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"The Other Guys" Soars, & Will Ferrell Is Finally Funny Again
D_Burke4 August 2010
Adam McKay is not a household name yet, but movie buffs like me know that when he teams up with Will Ferrell, magic happens. The former "Saturday Night Live" writer directed Ferrell in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (2004), "Talladega Nights" (2006), and even the popular viral video "The Landlord" (2007). Movies with Ferrell that have not involved McKay have tried to duplicate the success of "Anchorman", but have failed ( i.e. "Semi-Pro" (2008), "Land of the Lost" (2009)).

As director and co-writer of "The Other Guys", McKay brings the best out of Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and the rest of the cast. It combines action and comedy better than any similar comedy I have seen in a long time.

"The Other Guys" refers to, of course, the detectives who rarely get a piece of the archetypal cops-and-robbers shenanigans that are frequently seen in action movies or on "Law & Order". They remain mainly at their desks doing paperwork, something almost never seen in movies. Ferrell is Allen Gamble, who is somewhat content with managing case work on his computer, and Wahlberg is the far more forceful and ambitious Terry Hoitz.

Their characters are in sharp contrast to the cops that Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson portray in this film (and definitely in other films). Although Jackson and Johnson were also funny here, I hate that the previews gave away their cameos in this movie. It would have been more exciting if the audience didn't expect them when they stepped into the theaters. Then again, that is the fault of whomever marketed this film, not the filmmakers themselves.

When Allen and Terry start working on a case they have a lead in, one they get to before other senior detectives do, a really interesting detective story progresses that would not feel out of place in dramas like "The French Connection" (1971) or similar action/detective movies to that nature.

''When you do a comedy, it does no good to reference comedies,'' writer and director Adam McKay told Entertainment Weekly, ''You want to treat it like a drama 80% of the way. Then, at the last 20%, you f**k it up".

The last 20% made this movie work, naturally. More than that, though, Ferrell didn't get all the funny lines, which is the mistake that many buddy cop movies such as the recent "Cop Out" (2010) make. Wahlberg is as intense as he usually is in most movies, but he has laugh- out-loud hilarious lines that he plays effectively with a straight face. His line about being a peacock may make AFI's Most Memorable Movie Quote list in the next few years, and the hot water his character got into in an incident involving Derek Jeter (making a cameo as himself) made the audience at my screening cheer. Of course, I saw the movie in Boston, but I'm just saying.

However, the 20% of the movie that was funny was further enhanced by the story. Again, many buddy cop movies of recent years that have tried to be "48 Hours" make the mistake of introducing the villain early on, similar to a superhero comic book. This movie has you try to solve the mystery along with Ferrell and Wahlberg, and there are some decent twists and turns that really make you wonder who the culprit is.

I will say that the mystery was a bit confusing, especially since it involves a Rupert- Murdoch-meets-Donald-Trump tycoon (Steve Coogan) and some financial plot. As a critic, I could pretend to accurately interpret everything that I see on screen. However, I'm not a Wall Street expert, and numbers involved in trading, stocks & bonds, and all the rest confuse me. Nonetheless, even if you watch this movie not knowing who's wrong or right and why, you will still love the ride.

The closing credits featured cleverly-animated financial facts pertaining to the recent financial meltdown, which appeared to be meticulously researched but still out of place. Their presence reminded me of Charlie Chaplin's anti-Nazi plea for humanity at the end of "The Great Dictator" (1941). His speech didn't fit the slapstick comedy of the first 90% of the movie, but looking back, it was still necessary to hear. I feel as though this montage of facts may have the same effect.

