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If you like the comic strip, now in its 56th year, maybe you'll like it, maybe not. Marmaduke's personality isn't nearly as engaging as Garfield's. Then again, if personality is what you're in the market for, maybe you shouldn't be considering a lip-synched talking animal comedy in the first place.
The film’s most impressive feat may be bringing a cartoon character to life while turning actual humans into 2-D cutouts.
As doggy movies go, this one gets two paws out of four.
With extended closing credits, Marmaduke clocks in at 88 minutes and feels longer.
Orlando Sentinel
A dull but harmless big-screen comedy aimed at the youngest movie goers.
One thing Marmaduke does have in common with the earlier Disney titles is a blessed scarcity of crass bodily-function gags that often pass as family comedy.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"Beverly Hills Chihuahua," we owe you an apology. Among talking-dog movies, Marmaduke is the runt of the litter.
Marmaduke saves its farts for the beginning and end, but the stink carries through the whole movie.
Boxoffice Magazine
Very small children may well take a shine to the big, goofy dog and his furry friends, but parents and older siblings will be left squirming in their seats at a bland, predictable blend of bad comedy and sentimentality.
We’ve just been treated like a fire hydrant.

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