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setting new standards for dumbness in Bollywood
rojagegeo23 March 2013
Race 2 (2013) IMDb- 5.4 RJG Rating- 05

Sequel to the blockbuster hit Race ,follows Ranvir's latest plan for revenge.

Starring- Saif Ali,John Abraham,Deepika ,Jacqueline Director- Abbas-Mastan

None of the actors are of any good.The only thing Saif Ali Khan does is give out his "know it all" stare.John Abraham proves once again that he has no other talents than modeling.His only contributions to the movie are his various shirtless scenes.As a villain he is a big time fail.Anil Kapoor is another wasted talent.He and Amisha Patel dish out various fruit related (im not kidding,all their dialogs are fruit related!) puns.Although both Deepika and Jacq have some story related role ,they only score on the skin show department.

Its easy to mistake the story for being written by an 8 year old who probably ate too much chocolate.Within 5 minutes from the start ,it starts getting beyond the realm of ridiculousness.Its so bad that i wanted to 'facepalm' myself permanently for watching the idiocy that unfolded on screen.Cheating poker ,speed based bomb,stealing historical items ,the list goes on,its all so idiotic that it starts getting hilarious in the second half.One of the best qualities of the first movie were its twists.With Race 2 ,the twists and turns can be seen a mile away.Its all too obvious and predictable.Almost all of them are shamelessly recycled from Hollywood.

This movie is an insult to the human senses.Abbas-Mastan have either gone nuts or are just trying to make quick cash with their worthless movies.They fill the movie with stylish shots trying hard to cover up the dumb story.Even here they fail.The visual effects are very poor and seem to be a decade old technology.The overdose of stylish sequences drag the movie even more.

The action sequences are too long and the comedy is very poor.The fruit related jokes are the most utterly lamest things I've ever heard in an action movie.Why fruits? Was it to support the cherry popping jokes? There's no other reason for fruit comedy in Race 2!! The only plus point that can be salvaged from Race 2 is its music.The music videos were interesting and helped to increase the movies tempo.

Overall Race 2 is one of the worst movies I've seen in 2013.Stay away from it.The music videos can be seen on Youtube for free.

Acting- 0/5 Story- 0/5 Direction- 0/5 Action- 1/5 Thriller- 1/5
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The most weirdly stupid movie
SWA KHO8 February 2013
There is no imagination, or rather stupid imagination all through the movie. The amount of money thrown around is obscene...for the first time a bollywood movie talks in billions of Euros. The special effects are childish, the premise and the so called twists are crazy. Its all about being glamorous, the script proves that no brains have been applied. I cant think of enough bad adjectives for this movie. I couldn't avoid watching it, but do yourselves a favor and stay away from it. I was feeling embarrassed watching it, the makers should have been ashamed.

Lets take one example of the multitude in this movie. a car is fitted with a bomb that would burst if the speed is reduced. So Saif removes it while the car is doing 100+, but lo and behold, the bomb has no wiring connected to anything in the car. its just stuck there, he pulls it and throws it away. So how would it have tripped if the speed was reduced? Just one of the hundreds of examples of asinine non logics in this movie. Stay AWAY!!
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This movie is a JOKE!
humzamalik-dx27 January 2013
Honestly, I was expecting something big, something spectacular but what was the turn out, Race II ladies and gentlemen, the biggest joke of 2013. If the makers took the time and revised and edited the script, maybe they could have created something good. The movie has many unnecessary songs which can get quiet frustrating. The special effects are garbage, they look like crap. Crappy explosions. A lot of it is clichéd. The fight scenes were okay but too bollywood-ish, not realistic. I wouldn't suggest watching this in theaters, don't waste you money, wait for the DVD release. I gave this movie a 5 out of 10 just for Deepika and John, everyone else was just okay.
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Actually Awful movie...
dhaval-tamboli8 February 2013
Not sure , what happens to us to see this kind of movies does 100 Crore Rs. business... Totally Fake stunts (Especially I cried myself out watching last fight scene in plane..)... Copied music.. copied scenes (especially the theft scene copied from National Treasure 2)... I guess all we Indians want is good location and girls to make this movie hit... Creativity is totally lost in Indian Cinema... It's better to watch original Hollywood movie rather than disgraceful copied Bollywood out of it..... Eagerly waiting for one of Raj-Kumar Hirani movie to see something good and original.

