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Just another Adam Sandler film...
Frank van 't Veer11 July 2010
There is nothing wrong about this film... there is nothing right about it either. It's just another Adam Sandler feel-good movie, and if you like these (I certainly do), you will like this movie too. If you hate them for a lack of plot or the shallowness of the jokes, you won't. I just know I laughed a numerous amount of times, and I felt good after having watched it.

And no, I'm not a stupid guy; I like a good plot, good acting, directing and well-thought-of puns as does the next guy. But there are times when you feel like watching a complicated drama, and there are times when you feel like watching a no-brainer.

This is definitely a no-brainer, which will make you feel good from time to time. That's why Adam Sandler makes these movies, and that's why they keep doing so well.

They will make you feel good :)
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Hardly a movie
actionlad20 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What do you get when you put Sandler, Schneider, Rock and Spade in a "comedy?" The makings of a pretty good film! Sprinkle in a little Kevin James and Selma Hayek and you might have a bona fide hit on your hands. Why then, does a film like this go so awry? Why did every joke miss? Why was every character completely unlikable. There wasn't a redeeming quality to any of the characters from the start of the film and the kids that some of the characters had spawned were even worse. All around, its such a dumb film that I was actually angry with myself for sticking to it and then wasting almost two hours waiting for it to get better.

When they finally introduce antagonists into the movie (almost an hour in), it's like Sandler and friends decided it as an afterthought.

For the purpose of full disclosure, I am a big fan of Adam Sandler and the rest of this bunch from movies like Happy Gilmore to I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but this POS was sooooo bad. What the hell happened to you in making this movie, Mr. Sandler? The ending of this movie reminded me of the worst SNL skits that never really ended, they just had the audience applaud at the end of the sketch. What a waste!
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Groan Ups
mmalone-145 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is terrible. What a poor excuse with all of the talent involved. I am so glad that Adam Sandler and his friends had fun making this piece of garbage. Next time include a paying audience in on the joke. It would have been nice if one joke (were there any?) would have worked. Did I mention that not one joke worked? Adam Sandler claims that he co-wrote this mess, but we all know there was never a script. Adam just called up his SNL drinking buddies and said, "Hey, Let's take a vacation and film it for $80 million and charge people for it". Adam Sandler plays just a lazier version of himself. There is nothing he does in his movie that is amusing, but he did manage to crack himself up in nearly every scene. So at least he has that going for him. (I know that Adam's character stepped on the line and that is why he grew up to be a jerk.) I don't think anyone told Chris Rock that they were filming a movie until after it was completed. He looks befuddled in every scene. It is a shame that he is so bad in this trash when he was so good in Death At A Funeral. His acting in this movie is the real kiss of death. Kevin James has never ever been funny and so I expected nothing from him and he delivered a grand slam. Kevin spends almost half the movie inside a KFC box. That is how embarrassed he was. Dennis Dugan did a lazy job of directing(?) this "woodland waste". It's like he just set the camera down and let these 5 men try to act around it. I bet he spent most of his time trying to convince the stars how funny each scene was. He should be Razzy nominated. I will skip to the end of the movie because nothing really ever happened. Out of nowhere comes not even half-baked melodrama with each couple overcoming some stupid problem. Each issue is brought up and resolved within 5 minutes and then never mentioned again! Why bother even brining it up in the first place because no one cares in the slightest. The final basketball showdown is filmed as if the entire crew fell asleep. I've seen more tension in a Dora the Explorer episode. Sandler's final lesion is worthless and really doesn't make much sense when you think about everything that has happened before it. Sandler's family was due for a loss and the evil guy was due for a win. What??? The evil guy was a jerk to everyone in the movie. And besides how do you know he was due for a win you haven't been in town for a long time. You know nothing about his life. How in the world does that insignificant game change that much? No one in the audience is buying that ending Sandler. No one. The women characters in the movie do nothing of note, are interchangeable and look as bored as they audience watching these 5 idiots try and make the lamest stuff funny. I won't mention the women by name to spare them of unfair blame. And last but certainly not least (or very least) is the acting duo (?) of Spade and Schneider. They are so bad that they make the acting in Troll 2 look Oscar worthy. Both should have to give up their SAG cards for this. I want to vomit just thinking of their acting again. They are worse then amateurs. I think both of them must be hiding a dark secret of Sandlers; otherwise why are they here. I have an idea for Adam Sandler's next movie. Please call it "Train Wreck". This way when it is released no one will be surprised when it sucks.
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Just not funny
Sandcooler18 September 2010
Some might disagree, but I'd say Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James is actually a pretty good main cast for a comedy. But that's also pretty much what makes the movie so frustrating, because absolutely nothing is done with them. Not only are the jokes weak and almost maddeningly predictable, the actors don't even get an actual story to work with. You can literally just erase main characters from this movie and it wouldn't affect the proceedings at all. Honestly, what does Chris Rock get to do in this movie? Can't remember a single one of his lines, really. The movie never really works up to a point, the characters have no goals, they just exist and you sit there and accept it. I really wish I could say something nice about this movie but seriously, even Steve Buscemi is bad in it. A bad Steve Buscemi. How do you do that? Very tiresome, witless comedy.
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Final nail in the coffin...
GodsPrototype19 December 2012
This is a harsh review but exactly how I feel a few hours after watching it - unhappy and depressed! I looked at the front cover of the DVD in tesco, it looked fun, was £3 and promised lots with some of the best comedy actors in the business, I was excited to see it, I love Sandler, Buscemi, Rock, James and Schneider...then...

