Prisoners (2013) Poster


Plot Keywords

detective police
investigation arrest
whistle teenager
thanksgiving torture
candlelight vigil shooting deer
power drill workshop
home invasion manipulation
anger press conference
paranoia heavy rain
ambulance brutality
tied to a chair two way mirror
ambiguous ending suspense
diner star spangled banner
hamster race against time
christmas tattoo
department store memorial
vigilante justice vigilante
neo noir hypodermic needle
revelation female criminal
pit sociopath
newspaper headline media coverage
desperation red herring
blood crime scene
cell phone car accident
police chase chase
suicide by cop shot in the arm
held at gunpoint hostage
revolver rifle
f word woods
carpenter pickup truck
family relationships father daughter relationship
mother daughter relationship mother son relationship
brother sister relationship box office hit
title at the end shot in the head
vomit shot in the chest
shot in the leg drugged drink
handcuffs flashback
mannequin blood spatter
shot through the mouth gun in mouth
apartment building dream sequence
lye photograph
bag over head news report
vigil beating
child abduction priest
dog police station
flashlight sex offender
police captain pennsylvania
car crash pistol
gas station reference to bruce springsteen
trumpet reference to batman
whistling deer
husband wife relationship character repeating someone else's dialogue
killing an animal father son relationship
rain no opening credits
forest snow
bound and gagged duct tape over mouth
alcohol abandoned building
hammer mental retardation
rescue hospital
punched in the face missing person
shot to death hunting
corpse held captive
snake stalking
animal abuse recreational vehicle
breaking and entering interrogation
foot chase drawing
maze suicide
missing child police investigation
police detective kidnapping
revenge one word title
surprise ending

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