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"Memphis - The Promised Land" is a short documentary film that explores the historically segregated past of what southern blacks have long regarded as the "cultural capitol" of the U.S. Delta region - a city divided equally by race, poverty and affluence. It explores the fight for equality of the city's African-American population including economic sanctions and direct action culminating in the Sanitation Workers' Strike of 1968 - a strike for better working conditions and equal pay that was set in motion by the death of two sanitation workers who were crushed to death in the back of a garbage truck seeking refuge from inclement weather because, being black, they were not allowed in the cab. The event also brought with it the fateful arrival of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had begun to turn his focus specifically from civil rights for African-Americans, to the rights of the working poor for Americans of every race with his Poor People's Campaign. On April 3rd, 1968, with the ...

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