...Two hours later... I was wondering whether to hang myself or convince myself that times have changed and this is what comedy is now. This film is without a doubt one of the unfunniest funny films ever.

There can be no real spoilers for there is no real plot - that's okay though, some films without plot are some of the best ever made - but this is just badly written and it's one of those films where every scene you're watching: you're thinking to yourself "Well, my Nan could have made that scene funnier" (by writing it, not starring in it!) I've turned away from Hollywood before and if this is the new future of comedy then count me and millions of others out.

Is this the final nail in the coffin of the career of Adam Sandler? Maybe! But when 'Men in Black 3' is funnier than the latest Sandler film then you know that something has gone terribly wrong. This has actually been £3 wasted and I've never said that about a film before.

If you want a film to make you go "huh, that was kinda comical" three or four times in a tedious two hour sitting then this is it, if you want to have a good laugh and feel good about yourself after - head off elsewhere!
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How best to sum up this film in two words... Hell I'll give you one word: "FAIL".
captainflab26 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If you prefer two words, I can think of any number of things to say. Since I am bored, I will give you a full review.

If you had told me the premise of Grown Ups maybe a year ago, I would have been stoked... "Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade and Chris Rock, hanging out in a lake house, cracking wise at each other for two hours? Sign me up! Whats the plot? Wait that IS the plot? You mean they just hang out and insult each other? OK OK, still somewhat excited, it will be R rated right? No? Hmm."

That would have been my reaction a year ago. However, I first heard about this film recently, so I fortunately didn't have any time to build my expectations for it above "first day of school" levels of dread. Even so, I was disappointed. Grown Ups is a horrible thing that has been unleashed on the movie-going world.

I guess maybe I'm not giving this film any credit. There is a plot; seems the five aforementioned stars used to play Middle School basketball together. The coach of their championship team dies, and THAT'S why they all get together at the lake house. Sorry if its hard to follow but if so then maybe you will like this movie.

What follows is an odd collection of tender family moments interspersed with fart jokes, nut shots, and fat people (Kevin James) or short people (Rob Schneider) getting hurt. Oh and did I mention the barrage of one-liners? Basically, the entire script is one big wry joke after another. I guess the writers realized nothing they could come up with was particularly funny, so they should go for quantity over quality. There are also several running gags (the not-yet-weaned four year old, the dog barking a lot, Kevin James is fat, etc. etc. ad nauseum). This might have worked, if even 25% of the jokes were actually funny.

sample of actual dialogue: (wayward basketball knocks beer out of woman's hand) Woman: Hey! You spilled my beer! Husband: Why does everything have to be about you? Woman: Why do you have to be such a DICK? hahahahaha! funny right? no? anyone?

Problem is I laughed maybe three times, and I'm being generous here, throughout the whole movie. The phrase "one-joke-premise", used disparagingly for many films, would be an accolade for Grown Ups. Oh and lets talk about casting; I appreciate the filmmaker's decision to help make up for their lack of skill by putting as much eye candy on screen as possible (Rob Schneider's daughters especially). But am I really supposed to believe Kevin James is married to Maria Bello? I didn't believe it with Leah Remini in King of Queens, I'm not going to buy it now. And Sandler with Salma Hayek? That one was only plausible because they made his character filthy rich.

