"Fringe: Bad Dreams (#1.17)"
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Synopsis for
"Fringe" Bad Dreams (2009)

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A woman pushes her baby through Grand Central station in a stroller. The subway is deserted. She misses her train. The little girl plays with the three balloons tied to her stroller. Her mom sings to her as a train approaches. One of the balloons comes loose. The mom reaches for it, out and up, leaning to the track. Someone walks out from behind a pillar and gives the mom a shove in front of the train. It's Olivia (Anna Torv).

She wakes up, unsettled. Her sister Rachel (Ari Graynor)and niece Ella (Lily Pilblad) say hi in the morning. On the morning news, Olivia sees a report about the same young mother she dreamed about being killed by a subway. They say she threw herself in front of it.

FBI HQ Olivia asks Broyles (Lance Reddick) for permission to go to New York to investigate the case. She tells him there may have been extraordinary circumstances. That's all she's comfortable saying. He asks if she's OK, she's seemed on edge. She says she hasn't been sleeping well. He gives her 24 hours.

Harvard Olivia tells the Bishops about it. Peter (Joshua Jackson) thinks it was a nightmare. Walter (John Noble) asks tons of odd medical questions. He wonders if she teleported to New York in her sleep and killed her, but lack of radiation on Olivia disproves that. He also rules out astral projection, because she wouldn't have been to shove.

Olivia says she could smell the platform and see her baby staring at her. It wasn't just a dream, she says. "New York it is," says Peter.

Walter is excited by the idea of catching a show. He starts doing musical numbers. He's not going, Peter says.

Grand Central Station Peter and Olivia meet a police detective. She leads them to where the woman died. They think it was a suicide. The security cameras got the whole thing. Olivia wants to see the footage. Olivia tells Peter there's going to be a balloon floating to the ceiling, a red one.

Down on the platform they look up. There it is.

Her husband holds their young daughter, saying it doesn't make any sense. He says she wouldn't kill herself.

Olivia and Peter look at the security footage. It seems to show the woman jumping. Olivia gets a copy.

Back at Harvard, Walter wonders if Olivia killed her using her mind. Peter thinks it's ridiculous. Walter says he's sure Peter's right. "Unless, of course, it happens again."

Olivia sits alone in a nice Italian restaurant, noticing all the couples around her. A man thanks a waitress for his dessert and his wife stands up and screams at him for cheating. She grabs a knife. Olivia walks over and stands behind the woman, taking the hand with the knife. She guides it into the husband's gut over and over.

Olivia wakes up. She calls Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) to report a murder.

St. Vincent's Hospital Peter tells Olivia she couldn't have done it, they were 300 miles away. The doctor says he's going to die, which is why they gave the wife permission to be there.

Olivia talks to the wife. Her nickname is "Mouse." (Johanna Day) She says suddenly she was convinced her husband was going to leave her and she got scared, then angry. "How could I do this?" Olivia suggests maybe someone made her do it, compelled her. Peter interrupts.

Out in the hall, Olivia tells Peter she made her do it. Peter blames her lack of sleep. Olivia wants to know what's happening to her. Peter holds her.

They go by the restaurant. Olivia wants to know who was sitting at a certain table. She grabs the manager, asking if it was her. He describes a blond man with a scar on his face.

Olivia goes to the security footage from the subway. He's on it. He was at the table where she dreamed she was sitting and on the platform where she she dreamed she was standing, but she didn't see him. Walter says she wasn't dreaming about herself, she was dreaming about him.

Back at HQ, they run facial recognition software on him. Broyles interrupts, wanting to know what's going on. They get a hit: Nick Lane (David Call). Former address, St. Jude's mental hospital.

Broyles isn't happy with Olivia. She tells him someone has been coming into her dreams, either making her kill people or making her watch. She says the things they investigate are happening to her. He says she can't unofficially investigate a case where she's the subject. He asks why she didn't come to him. She didn't want to sound crazy. She suggests taking some time off.

Broyles responds by calling Charlie and opening the case officially, with Olivia on it. Good egg, Broyles.

Olivia and Peter visit the mental hospital. Peter wonders if maybe he didn't think enough about what Walter went through. "It must be a terrible thing to not be able to trust your own mind," he says.

