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Fool Me Twice

Callen and the team question Joelle's backstory after she escapes from a kidnapping and turns to Callen for help.

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This Is What We Do

The team must find assailants who illegally crossed the border and attacked Border Patrol officers and illegal aliens; Homeland Security sends Nell's older and bossy sister to assist with the case.

Season 4

25 Sep. 2012
The LAPD releases G after an overnight stay in jail; Sam meets him; the two exchange words; G leaves in a taxicab with a tail. At the boatshed Kensi and Deeks talk with Atley, who describes certain matters, including an insurance policy nearby; while Sam watches, an Iranian briefly chats up G, who soon walks away; another Iranian approaches Hetty, but she brushes him off; later G sees the two Iranians together, and he makes a deal with them; the CIA demands an immediate arrest of G; Granger asks Nell for a warrant for both murder and treason; Deeks picks up an item ...
2 Oct. 2012
In Afghanistan a terrorist avoids a drone strike, but a discharged Marine dies; G and company investigate; Eric and Nell learn about more unaccounted former servicemen; the foursome go to Dubai and beyond, where they work out everything.
9 Oct. 2012
The Fifth Man
Four men die in an explosion of an otherwise empty diner in Pasadena; all four took part in a program of the Office of Naval Intelligence; the fifth participant, who's someone else, survives; two more die; G and team figure out all of it.
23 Oct. 2012
Dead Body Politic
A man dies in a deliberate hit-and-run incident; the victim was a staffer of a candidate for the US Senate; G and company investigate; Kensi goes undercover as the replacement for the vic; the team solve the puzzle and nail the bad person.
30 Oct. 2012
Out of the Past
Sam answers a call for help from a former fellow worker at the CIA; Sam finds him dead of hanging; he gets an encoded message, which, when decrypted, is a list of names; the team realize the implications; Hetty calls the FBI. [Continued.]
13 Nov. 2012
Rude Awakenings
After the decryption of a list of names, NCIS agents continue the search for both Sidorov, a Russian illegal-arms dealer, and leftover Russian sleeper agents with access to surreptitious nuclear bombs; NCIS teams execute concurrent arrests in seven cities around the USA; however, all seven teams find their targets already dead. G and Sam confer with Arkady; afterward G and Sam meet a tail, which consists of three CIA agents, one of whom, Snyder, Sam knows and dislikes; Kensi, Deeks, and others uncover an empty but radioactive secret room; Eric and Nell find Sidorov; ...
20 Nov. 2012
Skin Deep
A man stops an ambulance, kills the EMTs, stabs the patient, and removes an object from his chest; the victim was a civilian scientist working for the US Navy; G and Callen put the puzzle together and find both the killer and the object.
27 Nov. 2012
A retired CIA agent dies when a lighter explodes; G and company investigate because Hetty requests the case; the fearless foursome check out high-priced call girls and more, and they defy orders, but they find the truth and the bad person.
11 Dec. 2012
The Gold Standard
Deeks is away to testify in court, so Granger teams with Kensi. A gang stop an armored truck, attack the crew, and steal the cargo, consisting of 100 gold bars, valued at $70M, en route to the People's Bank of China; footage abounds; Callen and company investigate. G and Sam find a dead clown, and Nell IDs him; G, Sam, and Kensi find three executed thieves; Kensi talks with the girlfriend of the sole surviving thief (Welch), then she, G, and Sam find Welch's body, and Kensi finds the gold; G and Sam check the gold, which is not gold. Hetty comments to G in private ...
18 Dec. 2012
Free Ride
An NCIS agent dies aboard an aircraft carrier at sea; the fearless four, undercover, fly to the ship, where they meet even more problems, but they eventually solve the crimes; Hetty joins them for Christmas underway; Nell catches Eric.
8 Jan. 2013
At 03:06 Deeks receives a call from a woman, Jenny, in two of his past lives; she tells about a ring stealing luxury SUVs and shipping them to the Far East; Jenny disappears; the team solve the puzzle, grab the bad guys, and rescue Jenny.
15 Jan. 2013
Paper Soldiers
