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An Unconventional Gem
Troye Dchgl20 April 2012
It is movies like this that reminds me of the sweetness of little films off the mainstream. And this very film, it is one that captures innocent adolescence and somewhat touches moral standards. But to put it simply, it is intriguing story-telling that really moves me.

This is not a standard film. There is hardly a way to compare, nor is comparison required if you ask me. My sole impression is that it is a feel-good and relaxing movie, mostly comedic with seemingly unrelated silliness, yet it also possesses the qualities of an inspiring drama: family relationships and coming-of-age themes, and perhaps more if you're eager to look further. Other than that it is a heartfelt comedy, not one of those laugh-out-loud ones, but one that manages to bind loose and scattered things and thoughts into a bittersweet experience, and a truly interesting tale of Henry James Herman, or Jesus Henry Christ if you like.

The backdrop of the plot is the extraordinary abilities of Henry, and from there it evolves unpredictably and fast to a reunion of Henry and Audrey, who he believes is his sister. And of course it continues.

The performances are not exceptionally surprising but the power of story has made that problem minor, as my love of the film emanates from the bravely unconventional story than from the acting.

Movies like this need to be made. For people who enjoy something different and relaxing from time to time, this film is not to be missed.
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Nice little movie
sergius24817 April 2012
I have to say I was impressed, pleasantly by this indie production. I did chance upon the movie and I did not expect much from the story line. I thought it would be some kind of children offering and I was prepared to sample and leave it. However I found a little gem of a film. It is funny, well acted and briskly paced. The story of the little genius is more incidental than central to the theme. I particularly like the black humour that one wouldn't expect associated with with child actors. All in all it shows that mega budget are not needed to produce an intelligent, humorous and entertaining production. Well done Dennis Lee. I will watch out for this director/writer.
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Wonderful indie comedy
toxicstar8710 May 2012
I picked this movie due to an expiring groupon, and the movie theatre had a poor selection of films. i came into this with no expectations, in fact, low expectations, due to the 5.8 rating on IMDb.

but i was quite blown away by this comedy, right from the very start. 10 seconds into it, i knew i was going to enjoy this film and i truly did.

it's a snappy film that moves fast. exaggerated but funny and with good reasoning. also has a nice heartwarming side to it too. it has a unique, and rather strange storyline. but this is a movie where execution trumps idea. the characters were quirky and multi-faceted. child actors were great too.

i do wish we got to see how the little guy turned out! i am really glad i got to watch this movie. i think it ranks one of my top favourite comedies! and i'm still baffled at its poor ratings! to be fair, comedies are usually not highly rated. PLUS i am a big fan of indie comedies. i really enjoyed 500 days of summer, thank you for smoking, etc. although i really though juno was overrated. i think this was funnier and better than juno!
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It's fun, it's quirky, and it's endlessly watchable
perkypops4 June 2012
I liked this film from the moment we witness a potted history of Patricia's childhood. Patricia is Henry's mum and Henry is a kind of genius. He is certainly different but who wouldn't be with a mum like Patricia? The relationship between mum and son is a delightful watch as is Henry's growing urge to find his father. And there is Uncle Stan another character of infinite eccentricity for us to enjoy.

The beauty of this film is that it doesn't take itself seriously and neither do the characters and yet they are all tangible enough for us to like. It echoes life it really does. When Henry discovers his real background and the identity of the sperm donor then enter Audrey, his half sister, and another lovable quirky character with an equal flair for genius.

This is a film made for the many eccentricities you can wring out of such a wacky group of characters not by making cheap fun but by genuinely exploring where these people might go with their lives. It is fun, it is funny, and its ninety odd minutes seem to fly by and so it has to be doing something right.
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A very funny dark comedy that is worth watching. The actors make it that much better. I recommend this. I say B+.
Tony Heck11 May 2012
"The truth is, Henry, you are a miracle of modern medicine." After ten year old Henry (Spevack) is suspended from kindergarten he has a talk with his grandfather. When he is told that his grandfather has located his half-sister Henry finally thinks he has a chance to find his father. This movie started off very funny and almost held it the whole way. The humor is pretty dark at times and you laugh at things you don't feel like you should. The kid that plays Henry is very good in this and so is the girl that plays his sister. I really like these kind of movies about dysfunctional families for some reason. Michael Sheen's character is especially funny and I hope he plays more roles like this. There isn't really anything new or amazing to this one but it is very entertaining and funny almost the whole way through. I recommend this. Overall, not really anything original but the actors make this very much worth seeing. I liked it. I give it a B+.
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Cleverly funny. Delightfully entertaining.
Eduardo Sandrini14 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jesus Henry Christ is a delightful motion picture directed by Dennis Lee.

