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Entertaining film for the family – and nothing more
Victor Yamaguchi8 February 2012
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is the 'sequel' of Journey to the Centre of Earth (starring Brendan Fraser). Actually, I really don't know why they consider it a sequel because the story is completely different – the only similarities are the author of the books in which the films were based on (Jules Verne) and the character of Sean Anderson that appears in both movies. I also found interesting that many people didn't know it was related to the other movie.

What we have here is a film that follows the same scheme of its predecessor – a lot of CGI and 3D effects, amazing and colorful scenarios, silly humor and nothing more. Journey 2 is a movie for all ages - specially the kids - so don't expect violent sequences or sex scenes with your favorite stars.

The plot is traditional and there is obviously those parallel stories - like the boy Sean(Josh Hutcherson) who falls in love with the charming Khailani (Vanessa Hudgens) and his relationship with his mother's boyfriend, Hank – played by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson who shows us that the 'tough guys' can also be funny, charismatic and do movies that they don't have to kill a hundred people.

So, are you thinking about taking your kids to the movies? Well, take them to watch Journey 2: The Mysterious Island - they will be thrilled by it.

But, even if you don't have any kids, watch it. Who said that adults have only to watch serious and artistic movies? Sometimes a little bit of unpretentious fun is necessary in life - and this movie provides it (at least for me it did).
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Awful... for kids, but awful
George Dragomir3 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot begin to describe the levels of wrong and awfulness for this movie. I'll just bring it down to this:

I don't know what was worse. The story, the acting, or The Rock playing the ukulele.

The lines, the mimics, the situations, even the humor (which was supposed to be funny... don't know how yet.. ) looked, sounded and felt like plastic bags. They all felt so unnatural, and out of character. I can't yell at mister Wrestler.. he did his best for what he can do. But Vanessa, honey, you have a Disney background, you should be good at this stuff... it's a kids movie.. good acting = good movie. Having a red wet shirt on you throughout the scenes, that's not really appropriate.

The story is... well there isn't much of a story... only that 3 different people, wrote about the same island, and encrypted its map and location in their books. The island (Atlantis) runs by a 'tectonic plate clock cycle', diving in the ocean and resurfacing every X amount of years. However, if the island was destroyed each time it went under the ocean, how did it rebuild itself? Answer : A wizard did it...

I wonder how they didn't get sued for using 'Yoda' which is a LucasArts trademark. I also wonder why did they try to build The Rock's character into a muscled 'MacGuyver' and a Wizard, and a Scientist, and an ex Navy Seal, and a Wise Man ... and .. must I go on?

Also, the kid, is so dumb... that a chick has to drop the curtain and tell him : "Oh gee.. stop whining like an 8 year old.. for having a step dad who cares about you.. wouldn't it be worse if you didn't had him at all???". For being that stupid, you deserve to sink and die with the damn island, and maybe you'd get reconstructed each 140 years like the island does.. Yes sir..

The only good thing about this movie, is the CGI, which was well done, no argument there.

And one more thing. I laughed so hard at this. I imagined there would be something like this in the movie (adding up to Vanessa's red wet shirt). A kids movie = parents are there too. So how to keep them awake or not drunk in the theater (also entertained would be a much suitable word)? Yes, you got that right.. Vanessa's buttocks: Central Framed, HD, 3D go watch it now (during the escape from Nemo's burial room).

Overall: probably good for kids, probably good for drunk adults, most likely awful to everyone that noticed how the movie industry is on a downfall, and how each year it gets worse.
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Nice 3D and CGI. Awful characters to take a Journey with.
MosHr4 February 2012
"Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" is a blue-screen CGI extravaganza that is mixed in with the picturesque Hawaii locations, but containing a plot that is essentially all told in the trailer and presented with the dynamics of an amusement park tour. The "2" in "Journey 2" is because it is the sequel to the 2008 movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth"; the "The Mysterious Island" in the title because both movies are both derived from books by Jules Verne.

Watching "Journey 2" is like being stuck in a vacation with five slightly unpleasant people with slightly uncomfortable dynamics between. Sean (Hutcherson) is bratty and overly entitled, Hank (Johnson) his stepfather and Alexander (Caine) his grandfather are constantly bickering, the tour guide Gabato (Guzman) is overly emasculated and his daughter Kailani (Hudgens) surly.

The 3D, the CGI of the island and the sets are perhaps main draw of the movie. We see elephants as big as cats and bees as big as cars. The effects are mostly impressive all around but it never manages to find the right pace or impact because it just comes in one after another without the dramatic tension. It's hard to care about the perils or be in awe at what's shown when the characters are so thin.

