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Big budget film?

Author: sports7272
15 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I cannot understand why this film has such a low rating when nobody has a really bad word to say about it.

Somebody described it as a big budget film.I wonder how many films these days cost $2000000!

I saw it at the cinema and was gripped from start to finish.I'm not usually a fan of violent films,but compared to some of the truly big budget British gangster films made recently this is certainly the best.

The direction was fast,underlined by an exciting musical sore.

The acting was excellent especially Freddie Connor,whom I found mesmerising.I'm sure we will see a lot of him in the future.

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Good old fashioned bit of Brit violence!

Author: Hadrian Howard from London, England
27 March 2014

I really enjoyed this. It's the sort of film that puts you right into the lives of the characters very quickly, and keeps you down there in amongst the filth and the brutality the whole way through.

Some of the dialogue was a little clunky, but the production value was spot on and the story itself moved at a great pace. It also had some top notch British acting talent in the cast which doesn't hurt for this sort of thing. Dexter Fletcher and Jamie Foreman were along for the ride and were brilliant as always doing their (tried and tested) gangster thing.

In terms of originality, the film isn't going to blow any minds, but as for a good old fashioned yarn about a man struggling with a life spiraling out of control it ticks all the boxes. Well worth a look...

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Great movie

Author: David Travers from United Kingdom
6 June 2014

This movie had me hooked from start to finish, the whole flow of the movie was tight, the characters were believable. The violent scenes were well choreographed and believable. This film is not your stereotypical gangster movie as it is not about people who think they are gangsters, the movie brings to light the underbelly of the London night life.

Although the film had a limited budget it is not your typical B movie as all the characters are strong and believable as stated. I would definitely recommend this movie to people if you enjoy action, grit and gangsters then this is worth a watch, as I was not disappointed with it at all.

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Finally! I realistic gangster movie.

Author: mandolinasd from San Diego, California
5 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this movie. I loved that it was NOT over the top Hollywood. I hate it when gangster movies are so over the top. They should be more about the inner working and dynamics and less about big explosions and shoot'em ups. I thought for sure that the car was going to flip up and be this huge explosion, but it wasn't which was great. There is no way people get away with blowing a car ski high and causing a scene. Also the beating the main character took at the end, hurt me. I loved hating the bad guys too. My friends and I want to see another Baseline where the character Joe takes over. He was excellent. This movie hit all the right spots for a person looking for realistic and believable gangster story. More gangster movies should be shot like this, less glam more grit. Well done to the writers and actors.

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Gritty British Gangster Film

Author: Lobus1 from United Kingdom
14 July 2010

I never managed to see this film at the cinema as it had a very limited release, but I picked up a copy on Blu Ray yesterday and was not disappointed. The quality of the picture and sound was exceptional.

Firstly this is not your typical 'Gangster Movie', it's not about a wannabee gangster trying to ascend the ranks to win favour and to be the next top crime boss, it's a film about an average guy who works as a club bouncer, and who through no fault of his own is drawn into a dark world which he really does'nt want to be part of.

It's the kind of film you could have seen Gary Oldman acting in a few years back, or if it had been based on a true story, Ken Loach directing. At no point does it have the typical "Cockney" Gangster characture. The film has a very realistic and gritty feel about it,from the opening title sequence to the very end. It does not glamorise gangsters and their life style in any way. The film plays heavily on loyalty, and what somebody is willing to sacrifice for friendship. The film moves along at a swift pace and has a really nice haunting score.

There are a few scenes which are quite violent but are very believable, the realism is a credit to the film.

The performances were very solid from all the cast, a few familiar faces cropped up which was nice to see, Dexter Fletcher, Jamie Forman Gemma Atkinson and Zoe Tapper. Both the Lead Actors gave very strong performances throughout the film as did all the supporting cast.

The only negative thing that I can say about the movie is the explosion at the end could have been bigger, but as there is no commentary on the DVD I can only guess that they had limited funds and they only had one go at it.

I would highly recommend this small independent film with its attribute to honour, friendship and loyalty. If you buy or rent this movie, do not expect a Mockney Gangster Film.