The story follows Henry's life and his extraordinary memory abilities since birth. He is a young boy genius who was conceived in a petri dish and raised by his single mother (Toni Collette). One day he discovers he has a half-sister and with that information he goes after finding who his biological father is.

Counting with amazing performances from all its main cast, and with characters carefully developed, even the somewhat absurd plot feels terrifically realistic. The story is specially satisfying, surprising and feels, in a way, real in its third act exactly for not following the standard Hollywood formulas nor predictable romantic involvements.

The plot may be nothing remarkable, but the movie really succeeds with its characters by making the four main roles special in their own unique way. And with that it is really hard not to cheer for them and empathize with what they are going through.

The movie is also without a doubt very funny. While the prologue uses some outrageous situations to be funny (and works quite well might I add), the rest of the film has a more low-key comedy style but equally effective.

In sum, it is great film that will make you laugh many times but more importantly it will make you smile.
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Don't push this to the side
topbearau7 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After reading some of the reviews I doubt if they saw this movie. I can't believe that some reviewers are upset by the name.

Aertimyz-moon's review bashes' the film because of the name. I'm sure God and/or Christ would have laughed at this movie. It's just pure fun.

Toni Collette was great as usual with a very good lead. I felt the story was up-to-date. I'm sorry if the "petri-dish" thing offends, but perhaps it's more common than some people may think. The story of a young boy-genius, who discovers this is how he was conceived and the search for his donating father is a great romp. Maybe we Aussie's see a bit more humor in this movie than some others. That said there is a lot to be desired in this film, but if you just want to turn off and go for the ride. It's great way to spend 90 minutes.
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A Nutshell Review: Jesus Henry Christ
DICK STEEL12 June 2011
The second film of Singapore Night, Jesus Christ Henry got into the lineup because of Singaporean Sukee Chew's involvement being one of three producers of the film, an indie production that made its World Premiere in the Tribeca Film Festival a few weeks ago, which drew quite a mixed response with comments that it had tried to hard. Written and directed by Korean American Dennis Lee based upon his short film back in 2003, I thought this movie garnered reactions that it didn't quite deserve for trying too hard, being crafted in the same hyperactive mold such as quirky comedies that have been seen around the region such as Citizen Dog and true blue Singaporean film 18 Grams of Love even.

There are a number of focus shifts in the film that tangent off its intended protagonist Henry James Herman (Jason Spevack), a petri-dish baby conceived through in-vitro fertilization technique opted by his feminist mom Patricia Herman (Toni Collette), turning out to be the unintentional genius with a videographic memory, retaining every single little detail that he's experienced since conception. Jason Spevack would probably be yet another child actor to look out for since Freddie Highmore grew up, and this film will serve as his showreel if not for being upstaged by the other cast members given the narrative shifts that put the spotlight on them.

Specifically I thought the film devoted a lot more time (not that I'm complaining) to the Patricia character, beginning with a rather lengthy introduction to the Herman family and the demise of each and every individual character beginning with Patricia's mother right down to her brothers, each in a rather comical manner that you'll likely be surprised at its rather nonchalant manner in which to bump them off, with black comedy by the bucket loads of course. And this set the course of the film to be rather gag filled in almost every scene put on screen, that for some it may be tiring and trying since it could have felt like a water torture treatment being force fed with in-your-face comedic moments. I appreciated what it had tried to do, but opinions on humour especially, and how to deliver it, will obviously be polarized.

Yes like a typical comedic indie film, this one is filled with its fair share of quirky characters. Outside of the mother-son Hermans, and Patricia's father Stan (Frank Moore) who forms a very strong bond with his grandson Henry, the story also goes out to another dysfunctional father-daughter pair when Henry embarks on a mission to discover his biological father. This brings Michael Sheen into the fray as Dr Slavkin O'Hara, a professor whose book "Born Gay or Made That Way?" becomes a living hell for his daughter Audrey (Samantha Weinstein) when she is the subject of his book, and becomes the constant taunt of her schoolmates.

Story-wise, the coming together of these two families in a sort of identity-crisis form the bulk of the situational comedy they find themselves in, but the pairing of both Weinstein and Spaveck together moved the story forward with both putting in strong performances and holding their own against two very powerful thespians in Sheen and Collette, although Weinstein probably upstaged Spaveck a little with her portrayal as the extremely cynical and sarcastic little girl quite unfazed by her tormentors. Again there are plenty of laugh out loud wicked moments that you will probably wonder if you're laughing at the film, or with it especially in its darker moments that could be quite unsettling.