After watching the movie, I get this feeling that the Rock had way too much creative input in the movie. His absurd peck joke from the trailer aside, his character is a prize-winning Navy cryptographer who also knows structural engineering and who can also play a mean ukulele and really hold down a tune (although awful singing truth be told); This all hints at the big guy pretending to be smart and sensitive. Combine this with the almost palpable resentment between him and Caine and the sickening obsequiousness of Guzman towards him, it just feels uncomfortable.

While the movie is impressive as a 3D CGI set piece, it is severely let down by the characters. A lot of kids/family movies lately have this undertone of spoiled rich American kid gets everything he wants but this movie does this in a very ugly way. Kids will overlook all these flaws in the movie and be mesmerized by the 3D and special effects but I think adults would find it a bit pointless and uncomfortable. Empty entertainment for kids is my view of this movie.
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Great movie, forgot the trollers here.
torchos20 February 2012
This movie lacks what it takes to take an Oscar Award, lacks the sensitivity and depth....blah blah blah, forget all that noise...go see the movie with your kids they would love it.

This movie is for Kids, and parents who have kids. I took my daughter to see it today in 3D. Excellent visual effects, entire movie had effects, you did not take your glasses off at all or you'd miss the next 3d effect that is right around the corner. The cast was good, The Rock was great and jokes were funny, this movie was child safe and had everything that your young one would want, lots of effects, action, above and underwater. I would definitely recommend it in 3D. The pace of movie is fast and if you have kids can appreciate this.

I rated this movie for what it is...a kids movie. Are you going to leave the theater discussing the virtues of Plato? NO! but your kids will be going on about this and that in the movie. Worth Admission? Absolutely. Asked my daughter what she rated it....9.5 she said. Was it worth it? When your child says 9.5 what the heck else matters?????
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silly unbelievability
jlj9675-15 March 2012
After seeing the trailers, I looked forward to this movie. But although I am a fan of Dwayne Johnson, I cannot recommend this movie to much of anyone. It moves too quickly at the beginning. The premise is interesting but completely implausible, especially the time frame. Some of the scenery is enjoyable but fleeting. Michael Caine's character is entirely too negative. The special effects were not very realistic either. The plot was designed to be a dramatic thriller but it was so pat it was boring. I almost left before the ending as there was no mystery left shortly into the film. Also, the two young people were rather lackluster and the pilot was annoying. For something that held so much promise of a lovely adventure, it was a big disappointment.
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When the Trailer Is Better than the Film
Claudio Carvalho1 July 2012
The 17-year-old Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) receives a coded signal and his stepfather Hank (Dwayne Johnson) helps him to decipher the message. They find that Sean's grandfather Alexander Anderson (Michael Caine) has found the mysterious island in the Pacific described by Julio Verne and two other writers in their novels.

The stubborn Sean wants to travel to the coordinates and Hank decides to buy the tickets and travel with the teenager to a small island nearby the location. They rent an old helicopter owned by the locals Gabato (Luis Guzmán) and his teenage daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) and the group heads to the unknown spot. Along their journey, they cross a hurricane and crash in the island. They find a beautiful and dangerous place, surrounded by forests, volcanoes with lava of gold and menacing life forms. The meet also the old Alexander and Hank discovers that the island is sinking. Now their only chance to survive is to find the legendary Nautilus.

"Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" is a movie with a trailer that is better than the film itself. The lame screenplay begins in a fast pace, with Hank and Sean guessing to quickly the message. The story is very weak and the film is supported by the special effects only. The spoiled Sean and the rude Alexander are detestable characters and Gabato is stupid and annoying and never funny as supposed to be. Hank is multi- skilled in codes, hydraulic and electric engineering, medicine, and music and diving. In the end, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" is a very disappointing adventure. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Viagem 2: A Ilha Misteriosa" ("Journey 2: The Mysterious Island")
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An actual viewer opinion - Not even kids worthy.
sk_razor23 May 2012
I cant spoil the story as there is barely any to find. The only one/s who truly earned any coin in this movie are the people who did the trailer, because they managed to put together a clip from the none existent content of the film. Suffice to say, I can bet you the 80 million dollars to that took to make this film that first graders and/or some random drunken people in a bar can come with a better screen play. Its so bad that you can see everyone of the actors in the film can not believe they are actually going through with this scene after scene. Its so excessively dull that I wouldn't even want my children to see it. The ONLY thing you can do to make this film bare-able is to turn of the audio and watch it as a mute film. Anything you could imagine about the dialog would be better. I'm only giving it a 3 because believe it or not I've seen worse ( : And CGI? Maybe we could have enjoyed the CGI if it wasn't crushingly burdened with carrying the dumbest dialog I've seen in years. I'm only wasting my key taps on this "film" on the off chance that this will save someone the waste of time.
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Goofy Fun
rivertam264 September 2012
I hate to admit this. But I actually enjoyed this movie... I feel ashamed but it's a bit of goofy fun. Far superior to it's overlong, too silly predecessor this fun, energetic fantasy adventure movie keep things moving quickly. After a short but cool setup reintroducing us to the Josh Hutchinson character from the predecessor as he's escaping from some cops after breaking into a satellite station. He soon engages his stepfather played by The Rock and discovers a message from his grandfather about the mysterious island. Moving things along quickly they get there and it's filled wonders from giant lizards, mini elephants and sharks, giant bees they fly on, a gold filled volcano. All visualized in a bright, cheezy sort of CGI that is reminiscent of the 1950s monster, adventure flicks that inspired this one. Sadly, I skipped this in theaters but from what I've seen the 3D must have been pretty amazing. Of course not a lot of the movie makes much sense, but I think it's important to shut your brain off when watching it. it's a very entertaining popcorn flick. There a few laughs, some exciting action set pieces and even a little romance. And as for performances Michael Caine and The Rock leave a better impression than Brendan Frasier left in the first one, Vanessa Hudgens is fine in a supporting role and well Josh Hutchinson is looking pretty good. He's definitely a good actor and his movie star looks are starting to show. So all in all it's more fun than you'd expect ignore the cynics and go in with an open mind. 3.5/5
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Mediocre in every sense of the word.
Jess Fuoco14 February 2012
I was already less than impressed by the trailer, and when I saw the film my suspicions about the stale plot and characters where confirmed in full.

We begin with the routinely angsty teenage boy with the novel hobby, his conventionally careworn mother and his try-hard stepfather who "Just wants to be friends." Along the way we encounter many overused plot points, gags and characters.

There's the eccentric old man with a taste for cheesy catchphrases, the chubby simpleton who's only role is to inject some half rate comedy, the "breathtaking" jungle island full of dangerous beasts and beautiful creatures, and the pretty girl with the very low cut tank top who will at some point be put in mortal peril in order for the afore mentioned angsty teenage boy to prove himself worthy in the art of rescuing the damsel.

The plot was recycled, the acting was OK at best, and the dialogue had me rolling my eyes and sighing several times. The only redeeming factor was the special effects, and even then they were nothing I hadn't seen before.

Quite frankly, The film is, in my opinion, a film for children who don't pay mind to anything but the pretty colours and cool stunts. Nothing more.
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easy to watch but not particularly memorable
Special-K8813 February 2012
Not so much a sequel as a new story altogether comes this likable—if unnecessary—adventure about Sean Anderson, a callow youth and 'Vernian' who receives an encoded message then becomes obsessed with the idea that it was sent by his absentee grandfather who may or may not have discovered a mythical island that may or may not really exist. Accompanied by his stepfather, a frugal pilot, and the pilot's attractive daughter, Sean travels across the Pacific to the island where the group encounters an assortment of wonders but just as many dangerous perils. Uninspired, fairly predictable, but Johnson and Caine give the film some much needed gravitas, Guzman adds his trademark comic relief, there are some good effects and exciting moments every now and again, but the subplot about parents and their children doesn't really resonate. A good family-oriented fare, just nothing special. **
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Not even attempting to be good
siderite8 January 2013
Somewhere in Hollywood there are people who think children are morons and when they set up to make a kid movie, they do it starting with this premise. Morons they may be, but not in the sense their brains don't work well, but because they don't have enough experience. As such, this kind of films appear to me made for retarded (in the real sense of the word) people.

As a sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth from 2008, it is not that bad. The only character remaining, though, is Josh Hutcherson's, so I was at first confused if this is the sequel to that film or to Race to Witch Mountain, which stared Dwayne Johnson and some kids. Also, all the characters are male but for a teen that has no real role in the film. So I was really missing Anita Briem.

The effects were not bad, rather average. The plot itself, taken from afar and with the grain of salt that one has to take with a movie made for children, had potential. I also liked how the characters completed one another, instead of the lone hero knowing and doing everything. However the script to this plot was so incredibly bad that I could not like it, no matter how much I tried.

