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A painfully poor reprisal
Ari_ari8 April 2010
The first installment in this series was decent enough to spark my interest in checking out the sequel. Unfortunately, Why Did I Get Married Too was a sub-par attempt to reprise Perry's previous venture in couples therapy. There were a few redeemable aspects of the movie, namely, some of the characters have been further developed. The new aspects of their relationship dynamics made it interesting to see how their lives have changed. Also appreciated are the moments of bare sincerity in the dialogue. There are a few scenes where a husband and wife could be seen having a believable, vulnerable discussion about the impact of individual choices on their relationship without the bravado of over-the-top displays.

Sadly, any redeemable parts of this film were heavily flanked in overwrought dramatic scenes in an effort to create meaningful turning points, and mostly uncomfortable attempts at humor. It's as if Perry thought that hearty laughter from the characters in the more comedic scenes would somehow make the scene funnier; the mission was not accomplished. Also, Perry decided to have the movie be more dependent on Janet Jackson's character as the center pin of the plot, which is an unfortunate shift because she simply doesn't have the skills to deliver. While she is more highly emotive throughout this film, she isn't believable. It just left you feeling uncomfortable watching it happen. To make matters worst, the scene transitions felt abrupt, like you were being yanked by the collar from one end of a room to another.

On a more pitiful note, there were several lines and scenes that were way too close to those from the movies Boomerang, Soul Food, and Unfaithful. It's one thing to have a trite storyline; it's a whole other issue when scenes are taken from other movies and executed so similarly to the original that the forerunner immediately comes to the viewer's mind. This kind of poorly-done mimicry leaves you feeling duped by and embarrassed for the person attempting it. The worst part was the ending, which felt rushed and forced. Perry is certainly invested in happy endings, but this was insulting to the characters and the viewers.

Overall, the only reason I continued to watch the movie was not because it was in any way worth it, but because I have a sometimes silly desire to finish what I've started. I hope that Perry soon decides to employ screenwriters to broaden the scope of what seems to be a one-man show and production because movie scriptwriting requires a level of skill that he has not yet polished.
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Alright....where to start
firebond4 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, what a movie. I made an account just so I can review this one particular movie. When it started out, I was bored out of my mind, I didn't care about the characters and then something epic would happen and I would be like "oh yes! Finally, something good!" and then it would be shot down by predictable acting and I was like "...really?" However, once Janet had her pleasant outburst with her soon to be ex, I was happily engaged in the movie although still edging on falling to sleep and being half awake. I think her performance was one of the better aspects of the movie due to the fact that I could understand why her character did what she did. It bothers me though that you never understand WHY they were getting a divorce. Then at the end, it was forced in that she would go harass her husband, that was the only part where I was like "lol...wut?" Then you have the other sub plots such as the wife cheating on her husband, it was OK but it bothered me that when he wasn't with his wife, he showed no signs of being bothered at all. Life was swell. And then with the wife you didn't see her change toward her husband at all, they just assumed you were supposed to just take it as is and not ask questions. Then you had Mark(I think that was his name) who shows up randomly and acts all hunky dorey and I miss my ex wife which, once again, you don't really get a full grasp of the situation you're kinda just thrown in.

I will admit Marcus and his wife were funny and they made me feel happy although they were stereotyped, it was refreshing because I know people like that and its just hilarious.

Now...my biggest complaint that leaves this review to be a 4...the ending. I didn't care that Terry died, I figured that out but they could have tried to resolve it better and then at the hospital, Janet screams "Fix it!" and everyone is like "ok! *smooch* fixed!" it could have been so much better! Don't bring me up to the top of the mountain just to push me down with that sorry excuse of a resolution. Then...what really set me off was the cameo of The Rock or Dwayne Johnson if that's correct. Why is he in it? That was a distraction from the entire movie in general! He didn't need to have the epic camera shots, I walked out but then stopped because it was the end of the movie anyway.

Speaking of camera shots, the face shots when they were talking was a horrible way to portray the movie. It annoyed me because I kept thinking this scene could be a lot better if they just zoomed out and let us watch the characters speak. This may sound odd but I felt like I was watching a movie, not someone's life. It kept reminding me that it was a movie and if the Tyler Perry was going for a POV shot, fail.