Production values are quite spiffy given the big name executive producer behind this film, though Dennis Lee and Sukee Chew were quite tight lipped on how much this film actually cost since it looked like a multi-million dollar movie. If you're still game for quirkiness in all characters of your indie films, then Jesus Henry Christ will still be your cup of tea if you see beyond, or tolerate some eyebrow raising moments with its less than friendly jibes against lesbians/feminists as well as a white man who thinks he's black, otherwise those jaded will find fault with almost every frame of the film in trying too hard with wild absurdity in characters. Split down the middle, depending on your mood and attitude.
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Eccentricity and precociousness put to the paternal test with hilarious results
napierslogs2 July 2012
"Jesus Henry Christ" is a quirky indie comedy with a genetics, homosexuality and heresy bent. It starts off with heavy '70s-influenced comedy which you just have to hustle through to get to the heart of the story. The plot might seem a bit eccentric, but that is probably necessary if the comedy is going to be actually funny. Henry is a genius test-tube baby. He might be a freak but his mother (Toni Collette) wants to raise him normally.

Obviously Henry doesn't have many friends; that's why he's the classic indie protagonist. It also doesn't help that Catholic school headmasters don't like it when he denounces God's existence. Henry has always been able to handle himself just fine until the question of who his father is keeps popping up.

The introductions of his probable half-sister (Samantha Weinstein) and father (Michael Sheen) are possibly the funniest and most brilliant character set-up scenes. Audrey is Dr. Slavkin O'Hara's natural daughter but has decided to raise her as a psychology experiment in a world free of gender bias. Needless to say, she wishes she didn't have a father. Weinstein was uniquely beautiful and sympathetically hilarious as an adolescent with the hardest life imaginable. Sheen was funny, original and amazingly empathetic as a father/professor that is a perfect mix of 30 Rock's Wesley Snipes and the pedantic one from Midnight in Paris.

The spinning camera choices get annoying, the character and situation oddities can be off-putting, but it's also damn hilarious especially if you like anything that tries to turn "normal" social and cultural values upside down. "Jesus Henry Christ" is clever, particularly well-acted by most of the cast, and so original that you stare in disbelief but then laugh-out-loud out of awkwardness, relatability and genuine appreciation.
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The New Little Miss Sunshine
mcdade564 June 2012
I came across this by accident and was blown... away loved the film, having no preconceptions it was a bundle of joy...recommend it as a feel good of the best I have watched in a long long time...maybe i shouldn't give it a ten as you may looking for too much!! This reminds me a lot of Little Miss Sunshine...another film that i didn't expect to enjoy so much. The start of the movie doesn't reflect what will follow...i thought it was going to be a horror movie. I am never sure of Tini Collette in films but she seemed to fit the character in this movie. I was also surprised by Martin Sheen's appearance. Samantha Weinstein is a star of the future, i just hope the red hair does not hold her back!. Again watch and enjoy lets push the score up from 6.1
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It's heart is in the right place
Bevan Mortimer30 January 2013
I was in the library one afternoon, browsing through the DVD titles looking for something to jump out at me. Jesus Henry Christ, caught my eye because of its two leads, Michael Sheen and Toni Collette. I love their work and was surprised to see a film starring both of them, that I hadn't heard of.

Toni Collette is the single mother of Henry - a product of sperm donor father. Being a child genius, Henry knows all he needs to. Everything except the most important thing, "Who is his father?"

Several leaps of faith later and Henry is lead to Michael Sheen, who may or may not be the sperm donor. And 'hilarity' ensues. OK, I guess I may not have been very charitable there, but the film is not a great one. At the films core is an interesting idea and as I have titled my review "It's heart is in the right place". But I feel the film doesn't really know where it's going or what it wanted to be. It switches from moments of farce, black comedy and drama. It also shoots off at tangents, leaving several threads hanging.

Sheen and Collette do the best they can with the material at hand. But I couldn't help wondering how or indeed why either, but especially Sheen had ended up in this film.

The film describes itself as being "quirky". I am suspicious of anything that describes itself as quirky. Surely that is for the viewer to decide?

That said, the film is enjoyable in the most part, and it did make me laugh a couple of times. Perhaps best watched on a wet Saturday afternoon, if there is nothing better to do.

