the shady Flight 316 survivors trek across the island with a strange package.

    - Written by jgp3553@yahoo.com
  • Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate try to stop Jack and Sayid from detonating the bomb; Locke, Ben, Sun, and the Others hike towards Jacob so Locke can kill him; Jack continues his plan to detonate Jughead; the 316 survivors hike across the island with a mysterious box.

    - Written by JJ Jones
  • Frank Lapidus comes to the island with Ilana's group and she shows the mysterious content of a box that they found in the plane. Juliet, Kate and Sawyer escape from the submarine in a rescue boat and they meet Bernard and Rose. Jack, Saying, Richard and Eloise remove the core of the bomb and Jake and Sayid and goes to the Dharma barrack that is in security alert. Sayid is shot by Ben's father and they are rescued by Hurley and Miles. However they are stopped by Sayer, Kate and Juliet. Locke and The Others head to Jacob and Locke tells Ben that he should kill Jacob since he would do whatever he says. In flashbacks, Jacob meets Kate and Sawyer when they are children; Sayid, when Nadia is killed in a hit-and- run accident; and Ilana severely wounded; and Jin and Sun in their wedding.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet get off the sub so they can stop Jack. Jack and Sayid run into trouble when Sayid gets shot by Roger. Locke, Ben, Sun, Richard, and the Others hike towards Jacob so Locke can kill him, but Locke soon tells Ben that Ben must kill Jacob. Hurley, Miles, and Jin try to rescue Jack and Sayid from the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer tries to talk Jack out of blowing up the island.

    - Written by JJ Jones
  • Jack and Sayid's plan faces resistance from Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate. Ben and The Others/Hostiles reach Jacob at the Foot of the Statue, and are soon met by the 316 survivors, who reveal the contents of their mysterious package.

    - Written by jgp3553@yahoo.com


Previously on...: Faraday explained to Jack and Kate what the plan was for detonating the hydrogen bomb in an attempt to prevent the crash of Oceanic 815. Hello...

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