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A well told 'insensate' film
royalstuffer21 February 2009
Director Bala is notorious for his unique choice of disturbing subjects and Naan kadavul is no different. This time around he comes up with a story down under the hells of reality.

Aarya plays the lead role of an Aghori devotee named 'Rudra' which probably is the least humane character that any actor would dare to do. Shiva is the lord of elimination in Hindu texts, and an Aghori who is an ardent follower of Shiva believes in 'Dushta nigraha' or elimination of the evil. Aarya has done fair justice to the role and Bala has exploited him in his looks and acting potentials. Bala seems to have spent enough time in studying the life style of the Aghori sects and beggars. That reflects in the eventual realism that results.

Cold blooded action and shocking pragmatism may disturb the audience. So you have to prepared for 'anything' and 'everything'. Cinematography is a chilling package of the movie and every face that comes along in the movie appears real and original to the plot. Music by ilayaraja is definitely fitting to the scheme.

Violent imagery is objectionable to minors and women. So it's not any family 'go-watch'. But the movie is well told, and questions the true nature of Kadavul- the God and repeating statements made by Rudra-'Aham brahmasmi' surely keeps you thinking.

If you can appreciate the alternate thinking that the director has convincingly achieved in the movie then go and give it a try.
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challenge to the world cinema
kathirvelvijaysenthil21 February 2009
as SUPER STAR 'RAJNIKANTH' said here after never such a movie can be goes down as one of the all time classic bala's previous movies SETHU, NANDHA , PITHAMAGAN he continues to stunt you with realistic story of NAAN KADAVUL..ARYA's dedication in the movie will make his carrier to look back...he has set a standards which other have to follow..ilayaraja has again gave a evergreen memories with his excellent music..he has done magics with the background score..Bala has tried to debate a few serious issues in the movie. The first is obviously about who is God? He also talks about life and death and how death is actually a boon to one who cannot lead a good life. Summing up, Naan Kadavul is not a movie that everyone can digest. It shows reality in such brutality that you wonder whether such things really do happen. It cannot be called violent; the word 'brutal' has to be repeated often to describe the movie.
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A defining moment in spreading vedanta thru the media
rameshg612 May 2009
Philosophically rich and very realistic to those who have seen and dwelt in the social-law defying black hole that is sometimes India. Divine and terrible at once, spiritual and materialistic living hand in hand. Like the beggars around the holy man in the South Indian temple who themselves dress themselves up as great sadhus but are mere men. It takes a trained eye to differentiate the true sadhus from the fake in India.

This is not a brutal movie deifying moral killing. It is a true telling of the beliefs and lives of a sect of people who practice a system of law and order much older than the English language. The court scene punctuates the point further; does a easily corruptible legal system really serve justice better than the judgment of one realised soul? What the movie doesn't perhaps cover too well is that by punishing the unjust/unwilling to live, the Aghori is taking on his/her karma on himself and considers it a task that he is duty bound to do.

The personality of Rudra's mother is a stereotype taken out of vedantic stories of mothers who want the best for their children yet who struggle to release their offspring who wish to dedicate their lives to god. Very similar to a mothers reaction to a child wishing to become a nun or a priest in the western world. The sage Ramana Maharishi's mother struggled similarly to accept his calling.

They say you cannot convert into Hinduism, that you must be born into it. Perhaps more such movies are necessary in this globalised age for the world to breach this misconception and bring the philosophies of the east and west together. There is still so much I can learn from this movie and I intend to watch it often enough to grasp exactly what the writers were trying to say.
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Brilliant BALA !!!
arvindrockz20 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Naan Kadavul, written and directed by Bala, will go down as one of the boldest films made in the Tamil cine industry. It is based on the novel, 'Ezham Ulagam' (Seventh World), written by Tamil writer Jeyamohan. Naan Kadavul is an honest attempt at showcasing 'ezham ulagam' - the 'Dark World' of beggars and aghori sadhus *as is* - a movie in its true ART form - a movie sans melodrama and fairy tales.

The movie is anything but judgmental. It doesn't preach atheism nor does it say that it is better to die than to lead a miserable life. It leaves the judgmental part to its audience. As a movie in its true ART form, Naan Kadavul chooses to show the lives of two contrasting groups of people * as is*, goes one step higher by establishing a strong connection between the groups symbolically and stops there - true to its intent.

The screenplay is extremely good. Pooja's acting is mind blowing and Arya comes up with his best performance to date. Ilayaraja;s BGM and 'Pitchai Pathiram' song ROCKS. Its a must watch for every movie buff.
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Truly Inspiring
ethical_egoist20 May 2011
Naan Kadavul may not have had the box office run of its commercial stereotype counterparts but it has every aspect that exemplifies a great movie. Bala has the tendency to bring out the best of every actor he directs and Naan Kadavul is no exception in this regard. Every member of the acting crew has lived their characters. Arya's impact, while short, is majestic and adds an aura yet unseen in Tamil cinema. Every scene has been brilliantly crafted and Bala's attention to detail is second to none. Illayaraja music adds vibrancy to what is already a magnificent piece of art and takes its beauty to an entirely different level. The directorial standard set by Bala will hold as a benchmark for many a generations to come.
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Have no words to describe this masterpiece. "Naan Kadavul" may offer different kind of feeling to everybody -am sure. But all I want to say is that "This Is A true Indian Movie". This movie must be nominated for Oscars and wish that the world takes note of it. This is good for the world at large and since this was created in India, it will have to follow the same fate of every other immortal classic that was done in India Viz..."No recognition at large" unless the world gives the recognition. It created in me the same sorry feeling when I knew - Vedanta, Mahabharata or any other immortal spiritual classics was produced in India. They will never be acknowledged great unless world looks at it. ...