I have given it a 6/10 score - mainly due to Collette and Sheen. With lesser actors the score would have been less.
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Really good one!
Lee Eisenberg7 July 2013
Dennis Lee's "Jesus Henry Christ" is everything that a good movie should be. The main character is an outcast boy genius who sets about trying to find his biological father. The main candidate has a daughter who's equally outcast. As happens in many indies, we learn the characters' back stories to ensure that there's a reason to care about them. In addition to the main story, there's also the theme of letting go of the past and righting the wrongs. All done very well, I might add.

Jason Spevack (Amy Adams's son in "Sunshine Cleaning") is a good mixture of funny and serious in the role of the precocious Henry, and I really liked Toni Collette as his mom. Michael Sheen (Tony Blair in "The Queen" and David Frost in "Frost/Nixon") makes a great possible biological father. I hope to see Samantha Weinstein in more movies in the future. It's just a really good movie, and I recommend it.
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The movie on a long road to nowhere.
Boba_Fett113822 April 2012
Of course nothing wrong with a more little and indie type of movie, as long as its good or compelling, which just most often isn't the case with this movie.

The whole movie came across as a bit of a pointless one to me. the story is lacking a clear purpose and by the end of it, it also doesn't feel like anything has been resolved.

Besides, everything in this movie feels far from natural. I'm not even necessarily talking about its story and the situations that are happening in it but more so about its characters and their relationships amongst each other. People fall in love, just because the story tells them to but not because there is any chemistry or any good reason for the two of them to fall in love with each other. Or at least the movie just doesn't give any. And the movie is being like this, with just about everything and everyone that is in this movie. A girl is weird, just because she is and a boy is supposed to be insanely smart, even while the movie doesn't ever give you any good reasons to believe this all. The whole way they get presented in this story and react to each other feel far from likely or natural. It just didn't made this movie a very pleasant one.

To me it's being very obvious that Dennis Lee had seen a bit too many Wes Anderson movies and he tries to be just like him, with his style and approach. It uses similar tropes, such as having quirky characters in it, that however do absolutely nothing good and interesting and by turning something that normally isn't funny at all into something comedic, just and only in the way it gets presented but not because it's actually something funny. No, I'm far from a big Wes Anderson fan, so it's also no big surprise that I really didn't liked this movie either, since it's simply being a lite- and less clever or original version of a Wes Anderson movie.

It's not a horrible movie, just not really one that I could ever like watching or felt like it was doing anything clever or compelling, with neither its different plot lines or any of its characters.

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humor in tragedy, tears in laughter
nishant ekka20 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I excepted a lot from this small indie flick and thank you! for fulfilling those expectations. The plot absolutely intriguing summarizes life of four socially indifferent individuals, the ten year old unreal genius, curious and longing for his biological father. His mother, a femininely empowered social activist with history of freak family tragedies coincidently at age of ten resulting in deaths and loss of her mother and four brothers leaving her curiously with the job of bringing up her father.The pressure of social acceptance lead the boy to the scholar cum author of controversial book on research of his own daughters' sexuality named "Born Gay Or Made That Way".And his daughter riding the wreck of her childhood due to the unintended mistakes of her father. Their lives collide in course of verification of their paternal origin and with each of them succumbing to their present contempt.

The scarce but amazing cast comprises of brilliantly played mother Toni Collette. The very mature ten year old Jason Spevack. The very uncertain and nervous Michael Sheen and apathetic daughter Samantha Weinstein.

Cinematography although not unique was versatile and added pace and character to the plot.The frames of flying post-its and jovial dance of Michel Seen in rumbling rain were artistically note worthy.The direction(Dennis Lee) absolutely applaud-able with his only second major film ensured the humor in tragedy and tears in laughter.Bravely connecting scenarios with absurd coincidences surprisingly to extravagant results. All in all an indie at its best and humorous none the less.
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A Test-Tube Baby Searches for His Father
Chris_Pandolfi20 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Jesus Henry Christ" is preposterous, pretentious, venomous, and maddeningly unclear about what it wants to say and how it wants to say it. Much like the philosophy of art for art's sake, the film's quirkiness has no intrinsic value; it's weird simply for the sake of being weird. We're tempted to think that it takes a moral position, given the narrative usage of feminism, militant antiestablishment rhetoric, atheism, racial and gay intolerances, nontraditional family values, and the rewards and deficits that come from being a genius. In fact, the story is divorced from pretty much any sense of morality; all the beliefs listed above are not examined convincingly and are included primarily to be made fun of. In spite of all this, the film ends on such a mechanically upbeat note that it might as well have served as the ending to a sitcom episode.

