The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

politician fate
bus ballet dancer
hat destiny
sex in bed man and woman in bed
disco woman in men's room
brooklyn, new york talking to oneself
political scandal newspaper headline
tabloid reference to cuban missile crisis
text message cnn
impulse wide angle lens
brooklyn bridge slow motion
steadicam shot metal detector
east river reference to john f. kennedy
congressman running up stairs
wheelchair sprained ankle
punched in the face night club
running after a taxi dance rehearsal
water taxi kiss on the cheek
lost love flash forward
point of view shot foot chase
spilled coffee obscene finger gesture
hit by a car running after a bus
mini skirt lapel pin
cheering crowd newscast
american flag three word title
super power montage
teleportation no opening credits
hailing a taxi car crash
hudson river twisted ankle
dance performance secret door
library plan
need to be loved civil marriage
engagement wakeup alone
sex scene frozen time
new york skyline ferry
chase on the roof cellular phone
mind probe covert agency
coffee spill park
venture capital honesty
campaign speech love at first sight
first meeting learning speech
campaign manager u s senator
political campaign political aide
taxi driver car accident
rooftop view statue of liberty
new york city courthouse
canceled wedding hospital
unseen character warehouse
chase motionless
telephone number kiss
hotel hotel bathroom
chance encounter men's bathroom
political speech based on short story
senatorial candidate rain
predicting the future omnipotence
free will title spoken by character

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