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After the movie premiered, Adam Sandler bought each of his fellow cast members (Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, and David Spade) a brand new Maserati. Rock appreciated the gift but said it made him feel like "Adam Sandler's bitch."
Actress Maya Rudolph really was pregnant with her second child during filming of this movie. Production began in June 2009 and Rudolph gave birth in November 2009.
Originally, Adam Sandler wrote and was set to release this movie in the mid-1990s with actor Chris Farley in the role now played by Kevin James. However, Farley's tragic passing in 1997 halted production plans and the film was shelved for more than a decade.
Kevin James' character, Eric Lamansoff, was also mentioned in another Adam Sandler movie; The Wedding Singer (1998), as a neighbor of Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) during the scene where Robbie and Julia are negotiating prices for wedding pictures.
Studio executives were not enthused with reports that Salma Hayek would be cast in the film, and in a meeting suggested to Adam Sandler that they continue looking until they could get a "less ethnic" actress in the part. Sandler then told them he'd already offered Hayek the role and she'd accepted, adding that he would not consider re-casting the part and warned them not to bring the subject up again.
Rob Schneider's character is continually seen to be eating and drinking the most organic food and drink. This is very much keeping with the actor himself who is very into healthy eating.
The lake rope swing scene was added at the last second during filming. Adam Sandler told the story of how it happened to him and it was decided to include the scene in the movie. It was then decided it would be funnier if it happened to Kevin James' character.
Adam Sandler took a break from filming to be the guest speaker at the 2010 Graduation of his Alma Mater (Manchester Central High School) in Manchester, New Hampshire. His niece was a member of the graduating class.
An early scene where the 5 male leads all sit in chairs outside the lakehouse in sunshine was actually extremely cold. External heaters were placed out of shot so the actors - who were all dressed in t-shirts and shorts - could warm themselves in between takes.
Despite the rather idyllic summer setting at the lakehouse in Massachusetts, at some point it rained every day during production.
The "flashback" basketball game was filmed at the Huntington St. YMCA in Boston. It was filmed on a 95-degree August day in a non air-conditioned gym while all of the extras in the stands were dressed in the material of the day - polyester. So, if everyone in the stands appears to be melting, that is why. Adam Sandler was on set with Dennis Dugan and they both guided the team and the cheerleaders during the 15 hour shoot.
CGI was used to create sunshine as the weather was actually dull and wet during most of the shoot.
Adam Sandler's wife Jackie Sandler makes an apperance in the movie when the guys are playing basketball near the end. She plays Tardio's wife. Their two daughters are the real daughters of Adam & Jackie Sandler.
Kevin James' character name "Eric Lamansoff" is also mentioned in Adam Sandlers other movie "Click" as a the CEO who kills himself followed by David Hasselhoff's character telling Adam Sandler's now obese character that he's the new CEO.
Gary Busey filmed a cameo as one of Lenny's clients, but it did not make the final cut. However, it can be found on the Blu-Ray Special Features.
An environmentally aware production, all 250 cast and crew were issued with their own water bottles which they used throughout filming, cutting down on the number of plastic disposable water bottles usually used throughout a film's production.
Adam Sandler wears a different New England area college shirt or hat in nearly every scene. The colleges that Sandler can be spotted wearing are University of Connecticut (hat), University of Massachusetts (t-shirt), Harvard (t-shirt) with a University of New Hampshire t-shirt, University of Rhode Island (hat), Vermont hockey, and Boston University (sweatshirt). He is also seen wearing a Whalers Hockey t-shirt.
Adam Sandler said the pool scene was adlibed
Director Dennis Dugan has a cameo during the opening credits as the basketball referee. This is not his first time making a cameo as a referee; he played a football referee in his earlier film, Saving Silverman.
Adam Sandler is seen wearing a UNH (University of New Hampshire) T-shirt. Sandler was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Manchester, New Hampshire.
The zipline ride seen in the waterpark sequence is a fictional creation. Health and safety regulations would never allow customers to fly over concrete.
The first cut of the film was 192 minutes long.
Director Dennis Dugan directed his ex-wife Joyce Van Patten in this movie. Just like depicted in her character Gloria's relationship with Rob Schneider, also Van Patten is older than Dugan. Though, their age difference (11 years) is not quite as significant as that of the movie characters.
Tardio & his wife's daughters are the real daughters of Adam & Jackie Sandler (Jackie Sandler plays Tardio's wife).
Adam Sandler's fifth collaboration with director Dennis Dugan.
'Water Wizz', the water park from the film is also featured in Maya Rudolph's other film The Way Way Back.
The name Lamonsoff (Eric Lamonsoff, Kevin James) also appears in the 2015 movie Pixels with Josh Gad's character Ludlow Lamonsoff.
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Dan Patrick's character is a take on Norby Williamson, Executive Senior Vice President of Studio and Event Production at ESPN.
Eric lamonsoff also appears on credits during Jack and Jill another Sandler movie. The movie is about a set of twins. The movie has real twins in the beginning and end sharing their stories.
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The ponies you see during the 4th of July Carnival scene are in real life Disco (brown one with white socks), TJ (fat brown and white one), Tigger (little brown and white one) and Double-Up (white one). They live at Hunter's Haven Farm in Groveland MA.

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