This movie starts off boring, gets good, and then becomes just...difficult. So much potential...what happened? That's all I gotta say.
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Why DId I See This Too?
yourwarmembrace14 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In trying to recall a good or personal fave moment in this movie, I come up with zilch. I don't know any people of color that act like this. Sure, I hear about it in stand-up comedy but this is not stand-up comedy. What this ends up being is a farce. Right on down to Janet's closing number which recounts events from the film. Cicely Tyson is a legend IMHO and seeing her "ACT-ive" is perhaps worth the cost of the ticket. I really did enjoy the first installment but I now believe that if I go back and view it again, it will unravel right before my eyes... just as this did. This movie was just embarrassing. Let's hope a 3rd installment never surfaces. And Dwayne Johnson's (The Rock... or whoever) cameo is not enough to pull me in again. Maybe a cameo from Madea would have saved this film's ending. AUDIENCE HEARS MADEA: Oh h_ll no, I can't use any of this... cut, CUT! CAMERA PANS OUT TO REVEAL MADEA IN DIRECTOR'S SEAT. SHE THEN GETS UP AND COMICALLY THROWS HER WEIGHT(2) AROUND FOR A BIT BEFORE HER FINAL WORDS: Let's take it from the top. FADE TO BLACK. Movie saved.
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Why is Tyler Scary still around too
blackaugust7914 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Why Did I Get Married too? More like Why did I waste $[...] watching this crap? The real title should be: How does this guy take ten pounds of crap and stuff it into five pounds of movie? WTF was that ending? Good God, this film meandered from the start. It was people sitting around and talking. Then after some airport drama from Angela, going to the Bahamas to TALK SOME MORE. It irks me that in all of Perry's movies he TELLS instead of SHOWS. Hey, aren't people supposed to be DOING things in a movie? Aren't films supposed to be about oh, ACTION? Isn't ACTION supposed to define CHARACTER? That's what I learned from Syd Field and Robert Mckee about screen writing, but Perry don't know about that because he probably never bought any of these books to learn something about the craft of writing for the screen as opposed to the stage.

Man, the writing on this film was SLOPPY, sloppier than previous Perry films. I'm still waiting for dude to learn how to tell a basic story, let alone know how things work On screen. I'm still waiting for him to learn how to use plot points and use stuff like CONTRAST, IRONY, FORESHADOWING, and SYMBOLISM like Lorraine Hansberry or Spike Lee do in their stories. I'm still waiting for his characters to have some DEPTH and COMPLEXITY. Seriously, a six-year-old could write a better screenplay than Perry, and it would make more sense than anything he puts together in his ridiculous Ed Wood styled plots.

I mean, looking at the plot holes in this movie (That ending STILL GIVES ME A HEADACHE: I Love how the guys hooked up with Mike, who shows up out of nowhere. Shouldn't the timeshare have been settled in the DIVORCE FROM THE LAST MOVIE? Oh and Jill Scott's new husband not being able to find a job as a COP? COME ON! Civil service jobs are always hiring, even in recessions. Big cities ALWAYS NEED POLICE OFFICERS to replace retiring ones. The fact that dude had experience in LAW ENFORCEMENT would have been a plus for him. Dude probably would have been selected FASTER than anyone else in pools because of his EXPERIENCE. Blue protects blue, and Blue helps out blue even when it's black. That's the culture of law enforcement. At the least dude would have gotten a Security work or bouncing at a bar. Sloppy writing from Perry there; he should have researched the details. A better plot line would have been about him adjusting to being part of the group. I mean, he's the new guy. He doesn't know these people as closely as they've known each other. Wouldn't they be averse to trusting him or getting to know him better? Angela and Marcus- both these characters were so One-dimensional. If it wasn't for their loud arguing and use as comic relief they'd have no story at all. I love how they never resolve their trust issues and will be back to bicker and act a fool in yet another movie.

Gavin being made out to be a heel mid-film. The brother just wanted to save his marriage and do right by his lady, but he's turned into a monster by Tyler "Man-hating" Fairy. Hey Tyler, How about some BALANCE to your stories? How about showing the BROTHERS as complex three-dimensional people and not "good" or "bad"? You do know that people have LAYERS and DEPTH to their personalities, and that people have REASONS for the way they act or react.

I Love how Pat never dealt with her issues FOR A SECOND MOVIE. But TP needs some drama for Dwayne to NOT deal with in the next installment. Keeps the suckers (I mean fans) coming back to plunk down cash for another installment. The Rock Cameo was just a diversion to deflect us from underdevelopment of the storyline.

I Love how Perry's character and his wife never deal with the deeper reasons for an emotional affair. This entire part of the movie was extremely underdeveloped. Perry tells us his wife is glowing; everybody tells us she's happier than she's ever been. Hey Tyler, Instead of having people joking on the beach, how about SHOWING us some frames of her getting things like text messages and pictures in e-mails? Again, sloppy writing.

Seriously, All the characters came out of the movie just like they came in. That's just bad writing all around. Even Ed Wood had some type of change happen to Glen in Glen or Glenda.

Hey Tyler: stick to stage plays and leave movies to better Black directors that are way more skilled than you at telling stories!

