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"Dancing with the Stars" Round Four (2009)

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Chuck & Julianne: Chuck Wicks was trying to get out of the middle of the pack with his Viennese waltz after weeks of playing it safe. His partner Julianne Hough tried to get him to loosen up in rehearsals. Did it work? Judge Len Goodman said Chuck finally came out of hibernation. Bruno Tonioli said Chuck was "emerging from the shadows" of Julianne. He said Chuck "still got a little bit shaky" at times. Carrie Ann Inaba disagreed with both judges and said Chuck was still holding back and lost his focus at times. She said "it's a little irritating" to her that Chuck hadn't pulled it all together yet, prompting a mini-scuffle between the judges. Scores: 7, 8, and 8. Total: 23

Lawrence & Edyta: NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was still trying to squeeze an 8 out of the judges. He had trouble nailing the rhythm of the paso doble, saying it felt like watching TV with no sound on. Edyta tried to get Lawrence to tap into the intensity he had playing football. Bruno called Lawrence "the prince of darkness," and said that he got his feet moving after a rough start. Carrie Ann said Lawrence had a limited range of music, but commended him for working with a difficult type of music. Len liked the intensity that Lawrence showed, but said it was "much better" overall. Scores: 6, 7, and 7. Total: 20

Shawn & Mark: Shawn Johnson's overly acrobatic Lindy Hop was too full of tricks last week, so she wanted to get back to the dancing with a Viennese waltz. She was ready to make a comeback after getting stuck in the middle of the pack and her partner Mark Ballas was ready to make it happen. Carrie Ann said they proved that simplicity is the best route to success. Len said they showed the romantic side of the dance but criticized her footwork. Bruno said it had great flow and musicality and advised Shawn not to press her shoulders up when she dances. Scores: 9, 8, and 9. Total: 26

Melissa & Tony: After scoring two 10s last week, "Bachelor" star Melissa Rycroft had to get serious for the paso doble. She had trouble not smiling through the serious dance in rehearsal. She managed to avoid smiling during the performance, but was that enough? Len said Melissa coped with the dance very well, but pointed out a couple of blunders. He also said it lacked a bit of the aggression she was trying to capture. Bruno said most of it was very beautiful, but she did make mistakes. Carrie Ann said she felt Melissa was off balance. Scores: 8, 8, and 9. Total: 25.

David & Kym: Comedian David Alan Grier was stuck in the middle of the pack last week and planned on bribing the judges to fix it. In reality, he worked hard during rehearsal. Bruno said it started well and that when David kept it classic, it worked. Carrie Ann thought she figured out what's disconnected, and she said it was a lack of connection between David and Kym. Len said it was a "very, very good performance" of a very difficult dance. Scores: 7, 8, and 7. Total: 22

Gilles & Cheryl: Actor Gilles Marini was overwhelmed by his perfect score last week and said the pressure was enormous. His partner Cheryl Burke took him to a martial arts studio to tap into some of the aggression needed for his paso doble. They gave an intense performance Carrie Ann said she felt like she was watching someone taking things back to the heart and the core of the dance. Len said it was a little hectic at times. Bruno said Gilles was going in for the kill and "nailed it." Scores. 10, 9, and 10. Total: 29

Steve-O & Lacey: Steve-O and his partner Lacey Schwimmer got a visit during rehearsals, which helped lift Steve-O's spirit. They did a Parisien-inspired Viennese waltz. Len told Steve-O not to get over-excited but it was his best dance. Bruno said Steve-O's timing was on tonight. Carrie Ann liked it and just told Steve-O to watch his posture. Scores: 6, 6, and 6. Total: 18

Ty & Chelsie: Rodeo champion Ty Murray was coming off his best week, so far, and looking forward to using his rodeo skills on the paso doble. He took his partner Chelsie Hightower to hang out with some bulls to give her a sense of his world, then went off to do his dance. He left us with one final thought: "Chelsie says in this dance, she's the bull. If all bulls were like that, there'd be a lot more bull riders in this world." Bruno said it was so robotic and metallic he thought he was watching a Transformer. Carrie Ann wondered, "Where did my little dancer go?" Len said that after two great dances, this one was not quite to that standard. Scores: 7, 7, and 7. Total: 21

Lil Kim & Derek: After scoring the first 10 of the season, Lil Kim was all business. She had a music video to film and a magazine photo shoot in addition to learning the Viennese waltz. On a short time schedule, Lil Kim and Derek took to the dance floor. Carrie Ann said Lil Kim "brought every moment to life." Len praised the musicality but noted the footwork errors from Lil Kim. Bruno said Lil Kim managed to make the Viennese waltz look sassy. He said, "It takes two people to win, and what you do is the right way of doing it." Scores: 9, 8, and 9. Total: 26


Gilles & Cheryl: 29

Shawn & Mark: 26

Lil Kim & Derek: 26

Melissa & Tony: 25

Chuck &Julianne: 23

David & Kym: 22

Ty & Chelsie: 21

Lawrence & Edyta: 20

Steve-O & Lacey: 18

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