Overall, though, "The Other Guys" is not just another movie. Some gags seemed a bit out of place, and the tired plot point of the police chief pulling the main cops off the case still seeped its way into the story. However, it helped that that chief was Michael Keaton in what could be a comeback performance, and that he had some hysterical lines as well. The movie tells a great story, everyone in the movie is funny without appearing to try too hard (especially in Ferrell's case), and the ensemble cast works together perfectly. In a year of mediocre (non-animated) comedies, "The Other Guys" lives up to its hype.
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Wahlberg and Ferrell Deliver Hilariously
David Berov29 July 2010
I saw the advanced screening tonight in New York City and it was hilarious. The dry humor was tremendous and the chemistry between Marky Mark and Will Ferrell is unmatched. They were so funny together it was great. The story of the movie is pretty predictable but there legit is non stop laughter through the entire film. The only draw back was the length of the movie, they could have trimmed it a bit but overall it's a solid summer comedy. Dare I say this was Will Ferrell's best performance since Anchorman. It's certainly one of those movies you will be quoting with your friends for a long time. The entire theater was laughing throughout the entire thing..Great movie...go check it out.
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Wahlberg - The angry cop
Paul Celano (chelano)13 August 2010
OK first off I will say that the story was just OK. But that usually happens in comedies. So you have to rely more on the film trying to make the viewer laugh. If you are a fan of Will Ferrell's comedy and Mark Wahlberg, then you will pretty much laugh throughout the film. Ferrell really gets to act like himself in this film. I mean he is playing a character, but he gets to use his typical humor. Wahlberg plays a really angry cop and some of the things that come out of his mouth will really get you laughing. I actually laughed more at Wahlberg than Ferrell. Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson are in the film a bit as the head cops; like a newer Starsky and Hutch. They were entertaining. Eva Mendes plays Ferrell's wife and she is actually entertaining. Then the chief of the police station is played by Michael Keaton. Throughout the movie he kept quoting from the group TLC. He was actually also pretty funny. You will find yourself laughing a lot throughout the film. But there are some parts where they do try to be serious and most of the time it can be a turn off in a good comedy. There are some great one liners and scenes that will stick in your mind. So a pretty good comedy and I will end by saying, I want to see Mark Mahlberg do more comedic roles, because he is pretty good in them.
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Will Ferrell is BACK! Mark Wahlberg is perfect.
Parisa Michelle7 August 2010
Just when you think, "If you've seen one Will Ferrell movie, you've seen them all," think again. Ferrell is back and totally redeems himself from the flop that was Land of the Lost by giving one of his most genius performances to date.

It does help that Ferrell is partnered with hottie Mark Wahlberg who delivers a superbly-angst-ridden-yet-hilariously-gut-ripping performance. The movie is filled with fresh, sarcastic, and humorous one-liners, non-stop laughter, plenty of action, car chases, and explosions, and a complex plot with a thought-provoking political message. Just make sure you stay through the credits.

I cant't remember the last time I laughed out this loud and this often in a movie theater. One early particular scene in the movie in which Ferrell and Wahlberg argue over whether a lion or a tuna would win in a fight is so well acted and delivered that I was left gasping for air after laughing so hard. And don't be too sure you know who would win such fight, because their logic doesn't go the way any of us could have imagined.

I watched this movie right after I saw the painfully boring Dinner for Schmucks. But that can't be the only reason I loved this movie because the whole theater was laughing and clapping along with me, so much so, that I missed half the jokes due to the sheer volume of both. I don't know what else to say about this movie other than "Go see it--it's by far the best comedy of the summer." Parisa Michelle,
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An action spoof that hits most of its targets (if not all). Ferrell and Wahlberg are hilarious
dvc515915 October 2010
Will Ferrell is back since the disappointing "Land of the Lost"! Who knew Mark Wahlberg could be genuinely hilarious? "The Other Guys" is the latest comedy to poke fun at the buddy cop genre, but this one is one of the best because the actors and director knew what they were doing.

Ferrell and Wahlberg have terrific chemistry and both of them have perfect comedic timing. But let's not forget the other supporting actors (too many to list here), as all of them have some memorable and quotable lines.

The jokes weave through slapstick and crude territory, while not being overly vulgar and overdone. The story is actually pretty engaging, as it is a genuine cop mystery at its core, but it is used as a vehicle for all the jokes to come in. And the jokes kept coming and had the entire audience laughing as well, this one the loudest compared to the previous Steve Carell entries "Date Night" and "Dinner For Schmucks". Sorry Steve, this year Will and Mark stole the audience.

Having said that, the production design, cinematography, editing, stunts/special effects are good, and the direction by Adam McKay is lighthearted and brisk. McKay is seriously becoming a big name in comedy film directors, and here is another memorable feather in his cap.

Overall, if you are in need of a laugh, see this movie A.S.A.P. This one is one of the funniest movies in years, and that's being honest.

Overall rating: 73/10
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Everything you expect from Ferrell, except with much more
diac2286 August 2010
Just when you think you've seen one Will Ferrell movie, you've seen them all, think again. Try this on for size: Usual Ferrell comedy plus crazy action plus subtle political and economical commentary plus excellent soundtrack. The Other Guys is a surprisingly hilarious and surprisingly action-packed movie that will keep you entertained throughout without actually dumbing you down. Unlike most Will Ferrell movies, you don't have to shut off your brain in this one; you actually have to pay attention because aside from the comedy, there is a complex crime to solve. Adam McKay delivers his best writing and directing performance, while the excellent cast ranging from Ferrell to Wahlberg to Keaton provides plenty of laughs, plenty of one-liners, and plenty of entertaining moments that propel this movie past the slowest of scenes.

