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Disappointing War Drama about Counterfeit Money in WW2

Author: paul david from United Kingdom
7 November 2010

This is one of the most disappointing war drama which I have seen in the last few years. I saw 'Counterfeit' last year which I think was nominated for Oscar 2009; this is not anywhere in the same league as that.

Besides all that, the sleeve of the DVD is entirely misleading, talking about Operation Bernhard and Major Falconer involved in a love affair with the young wife of Count Maldorais in the Adriennes Forest.

There are NO women in this movie at all and the sole concentration of the movie is on a group of soldiers crossing German lines and doing a lot of shooting, a little bit like cowboy and Indians with the Germans. If it was made on a low budget, the overall production reflects that.

this is essentially a movie about a soldiers greed for money when he realises that there is chance for the 'spoils of war' while in the course of doing his duty on a somewhat bizarre mission.

The dialogue throughout, although informative, seemed extremely contrived and I felt the acting was below average standard for a movie of this kind, perhaps not a reflection on the actors involved but on the production direction and screenplay.

Very little to commend though the real life shots at the beginning and end of the film almost gave the film some meaning.

Sorry folks, this just didn't deliver!

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The most bad War movie ever made...

Author: (Baphomet1966) from Switzerland
28 January 2011

I have no words for describe this movie....

The actors are very bad, the script is awful, the music was made with a Bontempi keyboard and recorded in the toilet.. Not or very bad special effect made with a Commodore 64...

Historically, this absolutely does not hold the road, they are supposed to be SS soldiers and to them uniforms are a mixture of Wermacht and of anything, the leader carries shoulder pads of Russian uniforms..

The German Soldiers are stupid and fat, not very the type of the Aryan Race..

the movie is stuffed with useless stock shoot, put only to fill and give a semblance of realism..

if you want to waste your time and your money, it is the film which you need..

The film director would better make to go back on the benches of a school of cinema before taking out another horror of this type. How is possible it to spend 500'000 dollars to make such a bad film, it is really to do the money by the window..

This film is a complete s***...

Greeting of Fulci

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Author: Kelvin Ryan from United Kingdom
16 May 2011

This has to be the "Cr*p" (not even going to call it a film!) that you use to judge a films ratings when your getting near the bottom....this is the very bottom!! Man I watched it for free and even then after the first few moments I was looking for the off switch. I'm just so glad I'd not eaten prior to watching otherwise ....well you can guess! The few props used must have been borrowed from some WW2 club which had insisted they not get dirty or damaged....and the uniforms, well looked to me like the wardrobe had hit the local Jumble sales..awful! I don't know any of the actors personally or what work they've been doing previous to this but all I can assume is they were all skint and needed the money (if there was any??)... I am serious now, I really have seen better acting from 10 year olds with spud guns down the woods!!! I have tried so hard to find even the smallest thing about this film that could merit anything near 1 star and all I could come up with was the trees in the landscape, they were the only thing living in this mess. So Best actor go's to the Oak tree behind the cabin and best supporting go's to the pine by the track, well done guys! How you stood for so long while this was going on around you God knows!!

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Beyond words....

Author: samson_andrew from United Kingdom
26 September 2011

I heard that the way they got the Chimpanzee's to look like they were talking in the PG Tips advert was to give them Peanut Butter...I'm convinced the same tactic was used with these 'Actors'.

I have never seen such a ridiculous film in my life. The DVD case gives it the look of a fairly average film priced at £8 when I bought it. Now I feel like I've funded terrorism or organised crime by purchasing such a dodgy film. If I went out by myself into the woods with a phone camera and a toy gun I would still make a better film than this...

Even when me and a friend was drunk and put this film on we could only bare the first 5 minutes. It made me want to take a rusty spoon to remove my eyes.

Whoever was responsible for this film, I hope you feel ashamed and consider another career, possibly rice picking in Cambodia far far away...

your pal Andy

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Spoils of low budget

Author: jimlacy2003 from United States
27 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd like to tell you what I thought of this movie, but honestly I could not sit through the first 20 minutes of it, let alone ten..

One can tell in the first few minutes that this was quite a low budget movie. From the title screens there are vintage war clips that appears as if it was thrown together with an home computer complete with fake film grain applied. (I can picture the producers of this movie laughing now.. "man you are spot on! Spiff used premier at home to get that title out!")

The whole production stank from low budget. The acting, directing, cinematography (I use the term loosely), all horrible. Being a WW2 history buff I have seen a lot of war movies and documentaries. This is not even made for TV bad, it's just b.a.d - BAD! It should be arrested for impersonating a film.

Not that low budget is always bad. There have been some that have pulled it off and made great and successful low budget movies. Maybe that's what they were thinking here. It was probably way more movie then should have been attempted with such a low budget. IMHO guys, it would have been better to concentrate on a much smaller story with a few talented (but affordable) actors on a smaller scale. Chew off a piece of something interesting from WW2, and make an story of it. Try to make some epic with such a low budget is epic fail.

The poster is the best thing about this movie. It makes it look like a movie that you might want to watch. And if you do, don't tell me I didn't warn you first.

