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In the Luisa Rey Mystery, an "orange hand" DON'T WALK sign can be seen. These did not exist in 1973.


When Zachry is looking for enemies in his family's hut, he is holding the knife upside down. Several seconds afterwards, the knife is facing up.

Factual errors 

The calendar on Luisa Rey's wall reads September 1973, and it clearly shows that the 1st of the month was Friday. However, September 1st 1973 was Saturday.


In the credits, Luisa Rey's stunt double is misspelled as Louisa.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

In the Timothy Cavendish "happy ending," he is writing the screenplay for the movie based on his adventures. The typewriter text shows a phrase containing the word "labored". Being English, he would most likely spell it "laboured".


Zachry's wound was away from his left eye. Yet, after getting the wound stitched he had an eye patch. And it shows that his eye was wounded on the old Zachry.

Factual errors 

First generation Volkswagen Beetles are famous for being able to float. Luisa's car would not have sunk so fast, if at all, when ran off the bridge into the water.

Factual errors 

In the end, two moons are shown close to each other in the sky. One of them is full, while the other is crescent. As they are close to each other and reflect the same light sources, their phases should be the same.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

There are no known habitable planets from which Earth would be visible in the night sky. However, this storyline is set hundreds of years in the future, by which time a good deal of technology may exist. The "planet" in the final scene could be an asteroid or other fairly large celestial body on which Terra-forming technology is used.

Revealing mistakes 

When Luisa Rey is driven off the bridge, you cannot see any reflection in the inside mirror in the car.

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