Total Recall (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

factory factory worker
spy on the run
dream police
future nightmare
apartment secret agent
false memory police shootout
policewoman villain not really dead cliche
security guard lasersight
flash grenade escape
terrorist plot held at gunpoint
terrorism knife
shot in the head phone booth
fugitive opening action scene
media coverage brawl
fight fistfight
hand to hand combat mixed martial arts
gunfight interrogation
torture jumping from height
chase stylized violence
martial arts self mutilation
abandoned building surveillance
army ambulance
female warrior action heroine
tough girl reluctant hero
warrior tough guy
anti hero action hero
ex soldier big ben london
london england betrayal
double cross assassination attempt
car accident piano
hotel disguise
taser helicopter
drunkenness police chase
female fighter female killer
female spy female assassin
female agent undercover cop
shot in the back desert eagle
swat team undercover agent
undercover artificial intelligence
robot amnesia
fictional war resistance
repressed memory government agent
assassin fight the system
social commentary cyberpunk
megacorporation chemical warfare
dystopia corrupt politician
corrupt official megalomaniac
world domination political corruption
totalitarianism futuristic train
train station train
oppression exploding train
violence death
bomb explosive
exploding body scar
parasol knife fight
robot soldier time bomb
weightlessness elevator
superspy tear on cheek
playing piano piano key
magnetic levitation pack of money
running for your life injection
new hire routine
laid off newscast
bombing dream interpretation
gravity assisted subway lasso
stun gun body armor
begins with text post apocalypse
husband murders wife bulletproof vest
stabbed in the stomach tied to a chair
shot in the shoulder torso cut in half
severed arm catfight
shot in the forehead manipulation
piano playing car crash
car chase flying car
jumping through a window facial reconstruction
fake id bank
hit in the throat cell phone
rain stabbed in the hand
falling through a rooftop window man punches a woman
woman punches a man punched in the face
deception foot chase
explosion grenade
shooting a police officer murder
murder of a police officer brain scanner
peace symbol shot to death
shot in the chest bar
interview reference to ian fleming
body scanner chancellor
news report train explosion
husband wife relationship bare chested male
falling from height character repeating someone else's dialogue
slow motion scene character says i love you
shot in the hand flashback
shootout pistol
film starts with text reference to barack obama
lens flare rebellion
center of the earth rebel hero
one man army double agent
invasion suppression
british colonialism terrorist
resistance fighter gatling gun
hologram stasis
shot in the arm safe deposit box
subway no opening credits
gas mask smog
robot cop machine gun
prostitute remake of cult classic
mutant topless female nudity
killer robot elevator shaft
grand piano zero gravity
sci fi movie remake two word title
three breasted woman implanted memory
remake remake of american film
based on short story surprise ending

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