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Walking on the ceiling
Michael Ledo15 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens with a lengthy narration explaining the fictional scientific laws of the worlds and how society is structured. It is a bit confusing, but as soon as you see it in action, it becomes apparent. This is a love story about people from two different worlds. The film oozes with symbolism about our society. People who are rich are attracted to the rich world. The poor live as mudlarks valuing anything from the rich world. A heartless corporation forms a link between the two worlds exploiting the poor for the sake of the rich. They rob them of their raw materials and sell back the manufactured product.

The scenery and special effects was excellent. Kirsten Dunst's character Eden, was never developed. We didn't know much about her. Adam (Jim Sturgess) we knew more about, but he needed a haircut. They kept his hair greasy and unkempt for effect, but for me it was a needless distraction.

The attraction the couple had for each other was carried to an extreme. After being separated for ten years, Adam hasn't moved on. Seriously? Eden, has amnesia and is unattached. The story line needed tweaking, but then don't most romances.

It is an interesting film as it is unique in concept. Unfortunately they needed to spend some time on character.

No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.
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Wow - this is bad
casablancavic3 November 2017
Though I am not a scientist, whatever promise this movie had as theory falls into total stupidity on so many levels.

I am glad I watched this on Youtube and did not pay for it - aside of my spent time which I had free.

Fantasy can be made very interesting if it is made believable and kept believable and doesn't change every time the story begins to fail.

Well this story fails from 3 minutes in - and the overdone graphics, overdone lens flare, overdone effects and underdone story do not gel well.

Not only is the male lead uninteresting, he fails to bond with anybody else in a scene.

The lot is all over and of course - science and logic is non-existent.

There are many better scripts which could have told a better story with the same theme - and sadly they do not get produced.

Only worth a watch if you're bored and exhausted much more interesting and logically produced films.

Charlize Theron would have made this movie beyond excellent - as would a better male with sparkle.
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Inconsistent physics, incomplete story, nice imagery
martin-panda-svetlik8 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
::SPOILER FREE section:: The problem with gravity is that it is everywhere, so it's hard to fake it in movies. Okey, let's say I would accept the "laws of gravity" stated at the beginning of this movie as some thing that I will believe in this movie (although it is utterly bullshit). But even then, the movie fails to deliver scenes that work according to these laws. Their own laws! Why do you make up some laws of physics and then ignore them 50% of the time??

::SPOILER in this section:: The story is totally flat and fails everything. Why did he not tell her who he was? He did not know she had amnesia, so telling her who he was would have been most natural. Then he would learn she has amnesia, and he would explain it to her, or tell her something to help remember... Noooo, that would "ruin" the plot, right? Wrong! It would make the plot more realistic, if you want some twist, make something different than "random stupid decisions and not telling who I am" stuff. Also, how did they manage to get pregnant? Why does she love him? They have nothing to build their relationship upon...

::SPOILER FREE section:: The imagery was quite interesting, although not always logical, and some scenes were obviously CG'd - I mean, it was too obvious, that there is some CG in some scenes - like the jump to the cable car...

