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Epic Fan Poster Imagines Deathstroke Vs. Red Hood Movie

This week brought with it the news that DC are adding yet another movie onto their slate – Joe Manganiello will be starring as Slade Wilson in a Deathstroke solo film from director Gareth Evans. Since the announcement dropped, people have been working hard to come up with theories about what form the film might take and a new fan-made poster may have just nailed exactly what many would love to see.

From digital artist extraordinaire Boss Logic comes this mock one-sheet for Deathstroke, which imagines Manganiello’s anti-hero doing battle with Red Hood, with Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles “cast” in the role of Batman’s former sidekick, Jason Todd. To show off Ackles’ face, the artist has done away with Red Hood’s distinctive helmet, but it still looks pretty damn awesome.

Check it out in the gallery down below, along with some of Boss Logic’s other recent work,
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The Switch Has Huge Potential, Nintendo Just Need To Play Their Cards Right

It’s been just over a month since Nintendo’s newest hybrid home console/handheld, the Switch, was released out into the wild, and on the whole, it’s been selling like Hyrulean hotcakes. Industry analyst Michael Pachter has gone so far as to predict that The Big N’s newest piece of hardware will outperform Microsoft’s 4K behemoth Scorpio console, which releases later this year, and has gone as far as saying that it will become the secondary console to purchase to complement your primary PS4/Xbox One system.

The Switch is a fantastic concept and after spending a lot of time with it, I too, am a believer. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a piece of Nintendo hardware and been as enamoured with it as I have been with the Switch. It really is a beautiful and well-designed piece of tech and
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Gotham City Sirens director David Ayer teasing Black Mask as possible villain

Admittedly, not too much is known yet about the Suicide Squad spin-off Gotham City Sirens outside of the fact that it will reteam director David Ayer with his wildly popular depiction of Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie. It’s also apparently supposed to add Catwoman and Poison Ivy to the fold, and naturally casting theories have been popping up surrounding those roles (see Megan Fox for Poison Ivy).

However, Ayer himself has taken to Twitter to tease the idea of Black Mask as the potential villain (or at least making an appearance in the blockbuster), sharing this image of the Batman nemesis from the comic book Batman: Under the Hood. Check it out below…

See Also: Haley Bennett teases Catwoman role in Gotham City Sirens


David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) February 27, 2017

Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see Black Mask as
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Comic Books 101: DC Comics-reading Batman PT2

Comic Books 101: DC Comics-Reading Batman Pt 2

Previously I wrote an article helping new readers figure out the best places to pick up Batman from DC Comics . For those confused or still uncertain about major events in DC Comics (which connect to various “jumping on” points for Batman) I wrote an article detailing the big company altering stories in my history of the DC Universe article. This time around I am going to open up a bit more on the adventures of The Dark Knight, and take a look at some of the bigger, and in my opinion, best stories for potential Batman readers. This will include small and big story lines that exist in various continuities within the DC Comics publication history for the character. There won’t be any set “this is better than that” to the stories listed, simply moments in the characters publication where a
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"Batman" Lego, Affleck & Trailer Updates

Ahead of Comic Con later this week, Warner Bros. Pictures has teased their presentation on Saturday with a "Lego Batman Movie" 15-second clip which you can see below. The Caped Crusader, both in his Lego and likely his live-action Ben Affleck form, will take over Hall H that morning. "The Lego Batman Movie" is slated to open in February.

Meanwhile a new rumor has popped up about the Affleck-directed solo "Batman" film currently in development. Reports initially indicated the "Under the Hood" storyline was being adapted, then ditched in favor of something more ambitious.

Batman-On-Film has caught wind of what that more ambitious idea might be - the rumor being that the film will primarily take place within the walls of Arkham Asylum with Batman locked in, but it will be an original story and Not a direct adaptation of the acclaimed "Batman: Arkham Asylum" comic.

This has numerous
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Videogame Nation: saluting a great UK gaming TV show




After a shaky start, Challenge TV's now-cancelled Videogame Nation grew into a pretty perfect gaming magazine TV show...

At 10.27 a.m. on the morning of Saturday 4th June 2016 gaming enthusiasts across the land screamed in a collective wail of distress as it was announced that the following week’s episode of Videogame Nation was to be its last ever.

For fans of the


’s only weekly show devoted to games it was a hefty blow. Yet another television programme centred on the world of videogames was meeting its demise after 4 series and an impressive 106 episodes. The outpouring of disbelief across social media was immediate. Fans who felt that the show had finally landed on a fun, winning formula for gaming TV were doubly dismayed.

