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We should not blame the mirror if we do not like what we see...

Author: americanborn from United States
21 February 2009

To say that "The producer has chosen to edit this documentary by highlighting the most ignorant people she could find out there" is typical of the kind of criticism you might expect of a film that you don't like, but the reality is, this film hit the head on the nail. It provides a pretty accurate depiction of the attitudes that are commonplace once you venture beyond the west and east coast in the United States.

I have lived throughout the United States, raised in a bastion of conservatism (Arizona), and even lived in the pinnacle of liberalism (San Francisco) for a time. I have also lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah and elsewhere in this country not to mention outside of this country. I have seen and experienced firsthand what we see in this film more than I care to and I was happy to see that I was not the only one who felt that a mirror needed to be held up.

There are deep divisions in America today, and while some critics might want to just dust off a piece of work like this and say this is an extreme sample and therefore not representative of a large part of the American population has not spent too much time in middle America.

It pains me to no end to know that this documentary is not just a biased piece from the "liberal media elite" but rather a scary picture of where this country has found itself.

If you, like the editor's of the Daily Mirror once wrote ever thought... "How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?" This film will at least provide a bit of reassurance that you are not alone in asking the question. If on the other hand you think that the biggest problem facing the United States is the end of days that the media liberal elite is working in cahoots with the Liberal establishment to bring about, then you will be reassured that you are not alone as well. Either way, don't blame the messenger.

Yes, we are divided.

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Rather Balanced View of Conservative Rallies.

Author: Robert J. Maxwell (rmax304823@yahoo.com) from Deming, New Mexico, USA
10 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alexander Pelosi (Nancy's daughter) hikes along with McCain's "Straight Talk Express" and captures interviews and images of Midwesterners attending Republican gatherings.

It's always difficult to judge a documentary like this. There are no familiar pundits or talking heads or politicians in front of the camera. No prepared speeches. These are just a couple of dozen ordinary people speaking extemporaneously.

The question is how representative they are, what universe are they drawn from. Not one of them seems to have anything resembling a sophisticated position on politics or any of its aspects. Buzz words and phrases abound as substitutes for thought. We've all heard most of them -- "socialism," "Obamanation", "Hitler", and the rest. But this can't possibly be a scientific sample. For one thing, these are super-committed people who are intensely enough motivated to drag their behinds off the couch and out of the house and take themselves and their babies to a Republican rally. For another, we can't have any idea of how many entirely sensible people were interviewed and the footage clipped out and left on the floor of the editing room. We can be reasonably sure the subjects don't represent conservative Republicans, but that these people exist at all is a disturbing realization.

But, judging from what we see, politics isn't the issue that engages these good people anyway. It's something else, much harder to define than, say, commitment to a certain monetary policy. What's most impressive about these interviews is the hatred. They love McCain and Palin but they hate Obama far more.

Some of their facts are plain wrong. Obama won't salute the flag, he's not a full-blooded American, he referred to "my Muslim faith" (three times). Other facts are not so much right or wrong as much as practically incomprehensible in 2008. Obama doesn't deserve to be president because he's a N*****. He's a socialist. He's the Anti-Christ says one perfectly normal looking middle-aged man. Once he's sworn in on the Koran, he'll pull off his mask and invite the terrorists in. He'll start the Russian revolution right here in America.

The interviewees believe that Katie Couric is part of a media conspiracy, that CNN and the rest are "in the tank for Obama." They won't watch the mainstream news media on TV. Their only trusted news source is Fox because it presents the news in a "fair and balanced" way.

Several of the people interviewed predict a revolution in this country in the next few years -- and they may be right. Not in a literal sense but in the sense of procedure -- civil disobedience, jury nullification, impeachment, filibusters like the old days, assassinations, that sort of thing. And if it happens, which any sane person must hope it won't, it will come from some of the people who proudly voice their opinions here.

Underlying all this rhetorical heat is a strain of pathos. These are honest and concerned folks from the Heartland of America. They hold their sentiments so dear that they sometimes weep in expressing them. They boo at the mention of Obama's name, or Harry Reid's or Nancy Pelosi's, "a trifecta of the devil." And when Obama wins, the rallies fall silent. A pretty young woman tearfully tells Pelosi that the people have spoken and we'll have to get together and hold our heads up and do the best we can. We get the impression that she doesn't represent the others at the rally. We get the sense that their anger has changed to an abject rage. If anyone doubts it, I suggest checking out the comments on Obama on one of the news boards -- Newsvine or Buzz Up.