The only decent character in this movie was Timothy Spall's Bob
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The fantasy story is so amazing
bellafloor-6956316 July 2017
SF and romance is not a common marriage...... but this movie did a good job at pulling you into the fantasy world of Adam and Eden. A poor boy and rich girl fall in love. But they live in a different world. They even live on a different world..... opposite from each other. They're not suppose to meet. Gravity makes sure it's not easy to see one another. But real love does everything to make it real......
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Kirpianuscus9 February 2017
a profound social message. a love story respecting the sacred rules and ordinary expectations. and good actors. all in Sci. Fi. package. result - a nice film about freedom and differences and passion and ways to affirm it and terrible confrontations. nothing new. but seductive. for the performances of Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. for the art of Timothy Spall. for a script who reminds desires and dreams and old stories. for technology who has the root of fantastic images. for the simple, insignificant details who define each life. for the poetry. and for the imagination. and it is all. enough for see it. twice. or for a wise verdict - it could be better. but it is it.
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Wonderful Enough
Rebecca3 February 2017
'Upside Down' is a fantastical experience. It is visually compelling with nice performances from the cast. The basis of the story is less original- the classic man and woman separated by two different worlds with no logical way of being together. However, if you can let go of the cliche's it is fine romantic drama. I say romantic drama because don't be fooled into thinking this is a sci-fi movie. There are futuristic elements and the architecture of the worlds is a spectacular sight, but with some shoddy science that I'm personally willing to let slide. As for the rest of the script- it's OK. It's good enough to keep you on the journey but there is a lack of character development and with moments that will baffle and dissatisfy you. Nevertheless, I give more credit to this movie than others. You won't be mind blown by this movie, it's not revolutionary, just pure fun; a stunning and pleasurable experience.
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Visually it's great plot, not so much
rddden27 November 2016
Patema Inverted came out the same year after releasing a Web preview a year earlier it is very similar to Upside Down with the world being split in half by gravity. Upside Down does not do a great job with character development entry at all. The world feels more real than the characters. I have the impression that someone saw the 4 part Web series for Patema Inverted the year before and said "we can do that". The effects are great in this film though. Kudos to the digital effects team. I would recommend Patema Inverted instead. It is animated but is a better overall movie. This is a special effects exercise with a plot thrown in at the last minute.
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Love can win anything
NmnKane3 October 2016
This is a very interesting and inspiring movie. Love can win anything. Jim Sturgess was very good in this movie so Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten Dunst shows her quality in here. This is Jim Sturgess one of the best. He has shown lots of determination & talent here. The role of Timothy Spal is also very interesting. He made the character pretty strong. Some reality fact also shown in here. Although it's a sci-fi movie but people can learn a lot. One of was my inspired after watching this. Science fiction with corporate culture is mixed here. Graphics work is very good. Camera work was excellent. Forest view was very good. I like the ending of the movie. There are some errors could have been avoided. In my rating this is much more. This movie is combination of reality & imagination.
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Terrible science, nice visuals, flat/generic story, mediocre acting.
bluerevenge25 July 2016
Upside Down is an attempt at a novel twist of a story of two planets and opposite gravity intertwined with a "forbidden love" love-story arising out of typical prejudices imposed by one of the two "sides" on the other. I.e. Other than the setting, the rest is a pretty generic "Romeo & Juliet" bit.

I had heard of this movie before and was interested in seeing it but never put much effort into doing so. But when I saw the 3D Blu for $8 in a grocery store bargain bin, how could I refuse? So how does it do?

First off let's get to the "science complaints". The movie does not hold any scientific water. However it's not just that "some people are too picky" or that the science is merely "incorrect", it's instead absolute nonsense. It's one thing to have some minor flaw in an explanation or something that could only be plausible in the most strict/rare cases, but to have something that even a 3rd grader could (and should) see is downright preposterous is another story. Unfortunately, that's what this is.

Still despite this annoyance being clear in the first sequence of the film, I watched the rest without thinking about it (suspension of disbelief and all that).

Let's think of it as a *fantasy* romance movie instead of a sci-fi one, shall we? Even if we forget about the "science" they have going on completely, it's unfortunately still not a very good movie. The visuals are nice at times but really, the movie just isn't good. The story is a bit flat, the narration by the lead seems to have an odd over-enthusiastic tone, and it's just nothing that special. It's a bit hard to rant or rave about anything. With bad movies you can go on about just how bad it is; with good movies you can give a lot of praise; with this one you're just left with not much to say.

The 3D (again I purchased the 3D Blu-ray version of it) is pretty good but for all the reviews I'd read about it, I was kind of expecting *spectacular* 3D and didn't really get it. It's has some very good 3D at times, but it's not the best 3D Blu out there either.

As for the content, I ended up thinking of it as a "poor man's Gattaca," with a more silly premise, a very bland/shallow story, and worse acting. Sturgess certainly ain't no Hawke, and the rest of the cast doesn't hold up too well in comparison either. Granted Dunst is not a bad actress but she didn't do anything special here. I hate to say it but, overall, In Time was a better and more enjoyable film than this (and I can't even stand Timberlake) as it had a much better premise. In Time, I can watch that again and again and still like it for the story; this film, I watched it once and don't really have much desire to pop it in ever again.