The Other Guys is about two mismatched behind-the-scenes paper-pushers (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) quietly investigating a series of suspicious events stemming from a unique bank robbery. Along the way they try to defeat their personal demons and try to figure out how to get along with each other. Unlike most Ferrell movies, in which it's a simple concept and improv provides the filler material, this movie actually has a mildly complex and heavy script, but still gives the cast a chance for a little improvisation. Written by the director and also Chris Henchy, I'll even go as far as to say that this among the best comedic scripts since last year's The Hangover. To add to that, McKay and Henchy pull a neat trick by slowly feeding you some commentary about big business and its mannerisms. The last mainstream comedy to attempt this was the mildly underrated Fun with Dick and Jane remake with Jim Carrey.

While this movie does not have the extensive magical gathering of comedians like Anchorman (then again, what movie does?), the cast still does an excellent job bringing the comedy from the script to the screen. Will Ferrell is a little more toned-down this time, but still has his usual moments (screaming like a girl, random quotes, random singing, quirky one-liners). Mark Wahlberg however, steals the show with his angry lines, his bitter delivery, and his outbursts. The only thing hindering Wahlberg is the PG-13 rating; who knows what more classic lines he could have pulled off if he was allowed to go uncut (Remember him in The Departed?). Smaller roles fill the bill in the laughs department, including Eva Mendez (beautiful as always), Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan, Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, and the cameos.

Even though Farrell has been hit-and-miss with the public and the critics, his best work always has been with Adam McKay. Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers were their previous collaborations and those three clearly top anything else Farrell has pulled off. The Other Guys in terms of directing and pacing dethrones them all. McKay does more than just handle the camera and let the actors mouth off; he stages some great action sequences and does a fantastic job directing a slow-motion bar sequence that displays the coolest slo-mo effects since Zombieland. The first half was so overloaded with funny scenarios, the audience very often was laughing so hard they missed the next couple of jokes while trying to recover from the last two. One scene in particular had the audience nearly drown out the sound of the audio coming from the movie.

The first half was absolutely spectacular and downright comical; the second half never had a chance to duplicate the magic of the first hour. This is where Adam Mckay's biggest issues have been: in the final third of the flicks. All of McKay's movies lose steam and slow down towards the end, preventing them from becoming eternal comedic classics. In the case of The Other Guys, he improved a bit by still providing some of the laughs, even though you will still feel the momentum slowly die down. The cop clichés, while not taken seriously, still mildly hindered the moments leading up to the climax. There were some unnecessary scenes; a little bit of editing could have really helped this movie. But, unlike the other movies, the third act stays afloat thanks to the Wahlberg/Ferrell mix, as well as the continuing mystery that was slowly unfolding. Then stay tuned for the credits, when the commentary rushes at you full-force.

Bottom Line: Honestly, I never thought that Will Ferrell would be involved with Mark Wahlberg, a creative script, hidden commentary (that unveils itself when you least expect it), and a soundtrack consisting of Rage against the Machine. Nonetheless, the combination worked like a great mixed drink that has you asking for seconds and thirds. The one-liners are flying all over the place, and so are the bullets. The Other Guys is the funniest movie of the year so far, and clearly the best surprise we've had this summer. Adam McKay continues to claim the throne as the best comedic director in the business, and this movie is more evidence. All McKay needs to do is cut back on the overall running time. This is the first Will Ferrell movie that you must pay close attention to (in terms of visual humor and crime-solving), and is overall one of his best movies.
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Great Movie
watt_world25 September 2011
Yet another underrated movie given only a 6.6 when a minimum should be an 8. This movie will have you laughing throughout the entire movie. I've watched this movie 3 times already and definitely bought it as soon as it came out on DVD. Will Farrel is a genius at finding some way to make everyone laugh as usual and Mark Walburge is just the touch needed to make the dysfunctional team even funnier. I love Sam and Dwayne's(the rock) part in the movie all though I thought they should have gotten a bigger role. Overall a great movie and no complaints by me at all. The casting was perfect also. I hope there's a second movie after this or something similar to this because I haven't laughed this much in a long time. Great comedy.
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not as funny as i'd hoped
darrenambroseheslop4 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really thought this would be good. The idea sounded like it had potential for laughs. Unfortunately there were no laughs in the movie.

You'd think with Will Ferrell, Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan and Samuel Jackson the performances would be good but they're not. Wahlberg is as bland as ever. Even Ray Stevenson, an actor I normally like, is poor in this.

