Big Money Rustlas (2010) Poster

Plot Keywords

sheriff wild west
west outlaw gang
spaghetti western spoof mirror
wanted poster bloopers during credits
disguise gunfight
gold spit
cat house sidekick
gun horseshoe
gunfighter jail cell
cowboy railroad
mexican standoff urine
bathtub brothel
mountain range cattle
bar fight whiskey
urination noose
outlaw bullwhip
hand to hand combat tomahawk
hearse traitor
cheating country singer
country music country
white horse famous entrance
small town movie reality crossover
drunkenness madcap comedy
gay slur actor playing multiple roles
spoof 2010s
1880s anachronism
fourth wall breaking the fourth wall via reference to script
breaking the fourth wall by talking to the audience breaking the fourth wall
slapstick comedy gross out humor
gross out comedy fat joke
in joke inside joke
gay joke penis joke
star cameo cameo appearance
cameo masturbation
male masturbation cross dresser
cross dressing crossdresser
transvestite midget
midget sex sex
prostitute mother prostitute
underground underground music
underground film independent music
painted face face paint
western town western town set
western spoof western sendup
western parody western hero
the west small western town
sequel sequel to cult movie
sequel to cult favorite sequel to cult comedy
prequel prequel to cult film
old west modern western
cult figure b western
b movie exploitation
exploitation film cult
cult music band cult film
clown makeup clown face
native american american indian
white rapper rap music
movie spoof low budget film
juggalo hip hop
faygo clown
independent film surprise ending

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