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Reviews & Ratings for
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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Total Recall 1/2

Author: ian_span from Bulgaria
4 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First the pluses - great cgi, sets, overall production design. Yes, it totally rips off Blade Runner but since the two movies may be taking place in the same universe, I am perfectly fine with it. Still an eye candy - that is a plus I repeat. Then Beckinsale is hot, definitely hotter than Biel... or was it the other way around ... anyway the one is hot the other is not, they are hard to distinguish. You know, like in the original where the one chick was blonde and the other brunette. That little rivalry is now gone. Speaking of things gone. There is no humor - no this movie is serious, no mutants - too dark, no aliens - too juvenile, no mars ... too red. Richter and Benny are gone too. I am not saying all these elements must be in but since the new movie follows the original plot point by plot point and it practically does not add anything new, you get something like Total Recall 1/2.

Unfortunately since the movie is bare bones it ceases to make sense. Best example - three tits. In both movies we have chick with three tits. In the original she is one of a whole city of mutants. These people have mutated because Cohaagen is a greedy despot (establishing why the bad guy is bad). Then while Benny caresses her (don't frown this is a thoughtful movie analysis here) he says he wished he had three hands. The point is he does have three hands because he is a mutant too. The scene has meaning, it foreshadows Benny's treachery. In the new one - well she comes and goes, there are no other mutants whatsoever, even Kuato (other name here) is in top shape.

Then in the original there is a love triangle. Richter hates Hauser because he had screwed his wife Lori for six months. That's some motivation. In the new one, however, the love triangle is gone. Lori wants Hauser dead because... I am not quite sure, she was jealous of him, maybe. As I think of it the love triangle might not have been completely gone. There might have been a subtle hint that Cohaagen and Lori are lovers. He calls her Lori, that touch on the chin. But then why does she hates Hauser? Oh, no! Did Cohaagen screwed Hauser? Was that what Hauser was trying to recall - sexual harassment at work? So that's why he felt uncomfortable riding a giant phallic machine to the other side of the planet. Nooo

P.S. Seriously the movie sucks, yet it is not a complete waste. It pairs well with the original (like the Psycho remake). I've always found it fascinating how one script may turn into two completely different movies. It also may be useful for a film student to watch both versions back to back and take notes. Education, yo!

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Only in name

Author: newguy85 from United States
24 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They probably could've gotten away with calling this something else. Only a couple of devices from the original made it to this version; the fantasy sim company called Rekall (sic) and a few character names. Oh, and a black guy named Benny.

The original was so much more mysterious; ancient alien technology, aliens, and mutants. This version had none of the above.

It had some easter eggs for fans of the original, but A) there was no need for the triple breasted woman, we are not told that there are mutants, and there is no story behind any body being mutated, so it was stupid and didn't have the comic impact of the original. The other easter egg was B) the disguise Arnold wears in the original- the red- headed woman... you'll see her in the new version. But it's just a shout out to the original, and it's basically where similarities stopped.

I enjoyed that it wasn't a carbon copy and thought the espionage part was done well and the action sequences were OK.

I was able to shrug off the "Fall" and its defiance of physics until it became a major plot point:


For one, I don't need science (as others have already used) to know that GB is not directly on the other side of the world from Australia, which is fine, but the Fall goes strait through the core in the movie. I also don't need science to know that the pressure would be crushing for anything to move through the core, and that it would also be too hot for anything to be near without melting (ie the shaft that the fall elevator goes through and the actual elevator). Also, I'm pretty sure building a super structure that spans the entire globe would collapse under pressure or change the magnetic characteristics of the planet.

I also don't need science to know that it is highly improbable for a person to set a 30-minute bomb before reaching the core, and it not go off until 4 minutes after reaching the surface... there are vehicles that fast, but our elevator in this movie was going slow enough for people to WALK ON ITS SURFACE WHILE IN MOTION. That's when this guy dropped from a 7 to a 4 for me, there has to be some realism in sci-fi or the movie loses its suspension of reality and becomes nonsense.

The Fall elevator also led to the worst part of the plot: "Let's put our entire militia and leader/president on one vehicle with one entry point and try to invade a city". It was ridiculous.


Overall it was visually impressive, but the plot jumped the shark and I couldn't forgive it.