Its not race.. Its Disgrace.... !!!
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Not even an inch closer to Race
jahangirhussain7426 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Race 2 is a popcorn flick at best! Too much care has been taken for the oomph and style in the film but little has been done to enlighten the screenplay which was definitely a plus point of its predecessor, Race. Race 2 boosts of a stellar cast of A-list actors but the plot doesn't have the spell to stand above the rest. The first half moves sluggishly while the second half seems rushed.

In the first edition of Race, the twists kept us hooked and interested, so in Race 2, we expected more and better twists. Director duo Abbas- Mustan do try (and desperately) to give us more than a handful, but keeping up with them is labourious.

The hero in the film (Saif Ali Khan) is shown as an James Bond incarnate as he can do almost everything be it riding a speed boat, archery, fencing, gambling etc. John Abraham makes a sorry villain and since all his tricks are thwarted by Saif in this film, you feel that he has come across looking more dumber than being intelligent in the film. I wonder what went wrong with Deepika Padukone in Race 2? She shows only her skin and not her acting skills. Oops! But is that true for the other ladies in this movie too? Not really. Jacqueline Fernandez has a meatier role than Deepika's. Deepika wears a stone-faced expression on her face throughout and you wonder is that the same actress who gave a power packed performance in Cocktail? But it must be noted that Jacqueline too struggles with giving the appropriate expressions and she has minimal facial expressions. Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel compete to prove who comes across as sillier. Anil's PJs make you feel sick to the stomach.

The music of the movie is also a minus point. Race 2 lacks an appealing chartbuster much like Abbas-Mustan's last year's disaster, Players!

Race 2, with its twists and turns, is like one of those terrible roller- coaster rides that leave you nauseated and sick by the end.
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A pointless movie with nothing racy in it
sondiponbiswas27 January 2013
Abbas-Mustan always believes in dashing looks, tough fights, engaging storytelling and nail biting climaxes. Well, it worked really well in Race I collecting 85.5 crores worldwide; unfortunately in Race II, although the casts are super cool and fight scenes are quite impressive but the movie lacks immensely on that engaging-story-part.! The movie starts with a bang and takes convoluted route with lots of twists and turns but a bit too slowly because of frequent and unnecessary songs; then in the middle the script looses its element of surprise and you get 'remake' scenes from Zorro I (sword fight where Saif magically redid the epic scene by Antonio Banderas but with 'blunted' swords!) and instead of a sequel you get an ill-advised rehash. The good 'bad-guy' Ranvir/Saif steals the 'highly protected' Shroud Of Turin with just a simple password-forgery and then escapes through the under ground drainage system (which was totally unprotected except an iron-lid); question is, why couldn't he use the same vent to enter the chamber in the first place?!! Can't blame the casts, everyone of them tried hard to live upto their expectations except Amisha Patel playing the role of Anil's extraordinaryly dumb, sex-starved secretary with her poor dressing sense and heavily innuendo-laden dialogues like "When will you pop my cherry?" In short, Race II is a wreck of a movie with pointless screenplay. Only thing racy about the movie is the sizzling Deepika Padukone.
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Race 2 = { ( Race 1 -minus- intelligent plot) + (Fashion Show) }
Tejas Nair24 January 2013
I wasn't expecting much from the director duo after "Players." But, since Race was a very good watch, I watched Race 2 and was disappointed.

It starts with fabulous action sequences in great locations and as you try and perceive what it will be all about in the remaining 2 hours, a twist awaits you and the total number of twists we have here is colossal and that is why I gave it 5 stars. It is surely a thriller, I guarantee that. But too much of style and Bollywood punches ruined this broth.

But, as a cinemaholic, I felt the plot was saggy, the performances by the cast wasn't up to the mark. Saif is cool, John is beast and lacks character depth, the lead girls act dumb and try VERY hard to be killers. Anil Kapoor has disappointed me the most with his not-so-witty jokes along with emcee voluptuous Amisha! And it also demands total attention or else, you will lose your way into this maze.

Direction is sweet; the screenplay sucks and the story, which has to be a foundation of such high-octane flicks is feeble, fickle and sometimes even super-fly. Music is like... good - but the songs - film- makers were forced to slide them in.

Race 2 is not a red-lounge-reclining seat movie, but looking at the 2013 releases, it is better than Matru but feebler than Table No. 21.

Bottom Line: Some Race 2 sequences will make you whine and swear, but the rest MAY... I repeat, MAY make you happy. It is a type of movie where different people will have different verdicts. And my verdict is it is a preposterous caper where no only a couple of rich Indians run the town. It is like hue & saturation. You can go for it if you haven't anything to do this three- day weekend! It will entertain you to some extent, but if you are a serious cinema-goer (and critic) and aspire logic, Race 2 cannot be compared with its predecessor or with any action flick for that matter.