I could probably rant about this film for a few more paragraphs, but I digress. You get the point by now I hope.
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dnbmeesha17 July 2011
I absolutely love a lot of the actors/actresses in this movie so I originally was very excited to see it. I mean, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Maya Rudolph, Steve Buscemi?? Sounds like comic gold! Nay. There was no plot & the one liners were just constant and 99.8% completely unfunny (we get it, you like to razz each other). It was almost like some of the actors even forgot how to act for this movie! I laughed a few times but pretty much spent the entire feeling like this level of comedy was insulting my intelligence. I expected more.

My kids though did think the movie was amazing so if you are between the ages of 6-14, you might enjoy this.
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Those stupid unfunny films that Hollywood continues to make
joshwinkler8725 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In all honesty I didn't have any high expectations for this film. I only went to see it because me and my girlfriend got into a fight and kicked me out of the house for a few hours. I had already seen Toy Story 3 and noticed today that "Grown Ups" would be starting in 30 minutes. I said to myself, "What The Heck. It couldn't be any worse than the trailer of it suggested." I was wrong. Dead wrong.

The plot in itself is about as thin as you can get. I don't want to get into trouble on IMDb for posting spoilers but there is really nothing to spoil about this movie because there really is no plot to it. It's really nothing more than just a bunch of random 'jokes' thrown together for a few cheap laughs. What can you expect out of an Adam Sandler film but at least "Happy Gilmore", "Billy Madison", "Click" and "Big Daddy" were tolerable. This film on the other hand is not.

I will spoil one thing for you however. There is an obese black woman who is the mother of Chris Rock in this film. We get a nice little shot of bunion and callused feet as well as her habit of farting randomly. There are some jokes that rather fall flat such as jokes about homosexuality and so-called 'male bonding' and the film seems to insult today's 'tech savy' video game and texting children. Plenty of morbid dark humor (such as making jokes at a funeral and spilling someone's cremated ashes into a bucket of KFC.) There's also quite a bit of slapstick (being shot in the foot with an arrow) and toilet humor (Peeing in swimming pools.) Basically if you have an IQ of less than 45 and/or you find jokes similar to the ones in movies like "Big Momma's House" and "Are We There Yet?", "Grown Ups" is the perfect film for you. But if you want more intelligent humor, I suggest staying away from this one.
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Grown-ups will find this feel-good, nostalgic fun, despite not being a five star winner
Amy Adler23 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Lenny (Adam Sandler) and his pals Eric (Kevin James), Kurt (Chris Rock), Marcus (David Spade), and Rob (Rob Schneider) once played on a junior champion basketball team, winning at the buzzer. Their beloved coach took them to a swanky eatery to celebrate, when they were kids, and told them to live their lives meaningfully before the "final" buzzer sounded. But, now, as adults, the quintet may have forgotten his words. In Lenny's household, the two sons play video games and text the nanny for refreshments all day long while his wife (Salma Hayek) works on her fashion designs. Lenny, a top agent, is living the good life but can't get his kids to go outside, not even his lovely daughter. Word arrives that coach has died and, although Lenny and family were to travel to Milan, they postpone the trip by one day to attend the funeral. Meeting up with his former friends, Lenny finds that their lives are off-track, too. Eric has gained weight and has 2 bratty children, Kurt has become a house husband, Marcus drinks too much and chases skirt while Rob is married to a considerably older woman, his fourth go around. Changing plans, Lenny rents a huge loghouse to let everyone linger a few days together, ceremoniously scatter the coach's ashes and re-connect, children, too. From hikes to swims to "paper cup phones", this crowd is discovering what is important, right? It would be impossible not to laugh at the good moments of this film, which seems like a long improvisation by these experts of comedy. There are some great lines and funny situations, certainly. No, its probably not the most memorable film of the year but if a feel-good experience is needed, this one should fit the bill. The cast is stellar, with all of the major actors doing fine and funny work. For the most part, too, they seem to work as an ensemble, passing around the catch phrases nearly equally. This viewer, however, wished that Rock had had a few more lines but he certainly makes the most of what he was handed. Hayek, Maria Bello, Maya Rudolph, and Joyce Van Patten, as the leading ladies, support the men nicely. The scenery, from the lovely wooded home to the riverfront, is a joy and the costumes, camera-work, script and direction are above average as well. Yes, some of the humor is not appropriate for younger children so parents need to be cautious. Nevertheless, if you like Sandler, James, Rock, etc and/or you would welcome a chance to laugh with your loved ones, ante up and go see this flick soon.
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If you have to choose between watching a glass of milk go sour and watching this movie, go for the milk
Kris Vee10 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Okay I wasn't expecting a masterpiece seeing it's an Adam Sandler movie, but come on this was as if they went the extra mile and recruited people to make it unenjoyable. There is not a single character I would deem worthwhile. It's one cliché after another: the 4 year old who still suckles his mommies breast (HA HA HA so original, and yet so hilarious...NOT); the old farting grandma; the housewife man (Chris Rock, I am more disappointed in you than in Eddie Murphy after he did Doolitle); the peeing in the know what I'm not even going to waste any more characters on this. If you still want to watch this, you're either under 14 in which case it's okay or in need of urgent medical assistance.
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Just awful.
laymonite-223 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There are VERY few films I can't make it all the way through, in fact almost none. This is one of them.