Its supposed to be funny that Ferrell's character is surrounded by super sexy women who can't resist him. That's not funny and the "joke" is rendered even more lame because the women in the film are far from supersexy.

Coogan is wasted and what is the deal with Wahlberg's hair?
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Laughs at all ages!!
MissLee139 August 2010
I saw the film with my 60-year-old mom and my teenage son and we all cracked up throughout the film--sometimes at different things and to different degrees. That's touching a true cross-section!! Although the latter 1/3 of the movie isn't quite as funny as the first 2/3, it still brought the laughs. I can't imagine why anyone who enjoyed Will Ferrell in Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers would give this movie anything below 7 stars.

Maybe the reviewer who said that everyone didn't get the comic references was on to something...although I can't imagine why people wouldn't. There are humorous references about modern technology, sports, pimpin', geriatrics, !! Who can't find something in one of those to laugh at?!? lol

I say DEFINITELY check it out for yourself! I needed a good laugh and I got one...even some true tears of laughter.
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Funny start but fades fast
sidfargas19 August 2010
The movie is funny to start and rolls along nicely but quickly loses all steam and finishes quite weak. Having every single character be an off center borderline nutjob loses something without any straight men to set them up or play off of. Mark Wahlberg played the straight man part well for the first half of the movie but turns as loony as everyone else before it's over. A few laugh out loud moments save the entire experience but it really could've and should've been a better film in general and certainly funnier across the board.

Not nearly as bad as Step Brothers but not half as good as Anchorman. Probably Semi-Pro and Jackie Moon levels here.
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Boring, contrived and lacking imagination
siddharth-shankar21 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I typically only take the trouble to go watch a movie if it has an IMDb rating of greater than 7 out of 10 and fits my genre preferences. So when I saw a 7.1, I was expecting a fairly decent comedy out of two seasoned actors. However, the movie fails on a number of counts:

1. Parts of the script play out like a broken tape recorder i.e. mind- numbing repetition of the same lines and similar jokes. It's as if the script writer got permission to put only 10 funny lines in a comedy movie and tried to squeeze every last drop of humor out of them. Constant references to TLC, Wahlberg's "I'm a peacock" line, the constant portrayal of Will Ferrell as a paper-pushing dork etc. made me feel like my mind was turning to mush as the movie progressed.

2. They weren't kidding when they rated it PG-13 for "crude ...language". The movie is overwrought with misogynistic comments and jokes. It literally reminded me of being in school watching a bunch of prepubescent guys belt out one liners like:

"I didn't know they sold tampons on wheels" (referring to the Red Prius that Will Ferrell drives), or, "I feel like i'm sitting inside a v****a" (referring to the Prius again).

Orgy loving hobos, a grandma passing sexually explicit messages between her daughter and son-in-law etc etc etc. The list is long and I could go on all day. They really overdid it on that count.

3. The plot is weak and devoid of details. It looks like the filmmakers were hoping that no one would care about the story or central theme with the "in-your-face" "comedy". Ferrell and Wahlberg are paper pushing cops (for feeble reasons that are revealed in the movie, and really not worth my time to list) who accidentally stumble into a case far larger than either of them imagined. Contrary to what the plot summary says, nobody wants a part of this case, and the only reason they get into it is because Ershon forgets to file for scaffolding permits for a few buildings he owns. Their investigation ruffles a few feathers and everything goes downhill from there. All of this while these two mismatched cops try to "find themselves", resolve their differences, and fill the shoes of the two knuckle headed "red-bull high" macho cops who randomly jump off a building at the beginning of the movie. Throw in a few car chases, bullets flying willy-nilly, and a stupid wooden gun that Will Ferrell totes around (which is supposed to be soooooo funny for some reason), and that's the summary of this movie for you.

Don't waste your time with this one, unless.... actually, don't waste your time on this movie, period.
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The first 15 min were the best....
Michel Linschoten18 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Hello again, another review from Thailand, sorry for the gram and spelling mistakes :) I always try to be very open minded about movies. And not to be to black and white about how a movie is. As always you can find things you dislike about a movie. Then you weight that out to the good things and then come to a nice average point to give to the movie.

Humor is a very hard emotion to please everybody with. Some ppl love the hard cussing in movies (Samuel L Jackson trademark) And some love the high intellect humor of say a John Cleese or a Rowan Atkison that are able to give you a smile from ear to ear without even speech.

The thing is when i started up the movie, you see Dwayne Johnson,who i really love as a actor! Really a great asset to the cinema. And Samuel L Jackson (the man is a old granddad and still going strong) i was like THIS WIL BE GREAT! Samuel the great Go beep yourself personality, and The rock as a duo perfect fit. Now i was not expecting a Danny glover and Mel Gibson chemistry (Lethal weapon 1 to infinity) But it felt good.