Some pivotal plot points have been copied from Nicholas Cage starrer National Treasure & certain Hollywood spy movies.

WATCH OUT FOR: Saif, explosions, ridiculous stunt scenes, numerous plot turns, expected ending, cheesy dialogues and a useless wrestling sequence.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

Language: Clean | Sex: No | Foreplay: No | Violence: Strong | Gore: Very Mild | Alcohol: Strong | Nudity: Medium | Smoking: No
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A biased script and a DUMB villain gives RACE 2 a no fight.
pr@dyut _N26 January 2013
Race 2 is about a smart hero and a dumb villain and that should have been the end of the story, but it continues. Saif is sleek as a knife and John is dumber than Ameesha 'the dumb girl' (who is supposed to act dumb). The script is plain with little twists, no turns and bad jokes that just fails to follow the trails of Race. Deepika is oozing steam but Jacqueline fails to look hot and vicious at the same time. The action scenes are way over the top, too Bollywood, or just scuffles (in fact, I was more impressed with the actions in the trailer of Commando). Just for a hint, one of the bigger villain says, "TUM BOH CHORI KARNE KI BAAT KAR RAHE HO JO AAJ TAK Hollywood MOVIES MAIN BHI NAHI HUA HAI".

Race 2 is a blunt and pompous movie with a villain made (by the script) and act so dumb that the hero finishes the race without any scratch, with one of the lady (keep guessing) in an 'audi flying with parachutes' out of a chartered plane with everything else falling behind.
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Race 2:A bad successor to to its predecessor Race!
GaneshKSalian25 January 2013
Race 2 directed by Abbas-Mustan is a sheer disappointment.

Except for some few exceptional performances and beautiful cinematography,nothing else works.

Clichéd screenplay,lack of surprising twist and turns,addition of unwanted characters,slow-pacing and unwanted songs.

The first half of the movie was a bit interesting,but the second half turns out to be more painful,thanks to the hackneyed writing.

The twists and turns in the second half,is the same twist and turns we saw in its predecessor,Race! Even there are so many songs in the movie.After every 10-15 minutes of some action sequences or some laughable dialogs,there appears song.

Story: Ranvir (Saif Ali Khan) treads through the world of the Indian mafia in Turkey as he looks to avenge the death of his lover and partner in crime.

The direction is terrible.

The writing is half-baked.

The action sequences is average.

The music is fairly okay."Allah Duhai Hai" is the best of all.

The cinematography by Ravi Yadav is excellent.The scenic beauty of Cyprus and Istanbul has been captured very well and is a treat to the eye for the viewer.


John Abraham's performance is the best of all.He acts the evil part with perfection.Saif Ali Khan is average.Anil Kapoor is good.

Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous and acts well.Jacqueline Fernandez looks appealing but acts appalling!

Ameesha Patel,Aditya Pancholi,Bipasha Basu and Rajesh Khattar are all wasted.

All in all,Race 2 is bad successor to Race.I am giving it a three on ten.Colossal Disappointment!
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Race 2 is nothing but just show-off...
Atul Jain3 February 2013
Race 2 is nothing but just show-offs of fancy cars, faces and freaks.

Agent Vinod was an average watch and far better, so you can firmly skip this Rat Race and better watch any Fast & Furious again.

Stunts were shot childish and story line was another weak point. The looks of John and Saif were good but you don't watch a movie just for their look.

Girls were eye candies nothing else. Fight scenes could have been lot better and director has failed focusing on the theme of this movie.

Before the end you already know, what is going to happen!

Thumbs down to Race2 ! (1.5/5 Rating)
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A Nutshell Review: Race 2
DICK STEEL26 January 2013
The directing duo of Abbas-Mastan created Race back in 2008 that deals with the twists, turns, and double/triple crossings between two brothers Ranvir (Saif Ali Khan) and Rajiv (Akshaye Khanna), against an ostentatious backdrop that included the requisite flaunting of material wealth, horse racing, romance, and shady characters that included the likes of femme fatales in Bipasha Bashu and Katrina Kaif in one of her earlier Bollywood roles. The sequel boasts no less, although with only Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor as the now ex police inspector Robert D'Costa returning, but adopting a similar formula that focused on the con.

You don't really need to watch the first film because everything pretty much moved along in standalone fashion in this follow up, which spent a considerable part of the first half hour cementing the nastiness of brother-sister team Armaan (John Abraham) and Elena (Deepika Padukone). One's a street fighter who has never lost a fight, and brought out of the scene by Elena, the brains of their enduring and successful partnership, dabbling into various cons from casino tables, to just about owning an empire both in the light, and in the shady underworld. They form a formidable team, and individually, Shiraz Ahmed's story shows just how bad ass each can be, never batting an eyelid if they have to rely on good old fashioned murder or seduction to get at what they want.

