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Actor Colin Farrell actually spent a night on the set because he wanted "to see what it would be like to wake up in the future".
The one shot fight scene was performed by Colin Farrell himself and was shot 22 times before Farrell did it perfectly.
When Quaid/Hauser is fighting the synthetic on top of the six-way elevator car and the synthetic loses an arm, this is a nod to the original film where Michael Ironside's character suffered in a similar way.
Colin Farrell previously appeared in Minority Report (2002), which was also adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story, and had originally been developed as a sequel to the original film version of Total Recall (1990).
The announcer in the holographic advertisement for Rekall says, "We can remember it for you." The film is loosely based on a short story by Philip K. Dick called, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale."
Scarlett Johansson turned down the role of Melina due to her commitment on The Avengers (2012).
Most of the futuristic-looking firearms are actually contemporary weapons with little to no modification. The silver handgun carried by Lori Quaid and by various police in its blued form is a Chiappa Rhino .357-caliber revolver with a laser sight fixed under the muzzle; the police carry TDI Vector .45-caliber submachine guns; and the resistance fighters mostly carry Heckler & Koch firearms, including G36C assault rifles and UMP and MP5 submachine guns.
When Quaid retrieves his safe-deposit box, next to the United Federation of Britain 50 currency unit note with Barack Obama is a 1000 currency unit note with a picture of Loren Wiseman, father of director Len Wiseman.
The bank that Douglas goes to is called the First Bank of New Asia. New Asia was the original title for "The Colony", but was changed to "The Colony" in order for people to get the impression that it was more of a melting pot.
Quaid goes to safety deposit box 10549. The numbers 10-5-4-9 correspond to the letters J-E-D-I.
While building the set for Total Recall, the builders spent $10,000 a week on wood screws alone.
The first film that married couple Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale have worked on together that isn't Underworld (2003) related.
When Douglas Quaid's memory is searched for the killcode and just prior to disconnection, a minesweeper game (a grid with numbers and red bombs) can be seen for a fraction of a second.
Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger were considered for the role of Lori, and Eva Green, Rosario Dawson and Paula Patton were considered for the role of Melina. Eva Mendes was considered for both roles.
The street punk who refers to one of the synthetic robot cops as, "Robo-Dick" is a nod to director Paul Verhoeven who directed the first Total Recall (1990) movie and the first RoboCop (1987) movie.
Michael Ironside, who appeared in the original Total Recall (1990) was offered a cameo role but turned the offer down.
Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender were considered for the role of Quaid.
Bryan Cranston who plays Cohaagen, co-starred in AMC's Breaking Bad (2008) with Dean Norris, who was in the original Total Recall (1990).
The folding pocket knife Quaid uses when he breaks into his old residence is a production model from CRKT called the "K.I.S.S."
The security check post are designed to look like giant iPhones in the mask scene. Notice the home button on the top.
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There is a welcoming sign at the station in the Colony, at both sides of the Colony's logotype, that is written in Czech and Bulgarian languages: both Slavic languages using Latin and Cyrillic alphabet respectively. Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria are European Union member states. It seems at the end of the XXI century Czechs and Bulgarians live in the Colony, modern day Australia, while at the beginning of this century they are not among the 40 largest Diasporas of immigrants in Australia.
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When the news reporter reports on the explosion, she mentions "Fremont". This is a nod to Len Wisemens hometown of Fremont, Ca.
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Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel have both co-starred in Adam Sandler movies. Beckinsale in Click (2006) and Biel in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007).
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When Hauser checks the safety deposit box at the Bank, one of the persons whose face appears on the 21st century United Federation of Britain currency stashed in the box is none other than Barack Obama.
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The Synth police robots in the film are white and black. An obvious nod to the Imperial Stormtroopers in the "Star Wars" films. The Imperial Stormtrooper serves the Galactic Empire ruled by Emperor Palpatine. In this film, the Synth police robots serve Cohaagen, who is the corrupt and ruthless Chancellor of the United Federation of Britain.
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Elena uses a code '905' over the radio during a chase scene, which is a Toronto area code (where the film was shot)
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The Region A Blu-Ray from Sony Pictures includes an Audio Descriptive Track.
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Quaid works at a factory that builds robot police. A nod to the 1971 film "THX 1138", which in that film, THX 1138 (Robert Duvall) works at the factory that builds android police officers.
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Director Trademark 

Len Wiseman: [code number] When Quaid and Melina are being chased, Lori code names Quaid AV-81. AV-81 is also the name of the F-35 plane in Wiseman's Live Free or Die Hard (2007).


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

When Quaid attempts to pass through the security check at the entrance to UFB, he is wearing a holographic necklace that produces the image of an Asian man's face. Moments before, a woman with a chubby face, wearing a yellow coat, can be seen. The woman is a red herring as she very much resembles the prosthetic/mechanical "mask" worn by Quaid in the correlating scene of Total Recall (1990). She even gives the same answer to the security clerk ("Two weeks").
Ethan Hawke was announced as a part of the cast in an undisclosed role but his role ended up being cut. He played Cole Hauser, Colin Farrell's character in a flashback, a scene which has been restored in the director's cut.
While riding The Fall, Quaid is reading "Ian Fleming's 007: The Spy Who Loved Me", a symbolic reference to Quaid being a "secret agent" and the rebel he falls in love with.
Other than a brief appearance on a video screen, Bryan Cranston does not appear until almost 90 minutes into the film.
Quaid's real name "Hauser" was the name of a 19th century foundling, Kaspar Hauser, who seemed to have spent his entire life in a dark room with no connection to the outside world. He appeared as a teenager and was thought to be a heir of noble descent. This theory was disproved later. He died of a knife wound and told that he was attacked (like Quaid) but there is no positive proof that incident really happened.

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