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Scientifically creative. Some may like this, some won't.

Author: Rosalyn Lim 林惠美 (hayashimegumi) from
10 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon (2006) is barely animated feature length at about 45 mins but it is scientifically creative. The Mirage system is absolutely promising and I like what I see. However, there are several flaws that are too difficult to ignore.

Firstly, the plot. I love the story and the characters, Misty even came back for a bit but there are illogicality throughout the movie. I would usually forgive illogicality but this one is difficult to ignore especially the running time is so short.

Then, the major voice cast change. I am not going to review based on the newer version because of their initial low effort in maintaining the quality of the English dub voice. So yeah, the irreversible controversy happened because the voices are indeed awful; even though I am only following the Pokémon movies all these years, I could even notice that the personality of the characters are also slightly different!

I am not angry at those at all as it is baffling and I certainly won't let those to affect my whole experience watching The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon (2006) too. So I proceeded to watch, ignoring the voice issues although I have detected it almost instantaneously.

The whole thing? Turns out to be pleasant, very science fiction inclined and it is actually enjoyable although there are some violence such as Pokémon killing the other or attacking human. I would like to think Pokémon battle is normal in Pokémon Universe but not violence.

Then, Mew is so much cuter here. I have seen Mew on screen several times and I think this Mirage Mew is the cutest one! You may also die inside watching this towards the end if you are easily moved and loves all sorts of creatures deeply! :(

Conclusion? Some may like this, some won't. There are flaws and different people have different tolerance or views towards them but I surely loved the scientific side of this story and the Mirage Mew!

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