PS: The proper term for Tyler Perry's movies is minstrel shows not Blaxploitation. Even the most silliest of Blaxploitation movies had more integrity than any of the chittlin circuit garbage that Perry makes yearly.
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FYI" Do Not, repeat Do Not pay good money to see Why Did I Get Married Too
smithjpaul27 June 2010
The Mrs (her choice of movies) & I walked out after 20 minutes or so & was allowed into another movie. I am not an actor but my gosh that was some really shallow acting. The setting was nice but very little action, elementary dialogue was rampant & too many close up's of actors faces. I thought the actors had recently memorized their lines & repeated them without any emotion or passion. The movies plot was weak & the photography and cameras set ups were below par. My suggestion #1, do not waste your money.Suggestion #2, Tyler Perry is living off the positive movies of the past & should get back to producing a more thoughtful & deeper movie content.
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Why did I waste my money on this "Tyler Perry" disaster?
beaucheri3330 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First off I'd like to point out that I am extremely open minded when it comes to films, and I've been trying so hard to give Tyler Perry and his films a chance but this was just plain AWFUL!!!!!

From the moment the movie starts until the very end ... there are scenes that were obviously supposed to be funny but no one in the theater laughed and all the couples are just awkward or obnoxious and it's soooo ridiculous!!!!! All throughout the movie I just kept asking myself.. WHY?!?!?

Why would Angela be o.k with humiliating her husband every chance she gets? And the whole idea of causing so much trouble over having your husband's cell phone number password is just lame!!!!!! Why would Sheila and her husband even go on vacation knowing that they have such horrible money issues? Why would Patricia announce to everyone (even a couple they just met) that her and her husband are getting a divorce? And why did it take the writers so long to mention Dianne being unhappy in her marriage?? I mean it was obvious from the very beginning that she was hiding something... why drag it out???

Anyway I give the writers a little credit for trying to blend a good mix of Drama and Comedy but some things were just over kill.. especially that whole stunt with the gay guy coming out of the cake.. What the heck were they thinking?!? After finding out that Mike had cancer,and after seeing Gavin die after getting in a horrible car accident.. All I could do is *gasp* and not in a good way!!! The Icing on the cake for me was when they tried so hard to get people excited by introducing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Patricia's new love interest... Wow as if I needed another reason to hate this film
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Lacks what the first had
kokaburr8 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
While I do enjoy the good majority of Tyler Perry's work, and absolutely loved the first 'Why did I get Married?' ; I find myself a bit annoyed with the storyline of the sequel.

The flaws I see with this movie are what the majority of people have said; the ending was horrible and there are a lot of loose ends.

The story of Mike going through chemo could have been closed properly. Though not a big part in this movie, it still drew me in enough to want to know what happened with his character.

Also Gavin dying from whatever injuries he sustained from the car accident was very abrupt. This might have seemed like a clever way to put in a message about how life suddenly takes a drastic turn, but this left a bad taste in my mouth.

As for the other couples... I did wonder where their stories ended. One kiss and everything is all better? No, no no! This is not how things work. They should have expanded more on these stories as well as the main plot.

There are other issues with this movie I'd address but I'll just leave it to the viewer to find them.

All in all I give this movie a 3/10 stars. It lacks character development. It lacks an ending that is satisfying. A poor sequel to a movie that was actually good.
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Why Did I Get Married Too - Don't waste your money..
Shelly Mylers25 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
My husband and I saw this on Saturday night for our date night. What a waste of 20 bucks!!!! I was about to write a review when I read the review from TamPam which summed up how we felt. I'm re-posting the TamPam review again. Here it is:

The original "Married" was not Oscar material, but it was at least a solid 5 or 6 on a 10-point scale. It had some freshness and some unpredictability to it that at least made for some fun entertainment.

The sequel is none of these things!!!!!!!!!! Quite possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Clichéd to the hilt. Weak, repetitive, IQ-lowering humor bordering on sloppy slapstick. From the slow beginning to the disappointing end, this movie is starved. The plot is begging for more development, the actors are aching for better utilization of their characters, and the script is pleading to be burnt to ashes.

Like Perry's "I Can Do Bad," this movie seems rushed as if very little thought was put into making it. I have no idea how the mess I saw on that screen made it pass the editing booth. There's just no way...unless someone was trying to beat some kind of deadline and concluded that since this movie is guaranteed to win the box office, "who cares about quality? We make it and 'they' will come. Release it." And release this stink bomb of a film they did. What a waste!!!
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Two Thumbs Down From Me!!
euphoria215031 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
1. An appearance of The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson at the end 2. When Angela (Tasha Smith) finally shut her trap 3. When the movie ended. I was put out of my misery.

This movie sucked in every possible way. It was one of Tyler Perry's worse movies ever produced, written and directed, right behind Meet The Browns. The character Angela was a total embarrassment to all black people, and her situation was entirely unrealistic. In real life, her husband Marcus would have either fled the coop or engaged in domestic violence, knocking Angela's teeth out. Throughout the entire movie, her mouth and tongue yapped so much that I ended up having a migraine, but I was determined to finish watching the movie so I could see Janet Jackson's performance, especially since she's been receiving so many rave reviews. She did come out of her normal comfort zone and let loose, but was it Oscar worthy? Well, if you compare her performance to others who have recently won an Oscar then "yeah, I guess she should have one too... Pass it around!"