Bottom line: a franchise dedicated to the sense of wonder and discovery in Jules Verne's books should make more of an effort for actual education. Dropping occasional (and conflicting) science facts that don't even apply to the situation is not enough. Also, having silly to the point of idiotic characters doesn't really inspire kids, either. I grew up with the books of Jules Verne. This entire series has nothing to do with them.
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What in the Hades was THAT
Warning: Spoilers
I can not believe, how bad this movie was - - - Script was boring, clichéd, and utterly lazy.

Character development - - - - there was none

Directing - - - the director knows crap about his job

The plot was absolutely predictable, and boring

Acting - - - - The actors are good, but what they had to work with, was utter tripe. Michael Caine - - - one of the best actors in my book - - - Even he was struggling with this movie . . . I guess, even these actors have bills to pay I can't imagine why in the world he decided to do this movie - - - maybe he thought it will be fun.

"Chemistry" between the characters is forced, non existent. There was absolutely no charm in any of them . . .

CGI - - - it is not done properly, the scene at the beginning of the movie, you can see, that it was made with a model of a B206 helicopter, and the angle of a camera, to make it appear as it was real . . . . Today if you can figure out this kind of tricks in the movie, the alarm bells start ringing - - -

I am actually watching the movie now, just after riding the giant bees - - -

The logic behind the island, and it's evolution It is the same as the "holy bible" has - - - - Non existent, explanations are just thrown there, for the sake of it. But come on, they could have thought better logic behind the "science" of the island and evolution.

I understand that in fantasy movies there is no great room for logic, or explanation of certain things, but come on - - - - enough is enough - - - -

All in all - - - avoid this movie - - - I will stop watching it now, cos I can't stand it anymore - - - - it is an utter Tripe - - - - This kind of movies, are the reason I don't pay to see them in the cinema anymore . . . .
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Kids ONLY!!! Sober parents BEWARE!!! Drop the pizza and walk away slowly!
gokudman20 May 2012
Josh Hutcherson has to be one of my LEAST favorite main characters PERIOD!!! Watched this with my son who asked me after the movie was over... "Dad, they ran out of people to play in movies?" Yes son, they apparently did. This, coming from a kid who watches The Disney Channel all day, has GOT to confirm this movie sucked just by him being in it. The Rock is one of my favorite "fake" athletes who went the way of the mainstream but he couldn't pull this movie out of the gutter. Plot is disturbingly bad and the "Why did they do that?!?!?" factor was WAAAAY over 10 so I would say PLEASE wait for the ABC premier to avoid spending ANY money of this trash! Special effects were cool to a certain extent but hey, even trash has value. The CGI crew should have been paid more than the actors. ;) Overall, I wish I had 2 more arms so I could give this garbage 4 Thumbs down!!!! Jeeeah!
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worst movie I have ever seen
Michael Jesse Nash13 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Oh, where do I start. Firstly, the plot progresses Wayyy to fast in the beginning. The main character claims to be a."verneian" has obviously never read a book write by Verne. Anyone who has read "the mysterious island" can tell that the kid gets almost all his information wrong. They do a good job of explaining why there was a island there after it had sunk in the end on the novel, but why did they have to include atlantas? if it exists The mythical city would be located in the Atlantic ocean and not the south pacific. I rated it 1 out of 10 because I laughed at one or two of the jokes that were exchanged between the rock and Michael Caine. They could have easily, easily made the movie follow the book more closely, Captain Nemo sailed the world until all of his.crew had died so how did his dead crew bury him? This is a terrible movie. I fell asleep for 15 minutes in the middle of it. The jokes were not funny, the acting was meh and the CGI was terrible. This movie might be good to waste a night, when it comes out on netflix...
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love it Love It LOVE IT!!!!!!
laraliu1012 February 2012
Just to be noted, I am a 15 year old girl so my input may be different than what you actually think of this movie. To start, this movie was brilliant. Throughout the theater, that had a wide range of children and adults and teens, there was not one moment where the laughter stopped.

The 3D wasn't needed, but it was a nice touch, not really a gimmick. The effects were incredible, the island was gorgeous and it really looked like they were immersed in the island, and all the creatures were very well done. Cinematography: 15!!! oh ooops....10.

