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Host Tom Bergeron amped up the drama by reminded viewers that in eight seasons, "Dancing with the Stars" has never seen anything like this. Coming on the heels of wild injuries, bizarre moves and the most shocking elimination escape, perhaps, in the show's history comes a double elimination as two couples would go home Tuesday.

On Monday, it was time to perform a pair of new dances, The Lindy Hop and the Argentine Tango.

Judge Len Goodman explained that the Argentine Tango is less strict than the ballroom tango normally seen on the show, which is a ballroom tango in which the dancers stay cheek to cheek. He said The Lindy Hop is fun with lifts and throws, similar to the Jitterbug.

David & Kym: A week after impressing the judges with his Fox Trot, David Alan Grier and his partner Kym Johnson were the first to take on The Lindy Hope. They went to a local club where people were doing the dance so that David could see how it was done. He was excited about the possibilities. They gave a high-energy performance complete with all the tosses and throws you could imagine, including a cartwheel by both dancers. Len said "not your best, but by no means, not your worst." Bruno Tonioli said that they lost the timing and footwork at times. Carrie Ann Inaba praised David for hanging in there even though he wasn't the youngest cookie in the competition. Scores: 8, 7, and 7. Total: 22.

Lil Kim & Derek: Lil Kim was set to bring her "bionic booty," in Len's words, to the Argentine Tango. In rehearsal, Lil Kim's partner Derek Hough tried, with varying results, to keep the serious intensity that the dance required. Derek also struggled teach the dance because he didn't really know it. The couple received a standing ovation for a captivating performance. Bruno stood up to give his comments with enthusiasm, calling it "a terrific tango with terrific choreography. Wow." Carrie Ann called Lil Kim "the real deal" and said they did a great job. Len said he was "knocked out" with the choreography, but wasn't so impressed with the sensuality of the dance. Scores: 9, 8, and 10 -- the first "10" of the season. Total: 27.

Chuck & Julianne: Country singer Chuck Wicks was trying to prove that Carrien Ann was right last week when she called him a contender. His partner Julianne Hough tried to get him to do a backflip over her during their Lindy Hop, but she scrapped it from the routine because he had a fear of landing on his head. Carrie Ann said it was good, but she wanted to see Chuck "go for it" just a little more. Len said it was "competent," but that would only get him so far in the competition. Bruno said it had to be more crisp. Scores: 8, 7, and 7. Total: 22.

Lawrence & Edyta: NFL legend Lawrence Taylor was wondering what he had to do to get an 8 after what he thought was his best performance and still falling short of higher marks from the judges. His partner Edyta Sliwinska stressed the seductive nature of the Argentine Tango. "I'll still be married after this dance, right?" Lawrence asked her. "We'll see," she said. Edyta's husband, Alex Mazo, came in to show him how it was done. Lawrence said it was a big help. Len said they did a good job but said it was heavy, lacked passion and Lawrence looked uncomfortable. Bruno totally disagreed, saying Lawrence was menacing, intense and portrayed danger. He did agree that Lawrence was walking more than gliding at times. Carrie Ann said Lawrence exuded power but said they were lacking a bit of chemistry. Scores: 7, 5, and 7. Total: 19.

Ty & Chelsie: Rodeo champ Ty Murray saved his partner Chelsie Hightower last week when she slipped on her dress. She apologized to him in rehearsal and he said she should get a shorter dress. She had him practice by himself because there would be times when they wouldn't be together on the dance floor. They tried some big lifts and throws, one of which landed Chelsie flat on her back and she asked Ty why he was trying to get her out of the competition. Bruno said Ty was jumping and kicking with the mentality of a young stallion. He said Ty was still a bit rough around the edges, but was coming up by leaps and bounds. Carrie Ann said, "Ty Murray is a dancer!" She praised Chelsie for being a special teacher. Len was ecstatic and remembered he gave Ty a "4" in the first week and said it was a "great wonder" overall. Scores: 9, 8, and 8. Total: 25.

