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This time out Lee looks to bake a touch of twee-ness into the film in the hopes of keeping things light, though more often than not, the film's flourishes come off as Wes Anderson-lite.
Too deliberately eccentric to attain quite the level of wigginess it aspires to, Jesus Henry Christ does feature some standout performances and a refreshingly unconventional approach to telling its slight story.
Amusing but scattered and unconvincing comedy.
Henry can finish a college application test in two minutes, yet Jesus Henry Christ doesn't know what to do with 90.
Even for a surreal black comedy, Jesus Henry Christ requires massive suspension of disbelief.
As with his previous film "Fireflies in the Garden," writer-director Dennis Lee scratches the skin of family bonds until it bleeds. This time, he uses whimsy as a salve.
Try not to be in the same room as Jesus Henry Christ. At the very least run when the first fire alarm sounds.
Why anyone would want to spend time with a foursome whose bathetic misery is, like the overly mannered visuals of writer-director Dennis Lee (Fireflies in the Garden), defined by such insufferable quirkiness is anyone's guess.
It winds up just being annoying.
The title alone invites you to cuss at this smug film, and you may do so the second you catch a whiff of the portentous first shot: a Wes Anderson put-on.

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