Two weeks ago a Marine lieutenant, Edwin, died in Afghanistan; the local civilian coroner has done an autopsy by the request of the widow, Antonia; she also has hired a private investigator, Stuart, to look into the circumstances; last night someone killed Stuart by slitting his throat; Callen and company investigate. G and Sam meet Antonia, who describes her suspicions about a cover-up; Rose, a medical examiner, explains about the harvesting of tissue, but Antonia objects, saying that Edwin was not an organ donor; Edwin's file has disappeared from the coroner's ...
29 Jan. 2013
The Chosen One
A passenger in a van shoots an LAPD cop, who shoots the driver, then the passenger speeds away; the driver was a Chechen-American with ties to a terrorist network; G goes undercover and into trouble; the team solve the case and rescue G.
5 Feb. 2013
Kill House
In Mexico a US joint team makes a raid to capture the head of a drug cartel; due to a leak the team walks into an ambush; Granger tasks the gang to pinpoint the breach; they go undercover, find the leak, grab the head man, and rescue Nell.
19 Feb. 2013
Dean, a fugitive terrorist who disappeared in 1973, stumbles in from a woods, collapses, and dies of a stab wound; G and company investigate; the team find the pieces and fit them together; they find also explosives and one more bad guy.
26 Feb. 2013
A thief steals a used notebook computer from a store; a car hits the thief, and two occupants of the car stuff the victim into the back seat; the thief is Amir, the nephew of Yusef, whom Sam still owes on a debt incurred in Afghanistan some years ago; a third occupant of the car, Habib, is a known terrorist; Callen and company investigate (after several tense moments at the start). While Sam visits Yusef, bad guys drive by and open fire; Sam returns fire and drops one of them, Ali, a member of a radical jihadist group; Eric learns that Ali and Amir knew each other; ...
5 Mar. 2013
One Russian kills another in the LA area; G and Sam quiz Arkady; Sam and Michelle go back undercover for the CIA; Sam lands in jail, and Hetty leaves him there; Greshnev dies, and Sidorov disappears; Hetty says that this is far from over.
19 Mar. 2013
Red: Part One
In Idaho someone executes a Marine gunnery sergeant with a pistol; two days before in Los Angeles someone used the same weapon in the same way to kill an Indonesian man; the LA bunch collaborate with an NCIS mobile team. [Continued.]
26 Mar. 2013
Red: Part Two
The G gang and the Red Team continue to pursue Spears and other bad guys; attention turns to a big player in illegal immigration and a man with a red scarf; Hetty sees that Spears is not the executioner, then the teams catch the right one.
9 Apr. 2013
A Naval aviator dies of cyanide poisoning, as does a dancer, at a bikini bar near Los Angeles; another officer survives and gives a clue; the team find the cyanide, the hardware, the motive, and the bad guys, and they prevent a tragedy.
23 Apr. 2013
Nell reports the death of the kingpin of a Mexican drug cartel in a police shootout; the body of the victim disappears from the morgue as soon as it arrives; G and company investigate the possibility of a leak, and they discover the truth.
30 Apr. 2013
Raven & the Swans
Gunmen stalk and attack a woman, who disappears; three others die; Hetty cryptically assigns G and company to investigate; Hetty finds the woman, an NCIS agent undercover; the team catch the bad guys; G and Hetty discuss backgrounds.
7 May 2013
Monica becomes the target of an unknown shooter in Hollywood; Deeks, in an undercover role as Max (at the direction of Granger), rescues her; Monica is a hostess at a nightclub, which is a property of a South African who's now a legitimate businessman, but who previously worked as an international dealer in illegal arms. G and Sam visit the club, and Nell identifies the shooter as Pieter, an enforcer from South Africa; G and Sam take a different tack with Pieter, so they meet him and take him to the boathouse; Max has an unusual short-term relationship with Monica, ...
14 May 2013
A nuclear bomb explodes in a desert in Mexico; G and company investigate; Sam and Michelle go underground; G and Kensi go to Iran and bring back the Chameleon, who takes part in a complex deal to gain the two missing bombs. [Continued.]

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