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Deplorable Knock-Off of "Where Eagles Dare" and "Kelly's Heroes"

Author: zardoz-13 from United States
30 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The execrable, low-budget World War II thriller takes place during the twilight of the Third Reich when a squad of U.S. Army soldiers and a lone British soldier masquerading as Germans are parachuted behind enemy lines. Ostensibly, they have been dropped into Austria to kidnap a high-ranking S.S. officer who is actually a double-agent. At the same time, our heroes are ordered to destroy of a stash of counterfeit cash that Hitler's boys have printed. This money is so real that it fools our heroes when they eyeball it for the first time. Initially, our heroes have no problem eliminating the German soldiers and taking the S.S. officer. Indeed, they have it too easy, but one of them--the Englishman--spots several crates of funny money and cannot get it out of his mind. He hates fighting for the peanuts that he is getting and dreams of going home wealthy. During combat, U.S. Army Captain Eberhart (Preston James Hillier)catches a bullet in his side, and our men retire to a house in the snow-swept woods so they can bandage his wound and he can recuperate. The Englishman (Russell Whaley) convinces two other guys to go back to the German bunker and liberate the cash. Predictably, things go awry for them and the Germans outnumber them and capture them. Meanwhile, S.S. Officer Von Weschler (Christopher Karl Johnson of "Atlas Shrugged, Part 1") decides to help them out. He takes one G.I. and they wind up rescuing our guys and the Englishman from a Nazi firing squad. Von Weschler and the three soldiers rendezvous with the transport plane sent to retrieve them. Everybody gets away but most have acquired keepsake wounds for their efforts.

"The Spoils of War" combines elements of two Clint Eastwood classics: "Where Eagles Dare" and the top secret mission behind enemy lines to rescue a high ranking officer and expose a cabal of double-agents and "Kelly's Heroes" about a bunch of G.I. who disobey orders, plunge behind enemy lines and steal a fortune in gold bars. Unfortunately, while the premise isn't entirely awful, "The Spoils of War" lacks everything: the acting is abysmal, the special effects are grade-Z, and the plot unravels when the three Allied soldiers go back to get the money. It is difficult to imagine what the filmmakers were trying to do. The only thing that looks authentic is the snowy landscape. The Nazi adversaries are push-overs from fade in to fade out and the characters are one-dimensional nobodies.

Unless you love World War II movies and plan to suffer through the good, the bad, and the ugly, you should skip "The Spoils of War." Worse than anything else, our heroes don't take home any of the loot.

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Uber Bad

Author: mfbickford from United States
15 January 2012

Bad acting, bad everything. They must've had 2 dollars to make this movie and everyone in it worked for free. The so called English soldier in the group had an awful fake English accent. Every now and then you could hear his American accent fall in. The German's spoke horrible German. We turned it off after watching for about 20 minutes. Don't even talk about the special effects. Cartoon like fires when bombs went off. During a close quarter gun battle, thousands of shots were fired, but no one is hit. We were surprised that it took twenty minutes for us to realize how bad this movie was. I guess we hoped it would get better and go somewhere.

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A Fair Attempt Given The Budget

Author: TheLastHobo from United States
13 November 2011

When I was young I bought my first car which was very inexpensive. The purpose of this car was to get me to my destination. On my journey I didn't have much money for food, gas and motels. I ate cheap and slept cheap and certainly didn't drive a Cadillac, but I did get where I wanted to go.

The same can be said of this picture. With a limited budget, there were not the magnificent sets as seen in 'Saving Private Ryan' or mega star actors like Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks, and certainly the script could have been better written.

Having said that, the film maker did arrive at his destination also. No, not in the style to which we are accustomed. We should evaluate each film based on the story and budget and not base our criticisms on comparisons to benchmark mega-budget films.

This artist painted a fair portrait given a limited pallet of colors.

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Why Spoils of War is By Far One of the Worst War Movies Ever Made

Author: hur-328-637207
15 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will begin by saying that the opening was impressive...but that was literally the best part - even though there was a date-typo. Ladies and gentlemen, this is supposed to be a WWII movie. Dates. Are. Important. As soon as we get into the true beginning of the film, it is painfully obvious that this movie suffers from a) horrible, stiff scripting b) lackluster directing or both. I will now outline a few things that made me shake my head and mouth "what the f**k?!"

- None of the actors have any chemistry. All dialogue between them is clearly forced.

- They plan to go undercover as SS but can't even pronounce a German name properly (redemption: the British soldier saves their asses by showing that he can actually speak perfect German when they take out the gatekeeper. This was a neat scene, and the only one of the entire movie I actually liked).

- Lines are over acted, laughter is fake, facial expressions make them look like mimes and military hand-signals made unnecessarily dramatic (the guy is right in front of you, you don't need to shake your fist five times. He gets it).

- None of the actors act like soldiers. They hold their weapons like they've never held a gun in their lives and there's no unity. I'm not talking about personal like or dislike of each other, I'm talking about the group as a whole. This unit has been working together for at least a while, and yet they move like they're not a team. This is drilled into even the worst rookie in Basic Training and is only further reinforced as a soldier moves forward in their military career.

- What. Was. That. Blood. Blood does not whoosh in a thin steam like that from a gut wound. It pools. Come on. I'm assuming this was a low budget movie but so was Boys Don't Cry and it did fine.

- Aside from the music in the opening, all other background music was painfully obvious. Instead of contributing to the scene, it just stood out.

In conclusion, I felt very let down by this movie. I've seen bad war movies but this really takes the cake. It made me feel better when I came on IMDb and saw that it was only given a 3 out of 10. Bravo, Spoils of War. You've earned it.

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Spoils of War (Spoils of 87 minutes)

Author: hdgev from United States
8 July 2013

The movie should have been directed by Ed Wood and could be the worst war movie of all time. The only reason to watch the acting, is you my know the people in the movie and can convince them to go into comedy. The movie must have been a weekend bet between five beer drinkers because the actors they play are all way to heavy to be average infantry military soldiers at the end of four grueling years or war, not four years of buffets. I think the movie should be watched just for laughs and the commercial for lucky strike cigarettes which almost by mistake finds its way into the movie. I think the only mistake since the movie was wrong by one year for the invasion of Poland is the final scene should have the soldiers take off in a helicopter no... make it a spacecraft.

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