Adapted by writer/director Dennis Lee from his own student film, "Jesus Henry Christ" tells the story of Henry James Herman (Jason Spevack), who was conceived in a Petri dish and born to an activist mother named Patricia (Toni Collette), with whom he's on first-name terms. At nine months old, he was already able to speak complete sentences. At five, he was expelled from kindergarten for questioning the point of telling the teacher a word that begins with Y. Now at age ten, he has been expelled from a Catholic high school for heresy, having caused a riot after self-publishing a manifesto proclaiming that there is no God. A straight-A student, he remembers absolutely everything he sees and hears. He can speed read an entire book in a matter of minutes and can quote entire passages; he can even tell you what page and paragraph the passage was on.

He narrates a lengthy flashback sequence in which he details his mother's family. It's during this sequence in which Lee demonstrates how wildly wrong he is in what he believes is funny. On her tenth birthday, Patricia (Hannah Brigden) witnessed her mother burn to death when she tried to light the candles on the cake; her sleeve caught fire, and her husband tried to dowse them out with his glass of booze. Over time, Patricia endured the deaths of most of her brothers, and with the exception of the one with AIDS, all of them died very, very stupidly. The surviving brother dodged the draft by fleeing to Canada, leaving Patricia alone to care for her chauvinist father, Stan (Frank Moore). He's in possession of a gold-plated Zippo lighter that prevented a bullet from killing him. He wanted nothing more than to pass it down to one of sons. Now Henry is in possession of it.

Henry knows he doesn't have a father, although he doesn't know the reason why. In a needlessly bizarre scene, Stan explains to Henry, in Spanish, that he's a test-tube baby and that a little bribery led to the discovery of Henry's half-sister. Here enters twelve-year-old Audrey O'Hara (Samantha Weinstein). Ever since unwittingly being the subject of her father's psychology book, she has been mercilessly teased and tormented by her classmates. As a result, nothing but ice water flows through her veins. As for her father, Dr. Slavkin O'Hara (Michael Sheen), he's consumed with so much stress and guilt that he spends the entire film in a medication-induced fog. Henry enters his life convinced that he's his long lost father, a prospect O'Hara finds promising for a new book.

But is he Henry's father? Is he Audrey's? Over a decade ago, when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and decided to harvest his sperm, he discovered that his wife was having an affair – with his German-accented doctor, no less. The resulting paternity case and the ensuing legal and financial conversations are occasionally interrupted by awkward scenes in which Henry and Audrey form a begrudging friendship. Needless to say, it's harder for Audrey to let someone in than it is for Henry. All paves the way for a surprisingly conventional and borderline saccharine ending, which the rest of the film had not been leading up to. This sudden change in tone, while certainly much more pleasant, was jarringly inconsistent and inappropriate.

The title, as you may have surmised by now, is a play-on-words of the popular swear, "Jesus H. Christ!" which is repeatedly exclaimed by various characters throughout the film. It's not especially funny. It is, however, a lot more tolerable than the recurring appearance of a radical Muslim convert who, despite being white, speaks in an exaggerated black street accent and spouts vile racial slurs about white people. Not only is this not funny, it's actually kind of insulting. What point is Lee making here? "Jesus Henry Christ" has no ambition other than to be bizarre, esoteric, and in some cases, highly inflammatory. It displays attitudes and social movements, but never once does it actually say anything meaningful about them. Like a school bully, it mocks and torments simply because it can.

