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Made in Dagenham is a retro romp with heart, smarts, soul and wit that will restore your faith in the power of the picket line.
The unexpected thing about Made in Dagenham is how entertaining it is.
Sally Hawkins is just plain irresistible in this funny, touching and vital salute to women in the work force.
It's still a spirited look - well written, beautifully acted, full of uplift - at lovably cheeky heroines on the march for a little respect.
To the extent that this mostly sunny excursion succeeds, it's due to the irrepressible Hawkins.
A slow, solid movie that, like Rita, sneaks up on you with its intelligence and pluck.
The real-life tale of a group of female machinists who took on the Ford Motor Co. in England and earned equal pay for women gets a rousing and entertaining telling in Nigel Cole's crowd-pleasing Made in Dagenham.
The film, while unfailingly entertaining, feels a little small for its subject.
Too often the story feels like it's being mined for recycled beats.
Waving a dubious flag of feminist inclusivity, Cole and screenwriter William Ivory turn cartwheels insisting that girl power, even in the 1960s, trumped class divisions.
Wall Street Journal
Plays like "Norma Rae" on blood thinners. The movie is by no means bloodless; every once in a while a stirring scene comes along, though it's seldom a scene labeled as stirring by William Ivory's formulaic script and Nigel Cole's insistent direction.

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