If Alex Pelosi was conning any of these people into making fools of themselves, there's no sign of it. On the contrary, she seems at times to be genuinely puzzled and asks if they'd like to clarify their statements. She's polite and sympathetic to an old woman who is saying the rosary at a rally, praying that McCain will win. If the subjects of these brief interviews were to watch the film and ask if they'd been tricked or humiliated or misrepresented, I honestly believe they'd say no, that they were proud of their opinions and happy to have a chance to express them on national TV.

Nothing in the film is truly surprising except the depth of hatred for Obama. I've lived through the turbulent 1960s and other passing periods of national distress, but I've never in my life seen such despair on the part of so many people.

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Many angry, vengeful bullies.

Author: oldfart44 from Canada
10 March 2009

I assume that there are more reasonable Republicans than the ones depicted in this documentary. As a Canadian, my only experiences are spending the winters in Florida, and having an ex daughter in law from the northern USA, who was so far to the right that I thought she would fall off the table. Personally, I'm middle of the road, but in the USA, people who are Republicans seem to me mostly to be bullies. I used to watch Fox News to try and get another point of view, but one evening after Sean Hannity embarrass a Vietnam vet, I stopped watching. When I think of a Republican I think of Fox News, Ann Coulter, and those of that ilk. I know that there are many fantastic Americans, who I made friends with and played golf with. It was funny, heartbreaking, and maddening to listen to some of these people in the documentary. They all seem so angry and vengeful. I surely don't know where they get their information from; how on earth can you accuse your president of being a terrorist and an Arab? Americans that I have met on the whole seem to be afraid of everything, everybody, and anything. Are there only whites in the Republican party? Like an ex Navy person told me one day while we were playing golf, don't talk politics and religion. How can you be pro life, but yet condone the wars your country always seems to be in where you have lost so many young people, in addition to the civilians killed? My apologies for this comment being so disjointed and disorganized. You people must cure this divisiveness.

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Good movie that shows both extreme views and balanced mainstream views.

Author: Stevan Wolcott from United States
4 October 2009

I just saw this movie for the second time and was more impressed with Alexandra's Pelossi's attempt to allow her subjects a chance to honestly express themselves. The "drunk, red-necked bigots" are definitely the minority of the interviewees (and those views are definitely out there) - she tries to give a chance for everyone to make there own sound bite. In my first viewing, the extremes and the uninformed made a larger impression on me than the more well-spoken.

I think her movie has been 'vindicated' by the expressions of rage we see in the town halls, the teabag Allys, the 9/12 protests, etc.

The real issue is the technique - most people on the street don't have a command of the issues - progressive or conservative. Frankly, working people don't have TIME to cut through the bullshit. These people repeat what they've heard, what makes sense in their world view (the same as Hannity's liberals in his view from the street segments. Did she provide 'fact-checking' to these folks? No, all she did was allow folks to express themselves. Is this what has happened to the conservative movement in America? Where are the scholars of conservatism? Those whose arguments are founded on fact, research and logic.

I'm a liberal/progressive trying to maintain my life-long respect for the principles of conservatism. I'm looking for those folks I can respectfully disagree with based on a common understanding of history, fact-based disagreements of theory and principle. I see some of those folks in this movie - despite the racists, the homophobes, the folks motivated more by hate and fear than by a strong vision of conservatism and it's potential to provide a better life for all human beings.

It's a great movie and should be seen by both progressives and conservatives - and should be updated for current climes.

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Welcome to the Political Equivalent to the East/West Coast Rap Battle.

Author: Jazzywrites007 from United States
19 February 2009

Nice. In 2008, history was changed forever as an African-American(?) man was sworn into office and assumed his position as the Head of State. Across the nation people cheered and the Media blitzed us with coverage, coverage, and more coverage of this extraordinary man. However, Not everyone cheered. In reality, Millions of people were against this outcome and this documentary captures their words, tears, and heartbreak as the "wrong man" settles into his new office.

Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, travels along the campaign trail and questions lots and lots of right wingers about their dedication to Rightist views, dedication to McCain/Palin, and dedication to their own values. Along the way we are introduced to men and women who can accurately and intelligently depict their party and their party's fight. We are, also, introduced to men who can not even accurately define the words that they are incorrectly spelling on their picket signs.

This documentary will definitely chap the behinds of conservatives who feel that they are being misrepresented by the "idiots" on the campaign trail, but The liberal media will definitely eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and fourthmeal. While it is at times infuriating, I would recommend that conservatives, radicals, and liberals alike sit down and watch it. While the ultimate outcomes and opinions may vary greatly, we have all seen the Probama videos, pictures, t-shirts, fingernail designs, posters, water bottles, and Websites. The McCain/Palin side deserves some witness as well.