The acting was great. The Rock was shown a different, touching side and personally I liked it, he was very funny. He can sing! Josh Hutcherson is such a great, young, gifted actor it's actually insane how awesome this kid is. I love him. Vanessa Hudgens was much better than her regular High School Musical role, though she was stereotyped as the eye candy, which i didn't like, but she gave a great performance. She and Hutcherson had great chemistry. The grandpa, Caine, was very funny and is always a great actor. Finally the comic relief: Luis Gozman (Spelling?) was very funny and really fit the that caring, over protective father role well. Yes, it was a bit cheesy at times Acting: 9

Now for the story. I had no idea that this was related to Journey to the Center of the Earth, 2008, a movie that i also loved. This story was all its own. It was wonderful, slightly predictable at times, but wonderful. I liked the story. It brought in different elements but wasn't too complex or hard to understand. There were great relationship developments between boy and girl, father and son, father and daughter, grandfather and stepson. It taught good lessons and was very cute. The story was creative and different. I wish it had been a bit longer though, some more character development scenes would've been nice. But overall I really liked the story, I thought it was different and unique. Story: 9

So that's a 28/30, that's a 93. If you're 4 or 104, you will love this movie. The only thing to worry about is a few scary monsters, but its great. This movie was gorgeous, well-acted, and nonstop funny. Don't miss this one.
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Movies Don't Get Much Worse.
Richard Reilly16 February 2012
We have our first contender for "Worst Movie of the Year." I doubt it will get the title, but it'll be close. Journey 2 lacks every element of film-making. The acting is dreadful. The storyline is flat and linear. The special effects are extremely bad. Everything about this movie is forced. There are times where the actors look just as lost and staged as the script they are trying to bring to life.

The movie starts off with Josh Hutcherson running from the police. The unlikely chase scene sets the stage for the entire movie. Every character is stuffed into a stereotypical roll. Relationships between the characters are undeveloped and horribly forced. Character development is stated and never shown. By the end of the movie, I was hoping for the demise of each character.

I need to spend time on two rants. The first belongs to Luis Guzman. What the Hell? He obviously was playing a down-on-his luck dumber-than- most role. Guzman fails on all levels. Once you get halfway through the movie, you'll start to wonder if he's supposed to be dumb or if he actually suffers from mental retardation. This isn't acting. It's laziness. Part of me thinks that Guzman was forced into this role because of a contract and decided to make it as horrible as possible.

Rant number two belongs to Vanessa Hudgens and Director Brad Peyton. When you portray a young girl in a movie directed at preteens, it is best to avoid being sexist. Having the only girl in the movie parade around in a tight, extremely low cut shirt that reveals her midriff is not okay for a young audience. Add in short-shorts, the fact that she's drenching in sweat half the movie, and several close-ups of inappropriate angels (including one camel toe angle) is disgusting. Is this movie supposed to entertain kids or help train little girls on how to be sluts? Brad Peyton should not be doing children's movies if this is going to be what he produces. As for the young actress who is trying to rebuild he reputation after having naked pictures leaked all across the internet: What the Hell were you thinking?

This is no reason to see this movie. There are no redeeming characteristics that hold this movie up. From the chest pop to The Rock's singing scene, I couldn't help but squirm. This movie is directed towards the younger crowd, I know. But that doesn't mean you have to dumb down the movie. Didn't Shrek teach us that a children's film could also be enjoyable for adults? This movie needs to burn in the shadowy corners of the Underworld. Oh, and the promise of another sequel makes me contemplate suicide.
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terrible Terrible TERRIBLE
Matt Nikolai4 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was bad and horrible. It has too much suspense to be a family movie, and it has too little suspense to be an action movie. The plot makes NO sense whatsoever. For example In the beginning (SPOILER ALERT) The grandfather randomly sends out a note electronically across the world to land in a random place just so his son could find it. What...the...heck?!?!??!?! What makes him so sure his son would receive it? THE CGI IS TERRIBLE, Oh..My...Goodness......It looked so fake, it King Kong (Black and White) was better in fake things than this! The actors are terrible, except for the Rock. I also don't get (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER) How an island that's been around for hundreds and hundreds of years sink in 3 days. There is also subliminal Satanic messages and pictures hidden in the movie. I do not advise you to see it, so good luck! Jeez!
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Just really, really bad...
jantoniou21 July 2012
While the first "Journey..." movie with Hutcherson and Brandon Fraser had a very slight whiff of entertainment value and was even vaguely believable, this second installment, this time with Hutcherson and with "The Rock" subbing for Fraser, this time as a concerned step-father.

Hutcherson is continuing on his path as a young "Verneian" - i.e., someone who subscribes to Jules Verne's novels as though they were factual documents describing real places and experiences - and within 5 minutes manages to convince his step-father to fly him far away to the middle of the South Pacific to an island - sorry, a "mysterious island" - that is not known to actually exist.