We're soon introduced to another new character played by Jacqueline Fernandez as Omisha, a thief who soon hooks up with Armaan not only because of his good looks but more importantly, his wealth and wicked demeanor, while Ranvir enters the picture to try and gain trust from the ruthless siblings to take on a larger con together, with Elena sending out her foxy signals right from the start. For a Bollywood movie, this covers the romance angle where the leads have their counterparts to woo, or in this case accelerated into the expected song and dance sequence in lieu of something more kinky that can't be shown on screen.

But really, things just aren't that simple, where soon Ranvir gets involved with both women, though for different reasons, and has an objective and motivation that ties in with a key character from the past, as well as to answer the rather open ended prologue in this film. To say a lot more is to ruin the surprises that Abbas-Mastan have in store for audiences. This is a Race movie that has qualities to be expanded into yet another Bollywood franchise of rotating villains played by a top star for each installment, going along the Dhoom route. So expect that things will never be as they seem, and there's almost always a motive behind what someone will say and do, where loyalties can shift at will, and one-upmanship is the order of the game.

Which happens to be the film's weakness as well. Sometimes the flip-flopping extracts a chunk of imagination, coincidence and stretches one's belief that the con actually began many steps beforehand, like a chess grandmaster playing against an amateur, that surprises spring out from the blue, with constant smirking that one got on top of the other, only for that smirk to be wiped out by an even larger wink. It can get tongue-in-cheek at times, and opened up loopholes that would be best glossed over for the entire narrative to work. Heavy reliance on sleight of hand techniques also called for plot convenience, with its fragmented narrative style forced to hide, and then present details of the con.

Heavy reliance on CG is also telling, but here the CG still seemed rather cartoony, which suited the hyper-reality style of the world that the characters in Race exists in. It's entertainment for the masses, so Abbas-Mastan waste no time in plying implausible stunts in every death-defying escape, although a parkour sequence was expertly handled. Set action pieces get bigger as the film moved along, culminating in a really nutty climatic showdown thousands of feet in the air. It's one thing presenting large set action pieces, but another in presenting them well no matter how cheesy it would be. Someone forgot to tell the filmmakers to ease up on the cheesiness, but perhaps they had comedy in mind as well, with a key unintentional one given gossip rags on the John Abraham-Bipasha Basu relationship that will have audiences in stitches.

John Abraham's hulking frame got put to good use, and in what would be the usual Salman- Khan style, there's built-in opportunity here for clothes to be shed in a stylized MMA caged fight, for some brawn to be added rather than to put him in a role whose character is only interested in whatever it takes to make money, and horde cash, in what would be a major negative role since his turn in the first Dhoom. Saif Ali Khan continues with the swagger and poser requirements as Ranvir from the first film, playing the ultimate conman now with a more personal vendetta at hand, and paired up yet again with Deepika Padukone for the umpteenth time. If anything, Deepika's role as Elena fit into the typical Bond girl role, in having little to do, little to add to the story, but there for the eye candy. And she carried off the lightweight role really well, as does Jacqueline Fernandez in yet another sequel of her career. Anil Kapoor is grossly underused here, if only to serve as the plot's conduit between characters, and spending most of his time with his character's secretary Cherry (Ameesha Patel), leering and spouting sexual innuendos.

If movies with twists and turns at every other instant is your cup of tea, then Race 2 would be that popcorn entertainer you're looking for, with a good looking cast providing eye candy to wild away those two and a half hours. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should you.
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Go for crazy action & thrill, not for twist & suspense
Vishal Budhraja25 January 2013
Revenge is a dish, best served cold. Abbas-Mustan is back with their patented ingredient of Suspense Thriller(More of thriller this time) & they serve it cold. It is a action-packed entertainer. It is a type of movie where different people will have different opinion. First half is very good with excellently shot chase scene(first of its kind in Bollywood), twist & turns(not like Race), action(fist fight in 2nd half), grey shades characters, glamor and of course countless money. But in 2nd half their is no suspense like Race(2008) with lots of loopholes . Climax Plane scene is not effective as expected. Be ready for RACE 3 as story is left open. Direction is good. Cinematography in awesome. Script is not as tight as expected. Except Ameesha, everyone is perfect in their roles. This time Saif outperform Abraham with mature dialogue delivery. Abraham Both girl looks really stylish & charming. Anil justifies his role completely. Last Word: Go for crazy action & thrill, not for twist & suspense.
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Terrible absolutely an abomination
djkoz7823 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Reviews are to only give you a inform the reader of how another viewer perceived the film.Then it's ultimately up to the reader to decide to either watch or avoid. I personally say at all costs avoid. This movie was absolutely ridiculous. I love Bollywood films but I believe that whomever wrote the Screenplay ahem.... Shiraz Ahmed. Believed the viewers where either completely retarded or in our early teens use the slight of hand by putting good looking people on screen while wiping their butts with the plot. The Director is just at fault because an actor is only as good as his or her director. The action was completely impossible and ignored physics. For example.