I Promise, it will be incredibly entertaining for all.


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Another liberal making a documentary under the guise of being impartial

Author: istrategic2000 from United States
11 December 2012

She says at the beginning of the film that she went into this with an open mind. From that statement on it was almost impossible to watch the rest of the "film" She is the daughter of left leaning liberal, not just a democrat, former speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. She spends most of her free time going on Bill Mahr's show and having her ass kissed by him. She will never bite the hand that has fed her.

If she had said "I have to acknowledge I'm biased because of my democratic upbringing and beliefs and this is what I see as the reason I am a democrat, I could truly have watched this with more an open mind.

She then continues to show only the uneducated people in the Republican party or the ones that most Americans will not relate to: ones who are militant in their beliefs. These morons exist in every political party.

If the movie showed the blind followers or crazies in the Democratic party and compared them to the Republicans it might have been a film. If you are a left leaning liberal and want to feel good about your political affiliation watch this movie. If you are looking for a good movie about the politics in America avoid at all costs, it's a one slant show.

I remember thinking that George W. Bush was being paranoid when he spoke about the leftist media. This begs the question: Is it paranoid if it's true?

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Well put together and instructional

Author: s97batess from United States
16 February 2009

This is a very well put together and instructional view of one side of the American voter. Ms Pelosi has put together multiple viewpoints throughout her film documentary history and this is no exception....there is no added viewpoint of the producer of this piece and it seems to follow along with the thoughts out there without comment or editorializing. A very solid film with insight into one view if the American voter. I enjoyed the overall attitude of the interviewees who participated. The random cross-section covered a very large part of the heartland and the south....there should have been more from the mountain states and New England but, that would have probably started to look like repeating the basic points that were made by the voters. There were even opposing points of view brought out....which is rare in this type of program. Watch (with an open mind if you have an opposing view to what you see)...this will result in some insight into what this country is up against and the reasons why there is such a polarization out there.

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Author: Mischief810 from United States
29 June 2014

This is drive-by journalism at its absolute worst.

The film's objective: Go to as many political rallies as you can. Find all of the wackos that such rallies inevitably attract, get them on camera and ask them stuff you know they don't know. The entertainment value is as comedic as it is unrepresentative.

No time is devoted to actually exploring the motivations of these people. We don't know their backgrounds, their employment status or history, their families or their communities, all of which help to shape political views in individuals. I don't think we even learned more than one or two names.

For whatever reasons, these are disaffected Americans. You don't contribute anything to political discourse or understanding of the fabric that makes up the political spectrum with garbage like this. This only states the obvious: Some Americans are unhappy and vocal about their dislike of the country's track. Some are inarticulate; some are insensitive; some are motivated by things we don't understand.

The intellectually curious would want to know why. This film doesn't come within spitting distance of that. This ain't no Ken Burns film.

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Political activism masquerading as journalism

Author: vladmods from Romania
21 January 2016

Alexandra Pelosi, the documentary's director, is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and former Speaker for the 110th and 111th Congresses. Her mother is a leftist high-ranking Democrat and a politician of great power. She, herself, is a leftist - and her liberal creed is pretty obvious after seeing Right America: Feeling Wronged.

Alexandra Pelosi does not present us with a real picture of right- wing Americans - she is not interested in understanding them at all. They have no background, they have no history - and many of them seem to have become part of the documentary only because their reactions would make conservatives look bad (silly, stupid, unhinged and so on).

This isn't true journalism, this is just political activism masquerading as journalism. If you want to learn more about Right America, just tune in to Talk Radio and listen to the people that call Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin. Listen to what they have say, listen to how they say it. It's an easier and a more efficient way to see what the other side's motives are.

And no, rejecting Barack Obama's policies is not racism. And no, opposition to gay marriage is not homophobia. And no, being pro-life does not mean you have women, quite the contrary (most aborted babies are female) etc. Think outside the box.

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This is just one of our Realities

Author: ademmler from United States
28 March 2009

Slanted - no doubt. And I will try to watch the other views - I believe Sarah Palin involved in a documentary about the liberal media and I will watch that also. BUT, this kind of movie-making needs to be a part of our discussions.

These people are REAL and their views may be right-on - who knows? I for one disagree with them, but I need to understand them. I have lived with people like this and worked with people like this. I feel sad that their views can be short-sighted. BUT, everyone needs to watch this and make their own decisions.

Maybe this movie just speaks to one of the issues Obama was running on??? - EDUCATION. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it! I guess I should try to watch Fox news now?! - ouch , hurts the brain.

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