There was no chemistry with any of the couples, except for Sheila and Troy. Tyler Perry looks so uncomfortable in all of his intimate scenes, as well as the one who plays his wife, she looks as though she detest touching him. Mike's appearance was pointless. No one accomplished anything in this movie. I presume Gavin's death and Patricia's statement of "Love one another" was the ultimate message in this movie... Work out your problems and love, because tomorrow is not promised. Despite the moral message, the movie sucked. Bad acting, poor chemistry, weak plot, poor direction, stereotypical buffoonery = 2 thumbs down.
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Why Did I Get Married Too?
gracenotes-720-58850923 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am very glad to see Tyler Perry come from where his very rough and abusive past to become a successful actor and entrepreneur. I have seen most of his plays and now all of his movies to date. I feel like he needs to slow down for a bit with making movies. I know what his intention is, at least I know what he says it is:to inspire hope in people to lead people to God, to have faith. I appreciate that but I think at some point, Perry has lost his focus.

This movie had animation from one particular character that was just so over the top, it wasn't entertaining but annoying. Janet gave a strong performance but it wasn't enough to save the movie.

Cameos from two of the best actors in the world made for a few minutes of relief. I wanted to transport myself into their characters.

Black love is deeper than this and their is clearly a scene from Soul Food in this movie. I thought, "OH-MY-GOD! NO HE DIDN'T!" I think that everyone who hasn't seen this movie yet should pause for the cause and if you just must see it wait to see it for a $1 from the Box or get it in a few months from your local library.

Hope you see a good movie soon!!
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shocked at how bad this was
Trini88831 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie starts out okay, i mean its typical Tyler Perry so its somewhat corny and over written but it was entertaining. It made me laugh it gave me some interesting insights into different relationships. I think all the actors and actresses were doing the best they could with the script they were given. BUT the end of this movie was UNREAL! Are you serious? Patricia's character is sooooooo selfish the only thing she gets passionate about is keeping her money? SHE turns their entire divorce after 14 years into a war zone over "her" money? if that was a man in that role, we would have all been calling him a jerk for holding out money on his wife! He would have been the villain, but Tyler perry somehow writes Janet's character to be the in the right??? no matter how foul and selfish her actions. Lets keep in mind, that her husband was depicted as a faithful, supportive, honest loving husband throughout their whole tragic marriage. As if that wasn't bad enough this evil woman crosses the line again, she goes to his job and tries to humiliate him as much as possible, shes screaming at him calling him a bitch and hitting him in front of his employees, ( again if a man had been doing this we would have been ready to burn him) and as a DIRECT RESULT she gets this good man killed in a car accident!!!! and then I'm supposed to be happy for her at the end like a fairy tale cuz she meets a new man right away?? what?? so she gets him killed and gets to keep all their money and now she gets Duane Johnson? RIDICULOUS! stupid stupid script!! looked like the end of a horror movie where the serial killer gets another victim.

It is WRONG for Tyler Perry to give the impression that women have no boundaries, Even when Tasha Smith's character went to her man's job that was disgusting and wrong! but they don't even address it for a second as wrong or inappropriate. He gives women this green light to be irrational and insane, well thats not a message i want to send to my daughters. I am a strong black woman and i never need to make a scene to make a point, I never need to humiliate a man to make a point, Tyler Perry practically encourages that. i cant believe Tyler Perry or anyone thought this was a strong movie. Im so angry that i watched it all the way to that stupid ending.
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Beginning was okay; End needs to go!
angelbabykiara3 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Janet Jackson is my girl forever, but she really needs to stick to singing because that acting is just horrific. I mean come on, this movie was produced around the time she found out Michael Jackson had died, so it's almost like any of those emotions shown had more to do with the death of her brother and not the scene of the movie, perfectly understandable. She's also portrayed as a very selfish, greedy person who thinks her soon to be ex husband isn't entitled to half the currency made on her book like hell he isn't! Seriously I would spend $7.00 on something just a tad bit worth watching. And Angela and her husband I mean they were funny the first time but that's how they are throughout the whole movie to the point to where it isn't funny anymore it's just outright annoying! Terry and Diane, I just have no idea what their issue is. I mean this woman put him through so much from going behind his back tying her tubes, and then having an emotional affair with another man. Hell there can be love without sex. I mean I don't know how many people would put up with bull ish like this. Honestly he should have left us guessing with the first one. And that ending? 1 year after your husband dies and you're already ready to hook up with someone else? Well I guess that grieving process didn't last long or you weren't worried at all. I mean I guess it was alright but if he has any idea to make a 3rd sequel then he really shouldn't.
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Great Title, horrible execution.
incggaming19 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK, first off I wish I never bought this movie on my PS3. For those of you who watched the first "Why Did I get Married" - and loved it like I did, you will be sadly disappointed by this one. Here are the reasons why!