I actually really like many of Adam Sandler's previous films (not so much recently). I think Chris Rock is a hilarious stand up genius. The fat bloke I'm not familiar with (in Britain). David Spade gives me the absolute creeps - the only time I found him watchable was in Joe Dirt. Rob Schneider has done some passable comedy, apparently...

I don't think there was any purpose to this film other than getting together a bunch of well known/semi-well known comedians and have them bounce dialogue off each other. It just doesn't work though, in fact it's painfully unfunny. After about the first 20 minutes you realise 'this is it'...

How (the declining) Sandler and Rock thought this was a good move (or even a releasable movie) is beyond me.

You can expect: Utterly unrealistic characters (and not in a funny way). (pathetic and constant) Fart jokes. (bad) Fat jokes. (bad)'Foreigner' jokes. Horrific 'lovable' banter between middle aged drooling sexist cretins that is supposed to be endearing. No semblance of a plot at all. Even 'Wild Hogs' had the formulaic plot of buddies meeting up after a long absence and managed to amuse quite well...

Also, quite a mean spirited and obnoxious film, as has been observed by others.

Sandler, you've done some hugely enjoyable comedy films - what happened? Rock - just, why?? Fat bloke - I don't know who you are but you being fat seems to amuse Americans. Rob Schneider - you have done some comedy that other people like. David Spade - you are as creepy as ever and bizarrely supposed to be attractive to women in the film?

Do yourself a favour and watch Waterboy, Anger Management, Happy Madison or a Chris Rock stand up show for laughs. I'd hate for anyone to waste money and time on this stinking t#rd.
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Unable to put in words
robinvangelder5 July 2011
Usually i am a big fan of Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and most of all Kevin James. I was actually somewhat excited to watch this movie. How ever when i walked out with my friends, i was telling them, it might be one of the worst movies i ever saw. The humor is shallow and it is a pathetic attempt for laughs. Most jokes were so predictable that they lost all sense of humor about them. The directing was appalling. The story was boring. I pray that there is no Grown Ups 2. Another factor that is irritating is Adam Sandler and his pals. after the many funny movies they made it becomes repetitave and you ask yourself why cant there be a different cast for once?
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Unreal and fake
dbborroughs4 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Rarely do I have the urge to beat up the people connected with a film, but thats the case with Grown Ups possibly the least entertaining film Adam Sandler and crew have been attached to.

The plot has a bunch of guys, connected by a winning basketball team in their childhood all coming together after the death of their coach. Their lives are miserable and their families terrible but lovable, but coming together they find its all been a wonderful life.

Or something.

Its rich whiny stars playing rich whiny people in a story that is fake as they come. There are no characters their are only situations and punch lines. At no point did I feel any of these people or situations were real. It just felt like I was being put on and sold a bill of goods.

I really didn't like this film at all.
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One of the laziest movies I have ever seen
Kristine5 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing a great Adam Sandler performance in Funny People. I was telling my friends how my opinion might have started to change with Sandler and that he does have a lot of potential to be a great actor. Then my friend dragged me to see Grown Up's, Adam Sandler sent me back with this failure of a movie. My God, my head hurts from this movie, it's like Adam Sandler just sent his friends over to his vacation home and said "Hey! See those camera's? Let's act like idiots for 2 hours and make millions of dollars by releasing the footage as a movie!", heck, for a few million dollars I would just film how my friends and I act if I was guaranteed good money for it. Adam Sandler wrote this script exactly for his own ego, his character is successful, a great basketball player, a wonderful father, a kind man, married to Selma Hayek, rich, loving, funny… do you get the point yet? This is one of the laziest and most hurtful movies I have seen this year and is a shame to the word "comedy".