Within the next 5 minutes they manage to convince a helicopter pilot (a pretty silly Luis Guzman) to do something that no pilot would ever do - i.e., fly into the middle of a thunderstorm - and then, of course, run across the "mysterious island."

The subsequent plot lines are basically superfluous. The story is a slap-dash bit of feeble CGI patchwork construction that almost never engages your attention. In fact, if you watch the credits you'll see no less than 10 different "visual effects" companies were contracted to make this movie. Lots of ridiculous and unbelievable monsters and insects and spiders. The pilot's young daughter - Vanessa Hudgens, who is there primarily to relieve the otherwise stupefying plot by wearing a sweat-soaked wife beater heaving with her cleavage - exists as the love interest for Hutcherson.

"Journey 2" basically feels like eating a bunch of Halloween candy - a quick rush here and there but at the end very little fulfillment. Skip it.
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A Nutshell Review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
DICK STEEL18 January 2012
Journey to the Center of the Earth was one of the earliest 3D movies in this recent revival of what would already be the very tired 3D gimmick that has been invading our theatres, especially when films take the easy way out to convert to 3D during post production just to milk a few more bucks out of a weary audience. And this weariness now extends to this sequel with only cast member Josh Hutcherson returning as Sean Anderson, in a follow up story that's loosely set in yet another Jules Verne novel called The Mysterious Island.

But the premise also incorporates other novels such as Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, Jonathan Swift's Gilliver's Travels and Verne's own 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, with the former two being a bit of a riddle that Dwayne Johnson's tough guy Hank Parsons, the beefcake needed to fill the void left by Brendan Fraser who played Sean's dad, solves like a no-brainer, with his character's vast intellect of convenience to almost always managing to assemble things and clues together for whatever predicament he finds himself in. Not too sure how fast a flood will submerge an island? Just ask Hank. Need to jumpstart an ancient submersible? Well, just ask Hank too, and he'll probably do a live demonstration while at it.

Yes, The Rock becomes superman here, well muscled so much so that mating rituals involve jiggling those pectoral muscles. As foster father to Sean, he tries hard enough to fill those shoes left behind by a dad who had taken off (easy way to write off a character from the past and yet saving him for potential installments), and thought that bringing Sean to an adventure of a lifetime of the latter's choosing may well be the antidote for the teen to open up and accept him. They meet up with tour guide Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) who together with her chopper flying dad Gabato (Luis Guzman), they head of to the coordinates that Sean and Hank possess of the location of Mysterious Island, and soon finds themselves stranded, and chancing upon Sean's long lost grandfather Alexander (Michael Caine), an adventurer who has been residing on the island for the longest time.

So begins an extremely quick and summarized tour of an island that is paradise, except for its ecology turned upside down where large and small animals in our part of the world, become complete opposites there, where elephants fit the palm of your hands, and monitor lizards, centipedes and other creepy crawlies becoming dinosaur like in proportion. After discovering just about every lost world fable and associating them with elements in this story, it's soon decided that the island will eventually submerge in a few days then reduced to hours, if the motley crew does not then decide to abandon island and look for a way out and back to the real world. Cue the all important montage sequences of traversing on top of mountains and the like, with generously short pit stops to admire unnatural landscapes such as a volcano that spews gold.

As an action adventure movie for children, this film served its purpose well, despite flaws that only accompanying adults will find distracting. There's the quintessential chase on foot by enormous beasts, taking to the skies riding on gigantic, friendly bees while being tailed by predator birds, and diving deep into the ocean to do battle with electric eels the size of sea serpents. These may sound like a lot of fun, but somehow director Brad Peyton, whose filmography other than a series of short films is Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, his inexperience in crafting energetic, edge of your seat material (at least like those in the first film which were really effective) was found to be wanting. For all the writers available to craft the story and screenplay, Journey 2 is surprisingly lacking in character development - save for some really lightweight foster father-son bonding - and packs in plenty of plot conveniences that demands you to accept everything on screen that happens at face value, albeit at times resolved quite randomly as well.

In some ways this may prove to be effective for the young ones without the need to grasp complex plot lines, but to the adults you'll just have to make do with being distracted by Vanessa Hudgen's outfit in the show with that really low cut tank top. Michael Caine plays his grandfatherly figure for the umpteenth time, while Luis Guzman is just there to contribute comedy. Dwayne Johnson as the lead in a family friendly film tones down his tough guy persona and flashes those pearly whites all too often, while showcasing that he has an incredible singing voice that will probably delight fans that he can one day star in a musical should age catch up on him and he finds himself no longer welcomed in a future Expandables movie.

