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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Decent film but nothing that'll knock your socks off

Author: Maniac-9 from St. Louis, MO
30 December 2012

Journey 2 is basically a good movie if you have kids to watch or if you're just bored one night and need a few hours to kill then it's a perfectly fine movie. It's not a movie that you're ever going to put on your all time lists of favorite movies or anything like that but it's good harmless fun.

It's a sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth which Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson. Fraser played the uncle to Hutcherson's character in that movie, in this movie it's basically the same thing but with Dwayne Johnson playing Hutch's stepfather. Also in the cast is Luis Guzman and Michael Caine who are both good veteran actors.

It's not really a movie you need to own on Blu Ray or DVD but if you can't find anything else on TV one night and this is on then sure go ahead and watch it. It's not the best movie ever but by no means is it a bad movie, it's better then a lot of garbage out there.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: Back Punch from Pune
18 December 2012

Surprised at the extreme low rating this movie has got. Its highly recommended for people who love adventurous films. Michael Caine has been wasted in the movie but the remaining cast is apt. I probably didn't like Caine's character because of the immense respect I have for the The Dark Knight Trilogy. Kids would obviously love the film. even the teens would actually applaud it. I absolutely loved Luiz Guzman's character in the film. Josh Hutcherson has matured as an actor from the Bridge to Terabithia days. The climax of the film is kind of boring and has unnecessarily been extended. At the end I would recommend all of the readers to watch the film at least once, at least for the baby elephants.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

An entertaining but scientifically-preposterous film.

Author: kevinxirau from United States
11 September 2012

Honestly, I'm surprised that "Journey to the Center of the Earth" even got a sequel. Yet another classic created by the one and only Jules Verne is once again brought to cinematic life with, of course, new things added to it. With many elements to use from both the book and the previous movie adaptations at their disposal, the filmmakers use only a few of the older, more iconic parts material to create something that's almost its own film, which is not exactly a good thing.

Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) is trying to find where his adventurous grandfather (Michael Caine) disappeared, which is soon revealed to be the legendary Mysterious Island. Wanting to use the opportunity to bond with Sean, his stepfather Hank (Dwayne Johnson) tags along for this trip and have the attractive Kalina (Vanessa Hudgens) and her well-meaning but not-so-bright father (Luis Guzman) come along for the ride. A massive freak storm lands them on the Island where not only do they find Sean's grandpa, but also encounter the nasty inhabitants and hazardous landscape. Will they escape this terror?

On the upside, this movie has some nice effects, great creatures, well-designed sets, and some sense of adventure. The story, while silly, is pretty interesting. Things, however, get pretty ridiculous. The characters have some heart to them, but that's not saying much as they don't have that many interesting personal qualities. The science that they try to explain in the movie, when one really think about it, is highly implausible and has little to no logic to it whatsoever. With all this in mind, I prefer the Harryhausen version of this classic.

Overall, this movie is worth at least a watch, but only as a rental. Otherwise, I don't recommend this movie to anyone unless they have kids to watch this with.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Could have been an average adventure movie. So what made it worse?

Author: Pom Alien from United States
19 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Its the awful acting. Lets break it down according to the lead casts.

Dwayne Johnson: the most electrifying man in entertainment, didn't (or couldn't) really make any lasting impression. Lots of attitude & one- liners here'n'there but no variety at all. He carries the same serious facial expression throughout the movie. & he bounces his manb**bs to attract women, uh, I don't think intelligent species of this planet do that. He was good in movies like 'The Scorpion King', 'The Rundown', 'Walking Tall' etc. but not this one.

Josh Hutcherson: aah, the rebellious teenager who want to seek his grandpa at the unmanned corner of the world, that's good. In fact this kid wasn't that bad for an young actor. Its just that he was in the shadow of the Rock(who didn't do well) all along & its his character in this movie that was trying to do too much where there was nothing much to do.

Luis Guzman: I'll be honest, this man should be punished for his performance. He is a real headache in this movie. May be the movie makers wanted to bring some comic-relief in the movie through Luis, but that didn't work. This character was so bad & irritating that it may make you quit this movie, so be warned.

Vanessa Hudgens: Uh, well, what did she do in this movie? mmmm, NOTHING!! NOTHING AT ALL!! She was only in this movie because, well its obvious, our young Josh needed someone to flirt with. **SPOILERS** & at one point her slim & petite body was useful to retrieve some important thing through a narrow cave. Thats it.

Michael Caine: Now HE is a real actor. There is no doubt that he delivered the best acting performance in this movie. There is nothing more to say, he made proper justice to his character, but unfortunately couldn't save this movie.

This movie is a big failure, its OK to avoid it unless you want to see how bad it is. I'm not gonna give away what happens at the end because I haven't seen the end, I couldn't, to be honest. I had to get up after about an hour.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Waste of Money.