Lenny is a Hollywood agent married to Roxanne, Eric is married to Donna, Kurt is a stay at home father and is married to Deanna, and Rob is married to Gloria despite the fact that Gloria is 30 years older then him. Lenny gets the news that their old basketball coach that led them to their one and only championships has had a heart attack and dies, he contacts all the guys to see how things are going, and to tell the about the news. The five men, along with their families, come to their hometown for the funeral. The families go to Lenny's lake house for the weekend, and reminisce about the good old days. Lenny is constantly insulted by the guys, making fun of him because he is a "ugly Hollywood agent". They make fun of Rob's wife, they make fun of Eric's obesity and breast feeding wife, they make fun of Kurt being "Mr. Mom", they make fun of their single alcoholic party friend Marcus. Lenny and Eric then take their kids to the water park, only to be mocked by the team they beat in the championship leading to another pointless game, they for some odd reason haven't gotten over the win that was how many years prior? Throw in some random family oriented problems that they skim over and that's how we get in Grown Up's.

I had maybe three small laughs during this film, mainly coming from Steve Buscemi's performance. But seriously, the hurtful jokes were a bit much, they kept making fun of Kevin James' weight, Chris Rock's pride in being a stay at home dad, Rob Schneider's older wife. I can see one joke about it, but they constantly go on and on, making it ridicules and also makes you wonder how these guys are friends because my friends and I give each other a hard time, but not to the extent where it's almost 24-7. Then Sandler trying to throw in family oriented drama or love was so forced that it made me sick. He starts to have a little tiff with his wife and it's passed over within a second, making it completely pointless. This film was a waste of talent and money, it makes you wonder how these guys are "real comedians" that get a paycheck. Don't waste your money on this movie like I did, if you really wanted to see it, get together with your friends for a weekend and goof on each other, you saved 9 bucks. This was just a bad movie.

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Great Cast = Horrible Sandler
chadparker-86-13550720 June 2011
What happened to the funny Adam Sandler movies? Grown Ups is proof that Adam Sandler is lazy and thinks the public will watch anything. He promoted this movie one year before the actual release date. The commercials were so embedded in our brains that we had to see the movie. Plus, what appeared to be the best cast on paper, I said "Maybe Adam Sandler's best movie ever?". But the movie was a fail from the start. The comedy was nowhere to be found. I wasn't even sure they were using a script in multiple scenes. Sandler must have made this movie for a big paycheck for himself and his closest SNL buddies (gross revenue $271,430,189). Oh, and so he could get his hands on Selma Hayek.
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It was one of the worst films I've ever seen.
antithesisguy1 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I think the worst thing had to be the sentimental scenes from childhood, lambasted with child humour. Completely unfunny jokes, the fact that they used other characters laughing to make you laugh because the scenes were not funny (in the church, all the characters laugh and snigger while a character sings Opera, it's not funny, but they bring in a veritable television audience to laugh in the crowd so you might laugh along, like a sheep).

There's a bit where they all get on a boat randomly. They talk for a while before the gag in the scene happens. This was so cliché, corny and sentimental prior to the joke that I actually don't remember a line of dialogue, I even said to my friend next to me "I phased out during that what'd they say?" And he said "I have no idea either". Enough said.

His wife gets angry and storms off to the toilet, they decide to stay a while and she storms off with a toilet seat protector stuck to her bum. It's completely basal humour. It's not funny at all, completely desperate. The film is laced with them, as well as a comedic sidekick in the guise of vegan wannabe Rob Schneider (worst actor ever? Possibly).