(#1) Awkward moments of acting dialogs.

(#2) Over-dramatizing situations within the movie.

(#3) Patricia announces her divorce to everyone but her husband does not know about it? WTF.

(#4) Angela is fretting over nothing throughout the movie. I wish this was a horror film and some monster just killed her. All she did was nag, and yet her husband still is with her. I'm not sure if Tasha Smith was told to do over-hyped acting.., but she poorly executed a conscious reason for her being mad.

(#5) Gavin and Patricia over-the-top dramatic acting lacks in motivation leading to why they broke up. Since everything went so fast it seemed pointless to even include them in this movie. We don't know what the reason behind their breakup were, we only assume it is because Gavin wants Patricias's book money or maybe something else?

(#6)Sheila and Troy are on a vacation? They barely have any money yet they go on vacation? Would someone go to Disney World with only 300 dollars in their bank account. Get real Tyler, only an idiot with no brain would do that.

(#7) Too many problems escalating fast for one to comprehend the over-all reality of the movie in under 1 hr 45min. Why not leave one family functioning and the other 3 messing up? Why the hell over-dramatize the movie and lack in areas where the first movie charmed?

(#8) Too much changing of scenes, too many holes in the movie, not enough information is being executed within the characters.

(#9) Gavin gets killed when the passenger side gets hit and he is on the driver side??

(10#) The ending of the movie was more funnier than watching Dumb and Dumber because the actors didn't show true emotion about the death of their friend. They seemed sort of happy - quasi - not totally sure how to act emotionally.

As everyone else mentioned, this movie has too much stuff squeezed in it, and lacks true involvement within the actors situations. There is just too much over-acting which makes this movie seem pointless. The audience won't see a simple family struggling, just a lot of awkward moments from actors trying to be funny when they aren't. I sometimes wonder what Tyler Perry's intentions were behind releasing the movie. Overall this movie sucks, please watch Hell Night, you will have much more entertainment than this movie.
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Really, really, really weak
TamPalm2 April 2010
The original "Married" was not Oscar material, but it was at least a solid 5 or 6 on a 10-point scale. It had some freshness and some unpredictability to it that at least made for some fun entertainment.

The sequel is none of these things.

Quite possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Clichéd to the hilt. Weak, repetitive, IQ-lowering humor bordering on sloppy slapstick. From the slow beginning to the disappointing end, this movie is starved. The plot is begging for more development, the actors are aching for better utilization of their characters, and the script is pleading to be burnt to ashes.

Like Perry's "I Can Do Bad," this movie seems rushed as if very little thought was put into making it. I have no idea how the mess I saw on that screen made it pass the editing booth. There's just no way...unless someone was trying to beat some kind of deadline and concluded that since this movie is guaranteed to win the box office, "who cares about quality? We make it and 'they' will come. Release it." And release this stink bomb of a film they did. What a waste.

I hate to be all negative, so I will try to offer one positive. Like in the first movie, Janet stretches her acting and almost comes off as a decent actor. Kudos to Perry for helping get that out of her I guess.

And with that, I'll turn in as I'm sleepy after watching that sleep-inducing tripe of a film. Maybe in the morning I'll feel less angry about giving away two hours of my time that I will never get back. And don't say you weren't warned...even if you're a Tyler Perry fan, you will find my critique to be true.

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Perry Is A Talentless Hack
Prugaroes4 April 2010
Once again audiences across North America are exposed to the smut that is Tyler Perry's most recent film. As per usual it revolves around some family based issue that the audience is supposed to understand and identify with.

Tyler seems to constantly utilize black stereotypes and black cliché to fuel the humour in his films. Not only is this unoriginal, its completely pathetic. Character like Madea are a prime example of this.

However since he is a minority filmmaker he somehow has the ability to garner respect and support from publicity whores like Oprah Winfrey. Its unfortunate that so many people will be duped into seeing these films based on that alone.

I believe the best way to describe Perry's attempted genre is blaxploitation at its worst. That's saying a lot since most blaxploitation films are far from being masterworks (Foxy Brown, Coffy). Besides launching Pam Griers career, they weren't good for much else. In the end the genre took a downturn after the 70s, so its no surprise talentless writer / directors like Perry seek to take advantage of an underused demographic.

Its films like these that make Perry such a Razzie worthy director. Earning him a spot with other greats like Uwe Boll, Roland Emmerich, Micheal Bay and M. Night Shyamalan

The day these directors were given credibility and respect, film died
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Why Did I Watch This Movie Too?
Jade Noir25 January 2011
I had doubts about watching the prequel to this movie to begin with ("Why Did I Get Married?"). It's rating upon this site is quite low, and the opinions of my peers were not very positive either. However, after viewing and being very moved by Perry's "For Colored Girls", I wanted to sample more of his artistry anyhow. Though I was apprehensive of the first movie, I did not find it to be so terrible after I saw it.

