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Plot Keywords

dream children
subconscious thief
corporate espionage fugitive
redemption heist
professor businessman
architecture heir
deception architect
dreamer guilt
one last job kissing
femme fatale nubile woman
suspense neo noir
female gunfighter street shootout
fistfight kung fu
hand to hand combat mixed martial arts
gun gunfight
gun duel gun battle
blood splatter violence
brutality slow motion scene
bullet time photograph
brawl psycho thriller
rooftop anti hero
assassination attempt metafiction
car hit by a train cyberpunk
blockbuster conscience
casino martial arts
sniper explosive
elevator emotional manipulation
manipulation psychological manipulation
chaos explosion
no title at beginning college student
college dollhouse
building collapse flooding
heavy rain motorcycle
betrayal double cross
airplane assassin
mercenary airport
altered version of studio logo all star show
visual metaphor symbolism
near future waking up someone
waking up falling backwards
customs usa customs
customs officer reference to edith piaf
heir to fortune corporate sabotage
corporate leader corporate world
corporate power mindbender
vault dream reality
fantasy becomes reality alternative reality
no opening credits tokyo japan
japan die
suicide by train escher stairway
railroad track produced by director
written by director haunted by the past
pursuit labyrinth
mombasa kenya pinwheel
death sleeping
falling asleep totem
carjacking rappelling
english subtitles in original exploding building
exploding car chess piece
molotov cocktail forger
blood on shirt hit by a car
ambiguous ending foot chase
crushed to death shootout
shot to death chemist
shot in the forehead grenade launcher
shot in the back held at gunpoint
silencer surrealism
machine gun punched in the face
sedation hit by a train
marriage suicide
levitation urban setting
simulated reality deja vu
uncle false memory
hypodermic needle chase
love fight
mind over matter false accusation
wallet spiral
identity night
memory floating
gunfire widower
macguffin shared dream
face slap walking up a wall
character repeating someone else's dialogue repeated line
kicking in a door coughing blood
husband murders wife blood
walking in circles drugged drink
shot through a window looking at one's self in a mirror
breaking a mirror hit with a car door
car set on fire stabbed in the chest
falling to death limbo
nonlinear timeline father in law son in law relationship
crushed by a car title at the end
dream within a dream within a dream deep sleep
shot in the leg shot in the head
murder subtitled scene
falling down stairs catharsis
father daughter relationship shapeshifting
mission sabotage
flare gun oneiric
zero gravity avalanche
riot bathtub
bound and gagged knife
fade to black boeing 747
cafe broken mirror
bag over head white van
aging flashback
trapped underwater scuba diving
security hotel bar
falling off a bridge training
demolition impersonation
sniper rifle secret headquarters
skiing grenade
baggage claim godfather godson relationship
suicide attempt helicopter
falling off a cliff mountain
snow hand grenade
bomb defibrillator
rescue shot in the chest
hotel bar
elevator shaft taxi
train kidnapping
old man bodyguard
pistol spinning top
loaded dice lawyer
inheritance elevator crash
death of wife father son relationship
husband wife relationship alternate reality
first class washed up on a beach
beach limousine
teamwork childhood photo
safe last will and testament
industrialist deathbed
los angeles international airport los angeles california
sydney australia lucid dream
car chase falling from height
industrial espionage paris france
dream sequence dream sequence within a dream sequence
water virtuality
virtual reality puzzle
maze inside the mind
one word title death of father
title spoken by character surprise ending

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