The 3D effects weren't really worth the hike in price, and pales in comparison to the first film which had effectively utilized the gimmick to add an extra dimension (pardon the pun) to its set action sequences. Watching it on an IMAX screen provided that little bit of scale and spectacle, however you'd know that the landscapes are all make belief, with the action- adventure portion let down by the lack of inventiveness for the characters to throw themselves in. The spirit of adventure and the excitement found in the first film, were sorely lost in this installment decide having bigger names attached to the cast.
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matty_mushroom19833 May 2014
I gave it one point as I expected it to be bad and it delivered, so I was satisfied there. Cliché, corny, carp. A carp is a fish (in case any kids are reading) and it doesn't taste great. Luis Guzman provides the ethnic idiocy, the Rock provides the unneeded Braun to compensate for the much needed brains (a priority miraculously confused), And the young girl and young boy kiss. I didn't mark that as a spoiler because you'll know well before it happens that it eventually will.

Oh oh, the ethnic character steering the underwater craft does the cliché "welcome aboard the something-or-other under water cgi-mobile" that a Robin Williams character would usually do in a Disney animation. Have fun
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Disappointing in comparison to the trailer
Chloe Gardner3 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I bought Journey 2: The mysterious island on DVD after seeing the trailer which looked great. Unfortunately the film was so badly written and poorly casted that it killed off the good story line.

The beginning of the film moved so quickly with Sean and Hank finding answer after answer until the whole story was pieced together within a matter of minutes.

By the time you get to the next island where they depart form you are probably only 10 minutes into the film. You are introduced to the most annoying character: Gabato played by Luis Guzman and his daughter Kailani played by Vanessa Hudgens who makes a cringe worthy slow motion entrance wearing just a tight vest top and very short shorts.

They soon crash land on the island without a scratch on them and take on a giant lizard with objects that seem too conveniently placed. This brings me to my major hate about this film that its just not continuous. When they arrive Sean says that all large things become small and small things become big, therefore the lizard wouldn't be half as big as it was and the same applies to other creatures that come into play later. I felt like this logic that was introduced is only picked up and used when it is necessary for the plot.

Another thing that probably any adult watching would have picked up on is that all the characters - Hank and Sean in particular - always seem to know the answers. For example Hank once says "the liquefaction rate tripled over night" and Sean later says "tectonic plates are starting to pull apart beneath the island". Its not like they even say it after investigating, Hank simply tastes some of the water and knows the island with be under water within hours.

The cast itself couldn't have even made the flawed script more acceptable. I think you could just about cope with Vanessa Hudgens but Luis Guzman couldn't have acted more annoyingly. I'm not sure whether what he says half the time was meant to be a joke or just stupidity. Dwayne Johnson was another bad casting choice. Don't get me wrong i love his other action packed films but i don't think he suited this role at all - His peck popping and playing the ukulele confirmed that.

The film had so much potential and I'd be lying if i said that i didn't at least enjoy the story. However the bad cast and flawed script ruined any last hopes of success for this film.
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The perfect summer movie!! For dumbasses.
Rich Wright26 March 2013
I should have realised that this was a sequel to the execrable Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. I could have figured out what was to come, seeing The Rock on the cover, and a washed-up Michael Caine after an easy pay day. I would have saved myself 82 minutes to do something more constructive, like bang my head against a brick wall. But I didn't, so I deserved everything I got.

This is, to put it bluntly, a Moronic film for Morons. Everyone in it is a moron. The director and writer are morons. Everyone who likes it, is a... you guessed it.Its okay... and fans of it wouldn't be insulted, because they won't know what goes next in the sentence. This is cynical film-making at its worst... Afraid to put anything resembling intelligence in it lest the brainless hordes out there get confused, it dishes up sparse, lukewarm thrills while annoying us with five pathetic, stock characters right from the back of the sofa.

Meet The Rock (Otherwise known as Dwayne Johnson) a big man with a heart of gold. He's just married into a family and his new stepson (played by Josh Hutcherson) is a complete brat who breaks into buildings at night and drives his motorcycle into swimming pools. A spot in juvie should help this young rapscallion out... but NO... Stepdad decides to gallivant off with his adopted hellspawn to a distant island on a treasure map Hutcherson has just discovered, to 'prove it doesn't exist'. As you do.

