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Alma is shown nude briefly in two cutscenes however her long black hair covers her breasts.

An older Alma is seen naked when the player is exploring the building, however she appearance flashes quickly when the player gets close, but on one of the times she's seen her butt can be briefly seen.

There is also a sexual assault on a person but you hear more than you see (two bodies moving around together).

In the final cutscene of the game, the player's character is strapped to a chair in a device used in an attempt to destroy Alma. While this is occuring, Alma mounts the character and simulates sex, her bare breasts, but not nipples visible.This is done in quick flashes and somewhat destorted visuals.


This game is very gory and violent.

Players can use a variety of projectile weapons (handguns, shotguns, machine guns, grenade launchers) to shoot, knock over, or blow up mutated humans, enemy soldiers, and alien creatures.

Blood spray often explodes out of wounded enemies, while a slow motion effect allows players to see blood emission in a jelly-like, hanging form.

Blood is also smeared on walls, the ground, and in pooled stains near dead bodies, which are sometimes torn apart and beheaded.

During one sequence, an alien creature beheads a non-combatant directly in front of the player.

Blood splatters realistically, and players can see body parts on the floor in some cases.

A solider is seen lying on a hospital table dying while being stabbed by four spikes from some sort of machine.

One scene shows a beheading.


Gamers will hear words such as "f--k" and "s--t," almost immediately in the story and throughout the adventure.

Name calling (son of a bitch, bloodthirsty bastard and prick.)


The whole game is very frightening and intense.

The main scare in the game is Alma, who will remind many of The Exorcist.

Frightening images and buckets of gore.

Loads of sudden jump scares when enemies suddenly come out of nowhere.

Overall: 25/50

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