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MPAA Rated R for violence and language including some sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • A detective asks a pimp, "Did you ever make her suck a dick in the front seat of a truck?"
  • Woman is dragged on the floor and her knickers are shown with her legs wide open.

Violence & Gore

  • During a fight sequence, a man is stabbed in the chest with a carving knife as he fatally shoots two other characters. There are some bloody bullet impacts, together with sight of blood on clothing and on the handle of the knife protruding from the man's chest.
  • Girl found murdered, she had been strangled and stabbed.
  • Another body is found in the water.
  • Attempted kidnapping in a womans home, she calls the police screaming and is then forcefully dragged into another room and then attacked again in the living room.
  • Another woman calls the police screaming.
  • Two guys fight (one chokes the other) in a truck and a girl jumps out of a moving vehicle.
  • Police slaps suspect.
  • Girl is Kidnapped.
  • Guys shoot at cops, one is hit.
  • A guy is shot in the head while in the front seat of his car.
  • Lady sets car on fire, then her legs catch fire.
  • Men in bar are beat up by cops.
  • Guns are waved at each other.
  • Woman slashes man with big butcher knife.
  • Guy shoots her.
  • Guy is shot.
  • Another guy is shot twice.
  • Woman is shot again.
  • Guy is stabbed and shot with lots of blood splatter.


  • 19 F-Words
  • Name calling (fag, whore, bastard, nigger, bitch, son of a bitch, dick, asshole, fucker and motherfucker.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Smoking and beer drinking with the long neck bottles shown and also a can of beer.
  • There is one reference to drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Since this movie is loosely based on actual events and deals with kidnapping and murder, this can be frightening and intense for some viewers.

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