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The idea of teaming up of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg had been gestating since The 79th Annual Academy Awards (2007), in which Will had been viciously insulting other actors as part of a bit but became extremely polite to Mark.
Just before Terry and Allen are forced to turn over their evidence to the SEC in New York, there is a cut scene of a skyline. Since everything takes place in New York one assumes that it's the New York skyline, but if you look closely there are two tall buildings: one is the John Hancock building and the other is Prudential Tower, both located in Boston Massachusetts, which is where Mark Wahlberg grew up.
Brooke Shields, Tracy Morgan and Rosie Perez are seen sitting beside Allen at the basketball game. Chris Henchy, who co-wrote the script, is Brooke Shields' husband. Professional wrestlers Monty Sopp and Brian James also appear several rows back.
In the movie poster Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell have the same badge number of 10712.
Michael Keaton's character Gene Mauch is named for the baseball manager of the same name, who piloted the California Angels to division championships in 1982 and 1986. Will Ferrell is an Angels fan.
The role of Detective Highsmith was originally written with Michael Chiklis in mind. However, when offered the part, he turned it down to avoid typecasting after the series finale of his acclaimed police drama, The Shield (2002).
With the exception of Leo Holder (and obviously Detective Hoitz), all of the people listed as "Traffic Enforcer of the Month" held positions in the movie's Graphics or Locations Departments.
Co-producer Joshua Church appears as the Hot dog guy.
The Hartley Building is actually the Bank of America building in downtown Albany, NY, formerly Norstar Plaza.


Patrick Warburton:  Seen behind Gamble and Hoitz as the cross the street after Wesley takes the car and shoes the first time.
Tracy Morgan:  Visible near Will Ferrell's character during the basketball game.
Monty Sopp:  Sitting behind Will Ferrell at the basketball game.
Brian James:  Sitting behind and to the left of Mark Wahlberg at the basketball game.
Rosie Perez:  Sitting in the same row as Will Ferrell at the basketball game.
Patrick Crowley, Oliver Wood, James Mazzola:  Dirty Mike's "Boys".

Director Cameo 

Adam McKay:  Dirty Mike.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

With the exception of their portraits during the funeral scene both Danson and Highsmith are never seen without their sunglasses on.

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