Dr. Miller (Laurie Williams) greets them. She remembers Nick. He had a very comprehensive military insurance policy. Someone came four months ago and said he'd inherited money. She said Nick had an "emotional brightness." She says his moods tended to affect people. He had paranoid delusions. He thought he'd been recruited as a child for a series of experiments. As she goes on, you can feel the hairs stand up on the back of Olivia's neck as she recognizes her own childhood. According to Mr. Jones, that she was recruited as a soldier to serve in a war against invaders from a parallel universe.

They call Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and have her read from the ZFT manuscript, which describes Nick's delusions almost exactly. He's been quoting the ZFT since the mid 90s. He was born in 1979 in Jacksonville, same as Olivia. She wants to talk to Walter right away.

They drop by his hotel room. She wants to know about Cortexaphan. His former partner William Bell theorized it might enhance certain abilities, including influencing perception. So if Nick Lane was treated with Cortexaphan he might be able to control people with his thoughts. Feelings, Walter clarifies. Olivia remembers what the shrink said about Nick being suicidal. He might have been considering jumping on the platform and his emotion infected the woman. Likewise in the restaurant. Peter says that still doesn't explain how she's seeing him in her dreams.

Walter says they experimented on kids in pairs, which kept them from feeling frightened or isolated. Sometimes, an intense bond would form, a bond which could be greatly amplified by a drug like Cortexaphan. Olivia backs away as she realizes what he's saying.

Olivia says she might have been treated with Cortexaphan. Walter thinks it's good news. He might know how to find Nick.

Olivia walks into a strip club. She eyes a scrawny brunette stripper on the pole. This being Fox, the two women kiss.

Laying on a table in the lab, Olivia narrates what's happening. Nick and the stripper leave the club together, she's basically infected by his horniness. As Peter explains to Astrid that Walter's hypnosis of Olivia means she can feel what Nick's feeling, it's clear he's feeling something naked. Then he feels guilt, shame and something dirty. He's infecting the dancer with how much he hates himself. She smashes a glass on the counter and picks up the shard. Nick guides her hand as she slits her throat. Walter tries to convince Olivia to stay under the hypnosis. Walter explains it's just a dream she's seeing.

Olivia stays under long enough to see Nick go home. She snaps out of it saying she knows where he lives.

Nick Lane gets ready in the morning, taking boatloads of pills. He takes a gun out of a drawer and loads it.

Olivia and the team creep up to his door and enter his apartment. He's not there. But he has a wall filled with news clippings and photos about secret government drug trials.

Nick walks down the street. As he passes some people, they follow him.

Olivia wants to know why this is just now happening. Peter thinks it must be related to his supposed inheritance and the visit from the lawyer. They wonder if he was activated.

The group behind Nick now includes at least five people. Charlie gets a call with an ID of Nick entering a building.

In the car ride there, Walter says Olivia might be immune from Nick's abilities.

They arrive at a tall building where a police officer says they already sent someone up, but he's on the ledge, too. Olivia goes up to find a dozen people standing on the ledge of the building, looking down. Olivia talks to Nick.

He turns and is happy to see her, excited she heard him. He says she was always the strong one and would always make him feel better. He says he waited to be called up, wore the blacks and grays, but the call never came. Then a man with the glasses showed up at the hospital and spoke all the old words. He said "what was written will come to pass." He said he knew how to wake him up. Nick pulls his gun on Olivia. He says he wants to stop hurting people. He hands it to her. He asks her to shoot him. "Please Olive," he says. "I can't fight this much longer." He screams as if in pain and a woman next to him plummets to the street below. He says if she doesn't shoot him, he'll jump and they'll all jump.

He begs her. He doesn't want to take them all with him. She apologizes and shoots him in the legs. All the people crumple to the rooftop, unharmed.

Broyles tells OIivia they asked Massive Dynamic for the files related to Cortexaphan, but Nina told him they were all destroyed. Nick is being kept in a drug-induced coma indefinitely.

At home, Olivia's niece asks if the vaccine she got at school can come alive. Olivia tells her it's just bad dreams.

There's a knock at her door, it's Charlie, covertly giving her Nick Lane's file.

In the lab, Walter looks through videocassette tapes.

He finds one. It's him and Dr. Bell talking to a young girl named Olive, reassuring her everything will be OK.


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