The amount of misogynistic staring at bottom jokes and looking at breasts is off the scale. Actual breast milk jokes. There is nothing funny in this film, but there's a lot of sad sad moments. Watching Adam Sandler's career melt into irrelevant middle age is probably the saddest.
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This movie needs to grow up. It's so stupid.
ironhorse_iv21 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was pretty dumb. Sorry, it was just silly and full of holes. This piece of garbage need the trashing it deserved. I have nothing against silly humor and have enjoyed some of the stupider films made by these actors, but this movie was just lazy. None of the characters seem like characters. It was watching the actors play as themselves with different names. With all these big names, the film directed by Dennis Dugan had great potential. But it just fell flat. This film remind me of another huge cast of comedian buddies movie. 2013's 'This is the End' works because it gave us a plot so out there that you can't help finding it funny. Both have a group of immature grown-ups that are mean-spirited and self-indulgent, but in 'This is the End', we see them punish for their answer. In 'Grown Ups', none of them go into any self-development. Why call the movie, 'Grown Ups' if none of bland, one dimensional unreliable characters truly grow more mature? If you going to keep the mean spirited humor, then why have slushy sentimentality? The movie is truly a bad version of 1983's the Big Chill. The plot is very similar to that. 'Grown ups' is about five friends who reunited for the Fourth of July holiday weekend in a camp after their junior high school basketball coach passes away. The story concept itself really had good potential, it could have been a smart comedy about childhood friends reuniting after all these years and catching up, having fun, being silly; you know, a comedy about something we could all relate to. Sadly I can't say most people can relate to them. First off, Adam Sandler plays an annoying over rich movie agent Lenny Feder marry to over the top hot woman Roxanne Chase (Salem Hayek) with spoil Paris Hilton like kids. The supporting characters are also just as annoying. Kevin James as Eric Lamonsoff was there for stupid fat jokes. I have to say Chris Rock as Kurt McKenize was under used, Rob Schneider was everybody favorite punching bag Rob Hilliard, mock because of his much older wife, and hot daughters is just a little more stupid than the others. Last is David Spade as Marcus Higgins in an unbelievable role as a womanizer and slacker who comes off as weak. Also to note, there is a lot of ex SNL cast members doing cameos in the film such as Tim Meadows, Norm Macdonald and Colin Quinn in this film. Then you got Steve Buscemi sports a cameo in the film. He look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He is so pale in the movie. I don't even see any of them as ex-basketball players. I don't even think they can even play basketball. Come to think of it, considering the group of people, and the theme of an old friend dying, they couldn't have come up with anything more emotionally affecting? Not like they had any real life events they could draw from. That is perplexing at best. But somewhere along that road it just took a nosedive into mediocrity. The amount of potential that was completely wasted here is mind-blowing. Jokes about potentially life-threatening injuries are still considered funny in Hollywood somehow. There is plenty of stupid slapstick humor, and prat falls to make any Jackass fan happy. Who in their right mind think arrow roulette is great idea? Other jokes fell flat to me too. I just turn off by the urinating, poop, and breast milk jokes. The worst had to be the animal getting hurt by the fat guy joke. Why are animals getting hurt a sign of humor? It's like dead baby humor, it's too dark for suppose family picture like this. If he going to have dark humor. Why can't we have some sophisticated dark humor? I have to say Big Daddy and 50 First Dates were decent so this movie could have been better. It felt like watching Adam Sandler hang out with his friends doing stupid stuff for an hour while somebody left the camera on. I know comedy movies such as this are suppose to be enjoyed, not ripped apart and analyzed. Critiques need to realize that it's entertainment, and as long as it is entertaining, it's might be a effective movie. Still, I wasn't entertain. Rather than watching this movie, I think people should just go outside and make their own friends, because watching this is just too lame. It's like watching a bunch of frats boys. A sequel indeed came out in 2013, titled 'Grown Ups 2'. Unfortunately it's worst then this movie. Sure if you look at it from a mature perspective it wasn't that great of a movie, but if you look at it from the immature, good sense of humor perspective, you might find it funny. I try to look at it immaturely, but the jokes weren't catching me. Like I said before, I found more humor in 'This is the End' then this. Unfortunately, supported to the end was the same - shallow atmosphere. Almost nothing was learned. The moral at the end was "convex" as the entire movie. I do not recommend, but it is worth watching, you want a stupid movie to watch. I saw it in theaters at the behest of a friend who enjoyed it, and went in with really low expectations, and if you set your standards low enough and turn off all brain function, the movie is actually watchable. If not, then you agree with my statements.
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Worst of the Worst *Contains minor Spoilers for crappy movie*
joehonaker4 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge Sandler, Rock, Spade, Hayek, Buscemi and I even like some Rob Schneider stuff but this movie made me laugh exactly ZERO times. I actually find it offensive in many scenes like the "sexy man" at the water park, the ladies ogle him and then when he speaks they laugh in his face. What was that? Then the 3 daughters with the third one not being an incredibly hot supermodel like the first two, why diminish someone based on looks? This movie is what is wrong with movies nowadays. I remember them promoting this movie on Howard Stern and they claimed it "was this summer's The Hangover". WOW were they off! The movie was vapid, childish and unnecessarily stupid but the worst part was that absolutely none of it was funny unless you find cruelty hilarious. This was no Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, or Big Daddy, this is the worst movie Adam Sandler has ever put out. I saw rumors they are making a SEQUEL! Tip for viewers of the sequel, if they start the movie in a funeral and they make incredibly stupid cruel "jokes", just get up and demand your money back. Save yourself the rest of the time you'll waste on this movie.
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Grown Ups (2010) BOMB
JoeKarlosi18 July 2010
How could it happen? How could such a large cast of modern-day funnymen be assembled together in one movie and the result be so dull and unfunny? We've got Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider all in the brew as friends who grew up together and are reunited during a Fourth of July family weekend as adults... and not one damn thing that's worthwhile or humorous ever occurs! This one's a real mess. Terrible script, aimless ideas and situations scattered all over which don't amount to anything. There's potential in this ensemble, but it was a wasted opportunity. Even worse, what should have been a situation centered solely on the five guys and their male reunion is compromised by also featuring their wives and children, all of whom are even more boring than they are. I was tipped off in advance to the worthlessness of this movie from a reliable friend who'd suffered through it, but recently someone visiting me brought a free DVD copy to the house so we took the chance. The best thing I can say is at least it didn't cost me anything. 0 out of ****
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Kristen Mallard24 January 2011
How is this crap at 5.9? one of the worst movies that I have ever seen.