-- Chris Pandolfi (
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Enough magic to make it watchable
James Walpole5 June 2012
The film has its bad points which are expressed in other reviews, In this one I will only be dealing with the howevers... Whilst the storyline consists of the undeveloped stories of each of the main characters and ends a little too neatly there are moments within the film which make it worth watching, largely due to the almost characteur like portrayal of the main characters. Whilst the characters are seen by many critics as shallow there are a lot of characters in it to enjoy. Unfortunately what made the film enjoyable for me personally was the mingling of the eccentricities of each characters, I say unfortunately as this seems to be where it falters in many peoples eyes: Whilst interesting the characters may be, the running time of the film does not allow for the full realization of the characters. I did not mind this so much as I have personally found in wes anderson films (tho i still love them) that sometimes the building of the characters have slowed the film down to what is usually a melancholy pace. JHC is seen as a poor version of a wes anderson film but as a wes anderson fan I found the eccentricities of the characters enjoyable all the same, despite the troubles in fully realising them in the plot. If there had been another half an hour added and the films dead ends reworked into satisfying conclusions this film could have easily been an 8+ /10
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S L E E P E R ! Beautiful movie, very pleasantly surprised.
postinghouse13 January 2013
I would recommend to anyone, do yourself a favor and ignore the snotty critics. As others have mentioned here, I passed on this film for some time due to the bad reviews... None seated in reality as far as I'm concerned. You'll laugh, you'll cry. I was rooting for so many of the characters on so many levels, very few films are able to achieve that kind of depth, especially in an hour and a half. It never ceases to amaze me how these indie films can blow away the 100 million dollar budget films, and on such a regular basis. I firmly believe it's because much of the entertainment industry in California is completely out of touch with the rest of the living/working world (not just the flyover states, as they like to parrot in every 'urban' film); it almost seems to bleed through in every big budget film that the industry holds the rest of the world in contempt, as if anything but red carpets, whining about paparazzi, and gourmet-fashion-enlightenment is utter trash. I'll watch this one again with company, and I love to spread the word of a Rare Hidden Gem! Another bonus: As of today (Jan/13/2013), it's on Netflix, instant stream.
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over-the-top eccentric muddle
SnoopyStyle17 August 2016
Patricia Herman (Toni Collette) is a militant feminist living with her father Stan. She expected a girl but had a baby boy instead. Henry James Herman (Jason Spevack) is smarter than the other kids. One thing he doesn't know is his father. He's a test tube baby. He befriends professor Dr. Slavkin O'Hara (Michael Sheen) who raised his daughter Audrey (Samantha Weinstein) without gender bias and wrote about it as a psychology experiment. Audrey is picked on at school. Dr. O'Hara lost his wife to his oncologist even after taking her name. Henry tells them that Dr. O'Hara is his sperm donor father and the four begin an awkward family but he may not be the father after all.

The movie spends every moment creating eccentric wacky characters. It pushes too hard and ends up draining it of its humor. There is a good relationship with the two young leads. Weinstein has a simmering anger while Spevack has the odd loner sensibility. The bigger adult names are restricted by their characters. Writer/director Dennis Lee would be better giving these characters time to develop their relationships together rather than setting them up with every crazy story elements possible.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss50787 December 2014
When you watch as many independent films as I do, you know you're going to come across a few weird ones. Jesus Henry Christ may take the cake though, as it was really out there. 10 year old Henry Herman (Jason Spevack) is a genius, with one of the highest IQ's ever recorded. This genius was actually a test tube baby, and his lifelong goal has been to find out where his genius comes from. It's certainly not from the Herman family, which is the definition of a dysfunctional family, so whoever it is, has to better than them. Henry will come to discover that his father is a college professor, who wrote a book about how to condition your children to be gay from birth. He has a sister too, who thanks to her father, is the laughing stock of her whole school. When the two halves of Henry come together, hilarity ensues in this screwball comedy. Young Jason Spevack stars, and while he's just a kid, his character was super annoying. If you hate people who think they are smarter than everyone, try watching a kid who knows he's smarter than everyone. Thankfully, there is more to the movie then the musings and rambles of young Henry. His Grandfather and half-sister are both hilarious, and easily are the best part of the movie. Unfortunately, they don't have huge roles, and the film is left with simply moments of hilarity. Overall, Jesus Henry Christ is a strange film, with a few funny moments, but generally it's pretty slow and uninteresting. Toni Collette of Sixth Sense fame is the only person of recognition in this cast, but her role was so insignificant, that she doesn't do much to help an otherwise young and inexperienced cast. While it's not a bad film, Jesus Henry Christ isn't great either. It has it's moments and the story is somewhat interesting, but unless the storyline interests you, I would go ahead and skip this one.
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Genuinely Awful
meaninglessbark16 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm blaming the writer on this one.

This film looks great and has great acting, particularly on the part of Jason Spevack, the young incredibly talented actor who plays the title role.

But the writing is AWFUL. The "story" is a mishmash of indie fantasy clichés with dialog and story line so predictable it's not difficult for the savvy film viewer to not only guess where the story is going but to know what many of the characters are going to say before they say it.

What a waste of effort. This is the sort of film that makes me angry because it probably could have been a really great indie film had it been written by someone else.

I think this is supposed to be a comedy, but the only funny scene in the film is where an author burns a huge pile of a book he'd written (I think it was his book, it was difficult to really care about the details) and that scene is only funny because I was wishing the writer had made that same choice with his script.
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