Author: x-reflect from United States
10 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is NOT worth your money. Trust me.

I will make this review short and simple.

Here's the list of reasons why you shouldn't not waste your money on this: 1) The structure of this movie is very similar to the first movie, however, the execution was horrible. 2) The characters a very unlikeable and the personalities terrible. Quite frankly, I would not want my kids to mimic such personalities. 3) The entire movie is the group walking around looking for a way off the island. 4) The Movie makes no sense half the time. a. They're essentially in the middle of the island. Salt water is seeping through the ground from the bottom, which would make the only water available toxic to drink. So how did they survive without dying from dehydration? b. An old man crashed on the island before anyone else years before the group arrived. How did he survive? We know he couldn't of had fresh water, so how did he have the energy to hunt/gather food? Regardless, he somehow apparently even built a comfortable home with plumbing and even an elevator? c. They're flying on a giant bee. They go extremely high in the sky. Girl loses grip and begins to fall to her doom. Not only does the giant bee somehow reach the bottom faster than the girl could fall, but the boy is able to catch her without any problems? d. There's much more but those were the three that bugged me the most in particular.

This movie might be entertaining to children 12 and younger, but it's still not worth the money. I recommend watching something else, or saving your money. If you really want to watch it, just wait a year or two. Watch it for free on FX or something.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Good not great family movie...worth a watch!

Author: ford_guy20042000 from THE COLONY, TX
7 June 2012

OK, before I even get into the is an adventure/fantasy movie that has The Rock in it. That speaks volumes about it right there. If you are looking for realism here you are barking up the wrong tree.

First, what makes the movie.

It has a fair amount of visual effects. The CGI was OK. And Michael Caine is a joy to watch in any movie. It's a good family friendly movie to sit down and watch with your kids. It is one of those things you just have to take it for what it is. If you let yourself enjoy then you will.

Now, what it lacks in. Totally unbelievable and ridiculous characters. In the first few minutes of the film you will see where it loses all credibility. Without divulging any spoilers...I just don't think The Rock is THAT bright. The I said before it is OK...and it varies drastically. Some of it is wonderful. Some of it looks rushed and hurried. It just seems odd that there can be such a gap in between quality of CGI.

The worst thing about the absolute and complete lack of chemistry between any of the main characters. I felt no emotional bond...nothing. I would have liked to have seen at least some chemistry somewhere, but by the end of the movie I still felt like they were all complete strangers that happened to go on a journey together. If they could have built the relationships up a bit...this would have been a much better movie.

Luis Guzman played Vanessa Hudgens Father, the pilot to the Mysterious Island and the comedic relief. I felt his part was overplayed. He was too comedic, too clownish to ever procreate with someone to make the likes of the lovely Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa, plays the love interest of our hero Sean, played by the young Josh Hutcherson. Like I said previously there is not a bit of chemistry between them...besides being a vague love interest she serves no purpose that furthers the film. She is a pretty girl and if her shorts got much lower they would have had to up the rating a few steps. Watching her made me feel old.

Josh Hutcherson did what he could with the dialog he had to work with. And it was obvious that he had a much better connection and work experience with Brandon Fraser on the first Journey movie.

The Rock...aside from talented pectoral muscles his acting was muted. His action scenes were too, but I fault the director for not providing him with any. On a positive note...who knew he had such a lovely singing voice? Michael Caine and The Rock had the best dialog together by far. And it is interesting to watch Mr. Caine in most anything. Even this. However they could have done so much more with him.

Kids won't realize that this is a fair to poor movie. Adults will feel a little jilted, especially if you dropped $6.99 on it like we did through pay-per-view.

It is what it is. If the writing had been there, and the direction... (I mean come on this is the same guy who did Cats & Dogs the Revenge of Kitty Galore.)...then it could have been something.

Grab your kids, a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy while Hollywood eviscerates a classic Jules Verne story.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Just really, really bad...

Author: jantoniou from California
21 July 2012

While the first "Journey..." movie with Hutcherson and Brandon Fraser had a very slight whiff of entertainment value and was even vaguely believable, this second installment, this time with Hutcherson and with "The Rock" subbing for Fraser, this time as a concerned step-father.

Hutcherson is continuing on his path as a young "Verneian" - i.e., someone who subscribes to Jules Verne's novels as though they were factual documents describing real places and experiences - and within 5 minutes manages to convince his step-father to fly him far away to the middle of the South Pacific to an island - sorry, a "mysterious island" - that is not known to actually exist.

Within the next 5 minutes they manage to convince a helicopter pilot (a pretty silly Luis Guzman) to do something that no pilot would ever do - i.e., fly into the middle of a thunderstorm - and then, of course, run across the "mysterious island."