The characters introduced can sometimes come off as overly abrasive, loud, and at other times, so meager, and pitiful, that sympathy is difficult to conjure for them. Upon watching their stories further, and seeing the plights of the individuals and their relationships, the drama and madness behind all their actions become understood and somewhat justifiable, although they can at times be outlandish. As such, I chose to view their plots an exaggerated portrayal of the adversities within a marriage, rather than an exact one.

I was curious to see how the characters' lives continued after that terrible vacation in Colorado. Sadly, I killed the entire "Why did I Get Married?" enterprise for myself. In my opinion, the sequel "Why Did I Get Married Too?" very much trivialized it's predecessor. When at one point I thought that the scripts were very much related to love, loss, and moving forward, this movie has conveyed nothing to it's viewers either than; If you have low self esteem or a husband who drowns his pain and neglect with alcohol, a new man is all you need make it all better. This theme was very romantic and well deserved in the first instalment, but pressed a very negative button for me in this one, as it was both unromantic and, in my opinion, undeserving. Plus, I can't take Dwayne Johnson's face seriously. Maybe that's what ruined everything. When I see him I just think bad movies and even worse wrestling. Not to mention, he didn't really "fit" the scene. He looked awkward. I don't know how else to put it, folks. Just awkward. At any other point, I would suggest viewing it for oneself, but I'm trying to help you, so I won't.

Initially, this movie left me looking at the screen with a quizzical expression, wondering if any of these characters had learnt ANYTHING at all from the psychological studies, exercises, and scream-match trips they take annually. Upon realizing the answer was "no", I then began to feel like I, in turn, wasted my own time, having watched movies in the hopes that they would. Of course, utter peace and harmony does not a good movie make, but the extent of their drama and angst says that a lesson ought to be learnt by at least one of them BEFORE the end of the movie. Oddly enough, the only one who I thought really did so, was the only character that was single throughout the whole movie! Maybe there's a point to be made with that... But still, there was no satisfactory ending to this. However, that is by no means a reason to continue this story any further. I knew I should have stopped when I saw Angela's pink flask.
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Why the Bad Rep?
Gabby30 June 2011
I don't think I have ever laughed harder at a movie I watched out of boredom. I found this gem as I was perusing Netflix instant-watch, and I'm glad I decided to watch it.

Comedy is prevalent within the first couple scenes. Unlike many of the films made today, it was refreshing to watch a movie that could make me laugh while exploring serious subject matter. The film covers all realms of marriage difficulties, many of which are real problems facing today's couples.

As I was new to Perry's films, I looked up some of his other movies on IMDb. To my disdain, almost all of his films received bad reviews. Why? Perry took the "black stereotype" and made a farce out of it. The movie is completely satirical, and should be perceived as such. Also - Tasha Smith made me laugh the entire movie.
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Really disappointing
Akinrotohun Oluwafemi12 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've always loved Perry's movies even the ones that obviously suck but I'm really disappointed in this one. All other areas have been rightly addressed by the reviewer's before me but my area of interest is Pat and Garvin. Perry I must say got it wrong there, he actually made the good person appear bad and vice versa. Garvin obviously wanted things to work out btw him and his wife and even admitted to his friends that and even Pat! that he was ready to work on it. I mean it was obvious at the negotiation table that the news of divorce came surprisingly to him as he was actually waiting for his wife to love him again. It was Pat that never gave him the chance showing how selfish she was. I mean she told him that his ideas during the discussions they had about her book (this of course also show he's a good husband) did count! How much more selfish can a person be? And now Tyler Perry decides to paint his character the monster and the poor man of course died only for the selfish woman to get another man. I guess we were supposed to be happy for her? That ending sucks I must say. And what's it with Janet showcasing her boobs in almost every scene? I'd thought she'd reserve that for her music videos. Besides that movie showcased her as a responsible woman so wtf?
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Why Did I Watch This Movie Too?
Miz Lemon14 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I Hated this movie!!! Total waste of money and I am talking about $5 pay per view money! It seriously made absolutely no sense at all especially the end. I searched it on Wikipedia just in case I misunderstood something! This movie left me angry and confused. Do you know how many movies ever left me angry and confused??? Just this one!!!

Typical Tyler Perry melodrama but I must applaud him on not completely following his standard formula of: drug addict + woman who was raped by her mother's boyfriend/husband + reeeaaalllly evil guy + public service announcement poorly disguised as a "conversation" = Tyler Perry Movie.

Jokes were lame. Acting was poor and the story at times did not add up or make any kind of sense. What was the deal with Patricia??? It is never explained why she and Gavin are divorcing which he looked as surprised as we are, nor why she is so bent in not letting him have any of her book money. Then she causes his death (heeeyyy didn't she kill their child too in an "accident") and happily end up with the Rock after pretty much making his life and last moments miserable then cashing in on his death (which may go along with Gavin's claim of how he was the test subject in her books and therefore entitled to half).