Spoilers The Boat/Car Chase Scene when our hero Ranvir Singh played by Saif Ali Khan is chasing in a boat a no named evil white dude in a rinky dink car. Our hero decides he can cut off evil white guy in the boat and somehow manages to JUMP the speeding boat onto the road without any ramp for said boat. All the while our hero is managing to climb out of the boats driver seat and maintain his balance. Then the rocket propelled boat that can jump with the need of any ramp lands on the road just in front of evil white mans car and crashed into the hero's speeding boat. At the last minute our hero leaps into the air and lands on the hood of the rinky dink car and of course thwarts the evil white man. Now anyone with at least a quarter of a brain can understand that boats don't just leap out of the water alone and for arguments sake lets say that the boat did indeed have a ramp then when the boat came to a sudden stop our hero would have kept going straight on through to the other side of the road not jumping on top of the hood of the vehicle that just crashed into the speeding boat.

The actors are no better than the producers and director. All they saw was their paychecks and ignored the script entirely. Then we have our antagonist Armaan Malik played by John Abraham and is the bad guy so we know how this will turn out. I nearly busted out laughing when after revealing he was a street fighter and says he has never lost a total of 125 fights. Come on how about 1,250,222.151,215 fights instead since realism and physics don't seem to be an issue. Let's go for broke. If you do intend to watch then I will leave out the absolute ridiculous ending in the airplane, but I will say this A pressurize emergency airlock in a jet takes thousands of pounds of pressure to release the emergency exit and can't be done with human hands while in the air it's physically impossible. Some Hollywood films are guilty of this as well as thinking the viewers are nothing but a drooling bunch of apes.

The movie was nothing but a way for the producers to make a quick buck and for the actors to ignore the screenplay and get paid. Please avoid this movie at all costs. It doesn't matter how much you polish a turd it's still sh*t.
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No winners in this Race
Muhammad Yasser13 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After the Abbas Mastan hit of 2008 "Race", was waiting very patiently for the sequel and after much fanfare and hype Race 2 joins the long list of Bollywood sequels to hit cinema in the past few years.

Sadly Race 2 comes no where near the original and disappoints big time.

The only saving grace is Saif, his expressions, acting and charisma is what carried the movie. From the start of the movie when he bets millions on the roulette in the casino he truly does justice to his role. Sadly the Writer lets him down with the flawed script holes. One example is Omisha (Jacqueline) posing as Sonia's (Bipasha) sister, assuming that Saif's character has never seen her picture!!!. Also why no villain checks the bounty completely after the deal is made even if the amount is not in millions but billions!!! etc etc.

John Abraham and Deepika lack the chemistry of brother and sister. Of course they cannot act either.

Why did Anil Kapoor has to choose this role is beyond my wildest imaginations, i know his character loves fruits but the fruity jokes were one too many and got stale at the end. Amisha Patel is forgetful as the secretary Cherry, another bad character choice for her.

Jacqueline Fernandez walks through her role like a robot, the girl can't act even if here life depends on it.