Now before you say that I have no sense of humor, I will say that I'm a big fan of some of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Chris Rock. David Spade and Rob Schnider? Not so much. I loved The Waterboy, Hitch, Madagascar, Funny People, Dogma, Good Hair, The King of queens, Spanglish, Punch drunk love, happy gilmore etc.

So I do like these actors. That's why I was so disappointed. This films a mess. No plot. No characters. The jokes are dull as hell. The humor is so lowbrow. The script is so flat. The actors do their best with what they're given, but it's not enough.

and to make things worse, the film is just boring. From the very beginning, I was checking the time. I maybe chuckled twice. That's not enough. These guys probably had a lot of fun making this movie and they probably thought that they were being really funny, but I just didn't feel the same way. I was bored, irritated, and disappointed.
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This one takes the prize
agold314 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This one takes the prize and I don't mean that in a good way. What was it that I didn't like or should I say the audience didn't like about this film? Was it the poor acting? Was it the offensive jokes? Was it the poorly developed stories? or was it a combination of everything? If you guessed everything...DING DING DING....You win! What do you win? A ticket to one of the worst pieces of Junk Hollywood has ever put out.

Let's be honest now...shall we..?? I have never been a fan of these dumb slapstick comedies that Hollywood continues to unleash on us however I have enjoyed some, for example, I loved the hangover and knocked up.

The characters were not well developed and the funny jokes...wait....did I mention nothing about the movie was funny!, well anyways for argument sake, the funny jokes were unprepared and lacked rehearsal. Everything about the movie or should I say piece of garbage was predictable? What do you get when an overgrown man swings on a rope near a wall??? Well, what do you think? He smacks right into it! Everything thing in this movie felt forced, even the sentimental, wait, whats sentimental about a bunch of grown men making fools of themselves, well, i'll humour you, the sentimental parts were awkward and at times, you saw yourself asking simply...why? Why are they crying? Why are they hugging? It was as if, the director sat a camera down on the floor in front of these actors and said "make me laugh" only they didn't, they didn't make anyone laugh.

In the theatre I was in, I saw about 30% of it leave 20 minutes into it and the rest of them (real troopers they are and I mean that!!) were constantly looking at their watches and exchanging uncomfortable looks at each other whenever an offensive joke was made (most of them were offensive). A perfect example of this was when the gruesome 5 (if you haven't guessed already who they are, the five adult men who still find it necessary to still act like children) were a water park with their wives and children while the men are out making fools of themselves and the women are checking out a totally ripped man who when he gets closer depicts the stereotypical Canadian saying aboot and eh! They all laugh at him! Geez! what a slap in the face to Canadians! I took great offence to this.

This movie completely missed its target, whatever that may have been and left you wondering why did I just pay money to see this??

