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"Get Me the Producer" Episode #1.5 (2007)

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Greg Dyke gives the teams their challenge for this penultimate week: to create a five-minute issue-based programme for Channel 4's youth slot, T4. The producer role goes to Rebeka (Beks) and Rebecca. Both Chris and Felicity are concerned at their lack of a chance to shine. Greg arranges for them all to meet the T4 presenters and they discuss how serious issues can be packaged for a teenage audience.

Jeremy Salsby and Ruth Joseph, the teams' editors, agree it is a stiff challenge to create something both factual and fun for this audience. Divisions in Rebecca's Team B are immediately apparent. The teams have eight hours to come up with an idea that will be approved by Ruth and Jeremy. Beks' Team A comes up with 'Date My Faith', a speed-dating game between young people of different religions. Jeremy likes the idea but emphasises that they must get the best possible contestants they can find. Ruth bans Rebecca's team's first idea, but agrees to their second one, based on discrimination and first impressions.

Rebecca's suggestion for developing their discrimination idea meets with no enthusiasm. The team agrees to use Johnathan's idea of a 'culture swap'. Team A interviews students from a local sixth form college to take part in their dating game. Team B decides to use Tracey, a glamour model, and persuades Sarah, a Muslim woman, to take part. Rob still has doubts about the idea.

Both Teams have settled on religion as their focus. Filming begins. Beks takes control and makes decisions. Rebecca's team decides that their programme, 'Be Me', will involve handcuffing their two participants together. They start filming in a mosque and Tracey, Karen and Rebecca cover up to enter. Meanwhile, Beks' stern manner unnerves her youngest, teenage contestant. Gina expresses concerns. Rebecca's Muslim volunteer is reluctant to enter a sex shop, but Karen persuades her. Rob considers his future.

Filming is completed and Greg, Ruth and Jeremy watch the finished products. They like the idea behind 'Date My Faith' but think it lacks substance and is too thin on facts; better thought-out questions would have revealed more. It was more like entertainment than a factual item. Greg and Ruth prefer Team B's idea, but Jeremy defends his team's programme.

Greg makes his decision and decides to inform the teams himself. He tells Team A that they muddled 'faith' and 'culture' and that he didn't learn enough from their item; he wanted to hear more from Sarah, the Muslim girl. He decides Team B has won. Beks is devastated.

Greg summons the two teams to his office separately to review how they have performed over the previous five weeks. Anyone not likely to make it as a TV producer will be sent home. Greg has been impressed by Beks in previous tasks, so he lets her through to the final despite the fact that her team lost, but Sid and Chris are out. Gina and Felicity (Fliss) live to fight another day. Rebecca goes through to the final as the producer of this week's winning programme, and Greg also keeps Johnathan despite continuing reservations about his ability to be a team player. Rob decides he wants to leave, so Karen is the last one through to the final.


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