Along the way, they pick up the impossibly breasted Vanessa Hudgens (In case we don't get the point, she flaunts her assets in every scene) and the alleged Comic Relief Luis Guzman who acts like a retard at every given moment, while using a funny voice. If you liked Jar Jar Binks, this dude will be right up your alley. They find the Mysterious Island, and on it is no other than Mr Michael Caine, who is Josh's grandfather. As a nutty professor type fella, he phones in his performance, and you can see the dollar signs in his eyes.

Everything about this production reeks of lack of effort, from the stilted dialogue, to the boring plot. Worst still though, is the attempts at drama... the bonding scenes between The Rock, Caine and Hutchinson are embarrassing to say the least, and the chemistry between Hudgens and Hutchinson is so non-existent you're reminded of a shotgun wedding. As for the aforementioned Guzman... Well, he tries. He's VERY trying. Something big needs to eat that guy already. Alas, nothing does.

In fact, there is a shocking lack of thrills in this film. The poster shows the cast running away from a giant lizard over her eggs, and that honestly is the high point. The only other incidents that come to mind are a chase involving mounted bees being attacked by a massive bird, and an encounter with an electric eel underwater. Thatr's it. The rest of the time we have to tolerate the tiresome shenanigans of Dwayne and co as they snooze us into submission with their antics.

The worst of which involves the unforgettable moment The Rock moves his nipple pecs in time with each other, then he gets a lucky volunteer to chuck berries at his chest, whereon the fruit gets deflected here, there and everywhere. He tells his son this demented activity is a 'chick magnet'. Well, I've got a 'chick repellent'. Take your love out to see this as your first date movie, and see how long you last. I predict next week, she'll be washing her hair when you call her. Every single day.
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Not A Journey You Should Go On
Sarah Hook31 October 2012
The previews for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island made it look better than it actually was. The movie was only slightly better than I was expecting. The premise for Journey 2 was good. I enjoyed the idea, but the movie was taken to a really cheesy level.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Josh Hutcherson were truly the best part of this flick. They had good chemistry, and their characters and acting were decent. Yes, they brought some cheese, but very little in comparison to other characters. Vanessa Hudgens was OK. She really didn't bring much to the table neither through the character or her acting. Luis Guzman's character was AWFUL. He apparently was suppose to be the comic relief, but there was nothing funny about him or his jokes. His character actually brought the movie down in terms of its likability.

I also found this movie to be somewhat flawed in its creation. For instance, the jelly fish should have been large, but instead were regular size. I realize this is a kids & family movie and wasn't created for extreme accuracy, or Oscar wins. I, however, still enjoy consistency in my movies.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island wasn't all that original, and EXTREMELY predictable. I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen before it happened. Some aspects of this movie felt like they were straight out of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids".

All-in-all, this movie was just alright. For a kid, it might have been much more enjoyable. For an adult, it was just too flawed, corny, and cheesy to amount to much.
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Utterly pointless
theoriginalchrz25 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the dullest and most linear films I've watched in a long time.

There is zero depth to the plot with any 'puzzles' being solved immediately and with ease. What little action does take place is simply a poor version of set pieces that have been done better elsewhere (e.g. Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Indiana Jones, Return of The Jedi, etc).

Acting is OK - Michael Caine probably did it in his sleep.

Effects have no realism to them with the CGI being obvious.

Time would be far better spent reading the books that this film references.
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A must for a fan of science fiction genre
skm43213 February 2012
Though I am a fan of Jules Verne, I was unsure whether this would be a good movie.Also the trailer wasn't good so I had low expectations.

But this movie blew me away and I am glad that I viewed this movie.Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was just perfect as an ex-marine stepfather.Michael Caine was as usual at his best in acting as an adventure loving,science fiction fan grandfather.Vanessa Hudgens looked very cute in her not so long role.Luis Guzmán was very funny through out the movie and added comic element to the movie.Dwayne Johnson and Josh Hutcherson stepfather son relationship angle was not rushed and entertaining.

One of the movie's big positive aside from its plot is its brisk pace.There are virtually no boring or dull moment in this film. Normally 3D Effects in movies today are bad but this movie had good 3D effects though not of Avatar level but still good enough.As I said earlier its plot is a big positive and If you are science fiction fan,then You are definitely going to enjoy this movie.Movie's plot is narrowly based on many elements from popular science fiction novels like Treasure Island, Gulliver's Travels and Verne's Mysterious Island and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.This movie has also some very witty dialogues.

So If you are a fan of Adventure or Science Fiction or Father of Science Fiction Jules Verne' novels and similar novels, Then You shouldn't miss this movie.
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