Sadly but true, the die pretty early and there replaced by a Will Ferrell, and a Mark wahlberg my mood degraded with the minute it is really bad.

Mark was not able to play the "angry" cop, he came over to me as a annoying person with no real convincing skills to make me laugh. Samuel l Jackson that made in his 15min (CAMEO i call it) with the rock 2 sentences that made me laugh like hell.

1st beginning when he lands his car in the city bus "Uhh did someone call 91 holy sh*t!"

2nd When he tells Will Ferrell to shut up "Ai aij! you shut your mouth, if i want to hear you talk, i put my hand up your *ss and work you like a puppet"

I can assure you, the rest of the movie is utterly boring. There is no chemistry between Ferrell and Mark at all. The don't fit as a team up the have a lousy sense of humor. Will is as usual LOUD very loud..

I wanted to turn it off after the TUNA story (trust you even for fans its a idiotic scene that made no sense and its supposed to be funny). I still cannot believe that the killed of the Rock and Jackson like that. Or even that the rented themselves out for such a bad movie.

1 point its really awe full..
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Love It
JadenCloudRules29 June 2012
This movie is very stupid.... but I love it! Will Ferral and Mark Wahlberg are both hilarious in this. People tell me this movie is bad all the time... but I don't care. This is a movie that I watch over and over and over and over and over again and don't get tired of it. I watch it constantly while trying to go to sleep. I think I have seen this movie more than any other living person. I have memorized most of the movie (included the soundtrack) and can't get enough of it. I enjoy most of the characters in the movie and think its great. I would definitely recommend this film to most people. It's funny, cool, and awesome. WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unfunny, unoriginal, and lame.
jc1305us23 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst, if not the worst movie I had the forgettable experience of actually paying to go see. I don't know what everyone here is smoking, but has to be good, because this movie was as lame as a day at the doctors office. First, the plot. We've seen it so many times, it's gotten to the point of insanity. Two cops, one the straight edge, the other the wild man are teamed up and miraculously solve a crime that has confounded top investigative for years. Not only is the plot terrible (something about a ponzi scheme looting the NYPD pension fund, *yawn*) boring but this movie commits the cardinal sin of movie comedies: IT'S JUST NOT FUNNY! The jokes get old 5 minutes in. The running gag about how beautiful Will Ferrel's wife is and him not appreciating it wasn't funny the first time, and was even less so the fifth time! The two main characters have zero chemistry, and Mark Wahlberg is really annoying in this movie. The supporting cast tries, but they can't do much with this terrible script. I was hoping Michael Keaton would steal the show as the duo's boss, but it wasn't meant to be. The best part is, is that the scriptwriters of this dud and the executive who greenlit this project will be hailed as heroes in Hollywood. That says it all!
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Probably the worst movie I've ever seen(Mainstream)
Kefka_820330 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If there's one thing I grow tired of it's people posting a "Worst Movie Ever!!!!" thread in pretty much every forum on IMDb. No matte whether it's Avatar, The Godfather or Transformers, it's apparently the worst thing put on celluloid. With statements like that you need to consider some things; Amongst others; What are your guidelines? For example, I absolutely consider the Twilight movies amongst the worst pieces of crap ever made, but they are masterpieces compared to the Asylum/Syfy movies that are constantly spewn out...Does that make them good movies? No, horrible movies but ones that needs to be measured a bit differently.

With that said. I hate The Other Guys, and it's one, if not THE worst mainstream movie I've ever seen. It's misogynistic, crude, stupid, pointless, annoying, badly written and with acting that would embarrass a Porn Actor.

When you have seven good actors in this movie(Keaton, Wahlberg, Jackson, Johnson, Mendes, Coogan and Stevenson) and you kill of the two who could have brought some fun into this movie within ten minutes(Jackson and Johnson) you better damn well make sure your replacements are up to it. Guess what? They aren't. Wahlberg can be excellent, but here he's whiny and with the emotional range of Seagal. "I'm a peacock! Let me fly!" Yeah, dude...If you're as homophobic as you pretend to be...Lay off that comparison. It's stupid. Ferrell...If there is another comedian as unfunny as him this side of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson then humanity is in deep sh*t. Nothing he says, does or tries to get across is funny. His acting is "ISpeakWithAMonotonousVoiceLikeThisHaHa" or "BLARGHABLBLAAAA!/#""!!!!" . Stevenson is surprisingly adept as the violent bad guy in the movie, I just wish he'd shot the Other Guys when spotting them. Mendes is...Urgh, a supermodel hottie who takes verbal abuse from her husband and smiles...And shows him her tits to motivate him at work. Keaton, oh poor Keaton...Why? Why are you in this?