Steve & Karina: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak realized he had to work harder after coming dangerously close to elimination last week. His partner Karina Smirnoff promised to show the viewers something they wouldn't expect. After Steve promised that "the geeks shall inherit the Earth," he and Karina did their Argentine Tango. Carrie Ann said she loved what Steve represented, calling him the ultimate underdog. She said there wasn't much going on with the routine. "I'm trying to find something to say, and I'm still searching," Carrie Ann said. Len congratulated Steve for coming out and trying a proper tango and said there was an improvement from last week, although "almost anything that happened would be an improvement." Bruno said, "We all know that the tango originated in the ghettos of Buenos Aires, but the only right thing you picked up from that is the stench, because that really stunk." Steve replied with three words, "I'm still standing." Scores: 4, 4, and 4. Total: 12.

Melissa & Tony: A week after landing in a three-way tie for first place, "Bachelor" star Melissa Rycroft said there was a new kind of pressure. She and partner Tony Dovolani had a good time practicing the Lindy Hop, even though one of their moves ended up with Melissa's face in Tony's crotch. Would it translate to as much fun on the dance floor? It was packed with wild flips and throws and they nailed every one. Len said Melissa had the potential to go all the way. Bruno said it was "truly, truly eye-popping and bursting with excitement." Carrie Ann gave them both high-fives and said, "Now I'm in impressed," and said it was the best choreography she'd ever seen from Tony. Scores: 10, 9, and 10. Total: 29.

Holly & Dmitry: A week after surviving a brush with elimination, former "Girl Next Door" Holly Madison had to pull out all the stops for the Argentine Tango. She injured her ribs during last week's performance and it threatened to stop her in practice. She visited the doctor, who told her she'd strained the muscles around her ribs. He said she wouldn't do further damage by continuing to dance, but would be sore. She pushed through and did the Argentine Tango with partner Dmitry Chaplin. Bruno said it was a bad start and kept getting worse. Carrie Ann said Holly hung in there, but said Holly needed to build some strength. Len said the routine was fantastic and he could tell the early slip-up at the start threw her off for the whole thing. Scores: 5, 6, and 5. Total: 16.

Steve-O & Lacey: "Jackass" star Steve-O forgot his steps last week, after getting hurt the week before, but thought he could redeem himself with the Lindy Hop. He was stressed in practice, so his partner Lacey Schwimmer brought him a clown suit to help him lighten up. Steve-O explained that he got his start in entertainment as a clown act and it helped him tap into that sense of free-wheeling fun needed for the Lindy Hop. Carrie Ann was thankful Steve-O got through his routine but said he was still following Lacey and she wanted him to be a leader. Len agreed that timing was the big issue. Bruno said Steve-O was overthinking his routines, which puts a barrier between him and the audience. Scores: 5, 5, and 5. Total: 15.

Gilles & Cheryl: Actor Gilles Marini was coming off a huge week, and hoped to keep it going with an Argentine Tango. His partner Cheryl Burke said he was putting too much pressure on himself, which was making him mess up the steps. Cheryl tried to get him to take advantage of his acting skills during the dance, which requires lots of drama. He tapped into something that brought the crowd to its feet for an extended standing ovation. Carrie Ann fanned herself with a notepad. Len said "it was another fantastic performance," and said Gilles showed every element of a dance that has several. Bruno said "what you have here is the quintessential Latin lover." Carrie Ann said she couldn't feel her face and said, "the honest truth is in that number, I could not tell who was the professional and who wasn't." Scores: 10, 10, and 10. Total: 30 -- the first of the season.

Shawn & Mark: Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson got a chance to work her gymnastics skills into the routine. She took her partner Mark Ballas to the gym to show him where she gets to have fun. She said the Lindy Hop was her dance. Was she right? Bruno said it was a spectacular feast of tricks and gymnastics, but told her to remember she's also a good dancer so she should do more dancing. Carrie Ann said the tricks and flips were great, but the footwork was a bit heavy. Len said there were too many tricks and said there was a little bit more dancing needed. Scores: 8, 8, and 9. Total: 25.


Gilles & Cheryl: 30

Melissa & Tony: 29

Lil Kim & Derek: 27

Ty & Chelsie: 25

Shawn & Mark: 25

David & Kym: 22

Chuck & Julianne: 22

Lawrence & Edyta: 19

Holly & Dmitry: 16

Steve-O & Lacey: 15

Steve & Karina: 12

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