The Hunger Games (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

game future
volunteer fight
teenager 16 year old
lottery training
train arena
boy fight to the death
death basketball
explosion young love
punishment child killed by animal
dead child with eyes open minefield
live television boycotting school
class differences martial arts
knife throwing alliance
spear trap
death of a boy protective male
social commentary mentor
necklace dystopia
fistfight crush
sister sister relationship forcefield
fictional tv reality show contestant
female gladiator fictional tv show
murder teenage boy
gladiator political repression
drugs neck breaking
mercy killing child killing child
train ride cult film
knife fight swarm of bees
teenage hero school class
chariot secret love
most dangerous game tough girl
survivor mass child killing
death by poison binoculars
bus post apocalypse
president katana
mother daughter relationship woods
millennium alcoholic
wasp human hunting a human
child suicide teenage girl
love escort
kiss teen movie
televised battle apple
weapon leg wound
hallucination bechdel test passed
teacher fire
medicine landmine
female warrior sleeping
giant creature killer dog
teenage protagonist last man standing
island pin
child murder hunting for food
game of survival children
dead boy future
roll call victory
riot heroic bloodshed
action heroine 3 dimensional
shot with a bow and arrow cave
three word title roasted pig
first part death of a girl
student comic villainess
game of death game of chance
mahogany competition
child in peril transfer student
unemployment miner
brawl target practice
monster mixed martial arts
postcard killed by insect
blood hunt
river dead children
flashback chase
dream girl food
fictional tv game show climbing a tree
poison classmate
bow and arrow threatened with a knife
hologram dead body
blindness forest
stabbing glamour
dystopia friendship
hand to hand combat fight the system
child strangling suicide pact
mass murder insomnia
dead girl cliff
spear throwing bloody body of a child
creature makeover
knife female protagonist
dog tournament
unrequited love candle
neo fascism totalitarianism
based on young adult novel raffle
berry capture
escape guard
dog attack shivering
warrior futuristic train
camera blockbuster
person on fire rope
hunter and the hunted flowers
starving class trip
death stare black swallowtail butterfly
killing an animal hunting
battle class
school glamour girl
survival pursuit
propaganda falling from height
drunkard one woman army
mine explosion revenge
violence child murders a child
sponsor television
alcoholic mother strangulation
stylist closing eyes of dead person
drawing animal attack
killer child flower
map mining accident
death of father death of friend
based on novel title spoken by character

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