The "Comedy": The only thing I giggled at is the vulgar crudeness of the hobos having an orgy in the car, and the dedication they show to do it again. It's stupid and pre-teen stuff, but it is just too idiotic not to chuckle at. Pretty much every other joke doesn't fall flat...It smashes through the ground, yodeling while doing so.

Action: ...It's a stupid, silly action comedy. Macguyver had better stuff than this.

Story: Inept, silly, stupid. Words that sound familiar by now? They should. The plot isn't really there, it's mostly trying to find somewhere to sneak in in between a mix of stupid scenes.

Overall: I hate the guys who made this movie, I hate the actors for being in it and I HATE the pretentious sods who gave this move such high a score. You make even Uwe Boll cry!
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If ever a preview did not deliver with a good movie, this is it
redbirds-813-6010218 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
We went to see The Other Guys following a funeral. We were looking for something funny and uplifting, and had very low expectations of The Other Guys. The Other Guys failed to deliver on any positive level. Let's go through the reasons why. 1. When 2 of your 6 best actors are "killed off" in the first 5 minutes, you minimize the number of actors left to carry a movie. 2. When your only funny interaction between actors is between the male lead and the female lead, and it lasts for only 5 minutes of the movie, you minimize the number of laughs your comedy can have. And finally, 3. when you put every single laugh into the trailer, and leave absolutely zero remaining laughs for the other 102 of the 107 minutes of the movie, the audience will not laugh and will look for a way to leave the theater. I personally saw at least 2 separate groups of people leave and never return. My wife asked me numerous times, "Is this ever going to get funny". This movie failed on so many levels, with what should have been a great cast. Wahlberg was terrible, Mendes only was on screen for 5 minutes, Michael Keaton was given very little to work with and Ferrell was lost in a pool of "Huh?" This movie left me with questions though... why didn't they keep Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock alive, and have them compete against the other guys? Why didn't they have Mendes on screen more? Why didn't they remember to include any laughs in the movie? Questions, all left with no easily found answers. To say this movie is a waste of your money is one thing, but to know that it was a waste of almost two hours of your life, much worse.
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This movie is hysterical
reynolds-208 August 2010
I don't think I have seen a funnier movie in theaters this year, or maybe ever for that matter. So many things about this movie give the audience reason to laugh constantly throughout this film, as that was the case with mine. The chemistry provided by Wahlburg and Ferrell is great; the improv scenes are hilarious. Will Ferrell is finally funny again, as well- If you like "Anchorman" or "Step Brothers," you will love this. Overall, this movie is so outrageous that it works. Is is going to win best picture? Absolutely not. Is it the most fun you'll have at the movies all summer? Absolutely. Thumbs up for "The Other Guys."
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Not good at all, slight spoiler alert
cudaseeker-11 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't know what the thousands of people that gave this movie a 5 or above were watching. I like some of Will Ferrell's stuff and most of Mark Wahlberg's. I went into this film with the excitement of seeing a very funny movie. This has got to be one of the dumbest comedies that I have seen in quite awhile. I laughed MAYBE 4 times throughout this whole dog of a movie. The acting sucked and was forced. The chemistry was non-existent between Will and Mark. The whole movie was so unbelievable and juvenile that you would either have to be drunk, stoned or under 16 years old to think that this film was funny in any way shape or form. I bet that the Rock and Samuel Jackson were grateful that they only had small parts in this movie and were out of it after the first 15 minutes or so. I would have been happy if I were them too, when the script read for them to jump off of a building together and basically commit suicide. They got off lucky by being killed off as soon as they were. I'm just kind of surprised that they didn't survive the jump, seeing as how unbelievably stupid that the rest of this movie was. Do yourselves a favor and pass this dog up.
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Was I watching the same movie?
Westeire24 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Saw some reviews saying this movie was Hilarious. I like a comedy but the whole thing just seemed to be a very long advertisement for a Toyota Prius. It started OK, but then the same dry humour seemed to repeat itself. I suppose seeing about 20 people leave the cinema before the movie ended made me understand it was not just me that found it extremely boring. Maybe this is a cultural thing and people in the states like this type of comedy, in Ireland the whole thing just seemed pathetic. I can't understand how Mark Wahlberg made it to play in a comedy. Script bad... Just because you see Samuel L. Jackson on the list of actors does not mean he is in the movie (5 mins .. not much)
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Boring and seriously UN funny - Don't watch
kenbarrow16 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After reading some of the reviews on this film - I'm beginning to wonder how anyone can say that this film was hilarious. All I can think of is that they said that just because, maybe, like me, that sat through this pile of rubbish and wanted to get their own back on people.