I gave this a 5/10. I thought I was being generous due to the visuals, the work put into the opposite gravity concept (and showing it on-screen), and the 3D. Otherwise I might have given it less. It's not a terrible movie and the 3D disc is probably worth the $8.00 I paid, but certainly no more than that. It's worth a watch, but don't be disappointed when you find out it's really just a mediocre film.
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Skip this, see Patema Inverted (2013)
Johnjronald-571-39826820 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The visuals in this film are drop dead gorgeous, and I mainly kept watching to see the camera work. I had already seen the anime movie Patema Inverted, which came out in 2013 (after this movie) and had very similar plot elements, but told the love story much more competently than this film. The final kiss-"I love you" is so unearned!...I think the script writer focused so much on the "mind- blowing sci fi*" elements (*read: silly elements) that the love story got very short shrift. The priorities should have been reversed...the "science" is patently nonsense, just a vehicle to tell the love story. Patema Inverted understands this and goes with it. Upside Down does NOT, and gets lost in the details of the strange world. There is a legitimate way to explore this strange world, as allegory, a la absurdist humor like in Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL, say, but not by taking the "science" of it all too seriously. The romance of this story should've borrowed a page from, say, Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore's Fifty First Dates...that would have made this a much better film. Adam comes off as less endearing than creepy-stalkery and Eden, to her credit, reacts as you might expect, at least initially. There are some very humorous moments in this movie, some intentional (bathroom scene in upworld) some not (I could't help laughing at Adam getting the "hot foot" and running through the streets with his shoes on fire...I know it's supposed to be a serious dramatic moment where we care about his fate, but I could not stop laughing). This movie is on par with Jupiter's a pretty but dumb science fiction yarn with an underdeveloped love feels like a student film with an outsized budget than a quality movie.
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croetoan29 February 2016
Who knew that physics could be such fun? Know that this is not a work of hard science; you will have more fun with it if you simply accept that this is a different universe and scientific laws operate as stated.

That opening and closing narration was perhaps the worst I've ever heard. The barefaced social criticism would really have benefited from the subtlety and detail that was put into the scores of beautiful scenes. The social and political aspects generally distracted from the light-hearted and whimsical ambiance generated. Overall, however, it was a creative and fun movie well worth watching.
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experimental film - look forward to even better ones in the future
motets15 January 2016
I take my hat off to Kristen Dunst and Timothy Spall for using their box-office star power to help get this quirky little film made. Upside Down was never intended to be a million screen block-buster. This is the kind of creative push-the-boundaries effort that only well-established industry names could have risked. It clearly was a labor of love. Surprisingly, the film made a profit. I hope Upside Down positions this international team to obtain funding and backing for future endeavors. Those who negatively critiqued this film based on its improbable physics missed the point of the movie. Perhaps they came with the wrong set of expectations.
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Utterly Enchanting Fantasy
Enrique Sanchez2 January 2016
Shall we dismiss this tale which is touted as science-fiction because it does not comply with Newtonian physics? Why does every movie have to be 100% accurate in the "real world" we live in? What purpose does it serve to limit the scope of imagination if the real reason we create is to find new things that have not been thought of before? I will argue with anyone who will tell me that I did not come away fully satisfied. There is so much to praise in this movie. The first thing is how we are brought into the heart of the main protagonist from the beginning. We care about Adam and Eden's dilemma.

The science-fiction is immaterial. The mesmerizing visuals do not matter. What is a the center of this movie is a heart. As laughable as many of you might opine, the storytelling is what brings you in and holds you captive.

We may well say that our new generation of movie-watchers have been spoiled, are jaded and have been nurtured on stories with a certain narrative arc and so they reject this movie on those grounds if not their allegiance to science-FACT in their science-fiction.

That would be at cross purposes with this movie. It is not science-fiction for the SOLE sake of science fiction, it is a FANTASY clothed in science-fiction garments. It could have been told in many other different ways. And I must admit that romantic movies tend to be predictable, but they have been telling those stories since the beginning of time. And shall continue on for a long time. So don't begrudge them for some personal reason that is irrelevant to the experience.

Do I recommend this movie? Hands-down YES. But don't come into expect another movie...expect NOTHING...and accept what is offered - and only in this way will you truly appreciate the fine work done here.
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Romeo & Juliet for the CGI age however once that visual gimmick wears off
juneebuggy23 December 2015
Didn't think much of this despite an intriguing premise and some dazzling special effects. Talented cast in Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst who do their best here too but I still found the Romeo and Juliet-esqe romance lacking and the story itself kind of dull once the visual gimmick of opposite gravity wore off.