As emerged in the days following the announcement, Videogame Nation was a victim of circumstance. Challenge TV chose not to renew the
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Something Big Hiding Under the Hood in Monster Trucks

This is the debut trailer for Monster Trucks and in this movie there’s an actual monster living inside of a truck. He is what powers the vehicle. “Looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born into, Tripp, a high school senior, builds a Monster Truck from bits and pieces of scrapped […]

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Ben Affleck Says His Solo Batman Film Will Feature A 'Mostly' Original Story

There's been a lot of rumours from both fans and publications about Ben Affleck's (currently untitled) Batman solo film and what it might adapt from the comics. One of the more notable rumours was the "Under The Hood" storyline, considering we see Jason Todd's Robin suit in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. However, according to the actor, who is also directing and co-writing the film with Geoff Johns, he plans to put an original spin on the film's story. "I think what I would do, what I probably would do, is in some ways what Zack did with this movie, which is to borrow certain things from the great comic books, but create an original story around it because I wouldn't want the fans to already know the story and be familiar, but I would borrow, steal, great things that have been done before in the comics.
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10 Iconic Villains Most Likely To Make Cameo Appearances In Ben Affleck's The Batman

var l_ttlPages = 10; var l_url = location.pathname.replace(location.hash, ""); var qs = (function(a) { if (a == "") return {}; var b = {}; for (var i = 0; i 2 && l_page Despite reports that The Batman (that's not the official title, but really should be) is going to be an adaptation of the "Under the Hood" storyline featuring the return of Jason Todd as the Red Hood, a new rumour points to Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns deciding against bringing that tale to the big screen. Instead, it's been said that the still undated movie will feature a ton of cameos from other bad guys.  Batman has arguably the best rogues gallery in comic book history, so there are almost countless possibilities for which familiar faces from the
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Croc Actor Talks Batman's "Squad" Interaction

Ben Affleck's Batman continues to be shaped into the cornerstone of the building DC Extended Universe onscreen it seems. David Ayer's upcoming "Suicide Squad" film not only includes the Batman in character, but it seems all the members of the team will have had past encounters with the Gotham City protector before events of the movie kick off.

Speaking with Fandango about his role as Killer Croc, actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje discussed that relationship:

"All of these so-called villains are villains that Batman has had some history with and caught and brought into Arkham Prison. So whether it comes before or after I'm not sure, but I do know we've all been captured by him and imprisoned in Arkham, so we've all got a gripe to bear against the ol' Bat."

In the same interview, Akinnuoye-Agbaje also revealed he underwent five hours of make-up and prosthetics every day he
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10 Actors Who Could Play Red Hood In The Batman

Surprisingly, Warner Bros. still hasn’t dated the long rumoured Batman movie starring and directed by Ben Affleck. It could be that both parties are waiting to see how well Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice does before committing to anything (Affleck doesn’t want another Daredevil after all), but rumours are already pointing to it being an adaptation of the classic “Under the Hood” storyline.

That comic featured the return of former Robin, Jason Todd, as a vigilante named the Red Hood, a name and look inspired by The Joker’s moniker before he was transformed into the Clown Prince of Crime. Jason was actually murdered by the villain, but returned years later hungry for vengeance against both him and Batman.

More News From The Web

The fact that the character’s defaced costume is going to be in Batman V Superman proves that Warner Bros. are looking to set the story up,
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ABC Family Detaching From ‘Hallowed’ Brand Associations with Freeform Name Change

ABC Family president Tom Ascheim came to the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Saturday prepared to defend the decision to change the cabler’s name to Freeform as of Jan. 12.

Ascheim said the moniker makeover was the result of months of research and focus group studies. They went through thousands of options before settling on Freeform, a process he called “tireless and tiresome.” The goal is to evoke a sense of freedom, spontaneity and unrestrained attitudes that reflect the coming-of-age experiences of the cabler’s target demo of so-called “becomers” — which Ascheim described as the age range “between your first kiss and your first kid.”

Freeform, Ascheim argued, also reflects the “moment in our media heritage we’re all experiencing where content is coming in every shape, size and format on every screen. (Freeform) seems to promise to deliver on that expectation that our young audience is having.
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More Details On The Robin We’ll See In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Up until now, it’s been widely assumed that the Robin murdered by The Joker before the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was Jason Todd, just like in the comic books. However, there have been a lot of very interesting rumours (The Batman being an adaptation of “Under the Hood”) and crazy theories (Dick Grayson becoming the second Joker a la The Dark Knight Strikes Back) about Robin’s role in this world that have led to a lot of confusion.

Now we have a new report that may just clear things up. According to Latino-Review, the Robin whose costume is on display in the Batcave is indeed Jason’s, while Dick Grayson – the first youngster to hold that mantle as Batman’s sidekick – is going to be getting a mention in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice despite not making a physical appearance.

More News From
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Which 'Robin' Did 'The Joker' Murder Before The Events Of Batman v Superman?