I've watched 1000's of films, and believe me, I couldn't wait till this thing was over. Not funny at all, and worse still, the constant dialogue was just non-sensical verbal diarrhoea and extremely boring. Even my 12 year old grandson, who normally laughs at silly stuff, said the film was rubbish.

ALso, with a star cast like this, they all must have been hard up for cash. Now I know why Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson made such an early exit out this film, like after 10 minutes or so they are gone. No Wonder !!!! I'm just hoping that I can give this zero star rating because 1 star is too much.

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Talent is wasted on writers like this
diekvanderwal9 September 2010
I can not believe how it is possible that people make a movie with talented actors and still make something that is way below par.

You might think that somebody would get the money to make a movie would know how to make a decent movie. In this movie you've got some of the best actors in the game, but still, the people who made this film managed to make a movie that contains no laughs at all. This really is an accomplishment. The story isn't the problem, it's the jokes. I can seriously say that there were no honest laughs in this movie.

To quote Eric Cartman; I would like to make a movie, but I have no talent.

If you wanna make a movie that makes sense, make sure you know what you're doing. This really is a waste of time.

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Half-Baked Cop Buddy Picture
zardoz-139 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"Saturday Night Live" comedian Will Ferrell has made a mint out of playing morons. He delivers another hilarious performance as a moronic New York Police Department detective in "Talladega Nights" director Adam McKay's "The Other Guys," an ambitious but half-baked parody of slam-bang police thrillers. Oscar nominated actor Mark Wahlberg of "The Departed" co-stars as Ferrell's pugnacious NYPD partner. Unfortunately, Wahlberg displays none of Ferrell's comic genius. Nothing Wahlberg does registers as remotely amusing. He is either screaming at Ferrell out of spite or skewering his partner's masculinity. Wahlberg appears to be channeling Joe Pesci from the Martin Scorsese classics "Goodfellas" and "Casino." Alas, Wahlberg is no Pesci. The funniest thing next to Ferrell is the non-stop ridicule reserved for our hero's red Prius. One cop calls it a 'tampon on wheels.' Surprisingly, the car is far funnier than Wahlberg. McKay and "Land of the Lost" scenarist Chris Henchy struggle with little success to combine a formulaic police buddy picture comedy with a complex white-collar crime conspiracy involving a shady investment banker. Think of "The Other Guys" as a mediocre "Police Academy" wannabe with half of the laughs. Primarily, the humor grows out of the irony that a couple of pencil-pushing desk jockeys replace two loose-cannon celebrity crime busters as the top cops in the Big Apple. The stunt work is terrific. The opening gag where a heroic pair of testosterone-driven cops crash their sports car into a double-decker bus to arrest several shooters for a misdemeanor amount of narcotics is impressive. Alas, McKay and Henchy make some poor narrative choices. First, they kill off the two most charismatic characters, Highsmith and Danson, and then struggle to replace them with two boring morons.

NYPD Detectives P.K. Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson of "Pulp Fiction") and Christopher Danson (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson of "The Tooth Fairy") are a macho pair of "Lethal Weapon" cops who refuse to let details complicate their roguish antics. Although they make spectacular arrests, they also create spectacular property damage. Nevertheless, everybody loves them so they can flout the rules. As "The Other Guys" opens, Highsmith and Danson are in hot pursuit of a gang armed with assault rifles. Danson has jumped atop their Escalade, but he doesn't stick around long after they perforate the roof. Danson dives back onto Highsmith's car, bounds off the hood onto the roof, and slings himself back into the front passenger seat. The villains blast Highsmith's car so the hood flies back against the windshield and blinds them. Highsmith shoots off the hood hinge. Too late! He plows into a double-decker bus as the villains appear to get away. Danson commandeers the double-decker bus with Highsmith's car still stuck in it. Danson careens after the hoods, whips the double-decker around and the maneuver launches Highsmith's car at the hoods with Highsmith blasting away with two pistols. After Highsmith and Danson receive their medals, Precinct Captain Gene Mauch (Michael Keaton of "Batman") solicits somebody to complete their paper work. These two cops have never wasted their time with paperwork. Detective Allen Gamble snaps at the opportunity to polish off the Highsmith and Danson paperwork. Not long afterward, Highsmith and Danson leap to their deaths when trying to thwart a team of acrobats who wield a wrecking ball to smash their way into a jewelry store and heist $79-thousand in stones. Nobody knows why Highsmith and Danson jumped from 20 stories up and hit the cement hard.

