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Great Short!

Author: mcparadise5 from United States
21 September 2009

I first watched this film stumbling the internet and fell in love the cinematography. The story is great, it really makes you feel good after watching it. The actors were right on key with the story and really made you feel like you were apart of them. I want to know what camera lens they used on the shoot. The lighting was so so it was nothing exciting. I thought the editing on it was great and went with the music, which also fit the mood of the film perfectly. Patrick Hughues is a great up in coming director and I look forward to his future films! Overall I give it a 10 and hope Patrick Hughues keeps coming out with great works!

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A Silent yet Simply Beautiful Love Story!

Author: manjodude
14 April 2012

I think I agree with one of the viewers who said, "This is a better love story than Twilight." I mean, no flowery words spoken, in fact no words spoken at all between the lead characters. They communicate only through letters written on white paper. Yet, how touching it was.

Actually I was not looking for a love angle in this short movie but the way it was portrayed in the end moved me. It was simply beautiful, and yes very expressive performance from Nick Russell as Jason and Kestie Morassi as Stacey. Looked like both of them hardly did any work in their respective offices except making fun at each other, and yet she got promoted too, lol!

Of course, lovely music was another highlight of this cute, little flick :)

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Geat JOB

Author: JVfade from United States
27 February 2010

I really like this short movie. Just pay attention, there is not even one word, but everything is so clear and lovely. Nice story line, nice play of actors. During those twelve minutes this movie puts a smile on your face several times and it means that this movie really worth to watch. Recently watched "Valentine day". I would not even put this movie in the same line with "Signs". I love the music as well, nice changes in the melody line and great track at the end of movie. Thank you very much and I hope to see more of your great job in near future. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

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A Person Who Brighten Your Life

Author: AdamHawkes from Japan
13 July 2013

A man is sick and tired of his usual life and feels loneliness he is single. One day, he sees a woman in a building next to his office. Since then they have communicated with written signs and the man's life is becoming lively more and more. He tries to show words, "Do you want to meet me?" But he hesitates and sadly the woman disappears. He is depressed so badly and regrets not writing the question. While he is working, something lightens his face. He looks up and he is surprised.

This film is so romantic that I was moved. their love is beautiful and I'd like to experience such a thing. And I understand his feeling very well. Anyone will be fed up with an ordinary and boring life that is like products made on a conveyor belt. Therefore a person who we love from the heart is necessary. Someday, I also want to meet such a person.

If you already have someone whom you cherish, please continue to do so. He or she may brighten your life. The more you cherish your partner, the more wonderful your life will be. So, like the man's story.

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Funny at the same time Touchy.

Author: rijon007 from London, UK
8 January 2013

2009 Cannes winner Short film ''SIGNS'' is an amazing romantic short film. This 12 minutes speechless film is about a lonely boy who start communicating with a cute girl in next building using written signs and eventually they met each other. With a very simple concept, creative director Patrick Hughes made a master piece, actually one of sweetest films i have ever seen. This short film might seems quiet unrealistic , but i think most people don't to want to see daily boring mundane reality at film. They rather wish some fantasy and unrealistic events unconsciously.

I think the message of the short film is : Love doesn't always talk , sometimes might be expressed even from a piece of paper. In a world of social networking and cellphone, signs are still powerful as long as they mean a lot.

Whole film is well edited and I think background music really is cool and quiet touchy , but over exaggerated Techno sound effects which made it less emotional. Couple of humorous scenes and at ending part both of the characters' anxiety and final meeting sensational scene made whole film extraordinary . Besides, within only 12 minutes representing 8 days stories is a very hard job, which Patrick Hughes have done very smoothly.

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something unreal in our life, but it deserve to get 10

Author: Tan Nguyen
5 September 2009

I was wondering that could it be real in our life when they didn't use phone or say any word. But it makes the film special. No need to talk. Just by words. The emotion expressed through their faces, their signs...You can feel like the characters felt: the loneliness of the men in a big city, the simple-but-deep love of him with the woman in the opposite building. The music in the film makes it more emotional. The director made a good job!

However, I don't think someday it will be real, not on the movie. But sometimes we shouldn't be practical to rate it. Deserve to get 10 stars.

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Sort of like "Paperman" before there was "Paperman".

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
6 May 2013

It seems rather odd that Disney received the Oscar for Best Animated Short considering that much of this plot seems inspired by this earlier film, "Signs". See them both--you'll probably see what I mean.

The film is done without verbal dialog. A young man is working in the big city and is feeling alienated and alone. As a result, he seems to be just going through the paces in life. However, one day as he looks out the window of the office where he works, he sees a cute lady in the building next door. And, surprisingly, she draws a little sign and soon they begin conversing and telling jokes from their respective jobs. But, they don't meet in person. What's next? See it and find out for yourself.

This film is excellent because it shows what can be done without dialog. Despite this limitation, the film is quite touching and clever. Very well done and well worth your time...and quite original.

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pure romanticism

Author: Armand from Romania
28 August 2014

a touching film. for the simplicity of story, for the delicate emotion, for the characters and for role of seed. a film about solitude and love sens, about the need of love and about happiness. nothing new or complicated.only two admirable actors creating the sketches of ordinary people more than silhouettes. a romantic movie , beautiful for reflecting the searches of young man to escape from its life and the meeting, almost magic, with his soul mate. its romanticism is special because seems be out of the old recipes. because it reflect, in touching manner, the reality. that could be its secret. and its fascination source.

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Paperman - the live action version

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
12 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, actually "Signs" was first, so it's maybe the other way around. This is a 12-minute movie written and directed by Australian Patrick Hughes, whose most famous work after this short film here was certainly "Expandables 3". This is so strange as I could not think of a movie more different to "Signs" than parts of the "Expandables" franchise. These are loud, action-based and not really story-reliant and his short film here is absolutely none of these things. An office worker is slightly depressed as he can't seem to find love and then he also has to watch people all the time around him being in love. However, things get better when he starts a sign relationship with a young woman working in the office building next to his. The two communicate for a while via signs and in the end they finally meet up. I like how this film ends exactly before the two exchange the first words audibly. It's nothing really outstanding, but a cute and funny little story and I was always curious what would be written on the next sign, which is probably a good thing. Nothing worse than indifference. Thumbs up. I recommend it, especially to people who have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to romance films.

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Nice and nothing more

Author: Ersbel Oraph from Switzerland
10 August 2009

Signs is a nice depiction of the reversal of roles in the corporate world and the society as a whole. It is not original. It is not special. It's just that a lot of people get to identify with the characters as cliché as they might seem.

For a piece of art it is a bad choice for the evolution of the story to use the same Hollywood routine about X meets Y, X falls for Y, X thinks (s)he lost Y => happy end. In this case it's the actors, rather than the story, who make the piece acceptable.

Things change when you see it as it is - a vehicle for advertisements. Not actually an ad. More like a disguised ad to make use of the Internet and the newly embraced viral marketing. Sure, the brands are not that visible, but combined with the aggressive conventional branding they are easily spotted in the target markets. For this purpose this is a nice story, above average depiction.

Edit: It was a 6/10. I remove 5 stars. This is a rip off. O Homem Que Copiava is a Brazilian movie with far less circulation. And this story is just taken off that movie and replayed in a Corporate key for the Schweppes Short Film Festival.

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