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A dragged out lame-fest :/

Author: mayshosea from United States
19 January 2014

Wasted my time with this film tonight, all of the acting was superb with the exception of the main character. Yes, obviously that ruins the whole movie because not only does he never really feel believable, the writer doesn't ever throw you a bone to make up for it -_- The Director and film crew along with a pretty good cast give you enough hope to keep watching, wishing and hoping the main character will get it together.... The A/v crew did a great job because it looks like with a low budget they managed to pull of a pretty great production visually. I hope this movie gets redone at some point with a bit of comedy and a better lead role though.

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Jamie foreman is the man

Author: rob-nean from United Kingdom
21 February 2011

this film is excellent, the performance from (Danny) Freddie Connor was brilliant as were the amazing (Terry) Jamie Foreman, the story was not what i expected. Danny works on the door of a brilliant grime club in the centre of east London helping to sort out trouble inside and outside the club..terry the manager almost gets shot one night and Danny saves him..(bad mistake for Danny) as this is where he is dragged into the underworld of crime which he really does not want. Danny then meets the beautiful (Jessica) Zoe Tapper and then proceeds to fall in love.. Danny decides he wants his own club with no trouble but is stuck between terry and Jessica.. the rest all falls into place with a fantastic story line great acting and an overall brilliant film..

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Great Film Until A Stupid Ending

Author: chicagopoetry from United States
11 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Baseline (based upon another movie called The Grind) is an engaging, big budget gangster film with some romance thrown in that unfortunately just falls apart at the end. Let's just say it. The ending involves a car explosion that looks like Mickey Mouse pulled it off. Oh, come on, a briefcase full of plastic explosives and there is nothing but a few flames popping out of the window? And if our hero had the capability and know-how to pull something like that off, why didn't he do it long before things got as ugly as they did? Wouldn't a good shoot out have been more realistic and entertaining? It's also simply implausible that our hero has worked for this evil villain for three years but no trust or repertoire has developed. The big boss treats our hero like he is nothing but a worm and our hero takes it and takes it until the unbelievable ending, which of course involves our hero somehow magically freeing himself from the torture ropes to suddenly save the day. The first three fourths of this movie is excellent and this would have been a major blockbuster if the last one fourth didn't, well, how should I put it, suck.

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Loved this film, a proper British Badboy Flick!

Author: Steve Archer from United Kingdom
24 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this film is excellent! The acting from (Danny) Freddie Connor was fantastic, how have I never seen this guy in other films??? (Terry) Jamie Foreman, bang on as always! Love this guy, always plays the nut's bosses in films. Really liked the the story too, was something different than what's out there already. Was not what I expected. Loved Dexter Fletcher in this, he's a proper actor too! Hats off to the film makers for getting Gemma Atkinson in there too, she should have been in it more though as she's proper hot! Didn't like the way Danny killed off Terry though, he should have had the balls to walk in to The Baseline and shoot him and his boys in the head like Tome Cruse does in that movie too! Still was a top UK film and me and the boys loved it! Is there gonna be a Baseline 2?

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A great treat for the British at last

Author: jangodude from United Kingdom
14 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A NEW DECADE.....AND A NEW ERA FOR BRITSH GANGSTER FILMS AND THE BASELINE HAS SET THE HIGH STANDARD!!! wow its been too long sense we've had a great original British gangster movie and when i saw it in the cinema i was blown away literally!!! its a great start to the decade and i think its deffently set a high standard for gangster films to come. and one major fact was i thought that the main actor Freddie Connor who played Danny the main character was fantastic as that part i'm surprised we haven't seen him sooner trust me hes gonna be a British gangster film legend. this is only the beginning. plus the supporting actors are just brilliant in their own right. Jamie Forman, Gorden Alexanda, Dexter Flecher and co are amazing. Zoe Tapper is outstanding as Danny's love interest for the film. the soundtrack as well is ear candy so all in all a real treat for British cinema and i hope that THE BASELINE is the start of Freddie Connor booming Career as and actor. so 10/10 a must see film

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