The subsequent plot lines are basically superfluous. The story is a slap-dash bit of feeble CGI patchwork construction that almost never engages your attention. In fact, if you watch the credits you'll see no less than 10 different "visual effects" companies were contracted to make this movie. Lots of ridiculous and unbelievable monsters and insects and spiders. The pilot's young daughter - Vanessa Hudgens, who is there primarily to relieve the otherwise stupefying plot by wearing a sweat-soaked wife beater heaving with her cleavage - exists as the love interest for Hutcherson.

"Journey 2" basically feels like eating a bunch of Halloween candy - a quick rush here and there but at the end very little fulfillment. Skip it.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

the only mystery is why they made it

Author: dunfincin from Spain
19 July 2012

I remember reading all of the Jules Verne books went I was a young teenager. Mind stretching, suspenseful and an utter delight. These books should be compulsory reading for all youngsters with a brain and some imagination but I suppose these days you would be happy enough to settle for a decent film of any of the books . This is not a decent film, in fact it's awful. A low calibre cast including the facially inert Rock, a nondescript Mexican who mugs his way through the film horribly and the usual teenage romance interest between the leading "actor" and a young girl otherwise completely superfluous to the story line. A wheezing, over acted and almost embarrassing pseudo cameo from Michael Caine and that's about it.(Oh Michael,surely you must have made enough money by now) A lot of CGI of course to cover up the lame acting, schoolboy script and fatuous dialogue. A complete failure on every level. A travesty in fact. I can't imagine any young teenager watching this film and having his or her imagination fired up to the extent that they couldn't wait to read the entire Verne collection which is a great shame.

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21 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

Movies Don't Get Much Worse.

Author: Richard Reilly ( from Colorado
16 February 2012

We have our first contender for "Worst Movie of the Year." I doubt it will get the title, but it'll be close. Journey 2 lacks every element of film-making. The acting is dreadful. The storyline is flat and linear. The special effects are extremely bad. Everything about this movie is forced. There are times where the actors look just as lost and staged as the script they are trying to bring to life.

The movie starts off with Josh Hutcherson running from the police. The unlikely chase scene sets the stage for the entire movie. Every character is stuffed into a stereotypical roll. Relationships between the characters are undeveloped and horribly forced. Character development is stated and never shown. By the end of the movie, I was hoping for the demise of each character.

I need to spend time on two rants. The first belongs to Luis Guzman. What the Hell? He obviously was playing a down-on-his luck dumber-than- most role. Guzman fails on all levels. Once you get halfway through the movie, you'll start to wonder if he's supposed to be dumb or if he actually suffers from mental retardation. This isn't acting. It's laziness. Part of me thinks that Guzman was forced into this role because of a contract and decided to make it as horrible as possible.

Rant number two belongs to Vanessa Hudgens and Director Brad Peyton. When you portray a young girl in a movie directed at preteens, it is best to avoid being sexist. Having the only girl in the movie parade around in a tight, extremely low cut shirt that reveals her midriff is not okay for a young audience. Add in short-shorts, the fact that she's drenching in sweat half the movie, and several close-ups of inappropriate angels (including one camel toe angle) is disgusting. Is this movie supposed to entertain kids or help train little girls on how to be sluts? Brad Peyton should not be doing children's movies if this is going to be what he produces. As for the young actress who is trying to rebuild he reputation after having naked pictures leaked all across the internet: What the Hell were you thinking?

This is no reason to see this movie. There are no redeeming characteristics that hold this movie up. From the chest pop to The Rock's singing scene, I couldn't help but squirm. This movie is directed towards the younger crowd, I know. But that doesn't mean you have to dumb down the movie. Didn't Shrek teach us that a children's film could also be enjoyable for adults? This movie needs to burn in the shadowy corners of the Underworld. Oh, and the promise of another sequel makes me contemplate suicide.

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Mysterious Island

Author: Prismark10 from United Kingdom
28 June 2016

Josh Hutcherson is the only actor who reprises his role as Sean from Journey to the Centre Of The Earth as the rebellious, bookish and petulant teenager. Brendan Fraser is absent so the sequel fixer Dwayne Johnson steps in as Hank the former Navy code breaker who is his stepfather.

When Sean receives a coded SOS message from his crusty grandfather (Michael Caine) who is in some remote island and they go off to find him with the help of Luis Guzmán as the comic relief helicopter pilot and Vanessa Hudgens as his nubile daughter and potential love interest for Sean.

The film reprises the plot of Jules Verne's Mysterious Island as they crash land in this strange island. A place with giant bees and butterflies, small elephants, giant lizards, active volcanoes, golden lava. The submarine Nautilus even turns up as they escape the island before it sinks.

The film does have dazzling CGI, Johnson provides a lot of charm making fun of his physique like bouncing berries of his pecs and singing a ukulele version of What a wonderful world. The plot is a little disjointed and silly but it is a fun enough family film.

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