A milquetoast forensic accountant who prefers to file paperwork, Gamble (Will Ferrell of "Old School") likes to hum the S.W.A.T. theme and stay in the precinct office rather than nab bad guys on the streets. His idea of busting loose is to floor the gas pedal of his Prius and play the Little River Band. Allen's partner, Detective Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg of "Date Night"), is just the opposite. Terry dreams of making the big bust. He suspects drug deals behind every crime. Sadly, Terry has been confined to a desk and stuck with Allen. The skeleton in Terry's closet is he accidentally shot New York Yankees baseball slugger Derek Jeter in the leg during the seventh game of the World Series. Yes, the Yankees lost! Everybody in the precinct now calls Terry 'the Yankee Clipper.' Naturally, Terry hates Allen, but he lives by the venerable "partner's code" which requires a partner to back up his partner no matter what the circumstance. Ironically, Allen's obsession with paper work prompts them to arrest British investment banker Sir David Ershon (Steve Coogan of "Tropic Thunder") who is up to his chin in a grand scheme to steal $32-billion from the NYPD Pension Fund to cover the loses of another Wall Street titan.

The best scene between Ferrell and Wahlberg is the lion-versus-the-tuna tale. Terry tells Allen that if he were a lion he would rip him to shreds as easily as a lion could a tuna. Terry destroys the lack of logic in Terry's threat with own flawed logic. He claims that the tuna would gang up on the lion. Later they would construct an oxygen apparatus to allow them to live out of water so they could stalk and attack lions on dry land. The running joke throughout "The Other Guys" is nerdy Allen is a babe magnet. Sexy chicks come on to him and ignore Terry. Terry is floored when he meets Allen's hot chick wife, Dr. Shelia Gamble (Eva Mendez of "Training Day"), who is crazy about her husband. "The Other Guys" swerves erratically between scenes of Allen and Terry bonding to the chaos they create after they arrest Ershon. The "Grand Theft Auto" chases, the blazing gunfights, and the audacious wrecking ball jewelry heist look cool but these scenes seem out of place in this lackluster buddy comedy. Ultimately, "The Other Guys" runs out of both momentum and laughs long before it runs out of plot.
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Astoundingly Bad
frank-8665 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As hope springs eternal, I looked forward to finally viewing a funny movie featuring Will Farrell. Unfortunately, I was disappointed once again by "The Other Guys", a motion picture so repugnant that I was unable to watch it to a conclusion.

At the outset, the combination of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Samuel L. Jackson offered much promise. But the moment these two super-cops met their demise (about five minutes into the film) -- and especially the way their deaths occurred -- told me the writers' sense of humor was badly askew.

The next 15 minutes confirmed that impression. I won't say the humor was flat or not funny; there WAS no humor. I was embarrassed for Farrell and the other actors and finally had to turn off the DVD at the 20 minute mark. What offered great promise ended up as another Ferrell Flop.

"The Other Guys" surpasses water boarding for truly excruciating torture. It has convinced me to never again rent any movie featuring Will Farrell, and for that I award it one star.
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One of the WORST movies I have seen
jns1014-118 August 2010
My wife and I wondered when it would get funny. The trailers did a great job, but included the only laughs in the entire movie. A few groups of people left in the middle, and I wish I had done the same. I cannot find one redeeming aspect of this movie and I was the one who really wanted to see it! A huge disappointment. Some others in the theater had a laugh every now and then, but mostly were quiet. The acting was poor and the actors were wasted on the script. The shootouts were asinine, the dialogue was idiotic, and the NYPD are all made out to be two-dimensional morons. Michael Keaton is wasted here, and you know the movie is in trouble when he is the only 'sane' one on the screen. My suggestion: "aim for the bushes". I, too, wanted to jump.
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slepor7 August 2010
Infrequent funny spots and not even half-way into the movie was just wanting it to end. The story and script are so poorly written/edited that it even makes the stellar cast seem like bad actors. Through the entire movie, you just sit there waiting for it to get better, but it never does. There is never a connection between Ferrell and Wahlberg, neither comedically or as partners on the police force, nor is there a connection with the supporting cast. The entire movie seems disjointed and boring with a few funny parts thrown in to keep you from walking out on the movie. Talladega Nights and Anchorman are two of my all-time favorite movies; however, this movie doesn't even come close. Wait for it to become a discount rental.
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