Perry I believe tries to vilify Gavin towards the end in what appears to be an attempt to justify bumping him off but it does not work because Patricia is some sort of raving lunatic that would not explain anything. I though, "ok, maybe she's some sort of a sociopath" but there is nothing that shows that that is the case unless is he trying to pull an "M. Night Shyamalan" move by adding a twist. I am starting to think that there will be a third one and that is when we will find out that she is a psychotic killer... who's on drugs... and was raped by her mother's boyfriend/husband... and we find this out while she is conversing in a way that sounds like a Public Service Announcement.
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An emotional roller-coaster that derailed at its ending.
cnunez-14 April 2010
I was a bit too young to remember the last Tyler Perry movie I saw, and was never exposed to any of his actual plays. Thus, I held neutral expectations for "Why Did I Get Married Too," though I heard that its predecessor was quite good. I ALMOST left the theater taken aback at Perry's exceptional directing and understanding of human emotions. Unfortunately, that was all but squashed by one of the worst endings I've seen in a long time.

The plot is quite straightforward. Terry (Tyler Perry) and Diane (Sharon Leal) embark on their yearly couples retreat (sounds familiar?) with their friends, all of whom are also married. Marcus (Michael Jai White) and Angela (Tasha Smith) are constantly at odds with each other for any reason they (as in mostly Angela) can fathom, Troy (Lamman Rucker) and Sheila (Jill Scott) are battling the all-too-real consequences of unemployment, while Patricia (Janet Jackson) and Gavin (Mailk Yoba) serve as the model relationship for the group. The retreat is brought back to a harsh reality when Sheila's former husband, Mike (Richard Jones), unknowingly books time with the group's beach house for the weekend. His interruption, unbeknownst to the couples, tests their relationships as their own flaws slowly unravel and manifest themselves.

Perry's playwriting influences are made apparent right from the beginning, as each character behaves and builds in a play-like manner. This works strongly in his favor, as each character is developed well enough to bring significant amounts of powerful tension and drama later into the film. Perry also fiddles with the emotions of his audience like a puppet master, tossing them from angst to anger to happiness with incredible ease and lightning-fast timing. Every actor was stretched to their emotional limits in this film; I found Jackson's performance shockingly spectacular here and her conflict with Yoba to be one of the most intense partnerships I've seen in a while. In short, I felt like I was yanked from my seat and strapped onto the front of an emotional roller-coaster right from the beginning.

Unfortunately, that trains flew off the tracks into a horrible crash landing in the film's final ten minutes. While the ending was somewhat unexpected, it was certainly not the ending I *wanted* to expect. It was as if Perry waited an hour and 50 minutes to cram all of the clichéd, fantasy, happy-ending-feel-goodness Hollywood delivers in spades. The last two minutes were especially insulting. It was so appalling for me, in fact, that it made me spend the two hour train ride home realizing many of the other plot holes and unanswered questions Perry made irrelevant for me beforehand. I'm just going to assume that Perry didn't write the ending; it makes more sense.