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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Awful, empty shell of a remake

Author: deltaforce7 from United States
21 February 2014

Terrible, boring, flat, miscast, poorly acted, horribly directed, foolish, watered down, soulless, talentless flick. I can't find enough of negative epithets to describe this ode to the failing Hollywood. Imagine a script of the original "Total Recall" being all mixed up, played backwards, all confused, badly acted by uninteresting actors and then throw in some disconnected bits and pieces of stolen concepts from "Blade Runner", "Inception", "I, Robot", "Robocop" and a dozen of other famous movies, get it all screwed up into a completely unholy mess of things - voilà! Meet the 'new' "Total Recall"! It is not even a movie. It is a pile of disgusting garbage.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Even with all that action, it's still a snooze-fest

Author: Sherazade from United States
16 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I heard that they had made a new 'Total Recall' I didn't know what to think actually because I vaguely remember watching the original when I was younger and had (and still have) no interest in re-watching it even if only for reference purposes. Recently however, I decided to throw caution to the wind and watch the remake for the sake of the actors in it that I like (Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Bokeem Woodbine, John Cho etc.) and suspend my disgust for the one I can't stand (Kate Beckinsale) and let me just say now that this film made me dislike her (Beckinsale) even more. Naturally, she was cast here as the lead actress (her real life husband Len Wiseman's the director) and she navigates the her role as a secret agent with the same frozen-face-fake-annoying-excuse-for-acting as seen in any one of her various other roles. The usually great Farrell looks about as confused as the clumsy script he's enacting, Biel is promisingly seen briefly in the beginning and returns for the latter portion of the film but by that time I had completely lost interest all together.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

A so-so remake of a film which didn't need remaking

Author: AlexGrant83
29 December 2013

I'm not a fan of remakes, and Hollywood seems rather keen on them at the moment. Some films really just don't warrant it, and Total Recall is one of these titles.

In an effort to add a grittier, more serious storyline to the basic plot of the original, the remake has lost the tongue-in-cheek humour and character which made the 1990 film such a success, and so fondly remembered by fans.

The new film trumps its namesake on special effects, there's no question about it, but in the meantime it's become just another Hollywood shoot-em-up and the additional complexities of the plot don't give it enough weight to work properly.

As a result, it's the worst of both worlds. It manages to shed all of the original's character without doing its own thing enough to stand up on its own. Not a terrible film by any means, but a disappointing remake of a film which didn't need remaking in the first place.

Put it this way, in 23 years I can't see people looking back on this as fondly as people do on the original.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

worst movie i ever saw in my life and no one can Replace Arnold Schwarzengger

Author: nikola17 from Australia
20 August 2013

now in this movie people say it's different it's different no way people say a lot bulls**t and rip off from another action scenes and i wish never been made that what i wish and Colin Farrell really ? for main character ? should be Douglas Quaid ? this is movie director from Live or Free Die Hard and Underworld 1 and 2 and i like this director but this movie was very crap rip of scenes was used in Fifth Element the car chasing scenes and i Robot scenes the cops robots were rip off from I Robot with will smith that movie is better then this piece of crap,this was rip off from minority report as well all these computer

technology staff it's like watching Minority Report but Colin Farrell was in Minority Report with Tom Cruise but i think he's trying to be better then Tom Cruise but no EPIC FAIL. storyline didn't make any sense in start it is all about dreams no mars no noting it's complete Bull crap Jessica Biel plays Melina ?really i got really got chick way better then Jessica Biel Melina ? no way Melina should been Kate Beckinsale or Genesis Rodriguez or someone and i didn't like Colin Farrell that much he is not best actor i don't mind Colin that much I liked S.W.A.T remake he does a lot of remakes this i wish not and i

like Alexander and another remake of Miami Vice i liked that movie but this ??? no freaking way this movie should be bomb and it's boring it's Terrible film and fake dreams and on original virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real, or does he? same thing same thing its called remake but in different way it's all about fake dream OK in start of movie when had dream about place and girl who his with woke up

said it was dream goes to total recall get's into trouble goes home his wife try's to kill him wow is this different ???? people need to wake up to think very hard it's samething but what they changed is fake memories and Dreams just like minority report its like Len wise man watched Minority Report wanted copy that movie into this ? i don't know how people liked this ? i don't know how the heck is this different ? but i think there minds are out of there minds this story is crap and

it's like watching Minority report 2: Total Recall without tom cruise this sucks i wish they changed the title of this movie made it different people say they try to make it realistic ????? we try to make it realistic you try but you failed!!!!!!! how many remakes are you going to do when you try to make it Realistic ?? if Hollywood does all remakes when they say they making it Realistic they are always going to failed ! when they don't care i like Remakes i think remakes most of times is good when they make it different when this movie is not different but i like many remakes but not this no way this movie didn't

need to be remade because (1990) Total Recall was best turned out good Hollywood needs to remake crap movies the original wasn't crap everyone loved it, original was hit but not biggest hit like Terminator or Minority Report. this movie sucks same thing over and over over again noting is different Colin Farrell does a lot of remakes he should play something different for now this movie sucked 1/10 this movie failed

try to be realistic if you going to make movie that based on anything think very harder to make it realistic they try to make it different %1 different %100 FAILED this was samething what was different fake dreams the rest of movie is just samething in Total Recall (1990) Fifth Element (1997) I Robot (2004) Minority Report (2002) that's what they ripped off to make it different yeah sure when Len Wiseman copyed all these movies again no one was even Excited i think this movie should not get a sequel ! it would be more worst more copyright of another movies like in this one 1/10 no sequels for this movie

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

What about Mars?

