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Give me a minute
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews19 July 2010
Four and a half minutes of pure pleasure. Yes, that kind. That's what this is, for anyone who loves guns, whether they're an NRA member or, like me, someone who just enjoys the crap out of seeing them in fiction. I couldn't tell you if you'd like it if you are neither, but, hey, what on Earth would you be doing watching this if you weren't? It's right there in the title. This is the third-to-longest(or shortest, it's right there in the middle) of the featurettes on the DVD of Punisher: War Zone(note that there are spoilers in it). It consists of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and clips of the film. We are shown(and, in the case of the major ones, get described to us) what may very well be every single firearm in the movie, as well as the knives. They talk about Stevenson(dude, I am not even close to kidding, *I want your job*) and his proficiency with the little wonders, how good he was before they began instructing him(and we see a little of the stuff that made up the "Training To Become" documentary also on the disc), and we hear several times that part of the point here was, of course, to ensure that Castle could cause a ton of carnage, like the fans want to see. This is fast, concise and smoothly edited. There is a little brutal, bloody violence and strong language in this, in the stuff sampled from the flick itself. I warmly recommend this to anyone who fits into the group I mention at the start of this review. 8/10
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