The film sees Jim Sturgess as Adam, a man from an impoverished planet who falls in love as a teenager with Eden (Kirsten Dunst). She lives on the wealthy planet that exists above his own. Their two worlds pull in opposite directions and experience opposite gravity and to complicate matters further they are forbidden to intermingle due to strict planetary rules. After being separated by interplanetary-border patrol agents Sturgess risks everything to reunite with his love, taking a job at a vast corporation whose towering headquarters connect their planets.

I can see though how some people will think this movie is absolutely brilliant or life changing like Brad Pitt's weird (Tree Of Life) or that Hugh Jackman thingy (The Fountain) but it didn't work for me that way.

The visuals are gorgeous and unique though and I also enjoyed Timothy Spall 12/1/15
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Cheesy Romantic wanna be sci-fi - well, not quite
CelluloidDog1 December 2015
Creative visuals mark this romantic science fiction. As you might tell from reading other reviews and synopsis, it's more fiction than science. Low ratings for this film revolve around the concept of gravity and how it really doesn't work in the movie. But that's what this movie and other movies (science fiction) like Gravity does. More fiction than science. No problem. The story is quite endearing as Jim Sturgess plays the lead romantic anti-gravity hero (or anti-hero for short). His character from Down Below is quite cute as he chases childhood friend played by Kirsten Dunst from the Up Above. Kirsten has never looked more beautiful but due to an accident their forbidden love entailed, she has amnesia. And Adam tries hard to make her remember. Does he succeed? Adam chases Eve it's really Eden until they get chased by snakes (or the border police in this case). The movie is a play on words and modern society where we often see insurmountable gaps between the poor and rich, between the powerful and the helpless. A modern tale of a caste system. Perhaps it gets inspiration from Romeo and Juliet , just like West Side Story. But it's neither story, and falls short of what it aspires to be. Perhaps it relies too much on CGI rather than a real story.

So what's missing? First, a weak script and plot which could have been more interesting given the complexity of the landscape. Aside from the mirror worlds, the visuals actually fall short. We see too much CGI today and sometimes overdone with blue tints mark a lack of true cinematography. The bluish tint, usually associated with horror and science fiction doesn't give a warmth to the film but whenever Eden shows up, it has a golden hue. After a while, one grows a bit tired of the scenes and wish for something to happen. Otherwise the special effects are not that interesting since it's really only limited to what gravity could do.

We cheer for the characters but it's too trite. Still it's a pleasant story, quite predictable. Real rating is about a 6.5-6.8. Somewhat above average and worth seeing if you like romance with a little spectacular background.
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Fun Ride with the World's Longest Credits
wolfen24430 November 2015
First I gotta say that the credits took an incredible 9 minutes and 10 seconds. No joke. In the olden days it used to be either a 10 second See Ya, a God Love Ya and a pat on the kazoo and you can turn the lights back on or a short list of credits. Then in the late 70's the Actors Guild made it a mandatory 5 minutes - which I understand - the same as the length of time for the time it takes to run all of the commercials now that used to take only one minute on t.v. But 9 minutes? Oh well.

Next I have never seen so much kissing in a movie from 2 people in any movie ever. It was a pleasure to see Kirsten Dunst do a lot of smiling.

And talk about boy meets girl, boy loses girl and then boy meets girl again. This movie is the one. Have fun with this little gem. Oh and speaking of gravity and polar opposites, ever heard of dark energy? Think about it. Edgar Cayce called it Night Side Forces. He said that the Altanteans used night side forces as a partial explanation for how they built the great pyramids 12,400 years ago after emigrating to Egypt, the Pyrenees and to the Amazon. How else do you move limestone blocks the size of a house because it wasn't done manually as Egyptologists would have you believe.

