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Under the Regency of Philippe d'Orleans, Cartouche sees his bride murdered by La Reynie, the future chief of police. Eight years later, Cartouche has become a Robin-Hood-like character loved by the people and a cause of concern to the powerful. Along with his entourage (La Guigne, Timour, Isabelle and the Marquis), he becomes a legend by distributing to the poor part of the booty taken from the nobility. One day he attacks the leutenant-general of police, Minister d'Argenson, then the Regent himself, who vows to make him pay. Meanwhile, Juliette, the fiancee of d'Argenson and the sister of La Reynie, sees the good work of Cartouche and starts to help him secretly.

Loosely based on the life of Louis Dominique Garthausen (1693 - 1721), also known as Cartouche, an eighteenth century French highwayman who reportedly stole from the rich and gave to the poor in and around Paris.


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