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  • Will forms the Acafellas, an all-male acapella vocal group, and spends more time building his own confidence than he does with the glee club. In Will's absence, the glee club decides to hire a well-known choreographer to help coach them to Nationals. Meanwhile, Mercedes is bitten by the love bug, but her feelings aren't reciprocated. When the Acafellas perform for the P.T.A., they get a surprise visit backstage from Josh Groban.

  • Will forms an all-male acapella vocal group, spending more time building his own confidence and more time away from the Glee Club.


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  • Open with Will (Matthew Morrison) telling his parents at dinner Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) is pregnant. They are tickled but Terri is understandably shocked. Will confides in his father that he is scared. Will's father tells him parenthood is all about guts, and he regrets not following through with his dream of being a lawyer.

    Voicing the concerns of the Cheerios members, Rachel (Lea Michele) tells Will at practice their choreography needs work. They want to hire Dakota Stanley (Whit Hertford), professional choreographer with a Broadway background.

    Will tells Emma (Jayma Mays) about his fatherhood nervousness. She refers to new boyfriend Ken (Patrick Gallagher) as "flawed."

    Shop teacher/cough medicine addict Henri (John Lloyd Young) is back at school after losing his thumbs in a table saw mishap. "I'll never hitchhike across Europe," he says. Sitting in the teacher's lounge several of the male faculty members swap sob stories about their lives. After a particularly strong rendition of 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow,' Will decides to form an a cappella group named Acafellas with Ken, Henri, and Howard (Kent Avenido). Sandy (Stephen Tobolowsky) was also singing with them in the lounge, but when he tries to show up at their first practice Will tells him that he makes the group look creepy.

    Terri is wanting to have sex with Will more frequently in attempt to actually get pregnant.

    Will is missing Glee practices to work with Acafellas. Finn (Cory Monteith) is mad at Rachel for pushing Will away with the choreography critique. The members of Glee decide to hire Dakota.

    Rachel and Finn have an argument related to their make-out session. She wants to bring in Dakota, even if it means Finn will quit.

    The Cheerios update Sue (Jane Lynch) about their progress taking down Glee from within. Quinn (Dianna Agron) thinks Dakota will be so hard on the Glee kids they will "quit or commit suicide."

    Mercedes (Amber Riley) is wishing she had a boyfriend. The Cheerios think she should go after Kurt (Chris Colfer).

    Acafellas perform Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison" at a sports bar. After the show, Figgins (Iqbal Theba) asks Will if they will perform at the next PTA meeting.

    A local newspaper prints a glowing review of the Acafellas' performance. Sandy (who still hasn't been allowed to join the group) wants in because Josh Groban is scheduled to be at the PTA meeting. Sandy is a hardcore fan of Groban's after Groban accidentally friended him on MySpace and has heard Groban may be looking for a opening act.

    On the way to watching rehearsal of one of Dakota's groups, Vocal Adrenaline, Mercedes asks Kurt on a date. Members of the group warn the Glee kids Dakota is too hard. Following an outstanding rehearsal of Duffy's "Mercy" by Vocal Adrenaline, Dakota screams for them to "get off my stage." Afterwards Dakota tells the McKinley kids his fee is $8,000.

    Howard calls Will and quits the Acafellas. Emma tells Will and Ken that Henri is headed to rehab. Emma convinces Will not to give up on Acafellas.

    Finn tells Will he wants to quit Glee, that he isn't having fun anymore. Will brings up Acafellas. Mohawked football player and Cougar-chaser Puck (Mark Salling) asks Ken if he can be in the Acafellas.

    The new Acafellas lineup works on its dance moves.

    Rachel and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) try and warn Mercedes that Kurt is gay. Mercedes isn't convinced, and tells them she is tired of being lonely.

    Sue has the Cheerios help with Glee's choreographer fundraising car wash. When Mercedes asks Kurt if they can make their relationship "official," he tells her he's in love with someone else. He stares at Finn but tells Mercdes it is Rachel. She throws a rock through the windshield of his truck, leading to a performance by Mercedes of Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows."

    At the first Dakota-run rehearsal, the new choreographer begins by cutting Artie (Kevin McHale) and Mercedes and making fun of everybody. When everyone starts to quit, Rachel decides they should fire Dakota and celebrate their differences.

    Before the Acafellas go on stage, Sandy tells them Josh Groban is in the front row. During their performance of Color Me Badd's "I Want to Sex You Up," Terri seems to notice how much Emma is enjoying watching Will.

    Groban comes backstage and serves Sandy with a restraining order.

    In the parking lot after the show, Terri tells Will how impressed she was with the performance. We see Groban is all over Will's mother. Will tells his father the Acafellas thing was fun, but he is a teacher at heart. Will's father has decided to pursue his dream and go to law school.

    At school the next day, Kurt tells Mercedes he is gay. She is the first person he has ever told. Mercedes tells him he shouldn't be ashamed of who he is. Kurt tells her he isn't confident enough to be himself.

    Glee is back to work on a new number and Sue is furious the Cheerios failed at bringing down the club: "I'm going to need you to smell your armpits. That's the smell of failure." Quinn tells Sue she taught her "when you really believe in yourself you don't have to bring other people down."

    Rachel and the rest of Glee tell Will they love their new choreography.

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