Overall 4 stars due to some decent Songs and cinematography.
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Another wannabe 100 crore club film + Another Abbas-Mustan dumb film + A wannabe Hollywood thriller
silvan-desouza3 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Abbas-Mustan has made their career churning thrillers which worked earlier but off recent their films were badly made ones like 36 China Town, Naqaab and Players. Race(2008) however succeeded though it was a bad rehash of Goodbye Lover with so many twists that it got messy in the end.But as per the current trend there decided to make a sequel. The problem with bollywood thrillers, is that there try to mix masala,songs and try to make the film appeal to everyone thus loosing it's essence. Race 2 follows the same template of the original, it has twists which keep coming, so much that you're sure in advance that the twist will happen. The film starts off well, John's character is well handled, even Saif's character is well introduced. Just like the original, here too it starts with a voice-over by Anil Kapoor. The film does get attention grabbing initially one awaits what will happen next, There are some irritants, one being Anil and Amisha's characters which try too hard to make you laugh at the wrong places. In AM's earlier films Johny Lever was used to evoke laughter,he also was in the original but here the director uses Anil and Amisha for comic relief which does get irritating. Even for people who watch Hollywood films, like Skyfall, will be disappointed as the CGI in the stunts all come across as laughable, even there will laugh throughout at the film at the poor attempt at aping the west. But that apart, the first half has a smooth sailing, but there are several loopholes in the script, the heist looks too easy paling compared to the ones witnessed in recent Hollywood films, though this comparison maybe wrong but yet the way the heist is conducted looks pathetic. John's fight is well handled though I don't understand what was the use of making it look like a fight from Dabaang in between with close ups of John's chest getting bashed and the Matrix Inspired flying. The fight in the plane looks so laughable it makes you cringe, also the CGI reminds you of films made in the 1990s, The climax leaves a window open for a part III, Be warned. The film ends just like the original.

Direction by Abbas Mustan is good in parts Music is superb, most songs retain the same kinda style of the original, The Party song is superb, Lat Lag Gayi is superb too, Allah Duhai is a fantastic number but it looks forced in the film. John can't dance, even Saif and Anil aren't that great dancers and it makes it laughable. Camera-work is superb, the various locales add spunk to the film, like in all AM films, SFX is terrible Dialogues range from laughable to some smart ones.

Saif Ali Khan reprises his role from the original and yet again does a superb job though it's hardly too demanding for his calibre. In his intro he has a blonde hair look which is never seen in the film, perhaps for his next film Go Goa Gone. John Abraham looks cool and returns to villainy after ages, perhaps his last being Zinda, he plays his part well though it doesn't demand much from him either, Though he does tend to get laughable when he screams especially during the fight scenes. Deepika Padukone after her superb act in Cocktail(with Saif again) is quite good in her part, though it doesn't demand much from her either. Jackqueline Fernandez is terrible, she looks also very terrible except in the Lat Lag Gayi song, with her uncontrolled hair. Her voice is dubbed(Surprisingly like in the original where Katrina's voice was dubbed awfully too), she makes you cringe with her bad performance, she has never been known as an actress and has to work hard on. Anil Kapoor is wasted in his role though he does add some funny moments but from the actor of his calibre it looks disgusting, also some of the PJS are in bad taste. Amisha Patel is headache inducing, in her role an equally pathetic Sameera Reddy had done in the original. She has billed as a special appearance though her role is throughout. Amongst rest Aditya Panscholi in a cameo, does the same role he has been doing off recently in most films, he has hardly 2-3 scenes though he does his job well yet it is getting repetitive. Amongst rest Rajesh Khattar is okay.Bipasha has a blink and miss role.
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This is everything that is wrong with Bollywood!
roshan-dash15 February 2013
The collective IQ of all the people involved in this movie should measure less than 100. Vapid dialogs, sleaze, unbelievable special effects( really no one with half a brain can believe it). Abbas Mustan rely on the age old bollywood trick to copy movies from Hollywood with the ardent hope that no one has ever watched them. Scenes are shamelessly lifted from National Treasure, Oceans 11, Transporter and many more! The female leads are plastic. No surprises there. Anil Kapoor is asked to make a fool of himself. John is unconvincing as the conniving villain. Saif's acting skills are mostly not required to portray such a poorly written role. 2 points for a plot that might vaguely convince you to sit through 2.5 hours of bland troll.
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Race 2 ... glamour and stupidity
Maneck K2 February 2013
I like to think of myself as a movie buff, who does not hate any movie. Every movie I watch I have something good to say about it. A movie has to try very hard to bore the hell out of me.

Race 2, the sequel to the superhit and definitely exciting movie Race, has managed to just that to me. The plot, I don't think one should care about considering the Director duo Abbas-Mastan themselves seem to have lost it, is to get the viewer entangled in a web of trust and mistrust among the characters. Then after the interval try to untangle the same web, which was created for a reason so frivolous that it had the audience in splits of laughter (atleast in the theater I saw).

Now in between this plot, throw in some hot women, who dress up hotter than their bodies allow, a bimbo, an old man who thinks he is young, a good looking protagonist, a beefed up actor and a forgotten actor. Now mind you all these well known actors are not trying to run the movie on the merits of acting but, on style and glamour. So what I ended up watching was a fashion show of well known actors who tried to act a little for our benefit.

