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Will not be wholly flattering to the white men
deickemeyer23 August 2015
A frontier picture presenting scenes which might easily have occurred in very many places. The most attractive feature of this one is where the Indian and the maiden escape from the hands of the men who would have lynched them. Of course it was all right for white men to insult an Indian girl. What right had an Indian girl to have any feeling about such things anyhow? But when she defended herself, assisted by her lover, then there was trouble and the whole settlement turned out to lynch them. Fortunately they escaped. Perhaps the producer unwittingly gave a truer picture than he intended. He may have shown why some of the difficulties between the whites and Indians began. The scene affords opportunity for the imagination to perform its part and the conclusions will not be wholly flattering to the white men. - The Moving Picture World, September 24, 1910
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