This movie, 1/10, but hey, see for yourself just don't expect too much or you will find yourself very disappointed
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Waste of Time
steve parker5 September 2010
To sum up this movie in the least time possible, One would be better off lighting a candle and watching it burn until it's gone. Magnolia Matt paint drying on a wall is far more entertaining than this movie. however they managed to get all these people to finish making it is beyond me. Don't waste your time. Adam sandler and the rest of them seem to be sleepwalking through this movie, We managed 40 minutes of it until we looked at each other wondering why we were wasting a perfectly good evening watching this rubbish. My only advice is to avoid at all costs unless your idea of a good evening is watching paint dry. No plot No comedy. no nothing really.
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To be honest, it wasn't bad, but it's still leagues away from being good
MovieProductions30 June 2010
** out of (****)

"Grown Ups" is that typical summer comedy that couldn't be more predictable, more formulaic, or more unoriginal then it is. It also has that by-the-numbers pattern of raunchy humor, thrown in with some childish jokes, and then the inevitable "feel good" vibe. In "Grown Up's" defense, that's actually a complement. It isn't as awful as one would expect because it's so cliché that it possibly cannot be a disappointment. However, it is still far away from being a good movie because of how familiar it seems.

"Grown Ups" revolves around a bunch of buddies that reunite when they find out that their basketball coach has passed away. Now these men have grown up and decide to venture out on a nice vacation and stay at a cabin.

Yep, that pretty much sums up the plot. It can't get more paper-thin then that right? It's kind of hard to nitpick this movie and to compile a list of positives because for everything that's bad about this movie it's good, and everything that's good about this movie, it's bad. Although, I'll give it my best shot. For a redeeming quality, the movie is pretty entertaining. Your mind won't wander throughout and it's not nearly half as bad as most would expect. Moreover, the performances aren't too shabby either. And actually, the characters are pretty likable, but still are pretty two-dimensional. Moreover, this movie does have its moments. I'm not saying it's humorous, but it sure does have some slightly funny times.

Now onto the negatives. I thought that movie had wasted potential. The more mature jokes had a lot more depth and the pay-off was very good. The more childish humor had no substance and just came off very dry. Sadly, the route the movie mostly took was the childish aspect and the formulaic stereotypical jokes. *sigh*. Moreover, I thought the dialog was just awful. I mean, who speaks like that? So nonsensical. Furthermore, I thought the whole movie was pointless. I mean if you have a by-the-numbers plot, typical performances, and a been-there-done-that tone, then what's the point of making a movie? When making a movie it should be at least twenty five percent different then what audiences have seen or else they're paying to see the same mediocrity over and over again.

Overall, "Grown Ups" could possibly win the award for the most cliché Hollywood film of the century, although, surprisingly, that's sort of a complement. Grown Ups knows its formulaic and very dry, but they just want to give the audience a fun outing, which they do, but then what's the point? This is the type of film you watch on a rainy Saturday night with nothing possibly better to do or no other film you want on Redbox is available, yet this one is. This movie can have its moments and is not entirely bad, but it's just so formulaic and "been- there-done-that" that it's not even funny. Save your hard earned cash on another movie or just attend a matinée. Paying full price for a type of movie like this is just wasting your time and money.
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A total piece of garbage
mervin2327 February 2011
I watched this film at a friends house after a dinner party.

From beginning to end I found this movie to be shockingly bad.

The film centres on a slob who we have to imagine is successful (Adam Sandler) who lives in Beverly Hills with a family accustomed to city- living. Their child only drinks Voss water. Another slob (Kevin James) has a four year old child who demands to drink only milk that is his mother's breast milk and this same joke is repeated horrifyingly throughout the film.

The climax of the film ends in some kind of basketball square-off between two groups of high school friends while the spectators, all back country rednecks wearing US flag shirts, cheer on.

The whole movie is like an SNL reunion of mostly has been actors. Steve Buscemi makes a fool out of himself for a laugh.

I cannot believe that with all the movie ideas that are shelved that this movie is somehow produced. This is the worst film I have ever seen. I find it disappointing that this film grossed many millions of dollars while other films (many outside of the Hollywood trashcan) which receive little advertising and don't make it to the cinemas are exponentially better.
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Missed the formula entirely!
mmckee99 July 2010
Rules to a successful comedy. no kids, no animals, one funny guy and a straight man! Sandler broke them all here. 5 comics, kids, animals and no straight characters for the comics to play off of!! Remember Happy Gilmor, one funny guy with supporting characters, one straight man (Shooter McGavin)... Awesome! The writing here is boring and clichéd. Typical direction for crap like this! Sandler and the gang are planning a vacation together and this film funded it. Selma Hayek just doesn't fit here. Soundtrack drums up old classics we all love and cuts them off in short order... nice editing! Gilmor isn't Happy anymore!! I need Shooter!
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