All in all, the film is exceptionally well-made, incredibly moving and does not rely on its previous installment for the audience to wholly appreciate. Even despite its questionably poor ending, I highly recommend it.
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Great Movie but ending hated
soby19853 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I really loved the first movie. It was so funny and you could learn a lot about relationship and how should you deal with your partner but the second one was way too intense but funny as well. I hated all the fighting between Patricia and Gavin but I understand that their marriage couldn't always be perfect. They had to have problems too. I really hoped they could fix things and their marriage. I didn't really know why they were fighting at the first place only the fact that Patricia said she didn't love him anymore and it made so sad and angry that he died. Really hated the ending, the fact that Gavin died and the fact that she meet The Rock with a smile !!!
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The acting was excellent and the movie pulled me in from great beginning to great middle to great end
Jackpollins3 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've always been a Tyler Perry fan. I've liked all of his movies, and his new film, Why Did I Get Married, Too doesn't break that fact. The film follows four couples as they go on vacation & what happens after the vacation. It's a solid, well crafted film from beginning to end. The film's tense when it needs to be tense and funny when it needs to be funny. There are rumors going around that Tyler Perry wants to stop making Madea films, and if non-Madea films continue this way, I will have no problem with that. This is the sequel to the fantastic 2007 film, and this one is also fantastic. A lot of it is a drama, so go in expecting to laugh a bit, but not too much. It's fun either way. It's sad this film is opening the same weekend as Clash Of The Titans because this is surprisingly the far superior film. I liked the acting quite a bit, especially from Janet Jackson who plays a woman getting a divorce who is, even to some dangerous points, stressed out by the whole thing. Tyler Perry doesn't have much screen time but when he is on the screen he is on fire. This is surprisingly one of the excellent films I saw this year. I say skip Clash Of The Titans & see this, because even if you're a Tyler Perry fan like myself, you will be pleasantly surprised by this extremely satisfying film.
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Good acting bad storyline
mjarvis03 April 2011
To appreciate why my review is below average you will need to see 'Why did I get married' Basically you have four couples in the original and each have their issues and by the end each issue is resolved one way or the other. So the problem for the sequel is how do you follow up on issues that have already been resolved. The answer is to create new issues or rehash old ones. This is how the sequel goes. So we have four couples each dealing with issues again. Now there's nothing wrong with that if the issues are plausible and played out properly and have credible endings. This is where 'Why did I get married too' goes sadly wrong. Some issues were credible but the endings were not or were not given an ending whilst the most prominent issue, well I'm struggling to understand what it actually was. I had no empathy with the female lead and felt that she should have been charged with crime and I think in real life most of those characters would have nothing to do with her after what she directly caused. Sadly this is a sequel that should never have been and I can only speculate that it failed because a certain actress only signed up for the sequel so she could have the most prominent role and in so giving it to her the movie failed. You will know to whom I refer when you watch this movie. So watch this movie if only to understand why a lot of sequels fail miserably as this one did!
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Not good...
me-ga-sa30 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When the movie is fulfilling stereotypes instead of teaching you something then the movie is not good. It is empty. The script was not good, unnatural again like the first movie but much more unnatural. Especially the ending. Patricia's and Gavin's story was not logical and the most annoying of all. There was so much violence, it wasn't rational at all to me, it seemed ridiculous. The ending of this couple's story was nonsense. It was too much already. Mike with his cancer was enough already. It was him who needed to be buried. And the very ending of the movie??!! OMG! What was that? Only one year has passed and she already can forget everything and dive in to something new, right? Not logical. And the way it was portrayed... very bad.. ridiculous. OK, maybe I am looking to this more like a drama but it was supposed to be a comedy... then maybe all that was supposed to be this way. But it wasn't made funny..
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Fun Movie, til the Ending, which RUINED the whole thing!!
eufreeka12 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK, first off, let me say, when I head down to Atl this summer, I want to look Mr.Perry up and have a few words with him about what he did to this movie!!! Ugh. I will say, not generally his biggest fan, like some, love some and can't stand some of his movies, they run the gamut. I loved the first of this franchise. Yes, plenty of cliché's and stereotypical behaviors but still, it was fun! And then...I guess the first thing that really got to me was when Sheila (Jill Scott) was found at her low life, cheating, abusing ex husband's house, taking care of him on the down-low. The guy shows up at her vacation with her friends and her new, HOT husband and sets out to try to win her back...here we realize that in addition to being emotionally abusive and an adulterer, he apparently beat on her in the past. So, now suddenly cause he has cancer, she is going to go behind her amazingly supportive and loving husband, and help her bastard ex? Stupid plot move that just doesn't make sense.

Then, Janet Jackson's character...ugh...condescending, superior and lifeless. Yeah, her acting was alright, reminiscent of Penny...but the character...ugh! She is getting a divorce from her husband because they have just grown apart, according to her, but NO, she has just shut down since the loss of her son, which occurred before the 1st movie...and she just won't share any emotions w/her husband. The divorce proceedings were sweet and peachy until he insisted she split the proceeds from the book she wrote on marriage, using her marriage as an example and all of a sudden the ugly comes out! He loses it, drinks too much, and gets aggressive with her after trying and failing repeatedly to save the marriage by actually talking to his psychologist-relationship expert wife...to no avail! She loses her damn mind, breaks everything in the house and then goes catatonic. She fakes a birthday gift for him (NOT his bday, even!)to attempt to humiliate him in front of his co workers and because she feels that he isn't entitled to half HER $$. Hell, yes, he was. Then she proceeds to act loud and ignorant and literally chase him to his death, at which point she is guilt ridden and miserable. Within 5 mins of his death, they have spread his ashes in the Bahamas (I assume) and she is coming out of a presentation smiling and apparently lighthearted, although she was just presenting on grief and moving on, cause she IS the expert. Then she, reluctantly, gets introduced to a handsome philanthropist (Dwayne Johnson) and suddenly she is grinning like a loon. The End. Oh, this apparently takes place one year later. What the hell!!??? Guess the guilt didn't last long! Also, I was extremely confused in the beginning because Diane and Terry have 2 kids now,OK, they had a 2nd kid, but the ages don't seem right for the timeline, and the 2nd kid, the boy, seems to not know that Sheila is remarried, when she was remarried at the end of the first film, way before Diane was pregnant again and even had that kid! Weird.

I will say, of all the films where Tyler played a character other than Madea, this was the best. His character was one of the highlights for me, his acting was better than ever, he was funny, but not in his usual over the top Madea way, and much more real than his usual straight guy characters. Marcus and Angela were ridiculous and HILARIOUS, and Sheila and Troy were sweet and I think of all the relationships, that was the most realistic, showing the difficulties they were experiencing when Troy couldn't find a job after a big move and a baby. Jill, as always, was a delight.
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