Saif Ali Khan, is still stylish and with his blue blood looks is the only good part of the movie and he will manage to sweep the hearts of women through is portrayal as Ranveer. Deepika Padukone tries to look hotter than she actually is and I would like to forget her fast. John Abraham as the negative guy, beefed up as a don cum street fighter cum businessman. Looking at him reminds me of a dialogue from Johnny Lever in the movie Badshah, "Aadmi has ya mutton ki dukaan". Jacqueline Fernandez needs to settle down fast in life, coz movies are not for her. Anil Kapoor who I used to admire in the days of Tezaab and Ram Lakhan, needs to know that he is an old man and there is a difference between women he can act with and women who might be his daughter's age. Hollywood seems to have ruined his judgement about choosing roles. Ameesha Patel as the bimbo secretary to Anil Kapoor has tried to get by suggesting sex to her boss through the whole movie. Why was she there, my guess would be as good as yours? And before I forget there is also Aditya Pancholi … did I hear you say "who?" … never mind.

The good part, well if you like to shop for dresses on screen, witness fast cars and watch a travel show instead of a movie, this one is for you. The rest of you can watch TLC on TV.
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same as RACE......
ckaran8025 January 2013
5 years ago , Abbas-Mustan directed Race set a new level in the thriller genre as far as bollywood is concerned....RACE-2 is no different...

As a sequel to RACE i expected this movie to be highly suspenseful, twistful and action packed....which it indeed was.....but what it failed to do was distinguish itself from its prequel...the same kind of storyline, same twists, same type of characters and same scenes were cloned throughout the entire movie... the climax scene was very poorly and sadly executed....

If u've watched RACE, you can easily predict certain part of the sequences and it makes you feel no different....But unlike RACE, apart from only planning and plotting, some action sequences have also been included and to my surprise, they have been executed to perfection....Along with action, cinematography and background score have been the most unique features of RACE-2...

As far as the cast is concerned,there are average performances by JOHN, DEEPIKA and others, but its SAIF who steals all the way...JOHN would have done a far better in a negative role...but fails to impress much...

Finally RACE-2 has all the contents to make it a good thriller film with unexpected twists, but it would have been much much better if the script would have different from its prequel....
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Race 2 Hindi film review
venkat_3824 January 2013
Please go to this film with only entertainment in mind. Do not think of logics and possibilities at any stage. If you follow this rule, you will enjoy this film, this is my guarantee

As expected the film Race-2 turned out to be an exciting film. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Indian films have not only reached Hollywood levels but also have surpassed them in terms of entertainment values and taking styles.

Right from the first scene this film maintains its tempo. Directors duo Abbas – Mustan have handled the script very well and presented a fine enjoyable package.

The entire film script works and rotates around the combination of Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and the Srilankan dusky beauty Jacqueline Fernandez. Not to leave out the cameo duo of Anil Kapoor and Amisha Patel.

The photography, screen play, taking of scenes is simply out of the world, or at least like Hollywood style.

The one-liner comedy dialogues are very good. Film is having lot of such dialogues.

In the entire film there are only two instances where I felt bored. One is a song in second half and the other one is the fight in the aircraft almost nearing climax. Rest all excellent. The highlights of the film can be mentioned as the running chase between the killer shooter and Saif Ali Khan.

Saif rocks in this film. Deepika and Jacqueline are looking very pretty and attractive. John could able to flex his muscles a lot in this film. Anil Kapoor and Amisha Patel play the roles of a comedy duo type.

Just go and watch…………….enjoyable film, good time pass. Yes you are right, RACE – 3 will come as per the climax.
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twisting enough!
rmishra-rakesh-mishra25 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Script Analysis: The screenplay, by Shiraz Ahmad, is all fluff. It's a revenge story with a twist in almost every ten minutes. Everyone knows what the other person is planning. There's a lot of backstabbing, cheating and lies going around. It may be enough to get you interested, but it gets tiring after a while. Logic, of course, has no place in this filmmaker's world. If casino owners were as stupid as Rajesh Khattar, who exchanges Ranvir's "fake" currency for real ones without checking a single note, the world would be a richer place indeed. And that's just the start. Armaan's intro is some gibberish about how he's an honest thief but he doesn't seem to have any qualms about cheating when he gets a chance. Ranvir steals the Shroud of Turin with such ease as if it were the Stone Age and CCTVs or other hi-tech security measures weren't invented till then.

Most of Kiran Kotrial's dialogues are like an unimpressive 2nd grader's examination sheet; mostly one line questions and similar answers with no substance. "Dara rahi ho ya challenge kar rahi ho?", "Flirt kar rahe ho ya tareef?" etc.