There have been a lot of very interesting rumours (The Batman being an adaptation of "Under the Hood") and crazy theories (Dick Grayson becoming the second Joker a la The Dark Knight Strikes Back) about the role of Robin in the shared universe which will kick off with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Latino-Review has reiterated some information we've heard a fair few times in the past which might just put your minds at ease. Their sources tell them that the DC Extended Universe's murdered Robin is indeed Jason Todd and that Dick Grayson just gets a mention in this movie at some point. Again, this really isn't anything we haven't heard before, but it's Christmas Eve, so this is pretty much as good as news gets! Regardless, there's no denying the fact that it's good to have yet another indication that Zack Snyder isn't going to do
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Will Smith's Deadshot Joins "The Batman"?

We know the upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" includes cameos from several heroes that will be a part of "Justice League," and more recently rumors have sprung up about the likes of Black Canary popping up in 'League'.

Today, Latino Review has picked up a similar report, but with a character whom we're about to meet very soon. The site claims that Will Smith's turn as Deadshot in next year's "Suicide Squad" will be just the start of his involvement in the DC Extended Universe.

In fact he's already said to be keen for another major turn in the role - in the Ben Affleck-directed "The Batman" which is in early development. The site adds it will be a major role for a "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly scenario".

Previously the project waas rumored to be based on the "Under the Hood" storyline from
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Will Smith’s Deadshot May Appear in Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

  • HeyUGuys
Very little is known about the planned solo movie for Batman right now, though rumour has it that Jason Todd and The Joker will be taking centre stage in an adaptation of the “Under the Hood” storyline which saw the former Robin return to Gotham City as the vigilante Red Hood. We’ll have to wait and

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Will Smith Could Return As Deadshot In The Batman

When Will Smith signed on for Suicide Squad to play Deadshot, he was apparently pretty excited about DC’s plans for their cinematic universe. So excited, in fact, that he agreed to show up multiple times as the character, instead of only just appearing in David Ayer’s 2016 film.

Of course, a potential Suicide Squad sequel would seem like the most probable place for Deadshot to appear again, but Latino Review is reporting that the actor could also show up in Ben Affleck’s solo Caped Crusader movie, The Batman.

The details aren’t clear just yet, but sources say Deadshot would have a major role in what’s being described as a “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” scenario. Essentially, the film would see the two characters teaming up, presumably to take down Red Hood and the Joker, as The Batman is said to an adaptation of the Under the Hood storyline.
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Need For Speed Rectifies Rubber-Banding, Introduces Community Events

Need for Speed ran the gamut of review scores earlier this month, but the audience called near-unanimous attention to one defect: the rubber-banding AI. Because a Dodge Challenger could overtake a Lamborghini Huracán the moment someone tapped its brakes, each race’s outcome only mattered during the last five checkpoints.

Flash forward three weeks. Ghost Games heard everyone’s complaints and will adjust the AI’s catch-up behavior soon. Like, Wednesday soon. Although the developers withheld specifics, perhaps players could, at long last, wreck their cars and not lose a half-mile lead before they reset. Granting sudden, aggravating speed boosts to the game’s rivals has been a staple of each Need for Speed, and I would be happy to see the “feature” go.

Ghost Games discussed further changes, too. In the team’s latest Under the Hood update, they highlighted community events, icon cars, rep increases, and typical bug fixes.
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Has the storyline for Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie been revealed?

Has the storyline for Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie been revealed?
Warning: This article contains potential spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid

It hasn't even been officially confirmed by Warner Bros yet, but there are already storyline rumours about Ben Affleck's solo outing as Batman.

According to JoBlo, the film will reportedly combine two storylines from the comics involving Robin.

The main plot is rumoured to centre on the arrival of the Red Hood in Gotham City, where he impersonates Batman to make him look like a criminal, leading to a battle between the Red Hood, Batman and the Joker.

In the comics, A Death in the Family featured the death of former Robin, Jason Todd, by the Joker, while Under the Hood revolved around Todd's rebirth as the Red Hood.

The film is also rumoured to include the first Robin, Dick Grayson, as Nightwing.

Affleck recently noted that it would be a "dream" to direct a solo Batman film,
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Batman Solo Film Will Probably Draw On Two Classic Storylines

Although Warner Bros hasn.t officially confirmed it to the public yet, it.s all but set that a new Batman movie is on the way in the near future. Although Ben Affleck is reportedly co-writing the script with Geoff Johns and is also interested in directing, details have been light on what to expect from the movie plot-wise. Now, new information has come out reporting that the movie may revolve around former Robin Jason Todd, and as a result, two key comic book storylines will be drawn on for inspiration: A Death in the Family and Under the Hood. For those unfamiliar with Jason Todd.s history, 1988.s A Death in the Family saw Jason being brutally murdered by The Joker while 2005.s Under the Hood saw him resurrected and become the vigilante Red Hood. According to JoBlo, the Caped Crusader.s next live action solo adventure will see
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