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I...I don't even know
apqlwodkeisjtug16 August 2010
I watched this because I had seen the original which was probably the worst movie I've ever seen. It was, however, somewhat entertaining solely because of how appallingly horrible it was. But now that this one, Big Money Rustlas, is out, I don't even know what to say. The fact that a movie this terrible can be appealing to anyone is absolutely baffling to me. There is absolutely nothing of worth to be found in Big Money Rustlas. The acting is crap. The plot is generic and overplayed. The setting is awful. And the supposed "humor" is nowhere to be found. Even the title itself evokes a plethora of scratched heads and puzzled expressions. Recommended to nobody outside of the Juggalo community. Avoid at all costs.
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Waste of my time, and I am a fan!
seizure6 February 2011
OK WOW, where to start...

As a fan of the insane clown posse, I am shocked at how bad this was. There are only 4 stars I can give to this movie in its favor. 1 star for the cameos 1 star for making me laugh a few times more than any of the parody movie that have come out in the last 10 years 1 star for the colourful characters. and 1 star out of pity.

To be perfectly honest, the jokes were tired and old but compare it to "Airplane!" and that movie seems to be fresh. This had no charm that the original "big money hustlas" had. The first movie actually worked since it had the feel of an exploitation movie which was all too good. I could actually show it to people who didn't like ICP and they enjoyed it.

Yet this movie... seemed like an overly bad cartoon made into a live action movie with the intention of a stoner and juggalo audience. This movie is a disappointment. Big Money Rustlas had the WORST acting i have seen since Rollerblade or even worse... A Bam Margera film. Actually I take that back, this had a plot, a weak one but a plot none the less. Why do comedies insist in having actors act intentionally hammy? Sure when Troma did it back in the 80s it was kinda acceptable (still cant watch the 1st 1/4 of "Sgt Kobukiman" without cringing) but this was annoying in a way. I don't know if this is the directors first movie but if it is... learn from this... a major mistake. Did they improv most of the dialogue or was it in the actual script it? This was horrible. HORRIBLE.

Any of you reading this, have you been to Universal Studios or Warner Brothers Movie World (don't know if that is an Australian only thing) and have seen their Wild West section... THAT looked more realistic than this joke. Sometimes its just best to not have everything look clean and new.

I am over this, I got better things to write about. Sorry but giving it more stars than I have is murder to film.
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Truly a passion play for the senses
korrow6 September 2010
The intense symbolism and masterful writing of the classic playwrights mixed with the stunning cinematography the finest modern day film makers. "Big Money Rustlas" combines these elements with some of the most absolutely brilliant actors in the business. The story follows the character of Sheriff Sugar Wolf played by Joseph "Shaggy 2 Dope" Utsler in his struggle to redeem a town plagued by the notorious criminal Big Baby Chips, portrayed by master thespian Joseph Bruce aka "Violent J". Perhaps most astounding is the numerous and intriguing parallels drawn between "Big Money Rustlas" and it's sister film, "Big Money Hustlas". While either film stands as a solid and extremely significant work on it's own, the two of them together reflect on each other in such a way that introduces new perspectives and new ideas into both. For many critics, "Citizen Kane" tops the list as one of the best films of all time. Well, I say, "Eat your heart out, Orson Wells, because Joseph Bruce aka "Violent J" is here, and he all he wants is his mothafuckin' monaaay!

"Big Money Rustlas" is truly a must have for every film collector and juggalo alike!
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Just got back from rustlas premier...
N-Do24 January 2010
Its late & I'm postin from a PS3 so ima keep it short n sweet, it delivers on being BMH's prequel, old west n what not, camera angles & overall production values are way better, but guest stars/cameos will surprise anyone, there's quite a few that they (PSY) haven't even told anyone prior 2 tonights screening, I won't spoil, you'll just have 2 see for yourself, but trust me it's better that way. Stank & Poot come correct once again with their comedic roles (almost stealing the show AGAIN), & Hack Benjamin' is even better then before IMO. Big Baby & Sugar are playing basically the same roles just with a western twang and theme involved. All in all, if you liked Hustlas, you'll love Rustlas.

MMFCL Ninjas N-Do
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Whoop Whoop
nickybreez26 August 2010
I loved this movie. ANyone expecting anything more than silly, low budget, UN PC humor is in the wrong place. U can say that I'm a "Juggalo", but my girl isn't and she thought this was hilarious. Anyone who will give this a one star probably didn't watch the movie, and they are on they're never ending quest to just diss anything Psychopathic (over the internet, in the safety of there moms basement) but i'll tell you seriously this isn't intelligent humor, its sight gags, and it can be slightly hit or miss, but what does hit is a hit (you might wanna take a hit before watching, may make u more susceptible to the hilarity!). there's plenty to laugh at here, including some of the acting, which is fine. Madrox and Monxcide steal the show again, and 2 Dope was on point. Violent Js performance was definitely toned down a few notches from the last movie, but still solid and hilarious. Mark Jury also stole the show as the sidekick who gets most of the great lines. There were plenty of funny cameos from stars no one seems to be interested in anymore (remember Razor Ramone from WWF, and i guess Tom SIzemore need Methamphetimine money). The more you watch it the more you laugh. If you shut your mind off, i guarantee you'll have a hootin' good time y'all.
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Made by Juggalos, for Juggalos.
matthewleisher6 July 2011
I'm surprised at the amount of hate this movie is getting. Actually, no I'm not, because if it is Psychopathic Records related, everyone will hate it blindly even if they didn't watch it. All that aside, this movie is solid and funny. Yes, it's low budget, but if you've seen the sequel (Big Money Hustlas) you won't be surprise. The story is a bit generic, but Joe Bruce didn't write this to win an Oscar for best screenplay, he wrote it as a funny, crazy, and over the top movie for Juggalos. Besides, every movie that comes out is the same story with different settings and characters, but the same events transpire. If you have an open mind and aren't expecting some huge production with millions of dollars thrown into it, you'll enjoy this movie even without being a fan of Insane Clown Posse. However, if you ARE a fan of Insane Clown Posse, you'll really enjoy this movie as I did, and I don't really need to go into detail if you're a fan.
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