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Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith With All Her Wits About Her ****

Author: edwagreen from United States
2 August 2009

In 1939's "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," James Stewart becomes that naive senator through appointment. There's no naivete for Cybill Shepherd as she returns to college following her husband leaving her and her children are all grown.

In college, Alice Washington (Shepherd) is soon able to live a college life. She meets up a with a room-mate with an attitude, who will be cured with some motherly love. She finds love, and not just a crush on her English teacher.

The film is really a tribute to all those people who return to college later in life. We have to take our hats off to them, while realizing that it is life's experiences that have made them better people.

Cybill Shepherd is a much more mature actress now and she gives a wonderful performance.

Naturally, only in motion pictures does the academic year go by so quickly. Yes, the film is very much cliché, but it's worth it.

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This movie was awesome!

Author: betsybkendrick from United States
19 May 2010

Maybe many of you do not appreciate what it is like to be a middle aged woman who is facing empty nest syndrome, and you wonder if life as we know it is over? I saw Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith 3 times. The first time, I wondered - could I do this? The second time I saw it, I watched with my husband and he was proud that I eve considered thinking of going back to college. My 18 year old son said he could see how it would inspire me. My older daughters certainly understood, and both expressed an interest in hoping they may be able to try something like this...they are ages 33 & 36. The last time I watched it, it really planted that seed of hope! I am now a college student majoring in psychology to work with primarily with women on "women's issues" like abuse, menopause problems, chronic pain like fibromylagia, and anorexia...which does affect older women!

So, I thank Cybil Shepperd for her wonderful acting in this movie!

And, if you do not recall Cybil Shepperd in her modeling days, then it is no wonder some of you are only posting negative comments. She is a beautiful example of a woman positively accepting the aging process with an open mind.

Betsy from Georgia

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You are never too old to learn and love

Author: scclay74 from Arlington, Texas
1 August 2009

I saw the title and immediately knew it was a take on the old movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." So, I decided I would watch. Imagine my surprise to see a wonderful story unfold before me. Alice Washington (played by Cybill Shepherd) is a recent divorcée who decides she is going to get the degree that she gave up to be a wife and mother 30 years before. In the beginning she is old looking and cranky. Her roommate Zoe (played by Corri English) is wild and exciting and not too thrilled to see her. Over time, they become true friends. You would expect Alice to be overly motherly to Zoe, but that does not happen. Zoe, who is in desperate need of some mothering, learns to accept her roommate and learn a bit about herself in the process.

Alice also realizes that she is not too old to love again. She develops a crush for her English professor Mr. O'Neill or Terry (played by Jeffrey Nordling) as she calls him. These are feelings that Terry are more than happy to reciprocate.

I found the movie to be simply delightful and cute. Cybill Shepherd is still hot!

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High Time

Author: boblipton from New York City
2 August 2009

This Hallmark Channel Movie -- the modern home for B movies with a human story -- is actually a gender-switching variation of the 1960 Bing Crosby vehicle, HIGH TIME, with Cybil Shepherd, dumped for a trophy wife, returning to Smith after a quarter of a century for her BA -- although without the flashy chapter cuts that director Blake Edwards put into the original.

Miss Shepherd does her usual competent, straightforward job and long-time TV movie director Armand Mastroianni and DP Patrick McGinley manage to shoot the photogenic Smith campus and performances well enough. Corri English, taking the role of Miss Shepherd's roommate, has the ingénue role and she is very good, despite her occasional post-Valley-girl accent. But the script by Susan Rice is a little soft and easy, with too many things unsaid, too many conflicts solved by a short statement to make things particularly interesting. Still, the issues are real and, as with most of these well-cast Hallmark movies, it's a pleasure to watch the old pros steal scenes from the hot-looking youngsters.

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Another review from a Smithie

Author: jenzaquinn from United States
21 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We rented this film because of it's connection to Smith and were sorely disappointed with it from the start in regards to that aspect. I hate it break it to everyone, but the UCLA campus is not a good replacement for Smith's beautiful campus and nothing about it or Westwood look like the grounds, dorms, and classrooms at Smith or the town of Northampton. It's sad that they only felt the need to show actual shots of the college when it was cheaper to get stock video of the snowy campus than to cover the UCLA campus in fake snow. I feel like the screenwriters also didn't do a good job at research (or any research at all) about the feel at Smith and the romantic triangle was ridiculous. Really, they could have picked any sort of all women school and done this movie as the only links it had to Smith was the Ada Comstock program and the mention of one dorm. There was a good deal of the plot that wouldn't have worked if they had done research, like the fact that seniors rarely actually have roommates considering the amount of single rooms and that the Ada Comstock students have a house reserved for their use. The lack of traditions too is sad, even though I know a good deal of the traditions I remember are being phased out, but still, no Illumination night and Ivy day before graduation? Unheard of.