Author: Rachel Gerstner
25 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They didn't even go to Mars. The beginning of the movie led you to believe they would be going into space or to Mars, but they never did. For those of you looking for a good Space Sci-Fi, don't watch this movie.

There was a lot of action to the movie, some good scenes and graphics, and a lot of it seemed to coincide with the original movie, but seemed dull and lacking.

Their twist on the story may have been OK, had I not enjoyed the original so much. Where were the mutants and where was the Martian Terra-forming? Instead they just thew a bunch of robots in and said, enjoy! Well, no thanks, if I wanted to see a movie about robots, I would watch I-Robot or Terminator.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Bland rehash

Author: natcarr-74-27114 from United Kingdom
6 June 2013

Okay, so you have this brilliant action movie from 1990 with a massive kill count, a charismatic larger than life hero, a sexy deceitful villainess, TWO larger than life bad guys who chew up the scenery with gusto, mutants and eye poppingly (literally) entertaining special effects.

How can you go wrong re-making this movie? Well, you basically throw out all the wacky colourful aspects that made the original so endearing.

The characters are bland. All the good guys are so annoyingly wholesome. If the censors had been let loose on Arnie's original then you'd probably have ended up with the 2012 version. They even have robots for henchmen so those of a sensitive deposition wouldn't feel so bad when they get shot! I loath this safe, respectable remake. Who knows what Len Wiseman was thinking... Nowhere near as entertaining as the Underworld movies. I think he's taken the money and run folks.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Total Recall- One of the best sci-fi genre movies!

Author: Manjul Jani from Mumbai
26 January 2013

This review of mine is more like my voice of disagreement with people who didn't like the 2012 version of Total Recall. But first I'll point out what I liked about both the versions.

Total Recall(1990)- Of course Arnold. I felt a certain rawness in his act which I liked. He actually looked unaware of things going around, as his character required. For Sharon Stone,she was simply stunning! Enough said. The story was far ahead of it times and stands the same even today thats why it deserved a remake. This is the 2nd movie of Paul Verhoeven's direction that I have seen.(I have seen Hollowman), and his amazing work in Total Recall and Sharon Stone are the 2 reasons, I want to see Basic Instinct now. Also I liked the fact that this was one of the last movies which used miniatures,like for showing Mars planet. Bravo to the team, amazing work. Overall, an entertaining concept, performance and movie.

Total Recall(2012)- I liked the major change in the original screenplay and not using idea of Mars and still keeping the same concept of the original Total Recall. Requires a lot of creativity to bring out and create something new from something which is already a blockbuster. Thats the most exciting part of this version. Of course there are scenes which are more of a tribute to the original and shot with new technology and effects. Colin Farrell is an amazing actor. I liked him in the flick 'The Recruit'(2003) and for me he was equally good in this one. Also in this movie, Colin Farrel doing a smooch scene with the director's wife(Kate Beckinsale) in front of him, requires a lot of confidence and professionalism. But Kate comes nowhere close to the charisma of Sharon Stone. Jessica Biel here stole the show. She did a good act. Len Wiseman as a director did take a risk of choosing this remake and I appreciate he came up with something like this. I liked his work in 'Die Hard 4'. This movie is not as huge hit as its predecessor, but its neither a complete washout. But personally I liked the remake and it was entertaining for me.

Comparisions- I don't care why critics panned the 2012 version. Both versions were quite different in terms of execution of the same concept. Also I equally liked the sets and the ambiance created in both the movies. In the end, either ways I enjoyed the experience of Total Recall(just like Inception). But still if I had to pickup one thing better from another, then I would say, Total Recall(2012) missed out a point because it didn't have Sharon Stone! Must watch both of them!

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

It is what it is, and I liked what it is

Author: ac-156 from United States
1 January 2013

I was a little skeptical walking into this movie but I was pleasantly surprised. Now for starters I loved the original, and pretty much every other 80s/90s "futuristic world is now a $h!t hole and one guy is about to f*** people up". Im glad to see movies going back to this format (Total recall, Dredd, In Time, etc.) because its on of my favorite genres.

As for the movie its heavy on the chase scenes and loaded with 1 vs. infinity situations that make for a fun night of action and not thinking too hard. It was a CGI heavy film, which isn't a bad thing but I feel they leaned a little too hard on it (something about the cars rubbed me the wrong way). The acting was good, Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel worked well together but I felt a forced aspect to Kate Beckinsales role.

Don't go into this movie expecting to laugh, cry, or think. Go into ready for action and nostalgia (yes nostalgia, watching it feels like the 80s/90s with better acting and better visuals). I really did like the movie and I think it didn't get enough credit for being what it is.

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