I have to have 2 more lines. Okay. This movie was quite original except for the few obvious takes from Spider Man. The part that bothered me the most was the falling and no one getting hurt nonsense. Oh well. It was a fantasy so sue me.
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Touching romance with gorgeous effects
NateWatchesCoolMovies21 November 2015
Upside Down is as pleasing, uplifting and visually striking as low key romantic fantasy gets. It's got a vibe that's never over the top or showboating, yet never dull or plodding. I must emphasize the visual aspect before I go further because it's spectacular, and with a movie concerning the concept it attempts, visuality is the number one quality it should strive for in transporting you to it's world. And strive it does, whisking us away to not one world, but two! Adjacent twin planets who converge upon each other's orbit by a margin of a mere few hundred meters. On one orb live the rich, privileged folk, and on the other, lower class people, divided by the two realms, and the filmmaker's sometimes obvious metaphor of class division, regardless of how many planets the respective race inhabits. In any good romance involving these undertones (*cough*Titanic) there has to be a touching relationship, in this case between an urchin from the wrong side of the tracks named Adam (reliably sweet Jim Sturgess, in this case from the wrong side of many hemispheres) and a young lady from the upper crust world called Eden (Kirsten Dunst). They meet at a point where two mountain ranges from their respective worlds line up, and they are able to get close enough to interact, and fall in love. Ten years after their initial encounter, Adam sets off on a quest to the other planet to find Eden, pursued by authorities who don't like to see lesser class citizens in their neck of the woods. The planets have different gravitational pulls which makes for some excellent visual effects a la Inception as well. Peter Pettigrew- I mean Timothy Spall steals all his scenes as a chatty, sympathetic office drone who feels for Adam and aids him in his attempts to reconnect with his lost love. Like I said before this is low key, so don't expect any lofty explanations or sci fi stuff as to why these two worlds align or what's going on in the grand scheme. The film simply takes place in these worlds, expects you to except that without qualms, and live in its mindset for a couple hours. Sturgess and Dunst are believable and never slip into melodrama as the pair. But it's the visual effects and cinematography that are the star here. It kills me I never got to see this one in theatres, it's just breathtaking. It calls to mind stuff like The Lovely Bones and What Dreams May Come, while adding its own almost fairy tale mythology of worlds separated, love lost, and hope remaining.
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Pretty but so dumb and full of inane chatter.
jinsilver19 November 2015
Almost a mundane 5-star movie... but the exposition of the first ten minutes was so bad and so unnecessary. Not one word of it was needed, and the movie would have succeeded by showing instead. The introduction left a bad taste that lingered the whole way.

But damn, some of the CG and was just so striking. The dual office, the plunge from one world to the other, and most of all, the celestial cloud scene. Even when they didn't make sense, they were amazing visually, and I'd happily put some on my wall. It's better visual art than a movie.

Aside from that, the plot fell down the cliché tree and hit every branch on the way down. It constantly struggled to figure out if it wanted to be a star-crossed romance or a sci-fi thriller in the vein of Dark City, leading to whiplash from the mood shifts, and neither the writers nor the acting could carry either. Even the leads have the depth (and chemistry) of a kiddie pool, let alone the rest of the cast. Practically everything interesting is just handwaved away to move the plot, even the sappy ending. You constantly drift away and asking yourself why you're still watching.

It's too bad, because so much more could be done with the premise, even with some romance, as shown by the much better Patema Inverted. I think there's still plenty of room for a real thriller here too, it's just not this movie. At all.
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Spoilers......Sort Of
J. H.30 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
You can't leave a decent review without discussing some details. People expect a lot from movies these days and one wrong thing will make the film awful.

Thing is, there was more than one thing.

We were told there are twin worlds. They share a sun, but each one has the opposite gravity. Didn't they sit around the table while working the details out thinking "Well, won't viewers get really annoyed after seeing people and furniture upside down constantly?"

The answer is an emphatic YES. Still trying to get rid of the headache.

Secondly, these are twin worlds.....not Earth.

Yeah, NOT Earth, yet they all managed to speak English (Earths universal language) and managed to play music with a singer singing in Italian I believe. That would mean these completely different planets have Italy?

Then, they also had people, on two completely different planets then Earth, invent the suit and tie, bicycles, alcoholic drinks with the same martini glasses we use, make-up for women, electricity and on and on and on.

All that has been invented yet the freaking BEES were different. Lol Buzz!