All that said, it was a pretty predictable movie and I wish they had focused even more on the Ada Comstock program and the other students in that program. It is inspiring to show that this program is open to people and everything. I just wish they had done more research before slapping Smith College's name all over it.

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A must to watch!

Author: Melizsasmelly Feet ( from Malaysia
24 August 2013

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Mrs Washington goes to Smith should be shown worldwide. Because this movie will definitely inspire people all around the world especially the youngsters.

I truly love this movie because of it's positiveness. It also implies, your plans will succeed if you're determined and put more efforts on whatever you do, regardless your age. Therefore, if you plan to go back to school/college, why not? No one ever stop learning, anyway. But this doesn't mean you can take your studies for granted just because you know you can come back again someday. Because if you have it in your hands right now, make full use of it and struggle as hard as you can. Although you may come across many challenges and even failures, but don't give up yet. Someday, it will lead you to success!

Truly inspiring I must say! A worth watching movie, you guys!

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Mr. Smith and Mrs. Washington

Author: lindysday1 from United States
16 February 2012

Mr. Smith may have gone to Washington, and Mrs. Washington may have gone to Smith; only this is where any similarity between the two comes to an abrupt stop. The two movies are not, at all alike. Now, if you would like to compare Cybill Shepherd with Loretta Young: the latter starred in a comedic movie named "Mother Is a Freshman" with Van Johnson, waaaaaaaaaay back in 1949. I have not seen the 1949 movie in a few (Mmmmmm-30 plus) years. Yet I remember the main gist of the main story line, and it sure fits! Mrs. Washington has been told before! She is a modernization of sweet Loretta Young's character. As far as Hallmark movies go, Ms. Washington, actually, was well received, compared to many of its brothers and sisters offered by the H Channel. Most are UNBELIEVABLY DODGY AND UNBELIEVABLY Unintelligent. Beyond the "romance," Ms. W reminds me of what I might be like if I attempted to return to college... I totally related to the character! It made me smile! (I was a music major/athlete and would love to return for completion in both music and lit/writing!). I related to BOTH roommates! Believability? Since WHEN are television and movies ever been all that much so? While you are pondering this question, check out "Mother Is a Freshman."---It is a hoot of a capsule in time! Loved it!

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an actual Smithie says "so-so"

Author: petra simpson from United States
27 September 2009

Having gone to Smith, I wasn't impressed with the movie.

They couldn't have found a location even *remotely* New England? Smith is a gorgeous, extraordinarily photogenic, community of learning for women; it's not across the globe, the standard California university buildings are NOT a stand-in. Someone should have put their foot down instead of going for a realism.

The love triangle story was an INSULT to the women who attend these colleges! This is not high school, where the girls cat fight over the dreamy poetry teacher! As we Smithies say, Smith is not a girls' school without men, it's a WOMENS COLLEGE WITHOUT BOYS. While I praise the older women for not giving up on love, the screenwriter showed no finesse or originality in tapping out this drivel.

The movie gets a 2 for bringing to light the very real and admirable Ada Comstock Scholars program at Smith College that draws "non-traditional age" students to the campus. And, as a matter of fact, these students may integrate as much or as little as she chooses, so a 20 year old roommate could happen.

Only watch this movie if you're a Cybill Shepherd fan, or want to be inspired by the groundbreaking Ada Comstock Scholars program offered at Smith College

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Author: leemarks71 from London, England
21 October 2010

this film was predictable from the start and is best avoided at all costs..Typical American cheese movie with extra ham on top!!!! Ceybil Shepherd looks like she is carrying a lot of weight these days and has had some work done.the acting was really poor.Shame as in her day she wasn't that bad an if you want to waste your money either by renting or buying this rubbish,don't say you wasn't warned!!!you may think that I'm being unfair by only rating the movie as a one but i thought that was fair.The film was made for TV and once viewed i could see why.but if you want to look clever in front of your friends by predicting what will happen next then you should rent or buy this rubbish..

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old woman goes back to college

Author: peraas from United States
1 August 2009

This movie is about a divorce woman goes back to college. She fall in love with her professor. Hallmark has not made movies that is worth watching. Especially this movie. Older woman fall for a younger man, that is gross. 2nd Cybil is too fat and ugly I can't watch it anymore, and I have turn it off.

In real life there is no such thing, the younger classmates are friendly, and understanding.

Don't waste your time watching this movie. An old woman and a young girl that is remotely impossible.

Please, Hallmark find someone better and start making better movie.

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