The Last Word: if u like thriller movies then u must watch! after Don2 this goes to be gud thriller movies...
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h_i_tesh19 January 2018
This movie is actually very funny. A movie to enjoy over drinks with friends and share a few laughs. The twists and turns of this movie are so fun to watch that you start predicting really bizarre twists. We had fun watching this movie.
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my favorite action and suspense film
aaronbir20 May 2017
this is so amazing movie i love the songs they are most favorite i keep listening to them all the time good story-line good direction good editing good casting good acting i like the action fighting scenes a lot they are enjoyable what a masterpiece saif was the suave hero and john was good as the villain other did well my rating 9/10
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Never have i ever.............seen this crap!
Ankit Bishnoi19 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the worst bollywood movie till date. Its 2015, and the only reason i am here reviewing this title is because i hear that Race 3 might come out soon. What the first one has was a couple of washed out actors, with more washed out actors, which made money for some reason. And enough money for a goddamn 60 crore sequel to an equally terrible movie. Honestly, the Indian movie going crowd is the one to blame here.

But if we talk about the movie, the shortest summary i could give of it is TERRIBLE! I am surprised someone financed this stuff. One should know that no one gives a damn about Saif Ali Khan, or John Abraham, or Jacqueline Fernandez. Anil Kapoor has become the same idiot he was in the last one, and with an even wackier assistant this time.

I was shocked to see people call it amazing, it is not! It copies from a lot of Hollywood movies, and bollywood as well. If someone were committed to find all the parallels, they wouldn't be disappointed.

Overall, this is an embarrassment for Indian Cinema, but then most movies are, and only a few shine on these screens. But rest assured, this is not one of them!
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Race 2 the Exit Door for This One.
Akira-2926 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Race 2 is a valiant effort at suspense, drama and the not-so-subtle plot-twist that yanks the rug out from the audience.

Oh wait... actually, no it isn't.

It left this viewer groaning, slapping his forehead in disgust and longing for a fast-forward button. I guess I'm not alone. Saif Ali Khan (- an actor whose choices and work I actually do admire -) even called parts of the film "plastic." Here are a few details that left me shaking my head:

  • Why is it that every major announcement to a crowd in this film (toasts, celebrations, Godfathers talking to gamblers) is done in Hindi? Had no idea so many Europeans understood Hindi so well. Nicely done, Cypress!

  • Did the filmmakers watch "Mask of Zorro"(1998) when trying to create flirty tension with a fencing scene? Catherine Zeta-Jones also had her dress ripped by Antonio Banderas the same way... except their characters used real swords. Fencing swords are really not that sharp, my friends.

  • The filmmakers definitely watched "National Treasure"... and took detailed notes for "inspiration". (Shroud of Turin. Right.)

  • This movie has more media, advertising and production partners than Rupert Murdoch and Facebook combined.

  • If you like characters that eat lots of fruit, speak about eating lots of fruit, reference fruit with profound philosophy, and sleep with characters named after fruit... this is most definitely your movie.

  • It is mandatory to have at least 3 scenes featuring the main actors emerging from a body of water... either shirtless, bikini-clad or both. Must be shot in slow-motion... running a hand through wet hair is a plus.

  • Every song has to have the fans blasting at full power and pointed at the designated lip-syncher. Pantene pays royalties... either that, or they must be one of the media partners.
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Race 2 or James Bond .....hein !!
I loved Race !! The 1st part was so entertaining plus well written and directed. It kept me hooked till the last scene.

Race 2 is a pain to watch!! Easily one of the worst sequels made in Bollywood. While there was style and substance in Race, the sequel is only style. Pity this comes from Abbas-Mustan duo who gave us good action thrillers in past like Khiladi, Bazigaar, Soldier, etc. It seems like the duo have lost form. Their previous outing 'Players' was a complete bore and easily should win hands down the award for the worst remake of a Hollywood film i.e. Italian job.

Comin to Race 2. It is a revenge story this time. Fine but somewhere in the middle, I felt that Saif's character was a James Bond. His character plays poker and has 3 aces, excellent archer, so good at fencing that Jacqueline is semi nude at the end of the duel, chases a contract killer across town on feet, performs some unbelievable stunts, steals the Shroud of Turin and saves himself by driving the car from a plane in mid air. Wow..see it to believe it.

Except of Saif and John, others put up a horrible show. Even Anil Kapoor is not in form and delivers only one good dialogue abt popping the cherry.

There will be a Race 3 for sure. Hope its as good as part 1.
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