Horrible movie.
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Solid Movie
Xlyfindel14 September 2015
First, I'll address my own feeling towards this movie. It's just a little bit too romantic for the amount of Sci-Fi present. The discordant themes just don't work for me. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief just so far for making the interesting science parts work, but asking for reinterpretations of classic fairy tale tropes on top of that is a little too much. One or the other and it might keep my attention in a good way. As it is I just can't stop with the nitpicking of just random absurdities on either end. What I really did enjoy was all of the fantastic shots allowed for by the double gravity of the story. The visuals in this movie are very impressive and well done. I also can't fault the acting at all, both leads are convincing and endearing, with a roster of various memorable support. I'd like to like this movie, and I've watched it more than a couple times because my girlfriend loves it, but it just hasn't grown on me at all.
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A very nice new concept
Johan Dondokambey8 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie's basic premise is indeed a very nice new take on the sci-fi genre, although the movie itself is more heavy on the romantic side, and the science-fiction can be deemed too far to be scientific as it may be even called as pseudo-science. Yet it's good that the movie stated it's focus on the starting narration so that the audience don't feel cheated on. Also the movie nicely keeps it's focus on the more romantic side. Then again I feel that the movie wasted too much time in building up the story after Adam sees Eden on TV until the next time they meet. Also the story kind of skipped itself when out of a sudden Eden regains her memory. The acting overall is a little bit above the standard by both Jim Sturgess and Kirsten DUnst. I just wished that the movie used younger and fresher talents instead.
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Awesome film and stunning concept
alhaab26 July 2015
This film is awesome. Good storyline and the stunning concept make the two-planet world even more realistic. The only thing that the production team of this movie got me confused is that it depicts to be a sci-fi film rather than a fairy-tale fantasy movie. The sci-fi concept of the movie will make its viewers realized that there were a stunning conceptualization and collaboration of work. You'll find a lot of things that tear the imaginary world apart. The actors are great, and they have played their roles very well. I could recommend this film to those who love watching this kind of epic love story. Overall, I believe that the film has exceeded and filled the expectations of people.
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wonderfully imaginative visual but problematic concept
SnoopyStyle22 June 2015
Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) come from two planets next to each other. The gravity from each planet only works on matter from its own world. Matters from different worlds start to heat up when they stay in contact. The Down-Below world is a rundown place while Up-Top has gained immense wealth through a corporation called TransWorld. Adam is an orphan after a TransWorld explosion killed his parents. Through his aunt, he learns about a species of bees that pollinates flowers from both worlds. He meets a girl named Eden from the other world. However the authorities intervene and the couple is separated. Ten years later, Adam is developing his formula for a cosmetic lift cream. He signs a deal with TransWorld and befriends Bob Boruchowitz (Timothy Spall) from the other side. He tries to contact Eden and finds out that the childhood incident has left her with amnesia.

I like the romanticism and I like the visual aspect of these other worlds. However the concept is impossibly unworkable. The movie lays out the parameters right away but they don't make sense. As the movie goes on, I just keep coming up with more questions and no answers. I think it would work better as a fantasy rather than sci-fi. All the advance tech just reminds me that this world has internal logic problems.

I do like the romantic feel of the movie. Sturgess is being a bit too jittery. It's off-putting. He really should tell her the truth much sooner. The movie could have replaced his silly little date. He should be trying to convince her of their past. It would be more intense and less precious. This is a good star-crossed lovers setup. The development isn't that good. I think if the filmmakers asked a few more questions about these worlds, the logic of the place could be improved.
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nice entertaining movie
jfrankbad16 June 2015
at its simplest, its a simplistic movie with beautiful 3D up-down set pieces and starring Hot Kirsten Dunst(tm) and Wormtail

its baffling to me that people would want to argue that the scientific aspects are not consistent...

the consistent part is that its a classic love story, and everything is tailored to that end...

some of the visual aspects are quite memorable as well

you might say that some of the scenes with up-and-down at the same time are unrealistic but hey, its a movie :-)

in conclusion, i feel this is well worth a watch, at least for those that convey a reasonable suspension of disbelief lol...check it out :-)
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a parable
Armand12 April 2015
a parable about social segregation. a beautiful love story. and inspired cast. splendid images and simple, convincing, powerful story. a film about two worlds and the subtle link between them. an admirable movie for the grace of telling the story, for the precise details, for the flavor of fairy tale, for the sensibility who has in Jim Sturgess the perfect actor , for the differences between Up and Down, for memories about other films, for the hope. a romantic and , in same measure , political movie. its message is far to be new but it is convincing at all. and that fact does it more than a beautiful/useful/smart film but a kind of manifesto. so, see it. for enjoy. and as support of reflection.
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