Taken 2 (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

albanian revenge
teenage daughter vacation
terrorism terrorist
grand bazaar istanbul 555 phone number
falling to death bazaar
neck breaking returning character with different actor
paris france murder
car hit by a train exploding car
mother daughter relationship race against time
hung upside down punched in the face
bag over head impalement
bullet proof vest cell phone
beating divorce
boyfriend girlfriend relationship character repeating someone else's dialogue
tied to a chair corrupt cop
murder of a police officer shooting a police officer
funeral lens flare
hiding in a closet box office hit
flashback shot in the back
shot in the chest shot in the head
ferry fistfight
martial arts foot chase
pistol shot to death
shootout critically bashed
albanian mafia ex cia agent
handcuffed to a pipe subtitled scene
stabbed in the leg car crash
explosion stealing a car
woman crying killed in an elevator
neck slashing ex husband ex wife relationship
violence rescue
jumping from height falling from height
shot in the face cigarette smoking
ak 47 violin
golf course u.s. embassy
corpse with eyes open police chase
car chase driving test
locker room map
grenade standing on a ledge
murder of a security guard flip flop
hand to hand combat hotel room
swimming pool headphones
gps telephone call
muslim fireworks
hotel tirana albania
cemetery coffin
car wash stabbed with scissors
torture los angeles california
digit in title father daughter relationship
one man army kidnapping
american abroad istanbul turkey
sequel second part
death of son number in title

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