About this movie - what happens when an enlightened man living all his life with his guru and as a complete recluse and practicing the teachings taught; is suddenly taken by providence to his birth place. There is this sudden clash...A man beyond the world impacted with not just the world but with the harsh and depraved part of the world. Bala explains thereafter with extreme fragility and immense knowledge of spirituality. Thanks to you have proved once again.
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A master piece made by the legend in the making
sanloyn23 March 2009
Well I should say that I am just not a movie goer, but a movie analyzer. And it takes a lot of things for me to be impressed by an movie. This master piece made by the legend in the making (BALA)is far away from words. This is pure brilliance and will surely get a place in the world cinema. I don't care if the movie did well or not in the box office

Two extremists (one of the Agori and the other is of the beggar's life)of our social world, made to meet each other at a point in the movie which mesmerizes the movie watcher. This is not a formula movie flick and will not satisfy every audience, but whoever want to see a movie that is beyond a normal one, here it is

The way in which Arya's charactered is been told him to do

The life in the back ground music given by our Illayaraja

And each and every character told in the movie itself is an art

The hero is clearly none other than the director of the movie. My rating is 8/10
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a stunning and gripping tale which leaves you speechless
dr_araman22 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It is indeed a rare movie, full of thought provoking glimpses into the bitter world of shameless and shocking exploitation of innocent kids. Top marks for the director's brilliant story telling and editing. Every scene is gripping and photography takes us completely into it, without irritating zooming shots. Arya has done a commendable job, just merging into the character so well. Bala has cleverly made the children provide subtle humour and down to earth dialogues that fit so well. On the negative side .... the sound track is too jarring in many scenes where the impact of the dialogue is lost in the unnecessary and inappropriate background music. Also the brutal scenes where women and children are being kicked and beaten up could have been avoided, as the story is strong enough even without such gory scenes which make the audience curse the film maker.The only consolation is that the rape scene which is usually a part and parcel of Tamil masala films is totally absent even where we were afraid he was about to introduce one. The end is uncomfortable but not unrealistic. This is not for the man on the street who is looking for racy song sequences and sexy shots, but for mature audiences who can relate to what the director is attempting to explore and expose in an unusual and extraordinary expression that transcends norms. One of the handful that may make it to the best actor and best direction awards and possibly even best editing.
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This is possibly the most original and astounding Tamil film ever made...
genius-madhavan22 February 2009
This is possibly the most original and astounding Tamil film ever made...Absolute gem of a film...Bala has taken Tamil cinema and its viewers to the next level with this film.

Arya has Rudra has lived in the character,and so is Puja..Every Time you see Arya there is the kind of extra ordinary emotions running through you right from his intro to the last scene in Kasi..Absolutely Mind blowing... No body in Tamil cinema has the guts and clarity like Bala sir,and his directorial abilities would match the best in the world...Raja sir has given the most lively music even after 35 years and has showed what is re-recording...absolutely mid blowing,path breaking movie.
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Dangerous... Alternative reality shaking hands with you...
Melvin Philip15 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One Line Summary: A mind jolting experience.

As introduced by other reviewers, notorious, and depressing for most.

Bala's representation has left me speechless.

I knew not of the title translated means to... while I picked up post watching Pitahmagan by Bala. With such extreme intensified characterization, no space for an error, or could not even notice.

A piece of art perfected in every sense to sustain the true spirits of the message, without any sensitivity attached - but brutal view exposed.

Symbolic - a few to make quote of : 1. crippled one's who beg, work for, blindly, without hope of redemption, merry in the trivial joys and humor of, calling it life for themselves. Of an ugly rich man who wants the blind girl to marry him. 2. hit of guilt, deepest scars which bring in sorrow and misery 3.Geographies trading people in different names, to exploit on the mercy of...

to current influences in lives today, religions, geography classification, humans in pains of self created misery, knowing not if manipulative or manipulated - strongly philosophical to extent that '1' would be only in case '0' is and with such understanding comes another phase of understanding and view towards the world - successful binary system inclusion in concept - something which humans still classify in understanding of receptive senses - and a few missed out could be we know not of - of origination of values we know no reasons of.

NOT RECOMMENDED watch for people with likings and dreams - men for they may understand the fallacy / abuse of drive... for women, world may just turn bland on few statements. Mix religious scenario and practices represented subtly.

Only VERY MATURE watch recommended.

Rarely experienced in a movie, 'Naan Kaduval' each sentence / scene is a complete philosophy in itself. Writer's brilliance and uninhibited depth of view with such captured executions is commendable.

A must watch for iron cast philosophers to initiate discussions and changes in observation to. Also observe the variations in the review by others - a completely different perspective.
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